Customer Reviews: Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch
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on May 21, 2012
I'll start by stating that I have ZERO affiliation with the Condor brand. That said, I thoroughly believe they don't receive nearly as much attention or credit as they deserve for their supreme products.

I got this pouch to add as secondary storage for my Get Home/Emergency Bag and it's since become an irreplaceable part of my setup. I believe most people creating a Bug Out Bag or the like pay far too little attention to First Aid. This pouch allows for an appropriate amount of that such gear without taking up too much space in a bag's internal compartments. Not only that, but the tear away feature is nothing short of brilliant. In the event that this thing should need to be used it will need to be accessed quickly. Mounting it on the outside of your pack just makes sense. Having it so easily removed from the place it's being stored is beyond simply "handy." Until such a time as it's needed, it will stay in place securely without question.

As for fit & finish, this thing is beyond rugged. I look forward to testing it in the elements. The stitching is all top notch and reinforced in all the places where it makes the most sense. There was a lot of thought going into the design of this item. The material is heavy. If you appreciate good craftsmanship, you will be pleased here. The functionality of this pouch is first rate as well. Though it has the tear-away feature, it can just as easily be used in place by unzipping and unfolding it where it's stored on a pack or vest.

Just in case it's not completely clear by this point, I'm beyond pleased. I've already ordered a second to add to my wife's bag as well.
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on December 27, 2011
Overall, this is a great item. It will fit quite a lot of supplies with ample room left, depending on the extent of your kit. It could be used for first aid, a survival kit, tool organizer, or for any organizing needs you require. Whatever you use ut for, it will certainly surprise you with how much you will be able to fit.

It folds out into 3 parts. The first section has several pockets and elastic instrument holders. It also has a velcro strap above the top section for securing larger items. The second section is similar, but the elastic sections in it are more suitable for larger items such as an ace bandage or a folding knife. It also fits an Israeli trama bandage nicely. The third section is a zippered compartment that works very well for holding the medicines in my first aid kit securely.

The construction seems to be reugged enought. Other companies like Maxpedition, Spec ops Brand, and 5.11 may have superior quality, but this brand is a great value and has a better design for this type of pouch than the other premier brands. it is ideal for attaching to the outside of molle compatable backpacks with the ability to be detached by simply ripping it off from its velcro patch. It also has a large strap with a buckle that is used to make it for compact and secure items more efficiently. I paired my Condor RipAway with a 5.11 6X6 medical pouch and this strap would reach all the way around both pouches while each are maxed out as far as supplies. I simply used the molle straps and attached it and made a comprehensive first aid kit. This setup is highly recommended. Unlike the 5.11 6X6, the condor does not have YKK zippers, but it is not an issue to me. They seem like they are holding up fine. The nylon used seems like a 500D or 420D. This makes it more lightweight than the 1000D used by Maxpediton and the other high-end brands but not as strong (but beleive me, it is strong enough).

Overall, this pouch is by far the best in its class, regardless of the brands. The design definitely is effecient and works very well for many types of needs. I highly recommend this product, especially for a first aid kit.
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on December 10, 2014
I have now purchased two (tan & black) of these bags and use them as IFAK, for the cars. I have set mine up for major trauma; however there is enough room (In the zipper section) for a general 1st aid kit. With the strap you can place secure this pouch onto the passenger side head rest. I have attached a photo, but if anyone would like me to list out what I EDC please just ask. Stop reading this and hit buy already!
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on December 30, 2010
I looked at many EMT pouches before settling with this item from Condor. Unlike most IFAK/EMT pouches out there, this one rips away. This feature makes it a snap to render aid, quickly. This is especially important when rendering aid to a fallen team member who has this item fastened to their person. There are a few other rip-away EMT pouches out there, but they are either super pricey, or lack the organization of Condor's version.

1. Tons of pouches for organization.
2. Price. S.O.E.'s version of the tear-away IFAK is $75.
3. Tri-fold design allows for quick access of small items.
4. Plenty of elastic loops to house rolls of tape and misc. meds.
5. Rip-away design comes off easily from its base, but stays secure when not in use.
6. Front area has Velcro for patches and MOLLIE for additional attachments.

1. The nylon and zippers aren't as nice as other brands.
2. The pouch may be a bit too bulky for some users.
3. Lacks the nice cover flap of the Maxpedition F.I.G.H.T.
4. Lacks any red tabs that most IFAKS have.

I have owned this pouch for a year, and I will probably buy another for a drop-leg rig.
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on June 15, 2011
The Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch is a great container for my trauma gear. Inside storage and organization are well thought out and there is ample space for all of my supplies.

I tried out other Trauma/EMT pouches on the market and none had the space or versatility that this did. Plus all of the competitors from Maxpedition, and other companies, simply cost 1/3 to 1/2 more than this pouch, for much less storage capacity.

Being that this pouch cost significantly less than competitors that cost difference had to be made up somewhere. The money saved is made up in quality lost. Not much, mind you, but some. The outside of the pouch is built to the same standard as the pricier competitors, in fact the zipper on this pouch is better/smoother than any of the competitors I tried, it's on the inside where I found a few problems. Stitching on the inside is single stitched versus double stitching on competitors and I had a few stitches come out on the first day I received the pouch. Five minutes with needle and thread will bring the bag up to "better than new" status once I get around to it.

All in all this pouch is better than the competitors for less money than the competitors and I recommend it to others in the EMS profession.
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on January 8, 2013
This is a great pouch, well made with quality materials. I like the tri-fold design, the rip away feature, and the well thought out design inside. The rip away feature allows you quick access or if you happen to be the victim of an accident, others can quickly and easily get your kit without moving you. It also has a webbing with buckle to hold the case on bypassing the rip away feature if you prefer. This pouch will hold much more than an individual pouch would ever need. I'm using it for a quick access trauma kit and it fits that role perfectly. I will use this pouch for all my emergency kits and will recommend it to everyone for the same use. The stitching is strong, zippers are not name brand but are heavy and have shown no signs of problems. The case expands well without putting undue stress on the seams. Being a wilderness medicine physician I put a lot more items in my kit than most. This is a great kit, I can't believe everything I have packed in this case! I highly recommend it! Condor did a great job on this pouch, I will purchase them for friends and will suggest anyone going into the woods with me have one fully stocked.

The good thing with this case is it can be used for many different needs. Great quick release pouch for any number of organizing needs. I'm considering one for several uses. With the hook and loop area on the front, you can identify it easily for each use. I can't say enough about this pouch. I would highly recommend it for many different uses.

A quick list of what I have fit in mine: (see my customer images)
- Tegaderm 4"x4" x 10
- Tegaderm 2"x2" x 10
- Steri-strip 1/4" x 3" x 10
- Burn-Jel Dressing 2"x6"
- Sterile Skin Stapler loaded with 35 staples
- Quick Clot Sport 3.5"x3.5"
- Sharpie Magic Marker
- Prolene Sutures
- Two Berman Adult Airways
- Triangular Bandage
- H&H Compressed gauze
- Compressed Olive Drab gauze
- One ounce providone-iodine solution x 2
- Multiple sized cloth band-aids
- 1 role of moleskin 2" x 1 yard
- NuMask CPRKit
- Nasopharyngeal airway w/ lube
- 3" ACE Bandage with velcro closure
- Neosporin (Neo-to-go) spray
- Benadryl (readymist) spray for insect/itching
- Cyalume Mini Light Stick x 2
- Chap Stick
- Uncle Bill's Silver Grippers
- Alcohol Wipes
- Antibacterial Hand Wipes
- Combat Application Tourniquet
- Israeli Emergency Bandage
- 1 roll medical tape
- 1 roll medical paper tape
- Trauma shears
- Suture tools (Needle drivers, scissors, hemostats, pickups, etc)

* Please do not use this list as what "should" be in a medical kit. This kit was designed for a specific purpose in a specific setting.
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on March 9, 2012
Received my Condor Rip-away EMT pouch today. I'll update my review as soon as I get to test it in the field, but here are a few things I have noticed right away:

Interior: The elastic bands that secure the items are stretchy, well-sewn, and seem pretty tough. Also, some of the elastic straps have two straps on top of each other, which allows you to stack your items. The big elastics can fit a 6" Israeli bandage across the bottom, with room to spare. The 5 smaller elastics fit 2" and 4" gauze rolls really well, along with other misc. items. There are also 3 pockets: two on the back(one has a hook-and-loop closure), and one under the large elastic bands that fit the Israeli bandage. This allows for gauze pads, quikclots, etc to be neatly organized, a nice feature. The mesh pouch on the front panel is great for organizing loose items such as band-aids, moleskin, hand santizer, alcohol wipes, medical gloves, etc. Overall, the interior has a great design, and is so much better than my old kit, which just had everything jammed into it, making it so you had to dump the whole thing out to find one item.

Exterior: Its big. Really big. It might be too big if you are considering carrying it on your belt, but it works fine on a backpack. Its not as heavy duty as some of the other brands out there. The material is common to most small Condor products (600D nylon, I believe). I don't think this is a minus, tho, because its much lighter than other comparable products, which is a huge plus, and its not as stiff as other pouches, which allows more flexibility when you over-stuff it with supplies. Its still a pretty durable material for what its used for. The zippers are not YKK, but are still fairly good for what they do. They are probably the weakest point on the whole pouch. The velco rip-away backing is TOUGH. It covers the entire back, and I don't foresee it ever wearing out. My biggest concern when buying this product was how long the hook-and-loop would last, and now that concern has been put to rest. Should the hook-and-loop ever wear out, the pouch is still secured by a fastex-type buckle, another big plus. The MOLLE webbing on the outside is double-stitched, as are the MOLLE straps on the attachment panel. The fastex-type buckle has an elastic retainer on it, so you can wrap up the loose webbing (similar to older-style LBE suspenders). There is a tough carry handle, double-stitched, and the panel has two D-rings, to attach a shoulder-strap. Overall, I rate it as a 4, because the zippers might end up being a problem later on. Other than that, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

UPDATE- Its been almost a year later and my EMT pouch still looks and acts brand new. Zippers have held, velcro is still tacky, and nothing has ripped, stretched or been damaged. I carry my pouch everywhere- hunting, camping, bus/train/plane travel. It even went for a swim in Mexico, and its still in good shape. I highly recommend it as a high quality-to-price product. I'm considering buying another to leave attached to my travel backpack (Maxpedition Vulture-II) so I don't have to keep switching it back and forth between my travel and hunting/camping packs. Also, if you use it with a ruck or bag that has an interior mesh panel, the pouch can be directly attached to it, making the change-over easier.

UPDATE #2- Two years later, and I still love my EMT pouch. Due to its size and weight, I've now attached it to my Vulture II ruck for traveling in cities/overseas. It has gotten so much use, but the zippers still work fine, the elastics are still stretchy, it has not ripped, and the hook and loop is still perfect. A fine product, highly recommended, I bought a second one to attach to my smitty built molle seat covers for my truck.
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on January 16, 2015
This is the second one of these i have purchased in a few months, and to my surprise they have greatly improved on the quality and design of this product! it was a five star product before, but now it is easily as good as any high-end tactical gear company's product with out a shadow of a doubt.
It now is made from an even greater quality material (more hearty) and has a black inner mesh (on the coyote tan model) over laying the drop down mesh pocket that is shapely to accomodate items that are not flat such as airway items, needle catheters and such. P.S. i have read the reviews of this item and often see that people are bothered by the seemingly too-long strap that goes over the top of the pouch for fear that it is a quality control issue, but fear not.. IT IS DESIGNED TO STOW A C.A.T STYLE TOURNIQUETTE THERE FOR EASY ACCESS.
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on February 6, 2015
I have had this pouch for two years. I have put a lot of miles on it, taking it hiking, camping, rock climbing, and on road trips. It is small enough to put in a ruck sack without taking up all the room, molle to the outside of a backpack or ruck, or attach to a riggers belt like a small butt pouch. The straps on the back are sturdy enough to attach it firmly without the pouch flopping around when you move.
I say it's small, but you can pack this thing full of supplies. I was worried it would bust a seam or that the zipper would fail. After two years of me filling this thing to the point where I have to squish it down with my hands to zip it shut, there hasn't been a single busted seam or zipper issue. And there are plenty of sleeves and loops inside to keep all your stuff organized.
I am not prepared to say that it is water proof because I have not submerged it. But it has been rained and snowed on and nothing inside was damp.
This is the best first aid pouch I have owned.
As an added bonus, the one time I have had to perform first aid on myself, it was pretty easy to open one handed.
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on August 15, 2015
Great product! After doing tons of research online looking for a first aid kit I decide on Condor Rip-Away EMT Pouch over a similar Maxpedition pouch. There are three sections to this pouch. The first two sections are for storing larger bandages, gauze rolls and other big items. The third section has a zipper and it's perfect for smaller items like band aids and medications. This first aid pouch has Molle on the front side, which allows me to attach a tourniquet pouch. a morale patch and a rubber glove pouch. I even carry my sheers on the back of this pouch as well. What makes this pouch really great is the Velcro rip-away function. You can just grab the handle and pull and it will come off for those emergencies. The Velcro holds it on really well and it takes a very strong pull to get it off. This product is extremely well made and it would make a perfect first aid kit to beginners or experts. I would highly recommend this pouch!

NOTE: The pouch does not come with all of the extra pouches and first aid items. I just wanted to show you how it would look with all of the extras you can buy to add to your pouch.
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