Confusion. I'm starting to get into steampunk and I want a pair of goggles. I see the ones in the first picture and they look decent. But I really want to know what is in the second picture. Those look very nice and I want them, and if I purchase this will I get what's in the first picture or second? Please respond soon. Thank you.
asked by Dominic S. on April 5, 2011
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Dominic, I understand why you are confused, because when I looked at the product detail, I was bewildered, too. In my opinion, the second picture is of a homemade pair of goggles which are beautiful, but not useful for a product image because they aren't the actual product being sold. I think someone is showing off ones that they have built themselves, and while they are wonderful, they unfortunately don't have anything to do with the product advertised. So, ignore the picture of the wood and brass ones (or admire them from afar, knowing that they will not be the ones you get in the mail if you order them), and examine the plastic and glass ones. They are the ones you will get if you order them. Hope that helps.
Amazon Customer answered on July 22, 2011
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