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on October 14, 2002
I came across this CD as well as 'Ageless..' used at CD store, and I had heard of Krisiun, so grabbed both discs. I was not dissapointed. The vocals are not weak, though people say so, the bass is audible and well played, the guitar and drum work is awesome. Yes, Krisiun is similar to Morbid Angel, but Moyses(guitarist) really has a style of his own, especially his fathomless-layered solos. Also, the vocal attacks by Alex(bass and vocals) also add to Krisiun's own unique style.
The Band-
Alex Carmago, bass and vocals- Alex has a voice of his own- deep yet understandable. I also give Alex big ripping metal points for playing such complex rhythms on his bass while singing as well. It can't be easy.
Moyses Kolesne, guitars- Moyses is the one that makes Krisiun's music truly stand out among the other death metal bands. He has a very unique style thats kind of hard to describe. The problem is that Moyses is the only guitarist, but he still makes up rhythms and solos that only two or even three guitarists could play. So some of the solos won't sound so great live! Oh well, they still sound great on CD. Check out Moyses's work on songs such as Cursed Scrolls, Soul Devourer, and Intro/Ravager.
Max Kolesne, drums- Although Max plays some wicked fast and complex drum rhythms, a lot of Krisiun's work follows the same pattern- just blast beats through the whole song. I have heard that people don't like this album because it's repetitive, and I think the drumming just adds more fuel to that fire. BUT, Max still has some really cool drum rhythms on such Cured Scroll, Intro/Ravager, and Abyssal Gates. Plus this guy must have some incredible endurance.
A good collector's item for those death metal fans scavaging the scene. This probably would also be a nice starting disc for new fans of death metal.
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on November 25, 2013
This album totally slays, and it has also risen to be one of my favorite death metal albums to listen to, and I've also have been becoming a bigger fan of Krisiun as of late especially this past year when I got my hands on this album here along with "Ageless Venomous" and "Works of Carnage", and I also have "AssassiNation" (which I bought back in 2007). "Conquerors of Armageddon" is an all out savage 9 track onslaught of pure monstrous, steamrolling brutality that just shreds and blasts like a beast, I just love it. It has everything that a death metal fan like myself could ask for: fast buzzsaw grinding and scorching steamrolling riffs, intense solos, rapid fast militant-like blast beat drumming, ferocious growling vocals. I mean it's all on this album, and even the production on here courtesy of Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan is just outstanding while not being too clean or dirty to hinder the raw and brutal nature of the music on here. Alex Camargo leads the assault with his viciously demonic and commanding gutteral growls that just burn down everything like fire and brimstone and his bass also does a great job at keeping in perfect pace with the guitars, and speaking of the guitars here, they are just downright mindblowing as Moyses Kolesne unleashes an endless assault of brutally massive and grinding steamrolling riffs and wild, intense leads and solos that are blindingly fast with wicked arpeggios, ferocious sweep picking, and rapid firing tremolo picking leads that never seem to cease. Elsewhere, the drumming of Max Kolesne is just flat out amazing as he attacks his kit with a nonstop battering assault of hammering, rapid fast militant-like blast beats and constant double bass kicking throughout like a jackhammer pounding down everything in sight.

Album highlights:

All nine tracks on this album are pure blistering and scorching blasters, but here's a look at my favorite picks. "Intro/Ravager" kicks off with an ominous calm before the storm-like wind sound opening and then 15 seconds into the song, it immediately erupts into a vicious windstorm of relentless blasting and face ripping and barn burning riffs, and there's also some catchy militant-like blast beat lines as well as an insane wailing solo later on as well. "Abyssal Gates" is another standout that features more merciless blast beats and double bass onslaughts, plus some killer skin peeling solos. Other highlights on here include "Messiah's Abomination" which boasts more scorching riffage, ferocious vocals, and rapid hammering blasts plus some nice marching, pounding militant-like rhythms, as well as the jackhammer-like blasting, savage buzzsaw riffing, commanding growls including a catchy and memorable shout a long part of "kill, kill, kill", plus an awesome winding, wailing and careening solo all highlighted on the title track, and "Hatred Inherit" which is highlighted by more buzzing chainsaw-like riffing and savage drumming, plus more demonic vocals and another insane winding solo to boot, and of course the album's closing track "Endless Madness Descends" which features some wicked yet cool vocal effects as well as a lengthy wailing and steamrolling solo that even borderlines on melody as well.

All in all, "Conquerors of Armageddon" is an all out essential death metal tour de force of pure monstrous brutality that slays, shreds and blasts like an angry warbeast from start to finish and once you've listened to it the first time, you'll definitely want to listen to it again. Believe me, this is without question some of the fastest, fiercest, and most unrelenting death metal that you'll ever hear...Strongly Recommended!!!

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on October 27, 2007
Some metal bands never make the same album twice; they spend their whole constantly career finding new ways to experiment with and change their sound. Krisiun is definitely not one of those bands. Instead of trying to achieve a vastly new or original sound, this Brazilian trio play it safe and focus their efforts on being even faster, tighter, and heavier than last time (if that's at all possible). As a result, what most of their albums lack in innovation, they more than make up with monstrous brutality.

This is the case on Krisiun's third full-length, 2000's "Conquerors of Armageddon." What is the band's policy on this album? Take absolutely no prisoners, and scorch every last inch of the Earth. This is a devastating, forty-one minute avalanche of grindcore-worthy speed and skull-crushing heaviness. And since there are no slow tempo changes/breakdowns, acoustic guitars, keyboards, or melodic guitar lines to be found here, the arrangements never let even a single ray of light shine through. Each of these nine unbelievably dense and tight, Morbid Angel-indebted tracks overflow with massive, scalding riffs, churning, steamrolling leads, murderous, trapkit-annihilating blast beats, guttural bass rumbles, demonic, bellowed vocals, and equally-as-evil lyrics. "CoA" is also of note for its exceptional sound - the production (courtesy of Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan) is very full, clear, and well-defined, but never slick, making it easily one of the best-produced albums in Krisiun's discography.

The ominous, nearly-silent, calm-before-the-huge-storm-esque wind noises that open "Intro/Ravager" give the listener the only chance he or she will get to take a breath for the whole album. But just fifteen seconds later, the onslaught begins - skinsman Max Kolesne's insane blasts are heard cracking away underneath his brother Moyses' heap of ferocious, face-ripping riffs. Other choice standouts include the paint-pealing solos of "Abyssal Gates," the barn-burning, buzzsaw lead, careening solo, and jackhammering drums that back "Cursed Scrolls," the excellent, machine gun-cannon fire riffage, pummeling rhythm, fairly ripping solo, and memorable shout-along part of "kill, kill, kill!" that highlight "Hatred Inherit," and the wicked vocal effects and lengthy, winding, even borderline-melodic solo in album closer, "Endless Madness Descends."

Granted, "Conquerors of Armageddon"is completely devoid of variety, and even its individual songs become fairly repetitive (repeating the same riffs and drum beats over and over again). Thus, there will probably be more than one time that your mind will wonder while listening to this album, and very little of it will stick with you after hearing it. But on the plus side, look at it this way: it is not as technical, epic, or intricate as some death metal albums, so it is much easier to digest and wrap your head around than, say, a Nile record, while at the same time being an equally satisfying listen.

All in all, there's better brutal death metal out there, but this is still an essential listen for all fans of Morbid Angel, Deicide, Belphegor, Vital Remains, and extreme music in general.
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on July 10, 2000
This is the best release from krisiun so far. Produced by Eric Rutan of morbid angel this album has a kick that never seems to end. A constant blast beating, rifftastic guitar parts and brutal vocals. Moyses' solos aren't as crazy as in apocalptic revelation but their still blinding with speed and accuracy. Simply this album is nominee for best death metal album of the year.
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on January 4, 2001
It is difficult to prepare for the onslaught forthcoming when popping in this CD. I first heard a track by Krisiun via Napster and decided that I needed to get this disc, fully unprepared for what awaited my poor ears. There is a great sound to the guitars, the whole buzzsaw effect, and the whole album incorporates the greatest parts of classic death metal. The growls, the nonstop blasting, and great riffing combined with thoughtful solos are what put death metal, and more specifically the newer hybrid that uses elements of grindcore so popular among bands like Nile and Dying Fetus, on the map. Right off my favorite track was the title track for its inventive riff. Some of the tracks can tend to blend together if you're not listening carefully, but some, like Iron Stakes, easily stand out and make it so worthwhile to absorb it all. This album is not one of the greatest ever - that accolade can only be showered on the most deserving few. But it is indeed a fantastic effort that fans of pure death metal madness need to have. I can only imagine what a show with Krisiun and Nile might be like.....competing for the fastest, brutalest performance. The passion for the music shows through prominently. I have not heard their other releases, but I have secured a copy of the Conquering North America live CD the band put out and the first 2 releases are on my list. You will not regret this.
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on June 14, 2000
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on July 24, 2000
Death metal doesn't get much more definitive than this. It's astounding that a band consisting of simply three members can create something so brutal. The riffs manage to keep changing, keeping the interest of the listener, and the pace is always very fast.
...and this brings me to my reasoning for taking a star off. This really depends on the listener, but I found that the drums were too monotonous at times. Most of the songs consist of a rudamentry blast beat, at a relatively quick pace. This is good, don't get me wrong, I love the speed and aggression...I just wish they could have changed it up at least a BIT for a few songs.
All in all, an excellent death metal album, completely worthy of purchasing. My only beef (and a minor one at that) is the lack of creativity in the drum deptartment. Death metal fans shall not be disappointed.
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on March 18, 2004
Pretty much an solid release by krisiun like they always give us with never an dissapointing or mediocre sound...Only the best of the best! Technical deathmetal doesn't get any better then krisiun & their album conquerors of armageddon such an brilliant sound & the production is truly impressive.Well, as a fan of deathmetal i must say krisiun's sound is one of the most brutal &fast so just buy it! Best song ? "soul devourer" that's my pic as a fav song!! Krisiun rules!!
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on June 5, 2013
KRISIUN is one of the best DEATH METAL bands EVER!!!!! THAT's true!!!! They are from Ijui, a little city in Rio Grande do Sul on Brazil, and they create some of the BEST fusion of DEATH THRASH METAL you can find!!!!! I always thought SEPULTURA was the only latin METAL that matters, but KRISIUN change my mind about it....This is solid DEATH METAL for the world!!!!!!! TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!
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on August 25, 2006
For those of you who love death metal, but have alway wondered what if the guitar riffs and hyperfast blast beats could be played just a little faster, well here you go. For me personally there's only three things that can ruin a death metal album, bad musicians, corny singers, and weak mixes. Fortunately this album suffers from none of these things.

Protypical death metal played at an insanely fast tempo; it's a winning combination!
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