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on June 7, 2011
This book contains information censored from schools and churches. It exposes the hidden forces behind a worldwide political and religious conspiracy. Texe Marrs explains how Judaism is the basis for communism, which is a religious and political plan to plunder nations and rule the world. Marrs discloses how Jewish communists have slithered into high government office in the United States and now have a virtual stranglehold on the financial and political machinery of the country.

Marrs reveals the secret facts behind how and why Spiro Agnew and Richard Nixon were run out of office by the hidden Jewish hierarchy. President Kennedy was assassinated by that same Jewish cabal. In fact, Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein) explained to his lawyer, William Kunstler, that he killed Lee Harvey Oswald "so they wouldn't implicate the Jews." Ruby and his handlers knew that if Oswald were to be prosecuted for the assassination of President Kennedy, the evidence would not support his conviction but instead would have pointed directly to Israel. Ruby was only one of many two-bit Jewish gangsters in the organized crime network in America, which was (and still is) controlled by the Jews; Meyer Lansky at that time was the "Don of Dons."

Israel has reached the point of such control over the U.S. Government and media that it was able to attack the U.S. on 9/11, blame the attack on Arab terrorists, and conceal the high treason of government officials who were their minions. The evil of the Jews flows directly from their satanic/antichrist religion. Marrs exposes the superiority complex of the Jews, whereby they view themselves as superior to Gentiles, whom they look down on as animals to be exploited. Jewish Professor of Modern History at Oxford University Goldwin Smith explains: "We Jews regard our race as superior to all humanity, and look forward . . . to its triumph over them." Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin called Palestinians "beasts walking on two legs." Marrs explains how many Jews are disgusted with the evil hyper-chauvinism of Israel and the Jewish hierarchy and have courageously spoken out against it.

This book contains rich spiritual meat. It is meant for the Christian with mature spiritual molars. The book is chock full of hidden truths and dark secrets that many wish Texe Marrs would keep quiet about. For example, Marrs explains that Judaism is a satanic religion with religious texts that revile Jesus as a bastard who is now being tormented in boiling hot excrement.

Marrs explains how the public images of the Zionist minions who serve the elite are carefully crafted by their handlers. For example, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, and Oliver North have all used Mel White to ghostwrite books for them. By the way, White is an avowed sodomite, who has a same-sex "life partner." White wrote Jerry Falwell's autobiography, Strength for the Journey. An autobiography is supposed to be written by the person himself. Can it get worse? Try this: William Ayers, a Marxist terrorist, bomber, and murderer ghostwrote Barack Obama's memoir, Dreams of My Father.

Ministers should be preaching the information in this book from their pulpits, but "fear of the Jews" keeps them quiet. Instead, they often serve up warmed over spiritual baby food that keeps their flocks malnourished and consequently ineffective in spiritual warfare. Marrs, however, takes his Christian duty as a watchman seriously. With God's word as his guiding light, he has sounded a true alarm of danger in our time.

Edward Hendrie
Author of 'Bloody Zion'
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on June 5, 2015
This book exposes the Jews treachery against America. If you criticize anything Jewish or God forbid Israel, you are branded an anti-Semite. Yet Jews criticize America and have the audacity to criticize our commander in chief and yet they are never labeled anti-American. This book exposes that hypocrisy. This book shows the Jews absolute hatred of America and us lowly Gentiles.
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on August 22, 2013
The truth pill is often a bitter pill,but events that have already occurred are difficult to deny even for the main stream media.
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on March 2, 2014
If you desire a book where you can learn something. This is it. If you desire illumination. This is it. If you want the truth; and, nothing but the unfettered truth. You'll get it here. Chopped full of photographs and information I'll wager most people have never even thought of. Great research and investigative journalism. Highly recommended to persons who want expand their intellectual level. The ADL will vomit up blood over this one. Additionally, those who desire a critical look at "Christian-Zionism" will enjoy this primer.
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on August 31, 2012
Texe Marrs is a brave and God praising American. He will not yield to the unseen forces of humanism and relativity found in the media, academia, or the church. The Conspiracy of the Six Pointed Star, is a compilation of unseen historical truths that point to the real danger lurking behind the curtain.. While it is definitely from a Christian perspective, Texe also calls to account the lying and money grubbing T.V. evangelicals, including the rabid folks at TBN: Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, and Ted Haggart, before excoriating Mr. Bush II and his minions. No, God was not a Republican.

Though frightening in its attack, the work presents a solid foundation for further research, for those wanting to know the truth. It is well researched, footnoted, and is recommended to those that might misunderstand their faith or the teaching of their Church.
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on May 28, 2011
if you have not read this book, all I can say is your in the dark. Mr. Marrs does it again..... In a world that is full of evil you best be in the know.....

Mr. Marrs is in the know.....

Thank you for your countless hours of research.
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on September 1, 2011
Texe Marrs dares to delve into the forbidden field of the facts as they are. He clearly defines the defence mechanism utilised by those that would seek power at any costs -

FACT ONE - There seems to be a disproportionately large number of (Zionist) Jews, or people with Jewish origin or connections, in positions of power, entertainment, wealth and control in the USA, considering the total number of Jews globally is only supposed to be 20 million.
FACT TWO - Anyone outside of their "club" is branded with the heinous title of "Anti-Semite", the most unacceptable form of racism of all races, a title that can even lead to imprisonment - no other race has such an international level of suppression by using such an equivalent title.
FACT THREE - Nobody is allowed to openly or publicly criticise them of anything, without potentially serious consequences/threats to home, career or life - it is always a one way street. Criticism, mockery and insulting of any other race by comparison, is trivial.

While Texe Marrs can get somewhat over-evangelical in his writings, what cannot be criticised is his exposition of the ungodly and globally intricate web of a power-controlling elite that would appear to be run entirely by Zionist Jews. This is a fact, not a criticism. There are many other authors who approach the subject of what is now popularly called the "Illuminati" elite, and they expose extraordinary coincidences and conspiracies along the same lines. But none have pinpointed with such directness the Zionist/Jewish element.

Perhaps this should be called a "cultural" element.

His book could be interpreted as a cultural study of the Zionist Jews and how they have managed to gain so much incontestible control of so many factors that keep the material planet going. But he is likely to get quite a slamming for it, because however well, kindly or factually such a situation is put, it is the simple fact that he is exposing the Zionist Jews that could land him into hot water. No doubt he will be called a racist.

But then so was eminent investigative journalist and human rights campaigner John Pilger, when he exposed in his films and books the seemingly totally acceptable persecution, torture, murder, genocide (and even the tattooing of numbers and placing into prison/concentration camps) of countless Palestinians, while the rest of the world turned their eyes away in denial. For his troubles, and exposing the undeniable truth, he became the recipient of death threats to himself as well as his family. So Mr Texe Marrs will be in very distinguished company.

I found the book revealing, at times shocking, but certainly illuminating in its content, even ignoring the Zionist/Jewish element. An important book that brings some fascinating facts to the fore, and truths that the world needs to know, and not just the exclusive domain of those in the "Illuminati" club who would be gods at our expense, be they Zionist Jews or otherwise.
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on March 10, 2013
If you ever wanted to know who is controlling what this is your primer. Interesting how we are allowed to demonize every race except the jews. Very enlightening. Texe Marrs has written a hard hitting eye opener for sure.
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on January 12, 2014
You have begun the journey and this will begin to take the blinders off. It is all coming down and evil will have to account for all the evil it has done. It hates this, but it is happening!! Get in touch with the truth inside. Evil is all around us and deserves all it has inflicted!!
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on May 25, 2011
If a book can be judged by its cover, "Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star" lets readers know that this is writing of the highest quality. Continuing a tradition that exposes the darkest corridors of power and the darkest secrets they keep, Texe Marrs has few rivals when it comes to educating, enlightening, and entertaining those who seek truth above a mere acceptance of the status quo. With researchers such as Marrs, it's astounding that so many people still believe what the two least trustworthy entities in our culture disseminate to them; namely, the government and mainstream media.
If one wishes to understand the world surrounding them, there's no better place to start than with a book that reveals the most forbidden of knowledge.
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