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on August 20, 2013
As I am sure most of you know that contour is having some issues staying afloat but I am a fan of their Roam 2 camera. Easy to use and it works great at 720p-60 as I made about 2 hours worth of film with the unit mounted to my bike (not my helmet but my bike via a Minoura mount) in fact the versatility of mounting devices (side mounts or tripod) and lens rotation to me one of the single best point of difference vs the gopro. I know the gopro can do 1080p@60 and hear me I wish the roam 2 could as well but I got it for 1/2 price of the GP and I love the streamline shape and size (or lack there of) of the unit... If anyone is interest in buying one check out Techmoan's review of the Roam 2 on youtube as It was the reason that I finally jumped in.


Above is my original post for the first Roam 2 I purchased and it worked completely as advertised. I was so impressed I ordered a 2nd unit and that is why I lowered my rating to 3 stars as the 2nd unit would not accept the firmware update off the contour website. I have no idea why but after two days of trying I gave up and am sending the 2nd unit back to Amazon.

This brings me to a larger point and that is that Contour is offically OOB so you will not be able to get any support from the manufacturer for issues or questions, so I would strongly recommend that you buy a unit only from a reputable seller with purchase/satisfaction garantees. As always amazon is taking back the bad unit for refund and I have ordered another off the site to replace it. I have to contribute the firmware deal to a fluke as the first unit updated with no issues. We shall see where we stand when I receive in the third. Stay Tuned...
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on November 4, 2013
The camera works great, it's really great that you can use it in water up to 1 m without any special case.
But there is a very important thing you should know. COUNTOUR Co. is bankruptcy. What does this mean? Well, first of all I don't know where we can claim for warranty. Second of all, any questions will be answered by... NO ONE. Third, if you want to download the Storyteller Software (to program the camera) you will have to search in the internet and find some kind forum user that shares this program to you. Other than that it works great and it is very easy to use.
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on May 27, 2013
This purchase was a gift for a true "shirt off your back" friend. There were some freezing problems at first but the problem was with the laptop computer and NOT with the camera. Using the default camera settings, the included micro sd card, and a fully charged battery, we went on an all day zip line, swinging bridge tour at a very nice resort in GA. Just filming (showing my age huh) the action sequences and not all the walking and climbing, the camera filmed all day. Now with the laptop on the skids, I used Apple's $30 camera kit for the iPad and easily uploaded the video segments to my iPad 2 and watched the files. No added software needed. Great clear smooth action and outstanding audio, even at 50 mph. With some wind noise as expected. I highly recommend the Roam 2 camera with the head strap mount that works on your helmet too because it ie easy to use, makes good movie clips and because it made a much appreciated gift.

06/01/13 Update:
After returning from our zip trip I transferred the video clips from my iPad to my Macbook Pro. Opened iMovie and the program found the zip clips, stitched all 18 clips together in the order recorded, and added a nice title and end credit making an 8 minute 720Hd @ 28 fps that was easily transferred to all my iOS devices. Took less than 10 minutes. The movie plays very smoothly with no freezing or glitches. Should you opt for the Roam2, I think you will like it.

06/11/13 Update
Well, I ordered a green one for me today. Chose the amazon prime $3.99 overnight shipping. Folks, amazon prime is the best deail amazon has. $4 overnight shipping and amazon prime streaming videos too. Amazon is good people.
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on August 11, 2013
I purchased this to mount on the handlebars of my Harley. It has such a wide angle lens, that unless you are right on the rear end of the person in front of you, you cannot even tell who they are. My wife also rides, and I like to film her riding in well known places, such as driving across the Golden Gate bridge, things like that. I used to just mount my cannon digital camera, set it on video, and viola. Honestly, the cannon camera, which isn't even a dedicated video cam, does a much better job for what I want. It has a much narrower field of view, and therefore focuses on the subject ahead and not so much of the surroundings.
It may work for other purposes, but if you are riding road bikes, and don't like riding ten feet behind someone at freeway speed, then get something else.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on June 23, 2014
to answer your first question. I got this over the gopro because of its ease of use. just slide that big switch forward and you're ready to rock. the other big factor was that you didnt need a stupid case to keep water out and I didn't want to have a camera with a mic that's stuck inside a plastic chamber. seemed stupid to me. upon my first snowboarding run I quickly found out that the mic doesn't add much... all you hear is overwhelming wind noise. I just took the camera out to go underwater for the first time and the video underwater looks amazing. the down side, water gets into the little mic hole and now everything sounds muffled, like you're under water. hopefully now that it's dry the audio will sound normal.

waterproofing - when I first put it in the water I watched a stream of bubbles come from the camera and thought it was done for, but it kept working all day. I did some cliff diving from a height of a second story window with this camera in my hand. I definitely took it down more than 1 meter but I was mostly worried about the force from the impact of the fall. I added a ring of electrical tape to the back door to reduce the pressure on the seal. I don't know if this would have been an issue but the camera still works and the video looks great.

stability - this thing has no anti hand shake. so when you're headed down a trail the camera shows every single bump. I bought a video editing software with a "stability" feature and that almost completely cleans it up. no action camera I've looked at advertises some sort of "anti-shake" ability so I assume this is a universal problem when picking a camera.

video quality - It's plenty good enough for me. I can see room for improvement and I wouldn't be sad if my contour broke, leaving me with the opportunity to upgrade. but I'm not terribly picky and the video suits my needs.

Battery and memory - I bought a 32g card and I've recorded just about every snowboarding run in an entire day without the battery or memory card indicators turning yellow. I believe on two day trips I usually charge it at night, just because, and the memory card still isnt showing yellow after the second day. and this is on 1080p or 720 at 60hz (max settings)
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on October 17, 2013
You know ... I ordered this two days before my first parachute jump, and I paid extra for overnight shipping, ordering it well within the cutoff time. One of them didn't show up to my house until two days later in spite of it being listed as "Out for delivery" the day after I ordered it. The second one that I ordered ON THE SAME ORDER didn't show up until three days after I ordered it ... mind you, I PAID for overnight shipping.

Here is the next problem ... the unit DOES NOT COME WITH SOFTWARE OR MANUALS, you are instructed to go to [...] where you are supposed to be able to download the software and manuals. The problem is, I get this error when I click on the manual link:

<Message>All access to this object has been disabled</Message>

And I get this error when I try to download the software:

<Message>All access to this object has been disabled</Message>

And when I go to the companies main web site and click on support. I am taken to a help desk support portal where it says the software license for the help desk software is expired.

This is going on three days now.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY NOR ITS PRODUCTS ... they can't keep crucial links working on their web site, and your telling me that they have no idea that their help desk software license is expired??? FOUR DAYS IN ROW NOW??? That should tell you how often they actually log into their own help desk system from within the company ... sounds like they don't give a crap about their customers. The camera might be a nice unit ... I wouldn't know as I've only owned it for a few days and I can't even get into it to change the settings because the numb skulls can't maintain a simple web site.

PATHETIC if you ask me!! A sorry excuse for an IT department is what they have. I could definitely manage a far better IT staff than that with probably less resources than they currently spend.
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on April 14, 2014
I used to have the original Contour Roam and when it got broken I bought this one instead. I have one for about 2 months and I ordered a second one knowing Contour company is out of business and whatever I can buy is leftover stock.

The price is a bit random, jumping up and down like a crazy monkey. That makes it very hard to evaluate the value.

The quality of the video is good, not great; it does not compare well with the more expensive GoPro 3 or 3+, but the mount for a motorcycle helmet is a key factor for my choice; the second one is the rotating lens (great feature) and last is the universal 1/4" mount that fits any cheap tripod or bar mount.

The bad: non-replaceable battery means I will have to hack it or throw it away after a while as all batteries eventually die. Also some of these cameras use to have trouble reading the microSD cards, that was the reason I replaced the original Roam camera. Last, but least, the speed of the data transfer to a computer is 5 MB/sec only, taking ages to copy movies to a PC or Mac.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on May 19, 2013
The 170 degree field of view is measured diagonally, i.e., from one
corner to another, rather than from left to right. I hadn't realized
this beforehand, and realized it only when I shot a test video. I
expect all products measure it in that manner, so I can't really hold
it against the product.

Having to use the Storyteller software (on Windows or Mac) to
configure the camera is a mild annoyance, but I doubt I will change
the settings often. For downloading the videos, I just pop out the
memory card, as I mostly run Linux at home.

The manuals should be more detailed. For techie folk, more detail is
always better!

Other than that, the camera is very good. Nice form factor for being
mounted on a ski helmet; it protrudes much less than a Go Pro. The
on-camera indicators cover only the basics, but they are well-designed
to convey the essential information.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on March 3, 2014
I hate that this company has gone out of business. But if you can still find one of these cameras and want a good quality action video image, but one! I have four of these cameras (and yes I own GoPros also) and love the Contour. Biggest advantage is the shape and size and mounts (and VERY clear video image). I bought this one as a gift and they love it. I use the model with GPS in my car as a dashcam. They are getting harder to find since the company went out of business, but I think you will like these little cameras (they use mico SD cards).
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on May 5, 2013
I got a Contour cos I am SICK TO DEATH of GoPro fogging issues - I've still got a GP HD1 cos I couldn't find a decent solution. The ROAM is waterproof to 1m WITHOUT A CASE, and the price was right, so I gave it a shot... Using it with a SanDisk Ultra 16Gb MicroSD card.

Use it only for kitesurfing so far, with the line mount from KiteHero (now Camrig). Will probably use it on the motorbike helmet too or with the suction cup mount... haven't yet. Basically just catching a little action, knocking up a YouTube and having a giggle at myself - I don't need super high IQ or fancy framerates; I need a rugged action camera that won't fog or crash when it gets a knock and jiggles the SD card.

It's been in the water a few times and it's sold as waterproof to 1m so it works just fine in that regard. Being able to rotate the lens is a great option for the line mount too. The laser... not sure how useful that will be but it's cute :D

IQ is pretty good; easily as good as the GP HD1 if not a little crisper and with better colours. I noticed the auto White Balance doing it's thing (stepping) a few times in the footage, which I've not seen on the GP before. Also got a green line from direct sun into the lens... I've not researched that though, may be nothing you can do about that.

Audio is fine, much the same as the GoPro - not fabulous for audiophiles but does the job.

Having to plug the camera into the PC to change the settings sounds like a drag, but I only really use one setting anyway so... so what! Button is easy to use, as is the whole camera. Insert card, close the door, turn it on... no dicking around.

Lack of LCD screen is again, for me, not an issue. I have one for the GoPro and don't really use it!

GoPro has a better selection of mounts if you buy a pack eg. Motorsport; Contour could include a couple more of the adhesive mounts, I feel. Doesn't fit the little zipped Contour case I got for it, unless you take off the lens cover and wedge it in there. I got a nicer, bigger one from the local electronics store.

Prefer the format too - long and skinny versus the GoPro fat and wide. A small point...

Given the issues with the GP3, for what I want the camera for, the ROAM is the best choice. No fogging!
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