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on January 10, 2012
If you are a musician of ANY kind: Pro to Beginner and Pop to Classical, you will LOVE this music app. It is simple and intuitive and plays more music styles than you will ever think to use. I installed it on my Kindle Fire and it sounds amazing! I like the simple intuitive layout and I had no trouble understanding how to quickly arrange a set of chord changes. This is a well designed program with high quality sound samples and very musical accompaniment progressions. It will turn your android device into a real virtual keyboard/guitar accompanist.

Here is a short list of Chordbot's practical uses:

> Learn chords and chord progressions. When you try out the many different chords (and they are very complete), you will instantly hear the way some keys fit together and others do not.
> Create fast accompaniments for traditional songs. You do not have to be a pianist, pick the chords, set the meter, set the tempo and you have something that could play for a choir for band.
> Compose your own music. This is a simple sequencer and you can put the chords together for intro, verse, chorus and bridge, etc. Files are saved and exported as WAV audio files or MIDI sequencer files.
> Practice with your own accompanist. Set up simple I-IV-V chords progressions and practice in any key and any tempo using everything from basic block chords to pop and classical arpeggios.
> Play. Just for fun. This is the best part, as no instrument skills are needed, everyone from children to adults with tin-ears will enjoy playing with this program/instrument. Highly Recommended.
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on November 18, 2011
What a clever idea! First, make it possible for a budding musician or songwriter to create virtually any chord. Next, allow that musician to string the courts together one after another, as if he or she were writing a lead sheet. Next, allow the time signature and tempo to vary for every bar, if desired. Finally, allow fifty variations in song types, techno, guitar, piano, etc. etc., so any chord sequence can generate fifty song types.

Beautiful interface, a fantastic learning tool. The only negative on this device is that accessing the "save song" feature is not as intuitive as it ought to be, the buttons are somewhat small, and also, more importantly, the application does not support auto-rotation, which is really annoying if you are listening with a headset, because in my view the headset plug on the Kindle is in the wrong place.

That said, if you are a soloist or composer, this is something you are probably going to want to have.
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on March 24, 2011
I'd recommend the free version for most people. Nice for experimenting with new rhythm as well as a quick backing track to play other instruments over top. The interface is nice, and it's pretty cool for what it is. I don't think most people will need the additional pro features, other than maybe getting more variety on the sound. But I don't find myself using this often enough to justify that expense, but it does exactly what it says well, so its a decent app.
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VINE VOICEon June 24, 2012
I have recently joined the "smart phone" world, and have begun to hunt for and test new apps. while relatively new to this world, several things have become very apparent.

One, there are a great many apps which are not worth even looking at - badly done, full of spyware and ads, basically battery hogging junk.

Fortunately, this app is not in that category. Chordbot is well behaved, has a good interface, minimal permissions, and works rather well. So far, it is the best app I have used (though, granted, I have only used a few dozen at this point).

It is basically designed to let one piece together music by arranging a list of chords and picking beats and styles. There is a large list of styles, with accompaniment centered on guitar, piano, or keyboards. There are also several songs as examples for you to follow.

One can build a song in many sections, and change parts of it at any time. One can save the songs and ply them back later. I'm sure there are more features I haven't discovered yet, but what I have used is solid, predictable, and well behaved.

One of the styles immediately led me to put together most of the Door's "Light My Fire," so I could sing along and have some fun.

I think this could easily be a serious tool for musicians and composers to put together rough ideas for song arrangements and grab momentary inspiration when it hits in unexpected locations. I intend to use it to write songs and create quick accompaniment as backup for guitar and voice.

Well worth the money - recommended.

Tested on a Samsung Transform Ultra.
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on August 24, 2013
2 things that always have me shaking my head---those who give an app one star because they don't know how to use it or understand what it does, and those who carp that a couple of bucks is "too much" to pay for an app. 10-15 years ago we called it "software" and this would have easily been a $50 program. I would have loved this back then, and certainly love it now, I've used it almost daily for months as a tool for composing music to which I then add other elements, vocals, guitar etc. in my home studio (which I also wish I'd had 15 years ago). In short, Chordbot presents almost unlimited possibilities for modular-based composition, the sounds are more than acceptable for demo purposes, my only quibble, and I hope the devs read this, is there are no options for utilizing the full stereo spectrum via pan controls. If you're at all serious about writing music in any capacity, I recommend plonking down five bucks--less than the cost of a burger & fries--and get yourself a valuable tool that you can take anywhere, for whenever inspiration strikes, because as anyone who's written songs knows, you can have a great idea but by the time you get home to a recording device it's more often than not forgotten or morphed into something different. Chordbot is the simply the best music compositional tool for portable devices on the market. I wish it had pan controls, but am still giving it 5 stars for being amazing as it is.
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on March 2, 2013
I love this app so much, I bought it first for my iPhone. I was very happy when I saw I could get it for my Droid tablet through Amazon. If there was a PC version, I would probably buy that too :)

It's so simple to use, has tons of options -- multiple tracks, multiple instruments, multiple styles, inversions ... You can make something simple or very complex. Also anything you make that you really like can be emailed as midi file. Those can be imported it into you Digital Audio Workstation software for manipulation or imported into Synths. You can also export songs to an audio file.

I suppose you could make the next big hit with it. But I also think it's great for learning and prototyping like the developer says. It's also great for just playing around.

I would be really surprised if you didn't enjoy it.
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on November 3, 2012
Chordbot pro is an excellent tool for very quickly setting up a basic song chord structure, rhythm and tempo. You can send the resulting MIDI file to your computer and import it right into your favorite composition/mixing software. Very well done!
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on February 19, 2016
I love this app! It's got so many voices, chords, and rhythms to play around with...the options are almost infinite. Any chord you can think up, you can input. I've never found an app that allows me to compose in a way that felt intuitive to me. I'm not a producer; I don't make or loop beats; it's far too tedious to place each note and length on a midi composer; I don't use synthesizers in my music. I like chords and layering music. I'm not always able to play as well or as fast as my mind thinks up songs. This app lets me write my progression, select rhythm pattern, layer other voices, add simple percussion underneath. It's what I didn't even know I was looking for all these years. Thank you!
I wish there were an option to input irregular rhythms, syncopation, and change up the chord in my own way too. Minor problem because I'm sure the longer I play with it, the more I'll be able to do.
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on December 17, 2015
Chordbot Pro is the perfect accompaniment for my guitar improvising studies. Wish I had this tool years ago, when I was studying with master musician, Vincent Bredice!
This app will definitely help me make up for lost time! I can see hundreds of uses for this app! A MUST HAVE for serious students and writers.
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on November 26, 2015
Wow! It app lets one choose the layout and tone of a chord progression, drums and more instruments or edit to fit your custom chords in different sequences. It'll take quite a while to explore this app fully.
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