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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 30, 2013
I really enjoyed reading this book. I am a moderate liberal on most issues. If you talked to me a decade ago, I was all over the 'let's get rid of guns' movement. Now, not so much- especially after having had the security of my home violated.

Guns vs. No Guns: Glenn Beck is going to give you an absolutely predictable take on guns/gun violence. If you are pro-gun-control, you are probably not going to like this book.

I agree with some of his arguments- others I do not. I think it is a good thing to have ongoing debates regarding security and constitutional rights. This is, however, a little like the pro-life/pro-choice argument. I don't think there is ever going to be a pat answer(or legislation) that satisfies all.

People do stupid things. Guns are deadly. This can make for a very bad equation. But the same could be said of cars and a million other things. Beck does make an argument similar to this- it isn't the gun, it is the person willfully acting with the gun. He does cite alot of statistics and various studies including one that links children's exposure to media violence to actual violence(I think this study said the media desensitizes children in such ways that they may have more of a propensity for violent behavior).

The book was pretty short. I did like the way Beck addressed the issue- he took quotations from all sorts of sources: studies, tv talking heads, etc.. He then responded with both his opinion and often some statistics to back his view up. At times, the book is a bit misleading because the 'real' statistics get mashed up with anecdotal evidence. I think that some of the studies cited could be a touch out of date. Living in a suburb of San Francisco, I've seen a dramatic shift in demographics in the areas surrounding our neighborhood and I'd be interested in seeing some of those study statistics refreshed since the fall in the economy.

I do agree with Beck that the media does get everyone all riled up- one year it is bird flu, then H1N1 is going to wipe half the world out, then there is a tragic school shooting. Then things end to die down as the next crisis takes place. I also have to say, I'm not totally gung ho on veryone giving up their guns when we know the criminals out there will continue to get them. Cocaine(and other drugs) is illegal but I bet you can find a few people in your neighborhood that indulge. I sort of waffle on the gun subject because I know if I owned a gun, I would take all necessary precautions available to me to keep it and myself/my family safe from criminals. Others are not so cautious and end up having their own weapon turned on them or stolen and used in another crime. That sort of falls in the people doing dumb things category.

I enjoyed reading the book. Beck does have a bit of humor and he does call people(mostly media and political personae) out on statements they have made. My personal opinion on control is neither here nor there- I felt the book was well written and it made me think about some of my own views on the subject. Thinking is good. If you are interested and have an open mind, from either side of the argument you will likely enjoy this read and maybe do some thinking on the points Beck raises. I would caution- be careful about drawing conclusions regarding statistics. In some of these studies there could be some very influential confounding factors that are not brought into the argument.

Overall, a great read, even if I can't agree on a number of points Beck raises. I liked the 'response to comments/ideas' format of the book.
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on May 1, 2013
All of the interviews that pro-gun and anti-gun advocates are giving in the media are starting to reveal there's something rotten in Denmark. This book neatly summarizes tangible facts, and arguments (albeit some rather specious) exposing many gun control "facts" as fabrications.

John Lott, one co-author bravely goes on the talk shows and is lambasted, insulted and shouted down by Piers Morgan, Wolf Blitzer and others, when trying to communicate the falsity of facts presented by gun control advocates. When Lott tried to counter the Brady Campaign spokesperson's claim that 1.6 million felons and mentally ill persons were denied guns by an effective NICS background check system, Blitzer called him a liar, denied the facts that the DOJ reports indicated 95%+ of the 1.6 million were false denials and that only 13 prosecutions resulted, and said Lott was the only one making such false claims about the supposedly true gun control facts. Not only does the media enable and spread the lies, but they lie about their lies.

The book rightly condemns the media for colluding to advocate political ends rather than reporting the news. Many, if not most journalists can be more aptly labeled as media-funded lobbyists attempting to sway opinion by suppression and distortion of facts.

Senators are not stupid. The 90% of the public that supposedly supports (or supported) extended background checks (including a supposed 80%+ of NRA members) should lend any politician comfort that voting for more such gun control would only aid their re-election efforts. But Senators didn't fear supporting the bill based on the 10% that opposed the bill, or the 4 million NRA members, because they knew the 90% statistic that the Obama Administration and media touted was bogus. A pollster fabrication.

This is a book that will be vehemently trashed by anti-gun advocates and lauded by pro-gun advocates. But it will help the truth emerge.
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on April 30, 2013
This is a well written and authoritative tract on what so-called "gun control" is really about. It's not about guns, it's about control. Whoever controls guns controls everything. This makes for a very original premise that I appreciate very much. It's also a quick read at a great price.
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I've only read one other book by Glenn Beck and he has some views with which I don't agree. Control, however, is a well-reasoned approach to the gun control debate which breaks down the arguments that are propagated by the media in order to manufacture a case for "reasonable gun control." This book is backed by legal and historical research, and I commend the individuals who assisted the author in this regard. I'm not sure this book will change any minds, although it is an excellent resource to cut through the emotion-based arguments of gun control advocates. Ultimately, this issue depends on your perspectives on individual freedom versus the State.
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VINE VOICEon April 30, 2013
I pre-ordered Control and it showed up yesterday morning (one day early!), so I read the 160 pages in the afternoon.

Glenn and his team follow and easy to read format of "The Lie, Recent quotes from "the usual suspects" of that lie, and then a concise FACTUAL & LOGICAL repudiation of those lies". On each subject, Glenn just touches the obvious hypocrisies, and tears apart the larger logical-fallacies told by the progressive-statists. He just focuses on the facts & legal decisions, mixed with a touch of history, which proves each and every one of his counter-points at every turn. This is kind of like a refined and concise version of Glenn's "Arguing with Idiots", but on the subject of 2nd Amendment Rights only.

This is a great read for the average gun owner and his (or her) friends, and is a great book to have on-hand for a quick reference when writing op-ed stuff online. while Glenn touches upon legal decisions and history, he doesn't drown the reader in it (too much!) I did have to put the book down for a break after 5 or so pages worth of US Supreme Court decisions and history... that is some pretty intellectually thick stuff that didn't read nearly as easily as the other sections in the book... nor should it.

The rest of the book provides we readers with great answers to every stupid thing that has come out of the mouths of a gun-banning progressive-statists and their sheep followers over the last five months. If you've had any problems concisely voicing your unwavering stance on our 2nd amendment rights, this book will provide you with plenty of intellectual ammo to support your positions, as well the opportunity to crush any leftist's attempt to argue their Marxist-statist beliefs... and that, my fellow patriots, is well worth the price of admission alone!

- Highly Recommended!
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on May 6, 2013
Before I review this book I should tell you my stance on guns, so that you know any biases that color my opinion of the issue and therefore my opinion of the book.

I am not a gun person. I don't own a gun, and I don't particularly want one. However, I am a fan of the Bill of Rights. That makes me inclined to side with anyone who doesn't want the right of the people to keep and bear arms infringed.

Because I am not passionate about the gun issue, I'm not particularly well informed. I have seen lots of videos passed around Facebook of Piers Morgan and others making crazy claims about guns. Of course, they never cite anything, so I find myself wondering what is true and what isn't.

That's where this book comes in. In "Arguing with Idiots", Glenn Beck was accused of making Straw Man arguments. So to avoid that accusation, he refers to direct quotes made by various people about guns. Then he gives well footnoted answers to those arguments.

It's definitely a one sided piece. But, I appreciated that everything he said was documented with real polls and studies.

The book is divided into two parts, the first is a persuasive piece that attempts to show (quite effectively, in my opinion) that guns are not the problem.

The second is an essay about our culture, how we have created a culture that doesn't value life, and that culture is the problem. He ends with some proposed solutions to our culture problem.

You definitely need to read the book to get the full breadth of his argument, but here are just a few quotes I thought were poignant.

"[A]ll of the multiple-victim massacres in Western Europe, as well as all of those in the United States where at least three people died, have occurred in places where civilians cannot legally bring guns." p. 31

"[W]e found no statistical evidence of post-ban decreases in either the number of victims per gun homicide incident, the number of gun-shot wounds per victim, or the proportion of gunshot victims with multiple wounds. Nor did we find assault weapons to be over represented in a sample of mass murders involving guns." - excerpt from a 1997 study on the results of the 1994 assault weapons ban, p. 41

"Should it be renewed, the ban's effect on gun violence are likely to be small at best and perhaps too small for reliable measurement. AWs were rarely used in gun crimes even before the ban." - excerpt from same study, p. 42

"We must stop looking to assign blame to the choices we are offered - whether it's guns or large sodas or tanning beds - and instead take personal responsibility for our choice and our lives." p. 115

"To say that violent media consumption is not a risk factor for violent aggression later in life means that you are either ignorant, have a political agenda, or, like Stephen King, are looking for some way to make yourself feel better about your contributions to the crisis." p. 122

"Five hundred years of gunpowder combat. One hundred and fifty years of repeating firearms. Yet, despite it all, no one can find a single case, anywhere in the world, where a juvenile committed a multiple homicide in a school prior to 1975. Common sense tells us that maybe this isn't about the gun after all. Maybe it's about the person who holds it." p. 126

"This is not just a gun issue, It's also an issue of the kinds of communities that we're building." - Barack Obama p. 151

"[T]he way forward cannot be found in the halls of Congress, it can only be found in the rooms of our homes and the streets of our neighborhoods." p. 162

"When a child opens fire on another child, there's a hole in that child's heart that government can't fill. Only community and parents and teaches and clergy can fill that hole." - Barack Obama p. 162
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on April 30, 2013
This is an important and critical book for all citizens who believe in freedom and the US Constitution whether or not they own firearms. "CONTROL" clearly lays out the positive case for firearms ownership and the reasons that more legislation is unnecessary and would be ineffective for it's stated purpose of preventing gun violence.

The most important message in the book is that gun control is about the control and harassment of law abiding citizens while ignoring or excusing the actions and attitudes of law breakers. It is designed to intimidate us in to a false choice of surrendering our liberty for the illusion of safety.

Politicians are trying to lull law abiding citizens in to supporting background checks and a national database...nothing for a law abiding citizen to fear...really? Before you agree to this bait and switch here are some questions to consider regarding background checks and databases:

1. What information goes in to the database?
2. What happens if the info is inaccurate?
3. How do you clear your name?
4. How do you know what information is being kept in your record or that you even have a record?

I have some real life answers to those questions based on existing California gun laws. A friend, who was hospitalized over 10 years ago for depression and suicidal thoughts, tried to purchase a firearm two years ago. As a law abiding citizen with no record, he was surprised that the purchase was denied . Turns out that a clerk mis-coded his hospital record. The incorrect code came with a lifetime ban on gun ownership. He was completely oblivious to this because there was no adjudication and no notification to him at the time the record was created. Everything was done behind the scene by some nameless, faceless bureaucrat. He almost lost his gun rights forever based on an administrative error which he only caught because of his purchase attempt. After the issue was cleared up, a firearms permit was issued. The process took over 1 year and cost 6 times more than the gun itself.

Educate yourself, get involved,and advocate for freedom. Don't give up your Second Amendments Rights and those of your fellow citizens to bureaucrats and the Statists whose objective is to CONTROL you. The FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of America is closer than you think. Speak up now before it's too late !!!!

"CONTROL" gives you the tools. It's up to you to use them.
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on April 30, 2013
This book successfully provides detailed facts to contradict any gun control advocate's arguments. I am quite impressed with the plethora of statistics and truths the book provides, but more so by the amount of reference material the book provides. I urge you to set aside any differences you may have towards Glenn Beck and suggest you read this book if you have any interest in participating in the current nation-wide gun debate. Highly recommend.
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on May 1, 2013
I am 70 years old and Barack Obama and his sycophants have convinced me to join the National Rifle Association for the first time in my life. I have never owned a gun but I plan to get one soon. For most of my life, when I read or heard about the second amendment and heard the statement "The first things dictators do is confiscate guns and control the news media," I thought to myself "That could never happen here." For the first time in my 70 years, I believe that IT COULD HAPPEN HERE. As a matter of fact, it is now a fear. Barack Obama's hero, himself said: "All power comes from the barrel of a gun." To paraphrase Michelle Obama, "for the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country."
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on May 1, 2013
It's a little hard to read at first glance and not structured as I expected. But, once I read through it a few times the sections become much easier to navigate and the information is very comprehensive. I feel I am very knowledgeable about the 2nd amendment and have always been confident discussing gun issues with others but this book has definitely broadened my knowledge and is a valuable tool in my arsenal.
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