Cook's Illustrated "Highly Recommended" In the August issue of "Cook's Illustrated" these cups won their prestigious "Highly Recommended" nod. I cannot see how this is possible when the reviews I have read on Amazon and other sites say that they are made to such a poor standard. I know that "Cook's Illustrated" is not always on point with their reviews of equipment, but surely they must have seen, felt, or experienced something which would warrant a poorer review. I have even gone to B,B&B to try out these cups and found them to be too light and were way too easy to bend, similar to their spoon cousins, I guess I will just have to except that "Cook's Illustrated" is not a beyond the limitations of its creators, that even "Cook's Illustrated" is only human.

Has anyone else experienced something that "Cook's Illustrated" has given a "Highly Recommended" nod to, but was let down by its performance?

Just sayin',

asked by D. Press-Dawson on June 16, 2008
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These are NOT the same model as reviewed on test kitchen, just the same brand. They were model 864, these are model 572.
Ozzy_98 answered on December 15, 2013

Yes, but not often. The item in question was a sort of collapsible funnel, and less than a year later I am finding that the flexible plastic that allows it to collapse it terrible to clean. It seems like there is always something that wants to stick to it, and after my much cleaning effort it is heavily worn and won't last much longer.
Jessica answered on November 11, 2009
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