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on November 30, 2012
I originally purchased an older version of this water bottle from Kohl's (in store, not online) and absolutely LOVED it. Something I liked about the original bottle I had is that it was considered "unbreakable" (or shatter proof) and that was a major selling point for me. Well, the water bottle itself is indeed shatter proof, but I tend to drop things quite often and unfortunately the top of the water bottle is not shatter proof. My old water bottle had the handle break and the top cracked so that it leaked constantly if it wasn't sitting straight up. Sadly, Kohl's no longer carried this water bottle so I went out on a search online to see if I could replace it with something comparable.

I found this water bottle online and it's the same brand but an updated version (which is weird since I just purchased the water bottle from Kohl's over the summer - about six or so months earlier). I washed it in the dish washer last night and started to use it this morning. It is everything I expected it to be - it is just like my old water bottle but "newer" (my old one was gray and boxy, this one is green and more sleek looking).

Here's my over all assessment of this product: 1. I don't use the inner core ice pack thingy, it's tiny and doesn't keep the water cold long enough but that's not essential for me. If you need something to keep your water cold for long periods of time, this isn't it. If you need to keep your water cold then I suggest you add ice cubes. 2. This holds a good amount of water. When I was pregnant, I could go through 5 refills or so during the day. Now, in a normal work day, I only have to refill it once or twice, and I don't feel dehydrated because I'm getting at least 32 ounces of water during the work day. I refill this at least once in the morning and once at night because I drink a lot of water. 3. This water bottle is kid friendly. For some reason my two younger kids (1 and 3) LOVE my water bottle (the old and new one). They constantly take it from me and drink out of it but I'm okay with that as long as it gets them to drink water. I tried out the new bottle on them this morning and they both liked it. My three year old likes the green color (and so do I but green is my favorite color).

Side note: the picture makes the bottle look more neon green than what is really is IRL. But, I prefer the more muted green as I'm not a huge fan of neon colors. The picture online also makes it look like the top and side grip are blue-ish, but they aren't, they're green just like the rest of the water bottle.

So, I think this is an excellent product - as long as it's not dropped :-) If I drop this one again, I'll still end up buying another one just like it as I do like this water bottle.

Oh, one last comment. This water bottle is better than the older version one I had because the old one was more boxy and wouldn't fit into my cup holders in the van. Now, this one is tapered at the bottom and fits into the cup holder - that's a plus.
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on August 2, 2014
First let me say I have only had this bottle for 3 days so if by chance it falls apart in later time I don't know about it. But these past 3 days have been magical. I need to drink 100oz of water because I'm fat and that is half my weight. I find this hard to do because that is a darn lot of water. I jumped on Amazon to find a large but not overly large water bottle that maybe wouldn't have a foul taste, because that seems to happen with every bottle I purchase.

This one came up with a lot of great colors and neat decor things like owls. I love purple so I chose purple and like I mentioned, an owl. Plus it was 32oz which I thought sounded fair and it also said it would fit in my cars cup holder. I liked the soud of that. But it's a lie, it didn't fit in my vans cup holder but it did fit in my suv's cup holder. Whatever, I'm not taking points away, my van is old and stupid.

So as I was saying, 32oz seemed easy, throughout a day I need to refill this bottle 3 times. So far I've done it with no issue. The straw isn't a straw but a thick hard plastic piece that covers the straw so you won't chew up the straw which I would have totally done because I have nervous issues. I took the cooly thing out of it right away because the reviews all said it was pointless and I'd be afraid it would make the water taste funny. I don't like really cold water so it didn't matter to me. And ice cubes fall into it with no problem when you use the fridge dispenser. I can clean this thing in the dishwasher and the straw pops right out. The water just comes up so smooth. Honesty I just want to marry this darn bottle! I'm buying another one.
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on May 20, 2012
I hate drinking water all the time but when I was pregnant and breastfeeding I carried this bottle around with me everywhere. Even just around the house. My husband bought it for me and I didn't use it for a year and now I can't live without it. I gave it only four stars because it sometimes leaks a LITTLE if it is lying on its side, which it rarely is. Yes you CAN buy replacement straws. Maybe not on Amazon but the company com sells them, and the range of bottles of course.
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on April 7, 2015
Love this bottle! Fits in my car cup holder, holds lots of water, doesn't leak when the "straw" is shut. Good price. My only complaint, and this is minor, is that because it's not double-walled, the water warms quickly. But I take care of that by adding lots of ice cubes before I take it anywhere.
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on June 11, 2014
I really like this water bottle, the grip is great and I love that you can fold the straw part back so it doesn't leak. The only thing I don't like is that I thought the ice pack insert would keep the water cold, but it doesn't at all. I still have to put ice in the water bottle if I want cold water, and then it sweats. :-/
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on August 12, 2015
I would love this waterbottle more if it didn't have so many nooks and crannys on the inside. I like the gripping ability but if you have anything else in the waterbottle besides water it's pretty hard to clean. I just threw away the ice pack thing, not really useful to me since i just use ice cubes (the mouth of the bottle is plenty wide enough). the little tab thing to make the mouth piece pop up broke off not long after owning the bottle but it's much easier to pop the mouth piece up by pushing it from underneath. I drink tea mostly so I've gone back to using a much simpler less curvy bottle since I couldn't clean this one very well.
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on November 29, 2015
We bought two of these water bottles for my children. I had just had a baby, so I was sending it with my oldest child to school (with my MIL). One day my MIL asked me if I knew his water had been coming out blue every day. I was shocked! And scared! I went and poured it into a bowl, and sure enough, the water was dyed blue. She said she kept meaning to tell me about it, but hadn't thought it was a big deal. I asked if he seemed to drink it, and she said, "not much." I can't believe my poor little kid hasn't been drinking his water, because of whatever garbage was leaking into it from the water bottle. I also wonder what chemicals he might have been drinking when he did.

I contacted the seller who basically said there was a 30 day warranty, and it'd been, what, 45 days, so I could just contact the manufacturer. What terrible costumer service! I'd never recommend this product to anyone. I have no idea why it's rated so highly.
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on May 12, 2015
The "ice core" doesn't keep anything cold for longer than an hour in an already cool room, so don't buy this if you are hoping to actually use the ice core thingie. Also, this cup *does* sweat,* just as much as any other regular old plastic water bottle might. This is NOT a magic water bottle. It is a plastic water bottle that comes in pretty colors with an ice core that fits in your trash nicely.
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on August 7, 2015
I know this is just a water bottle, but I love it for so many reasons!

1. It holds 32 oz, so in my quest to drink 92 oz of water a day, I only have to refill twice instead of 5x a day
2. It actually has little indentations exactly where all of your fingers and thumb goes, which makes it super comfortable to hold. I tried taking a picture of it, but I'm not sure you can actually tell.
3. It fits in the cup holder in my car!! No more trying to hold a big water jug on the center console or even worse, between my legs.
4. You can wash it in the dishwasher!
5. It doesn't leak, and so far has not cracked.
6. The spout is a hard plastic, which I like better, and I think easier to clean.

Having this water bottle is, in fact, causing me to drink more water and less soda. :)
review image
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on January 29, 2015
I had been looking for a large water bottle that I could carry with me and wouldn't require that many refills throughout the day. Most importantly I tend to throw my bottle into my bag and have had the horror of reaching into my bag to find a lake of water before so I needed something that would not leak. Sadly this bottle only meets some of my requirements. The size is great except that it is only 32 ounces when the freeze core is removed (I measured to check), this isn't a big deal for me because I don't actually care if my water is kept cold or not. The other thing is that the spout that you drink out of does not lock down in anyway so if you even gently press it back; something that can easily happen in your bag; the seal on it breaks and can begin to leak. I still use it but am very aware of if it is standing up in my bag and I'm constantly pressing down on the spout to make sure it doesn't leak. I love the ease of which you can drink out of it, it doesn't feel like a struggle to get the water out and is fairly easy to clean. These pluses help to outweigh the bad.
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