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on December 30, 2012
Copco Coffee Cab Rolling Countertop Small Appliance Stand
This item is a very good idea. However, I just lost my 4th tray to the same problem. The wheels that are activated to slide back and forth consist of a plastic axel in a metal frame. From the day you start usilng it the metal /begins to wear away the plastic axel and eventually a wheel breaks off.
It has occurred to me that this may be the company way of selling more of the product to boobs like me. How much more would it cost the manufacturer to improve the strength of this wheel system and give the consumer a break?
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on November 19, 2012
The Copco Coffee Cab gave me back a good piece of real estate on my kitchen counter. The very deep corner could not be used because a step stool was needed to reach anything back there, but now the Keurig coffee machine can occupy the corner. This stand rolls easily and smoothly by depressing the handle on the front. When released, rubber feet keep the stand and the appliance on it in place. It can be rolled as far as one wants, in a straight line. This kitchen gadget has greatly improved the neatness and function of my kitchen counter. I roll the Keurig forward to use it and then roll it back after I pour the coffee; it's that smooth and simple a motion.

At the same time I purchased the Copco version, I purchased the Handy Caddy brand which runs at one-third the price of the Copco. The Handy Caddy surprised me by working well, but can only slide out the distance of its size, a foot. That isn't far enough for my need. The Copco has a rubber type mat on its surface; the Handy Caddy is hard plastic.

UPDATE: I've been using this item for nearly two months now and so far no breakage. That said, I agree that the wheels are not well constructed, and I can clearly see how breakage could easily occur. I have been careful to ensure the wheels are correctly set and also to only slide back and forth, not at an angle. I thank the reviewers who posted their breakage experience; their words have reminded me to treat the Coffee Cab gingerly. I love having my kitchen counter space back and would greatly miss this item if it were to break.

UPDATE #2 June 19, 2013) The Coffee Cab lasted eight months whereupon the wheel axle broke. At all times it was used with extreme care. Because I have not found a better quality similar product, I replaced it. This pull out shelf is a tremendous help in my kitchen. I removed one star from my rating because of the poor construction of such a great idea.

UPDATE #3 February 2015. The second unit lasted over a year and a half before the axle broke. I still love this rolling shelf. It carries a large Keurig and rolls smoothly on a granite counter several times a day. Of important note, the new unit I just received is constructed slightly differently, an improvement in the fragile axle. The prongs that were problematic are now encased in a thin metal sleeve. It's good that the manufacturer finally acceded to customer complaints. Hopefully, this change will result in a more reliable unit.
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on December 10, 2013
I bought this and returned it to some other store. I bought it because it was the only one they carried and the sales associate there said it was good and could roll as far as you far are you really going to roll your coffee pot on your counter, it's only so wide. Turns out it didn't roll, jokes on me. Anyway, there are small wheels just behind the bar in the front and when you press this bar the wheels are suppose to come down and lift the front part of the "cab" so the stand rolls. My husband and I put an empty coffee pot on the stand and pressed the bar to engage the wheels. The wheels did not come down enough to roll the "cab", drag was more like it. It should be call a "drag countertop small appliance stand". I don't want to give even one star but it seems to be required. When I bought this I was actually trying to find a second coffee stand, which I already have one and liked, Handy Caddy as Seen on TV, I'd recommend the Handy Caddy, I have two of those.
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on December 7, 2013
There are better options on the market. I would avoid this one. The bottom edge scrapes along the counter top when the unit is moved producing a very unpleasant screeching noise and a jerky movement. Also, because this product is designed for multiple counter top appliances, it was larger than it needed to be for my Keurig coffee maker. It protruded more than necessary and looked a bit clunky. I have seen other models that were much thinner and blended much better with the coffee maker. Like most folks, I do have to pull the machine out from under the wall cabinets in order to open it and the rubber feet installed on the bottom of the unit prevent if from sliding smoothly. I discovered that putting small carpet-like chair glides on the bottom of the these feet produces a smooth, noise-free gliding action. What's more the glides are completely invisible.
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on December 13, 2012
This is great. My Keurig sits on it and just press down the front handle and the whole thing slides forward.. no more dragging it over my counter.
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on November 14, 2013
Once you put something on the stand it will not roll. Doesn't even work well with nothing on top of it. There is just little wheels under the tray and when you put weight on the top it can't roll. There should be a separate tray from the stand that rolls out. Waste of my money.
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on August 28, 2013
We received our Keurig Rivo system about a week ago and were desperate to get a gliding caddy for it since it is a rather large system as coffee/espresso-latte makers go + the Rivo has a honeycomb rubber bottom that does not make for moving around on a granite countertop and in & out from under the cabinets very easy or rather without any ease to it whatsoever--in other words, a pain in the 'you know what'.

While, the Rivo could use some work in that area (actually that is the only area it seems that needs improvement as what it does with making espresso's, latte's, etc. is phenomenal, better than any coffee cafe including Starbucks--but that's another product review) the Copco Coffee Cab has come to its rescue and is working out great for the 'two days' we've had it now. Being concerned about the reviews on the rear axle, I still wanted to try this one as it seemed to be the only one on the market wide enough to handle the Rivo. I inspected the rear wheels and the axle and can see where there may be some issues, but with those concerns I placed the Rivo in exact proportion to the caddy and more forward-front. Since the Rivo is a tiny bit wider than the caddy, it is actually balanced on the perimeter lip of the caddy and may actually be more balanced there for the strength & wear & tear of the caddy's rear mechanics, whereas an appliance sitting inside the trim/lip may put more weight/wear & tear on that area. The balance of the Rivo on the caddy still moves well when releasing the wheels to move forward. Hopefully this will keep the issue of the rear axle & wheels at bay if not so much weight is on that rear axle. We very much like the press (to activate lever action on the front to move it forward) & release (to disengage wheels), rather than just a pull back and forth train system most of the other caddy's have. Will follow with updates later on how it is holding up. I hope to get more than 2 to 8 months out of it, but alas, we shall see.
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on July 2, 2016
Great design. Works very well when you push down the tab in the front that engages the front wheels. My only disappointment is the front wheel assembly is one plastic piece and the end will snap off if too much pressure is applied. It would be a much better design if the wheels and axle were separate with the axle being a metal rod, I have ordered a replacement and if the wheel assembly breaks again I will fashion my own and fix it myself.
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on December 18, 2013
I bought this to replace a two peice stand that was limited in the area it would move. Although this one seems to be able to move unlimited, the wheels "stick" and make a terrible screeching sound when I try to move it with my Bunn Coffeemaker on top. I would return it, but threw away the box in error. I wouldn't waste my time with this one, flawed design.
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on November 4, 2013
In less then six month the plastic axle broke. The design is a plastic axle with plastic wheels all as one piece, going through a metal bracket. The metal bracket cut right through the plastic. Nice idea, but this one is a waste of money!! This will way my decision on any other product made by this company.
Can't even get a response from the company, terrible customer service!!
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