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on January 30, 2005
If you like suspense, mystery, a good story, and for the most part, good acting, then this movie is a good choice. What I like about Copycat (besides Sigourney Weaver) is how it seems to come full circle. It feels complete to me. It starts at the beginning, doesn't backtrack with flashbacks or start in the middle and leave you wondering what's going on. You're able to follow along and not get distracted by unnecessary gore (sure there is some, but not much). It's a psychological thriller, and I like that much better than the slash and dash type of movies. It makes you think and allows you to try and figure out what the outcome will be.

Sure, you expect the star to live, but it's not always a given. The ending kind of hints at a sequel but as far as I know, there isn't one. If they can make one as good as the first, I think it would do well (at least those who enjoyed this one, might see the second). It's rather interesting to see the Harry Connick Jr. play a serial killer. He's pretty creepy.
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on May 30, 2003
Here you have two tough broads, a good cop and the nastiest of killers. How can you lose? Actually, the pairing of Sigourney & Holly is wonderful, in this age of films so lacking in strong women's roles. Sigourney, in particular, after years of kicking alien-butt, withdraws as the victim of an almost lethal attack and subsequent nervous breakdown. Her house-bound recluse still shows fire and rage, well-controlled and centered; a really great performance. Holly, too, in a slightly less showy role, shows drive and command of her role. These women are magnificent, in their own ways, and carry this film through plot-twists and strange turns that are always compelling. Also compelling is the very taut direction of John Amiel, never missing a chance to include the audience in everything, though you don't realize it at the time. A very handsome Dermot Mulroney makes an auspicious presence as an "almost" sex-object for the women, and William McNamara is greatly effective as the ultimate center of the film. Harry Connick, Jr. has impressed me as an actor many times, but not so much as here. With rotten teeth and an oily, snake-like presence he is given a few memorable moments. This film has been compared to "Silence of the Lambs", but it really has its own character and drive. The tension is high, the plot well presented and the acting is superlative. I like this film a lot.
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Amidst all the suspense, shocks, and chills of this superbly made thriller stands the awesome performances of Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter. Ever since she pioneered the "female buttkicker" in the Alien movies, Sigourney has stretched her range to show the immense amount of talent she possesses. Her role as agoraphobic Helen Hudson is one of her finest; she lets us feel every nuance of her frustration, her terror, her anger, her intense ability to be strong even when she admits she's weak. Matching her performance is the understated portrayal of cop M. J. Monahan by Oscar-winner Holly Hunter. Hunter's bravura etching of this likeable cop is extremely effective in counterbalancing the tormented Weaver. Although the fate of Dermot Mulroney as Monahan's partner is questionably appropriate, it does serve as a motivating factor in Hunter's pursuit of the serial killer. William McNamara's performance as Peter Foley may seem underplayed, but it serves to heighten the normal-ness of this obviously demented young man. Like life, the good guys don't always come out unscathed. The film is dark, brooding and its ending is chilling in that Harry Connick Jr.'s imprisoned psycho is obviously going to continue his quest for revenge on Weaver. A sequel would have been nice; I would have also liked to have had at least one scene with Weaver and Hunter after the explosive ending. But, as far as thrillers go, this is a great addition to a small set of classics.
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on December 8, 2011
This is one of those movies that I watch several times a year. There's not one specific thing I can point to as my reason for liking the movie so much, it's a combination of little things. The plot is original; the killer is a copycat killer who copcats a variety of other serial killers. I am a huge fan of Holly Hunter and she does not disappoint in this movie. Sigourney Weaver manages to portray a woman who is both strong and fragile. Harry Connick Jr., though playing a serial killer, is one of my favorite characters. He makes the most of his role and manages to stand out in the movie.
I could have done without the back story of Hunter and her ex- lover/ ex- partner but all in all it's a pretty good movie.
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on August 4, 2015
Love this movie, definitely like to watch it every few years. It had been a while this time so I got to be shocked all over again by the suprised throughout. Who is doing what, who is gonna get killed. So good. The movie itself is a pretty typical serial killer romp. Very Criminal Minds. What makes it outstanding is the cast. Sigourney Weaver is of course outstanding, but she is so good in this as a neurotic and bitchy psychiatrist. Holly Hunter is the police detective that seems too intelligent and petite to be a real cop but is definitely the only capable person in the movie. Gorgeous Dermot Mulroney is the other detective. And Harry Connick Jr is the disgusting serial killer behind bars who is consulted Hannibal Lector style during the investigation. Harry Connick might be a truly gifted actor because he is virtually unrecognizable as the gross sex murderer in this movie. Such a good movie.
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on September 30, 2002
I've debated over writing a review of this movie simply becase words cannot express how fascinating and brilliant it is. The plot is seemingly simple: Sigourney Weaver portrays Dr. Helen Hudson, a retired but brilliant criminal psychiatrist, who is a step ahead of the police in solving a recent rash of murders by a serial killer. Two detectives, played by Dermot Mulroney and the deceptively simple Holly Hunter, lure Hudson back into the fold to aid the police in stopping this killer. If only it was that simple. That it's not is what makes this movie great. Hudson's brilliance is eclipsed by her pill-popping nature and her alcoholism. She's also agoraphobic, in that she hasn't left her house in 13 months, when she was attacked by the last serial killer she was responsible for incarcerating. Now aided by Hudson, the cops search for a killer who is copycatting murders made famous decades earlier by Son of Sam, the Hillside Stranglers, and the Boston Strangler. William McNamara is chilling as the psychopath in that he embodies the basic profile of all serial killers. He's young, handsome, charming, affable and evil to the core. Just when you think it's all resolved, the final scene is the most shocking of all.
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on March 27, 2014
I don't know what happened or what's happening but the product I recieved had obviously been opened and then shrink wrapped again. You can tell by the soft plastic used to shrink wrap it and no tamper stickers attached. A case usually comes with a more dense plastic and annoying stickers that need to be removed. Another sign was a scuff mark on the disk.

This is the third DVD I recieved in this manner. Either the seller is opening the case to check the disk for me (how nice) or they're selling previously viewed DVDs passed off as new. Amazon should look into this matter. Thankfully it still worked and wasn't damaged.

I bought this version due to the one included in the 4 Film Favorites being the Full-screen version. It shows that whoever did the transfer, did not check which version was being used for that compilation since the DVD had two sides; Widescreen and Full-screen. It shows Warner doesn't take quality control seriously.
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VINE VOICEon February 10, 2016
Like so many serial killer films, this one starts out really brilliantly then devolves into a muddles predictable and unsatisfying finish. Its a lot of fun to watch Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter play with these roles. Both actors are facile and interesting to watch. Sadly, the rest of the cast is dull and ultimately forgettable. If you are a fan of Weaver or Hunter or both, watch it for the good performances. If not - and particularly if you are a fan of good mysteries and police procedurals, give this one a miss, because it is neither.
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on May 14, 2014
I love this movie. I can watch it over and over again and still find something new in it. The performances are top-notch. It's nice to see the two leads in this movie are actually strong professional women characters and there's no gratuitous sex a highly intelligent suspenseful move****
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on June 13, 2013
I love thrillers, and I somehow managed to miss COPYCAT until now. I can't join the reviewers who carry on about it as if it were the greatest thriller ever (it isn't), but I enjoyed it. Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter are an interesting combination, and it's always nice to see not 1 but 2 strong females in one story, especially this kind of story. But the plot is rather routine, and the characters (nervous woman psychologist, tough woman cop, sensitive male cop, mother-fixated loony, wisecracking gay assistant, disgusting incarcerated serial killer who offers to help find the new killer) all seem to have come from Central Casting. They're all "types" rather than 3-dimensional human beings. Other than their actions in this story, we never learn a single thing about any of them. Do they have families? Friends? Other interests beside their jobs? Political or religious beliefs? Plans for the future? We never learn any of this, only what they're doing right now, in this moment. Where they came from and what will happen to them after the final credits roll is a mystery.

Still, it's very entertaining. The most interesting aspect is the direction of Jon Amiel--he piles on the style, making everything look dark and dank, even the "normal" places (Sigourney Weaver's well-appointed waterfront home looks positively sinister). There's never enough lighting in any scene, and that's obviously deliberate--it makes you feel nervous even when nothing horrible is happening. Amiel took a standard "serial-on-the-loose" tale and made it look and sound a lot better than it probably is, and the cast is excellent (a particular shout-out to Harry Connick, Jr., who's downright creepy). Lots of stylish touches, lots of thrilling sequences, and a satisfying conclusion add up to a good. solid--but not very profound--popcorn movie.
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