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on March 18, 2010
At the time of this writing I have only owned this guitar for 6 days. It is still brand new, it still needs to be 'broken in', heck even the strings have not matured yet and let me tell you, this guitar is just plain wonderful. It is very hard to put down.

It does look beautiful, it is very well made and yes even the gig bag is of great quality and offers a lot of protection...all good qualities but that is not why I bought this guitar.

I asked my wife to join me to the local GC, quite early, before everyone else arrived really. She has a very good ear and I wanted her opinion on a classical guitar, it was not my intention to buy a guitar that day, at all.

I started with some higher priced guitars, $700 - $1000 range. Fine guitars on their own, no complaints. I wanted to pay a more expensive guitar because I needed to know what a really good clssical guitar sounds and feels like.

My wife simply grabbed guitars of the wall and handed them to me, I merely took them and played the same things on all guitars to have a good comparison.

When she handed me this one I plucked one string and something clicked. I played for less than 20 seconds and both my wife and myself were stunned at the sound quality and projection. This was even with old, worn strings on it. I looked down on it and saw the beautiful wood sides and thought oh no, I have found my guitar and it's going to be 2 grand, something I just can not afford.

I flipped the tag and it was less than $300, I was blown away, could not believe it.

There was one more C5 on the wall, tried it out and it was the same wonderful sound. Looked both of them over carefully, played them both again and picked one, they were really identical in every way except a small defect in the clearcoated headstock. I left that one on the wall but held on to the other for dear life, nobody was taking this baby away from me.

I have played several guitars in the past and still own several. Never have I been this excited about a guitar. Not even with my first Gibson or Fender.

I don't think this guitar can be beat. I would have payed double for this guitar.

On top of everything it truly is a beautiful guitar, the woods are simply gorgeous, I especially love the rosewood binding. The tuning gears are gold plated and have ivory knobs and I like it!

Don't take my word for it people, do what I did. Go play a bunch of expensive guitars, then give this one a shot.

Btw, I put a set of new strings on it and I could not be happier with this sound.
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on March 1, 2015
I bought this as a Christmas present for my son. He asked for this model specifically because of all the great reviews. After two months, while it was hanging on a string swing on his wall, the bridge separated from the guitar. The guitar was tuned standard EAGDBE the entire time he owned it (no undue stress on the bridge). It never left his computer room (kept always around 70 degrees 50% humidity). At this point, it is past the return period. Please mark this review as "helpful." I saw two other reviews from reviewers with similar problems, and their reviews said "0 out of 6 helpful" and "0 out of 5 helpful." It certainly seems as though this problem has happened more than once. People should be aware of it. This situation is more than a little disappointing.
review image
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on February 3, 2012
Cordoba C5 Classical Guitar Review

After weeks of searching, researching and trying out a bunch of acoustic brands, I have finally found what I was looking for. The Cordoba C5 is a full sized acoustic guitar with a warm, rich and deep tone. My Cordoba has no 'buzzing' at all. When I had to make a decision in choosing an acoustic, it not only had to look nice and produce this warm deep sound but my acoustic should have a truss rod as well.

About truss rods
Although it is not traditional to have truss rods in the classical world, thank God this Cordoba C5 comes with one. With the option of having a truss rod you are now able to have the adjustability to setup the guitar to taste or to make an adjustment as the guitar reacts to the environment ones it gets out the shop.

The thing with truss rods is that they can overweigh the neck. This truss rod in the C5 is no more heavier than the wood that is used to put it in. The truss rod is custom designed for the C5 and you can hardly feel it in the neck. To me this is more of a benefit that the C5 has a truss rod rather than something I should be concerned about and it is nice to have that protection. It is wood after all.

The neck
The C5 has a wide neck for classical playing with a low action. It comes with Savarez nylon strings but I've changed these with d' Addario J45 strings. It now has a great playability and it sounds much better. Other then the action, there are no flaws with the guitar, the intonation and finish are just awesome. The Cordoba C5 has a deep, dark and a highly resonant sound than the rest of the classicals I have tried (even at $5000 range) at Guitarcenter. The sound of it is just excellent. Just love the deep bass sound.

This Cordoba C5 works perfectly and stays in tune. Do not change the strings a day before a gig otherwise you will have to tune and re-tune the whole night. I would highly recommend this guitar for mainly classical style.

One more thing ... don't just purchase a classical guitar on the internet, just because of the looks and without really trying the guitar first. You should at least go to a guitar store and play a bunch of them in order for you to know that it has the appropriate action for you. Only then you will know that you are making a good choice and then purchase on the internet. Wanna see more video's with the Cordoba C5? Search for "Romero Rai" on Youtube for my channel.
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on May 22, 2009
I am extremely happy with my Cordoba C5 guitar. Beautiful sound (cedar top), great playability (low action). Esthetically, it's really beautiful (great combination of woods--cedar top and mahogany back and sides). One more thing: it came with a gig bag. I thought I would probably have to buy a better one but, when I received it, I was happily surprised by the quality of the gig bag: thick padding, 2 shoulder straps to carry it on your back, 2 handles to carry it horizontally, and 1 handle to hold it vertically. The Cordoba gig bag is of much better quality than the one shown on the amazon website. Since I received my Cordoba C5, I have been playing it every day with great pleasure. I simply love my guitar.
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on May 28, 2010
I conducted my guitar search blind to price (double-blind really, the guitars didn't know how much they cost either). This guitar was the most playable (low action, standard neck dimensions), had no buzz on any string/fret combination, and has an unimaginable tone that projects like no other guitar that I've played. I'm not sure what to call the opposite of buyers remorse, but months later, I still can't put this guitar down and I revel daily in the memory of its bargain price.

Cordoba has a customer for life.
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on February 2, 2012
The one I got was in serious need of a fret dress - means the frets were at different heights. The all need to be the same height, because if they're not the strings will buzz when the action is set low. 'Action' is the distance between the strings and the fretboard - if the strings are way above the fretboard, we say the action is high. If they're close to the fretboard, the action is low - a guitar with low action is much easier to play.

Not just an isolated problem, either - the guitar tech who's fixing it told me Cordoba sends them out with high action to disguise the fact that their frets aren't even.

So beware.

Now, mind you, the setup and fret dress should only cost $125 or something like that, at which point you've paid a total of $425 for what is a really nice student classical guitar. It's still a pretty good deal!
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on June 29, 2011
I bought this for my son who had been wanting a classical guitar, and this became his first. The sound is absolutely beautiful as well as the look of the guitar. I wanted this to be a surprise, and had no expertise in what a good classical guitar was, so I based my purchase decision off of the reviews found here at amazon. My son and I are both extremely pleased with this guitar. The price is also incredible, at less than half the cost of what we found in local guitar shops, and with much greater quality to the product overall.
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on May 5, 2014
I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now but I recently bought a C5. I bought it to help with my technique, particularly my right hand skills. For the money I believe that this is the best quality guitar available. I compared it to the Yamaha and other moderately priced classicals. I found the sound and the beauty of it superior. I highly recommend this, particularly for a beginner. This guitar will take you a lot farther than a $150 beginner. Now for my caution. This is a quality guitar built in China, but there are two things I wont buy online, shoes and guitars. The variability in the build of this guitar is in the neck. I bought mine at a local GC. I played 3 different C5s and the neck was different on each one. One felt like it was concave and the action was extremely high, and the second just felt different from the third. One issue with Cordobas is the frets (read other reviews). While they are even and of good quality they do not file down the ends. When you run your fingers down the side of the fret board you feel the roughness of the ends of the frets. It's understandable, you don't use the edge of the frets when you play. Nevertheless, I am having them dressed on mine. In short, I highly recommend checking out and playing the C5. It is a great instrument for the money. If you are looking for a solid starter guitar pay up a little for the quality of a C5.
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on January 12, 2011
The way in which this incredible guitar finally got to me was a little complicated. At first, amazon (via some random music distributor in gardena ca) shipped me what was a used cordoba c5. The strings, once tuned, didnt lose tuning at all..meaning they were previously used. The fretboard had junk built up next to the frets (from being played) and the neck itself was bent way out, making the action way too high. To top it all off, there was a noticeable scrape on the soundboard leaving exposed cedar to the air. The finishing was chipping off from that point which would mean that the issue would only get worse. To sum it up, I was very bummed out and decided that I would send it back and exchange it for another (which is why I bought it through amazon, I know exchanging stuff is really easy). I printed out the appropriate things and took the guitar and the box it came in to a ups store and they shipped it off free of charge (excluding the dollar for tape). Apparently, when I made the exchange request on the amazon site, they immediately shipped out the second guitar and refunded my money (which I found out through a phone call with the company) and I would then be charged for the guitar if I decided to keep the one that was sent to me (upon a phone call to confirm this to amazon). Four days after I shipped out the old used rubbish (I live in hawaii btw, shipping usually takes a while) a brand new beautiful work of art showed up in my po box. This one was wrapped in plastic-y foam wrap and also were the strings themselves. I can easily say that the second guitar I received is a brand new never used guitar and was set up perfectly ready for me to play. This is why I am still giving this 5-star guitar (in its price range of course) 5 stars, amazon was great with dealing with the situation appropriately and getting me what I needed much faster than expected. The next day, after shipping the guitar out, I noticed on the amazon site (the page for this guitar) it said that the "seller was under review", which to me was a sign that amazon is truly on their game, and I have noticed that they have changed their distributor for the guitar. Another reason why I am giving 5 stars for the guitar and for amazon.

I am so happy with this guitar and I believe that for $300 it would be impossible to find a better sounding and better playing guitar. Not to mention the workmanship is on par with guitars costing twice what they ask for this. Compared to my friends alvarez costing him $1000, there isnt much of a difference. There is a slight one, his sounding a little more full bodied, but from the cost standpoint not much of a difference (to me at least). If you are on the fence about buying this guitar, just go for it. I can pretty much guarantee that you will be satisfied with this guitar. And if what you receieve is not a brand new and perfect=playing guitar, send it back for an exchange. Thats the beauty of using the system to your advantage, as long as you go through amazon atleast. Your essentially guaranteed a stellar product. You will eventually get what you paid for, which is a great sounding handmade classical that provides incredible tone and playability. A great guitar.
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on April 22, 2012
Beautiful guitar, beautiful sound. A gig bag that should have shipped with the guitar was cheerfully sent out without charge by Cordoba Guitars--AMAZON was not quick to supply the missing bag, though, and they wanted me to ship this instrument back to them and reorder it. Amazon customer service on this one was not good, but Cordoba Guitars was EXCELLENT.

Guitar teacher is happy with my choice, and the guitar is beautiful.
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