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on July 3, 2013
So, I don't write reviews on Amazon a lot (or in general) but I noticed that this product doesn't have that many, and the ones it does have are a little dubious at best. It's also simple to understand, so why not. Keep in mind that there are cheaper alternatives to this made of plastic, so I am reviewing this product as the higher-quality more expensive option.

Construction: The Chillsner definitely looks nice. It has a nice, quality, metal finish that frosts in the freezer before you put it in your beer. Very appealing. There were a few dings and nicks on my Chillsners out of the box, but ultimately that isn't too big of a deal in my opinion. The "CHILLSNER" band on the neck of the device isn't as dark as they make it seem in the pictures. Also, you have noticed from the pictures but the exterior of the device is wavy in appearance. My guess is this is to create more surface area between the device and the beer, which would cool the beer down faster.

Function: If you're using this device to keep your already-cold beer cold, then I'm sure it will work well to that purpose. However, if you're like me and you expected it to cool down a room temperature beer (maybe after forgetting to put beer in the fridge for later), you might be disappointed. It won't cool down your beer enough for the outside of the bottle to frost. When I tested it with at 16 oz rootbeer, after 3.5 minutes the liquid was noticeably cooler but not exactly cold. This was after chilling the device for a few hours, which is longer than the 45 minutes that they recommend on the coasters they give you. I'd imagine this would be nice chill temperature for a high quality beer that you don't want to be ice cold, but it's worth noting. Drinking from the Chillsner is obviously different than drinking from a naked beer bottle. The rim is much thicker, and if you're not used to it, it can be easy to spill your beer. Also important to note, you do have to sip some of your beer before using this product to make room for the displaced liquid.

Packaging: This is where the Chillsner loses the most points, in my opinion. After spending a decent amount of money for two of these, you would expect that the packaging of the device would reflect the quality of it. Instead, the cylinder that they ship these in looks shiny and cheap (cheaper than a Pringles can). Inside, you get two Chillsner branded coasters with instructions on how to use and clean the product, and you would think that they would make these out of a nice thick material with the hopes that others will see it, being cheap advertising for their product. However, instead they give you flimsy coasters that are almost begging to be thrown in the garbage. Secondly, they give you a kind of plastic rack to hold the Chillsners when they're in the freezer. Including that was a good idea, but in practice the construction of it looks incredibly cheap. The top and bottom of the rack are of decent quality and curved at the outer edges like so: (___). But they used an extremely cheap looking clear plastic that is more commonly used as a "window" on boxes for dolls and other toys as the mid section, and, ironically, it doesn't conform to the shape of the top and bottom very well, instead forming a rectangle [___]. So you might be asking me in your head, "why do you care so much about the packaging, etc". Well, I think it's very important because the packaging should leave you feeling like you have in your hands a very high quality product (which would encourage you to recommend it to your friends), but instead it looks very poorly thought out and corner-cutting. Not what you would expect after paying more for a higher quality item, and not what you would hope for when you're looking for something to buy someone as a gift. The Chillsner was sold out around father's day, so one can assume that it would be a popular gift item, and as such the packaging should be gift quality.

Speaking of advertising though, why did they pick a bunch of angsty looking hipsters to model their product? I bet that would be off-putting to the majority of beer drinkers who would buy this product. That's just my personal opinion.

Anyway, my overall impression is that this product is nice overall but that it has a few kinks to work out. Thanks for reading.
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on November 30, 2013
My husband loves these... but you should note he uses two for a warm beer or one for a cold beer to keep it cold while sitting on the deck.
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on August 6, 2013
I had high hopes for this product, but it doesn't keep my beer cold for very long. Maybe if the price were less I wouldn't be so disappointed. I expected a $30 product to work better.
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on January 10, 2014
I'd return this product if it hadn't been a gift.

The biggest problem with this product is that it only fits in long-necked bottles. The product's packaging clearly stated that it fits in all bottles. Sorry, that Sierra Nevada bottle was to shallow for it. So if you only drink from might like it. If not, find an alternative or drink your damn beer before it gets warm.
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on December 29, 2013
Was excited to get these and received them as a gift. My husband bought them for me because they said they fit "ANY" bottle. I drink Newcastle almost exclusively and this does NOT fit the bottle, length is fine, but the girth is too big. Very disappointed!!
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on January 18, 2014
I saw this on the Today Show and thought what a great gift for a man who is always forgetting to put his beers in the fridge! So I gave it to him for xmas and he has had 3 boxes of beers so far and it doesn't work. It has either been too thick to get down the hole or too long and sticks out of the bottle. I guess it was obvious that it wouldn't fit in a shorter beer bottle, but the other two (one was Warsteiner, I forget the other) look just like regular beer bottles like in the picture. I gave it a two star because maybe if we find a beer bottle it would fit in, it would work well. It should at the very least list the beer bottles it works with on the side and in the description - or clarify that it only works with some beer bottles.
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on June 16, 2014
Let me start by saying my single star review is not based on the functionality of the item. I cannot speak for whether or not i like this item because it does not fit into the beer it was intended for. This was a gift for my husband, an avid drinker of Stella Artois. Prior to ordering i asked if it would fit in said beer and was told yes, but alas the bottle neck is too skinny. My husband was so excited about this and is very disappointed. Buyer, please double check that this fits in your beer of choice before you purchase.
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on February 10, 2015
This is probably one of the worst gimmick type products I've had. Got it as a gift. Idea seems good on paper, but in application there are some major issues that make this chiller and awful product in application. First, it only fits your standard 12 ounce bud light/coors type of bottle. Newcastle? Doesn't work. Stubby bottle? Nope. Not a super-huge deal breaker, but buyer beware. Second, you either have to take a large gulp initially or pour some out, because when you put the chiller in it displaces at least an ounce or two of beer if it was full to begin with. This is rather inconvenient and turns a simple thing into more of an 'operation'. Third, and worst of all, the beer doesn't pour smoothly out of the bottle with it in. So basically it's a mystery when the beer is coming out the spout when you try to drink it. All in all, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this product to anyone. It seems like some quirky kickstarter idea that just doesn't work in the real world, but they marketed the heck out of it. Like I said earlier, this product seems good on paper, and that is where it should have stayed. Just get a koozey. Most of the heat transferred to the beer is from the hand anyways.
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on January 25, 2014
I was really looking forward to the Chillsner. They looked awesome out of the box and I was excited to try it. Upon allowing it to freeze as directed I used the Chillsner. While it was comfortable to drink from and continued to feel cold, it did not cool the warm beer.
For my second try I used a cold beer from the fridge that had been in there for a few days. Once again I used a Chillsner directly from the freezer as directed. I found no difference in the duration that the beer was cold.
Overall, the Chillsner is a gimmick and not worth the price for novelty. If you want a cold beer put it in the fridge and allow it to get cold - the Chillsner will not help.
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on June 18, 2015
Doesn't quite keep the beer cold as it is when if comes out of the frig, and as I would like it, but does a fair job. I wish it would keep the beer colder for a little longer, but maybe I like sipping my beer more than guzzling it down. That's why I would like it to keep colder longer. What ever the coolant is in it, the coolant needs to hold it's temperature longer. It's a conversation piece. I wouldn't go out buy a bunch, but for you and a friend, it's good. It's well built.
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