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on December 28, 2011
I got a Calin doll for my niece for Christmas (she's age 18 mo.). I got this doll, the Classiques, for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. We also have 3 other Wal-Mart baby dolls that were gifts. Here's my comparison of the dolls.

The average (Wal-Mart) doll:

Is not so bad. However, cheaper dolls often have cloth bodies with a plastic face and painted-on eyes and they do something weird - like giggle maniacally or glow and play music or pee. I'm really not into dolls with batteries. The batteries eventually die, the cloth bodies can't be dressed, and kids quickly get tired of the 'features' the dolls have. A simple baby doll is best for play in the long haul.

The dolls that don't have bodies with their clothes sewn on often have all-plastic bodies. This make them hard to snuggle and awkward for kids to move them around. Their limbs don't 'give' at all without twisting them at different angles from the plastic torso. That means small kids have a hard time getting them into strollers, chairs, baby beds, etc. Mom/Dad/Caregiver often has to continually re-pose a plastic bodied doll to let the kid play with them. The average doll also rarely has nice, soft plastic, but hard stuff, instead, and they rarely have the open-shut eyes.

Pros for Corolle dolls:

* WEIGHT and SIZE: The Calin doll (not this one, the smaller one) is a little on the small side, but it's perfect for kids ages 1-3. My niece loved it, and actually the other niece stole the Calin and carried her around all Christmas morning. That doll was never left alone for very long. They are a great carrying size.

This one (the Classique) is a bit more what I'd consider classic baby-doll size. My 2.5 year old is a little tall, so this fits her well. She likes to carry it, but now wants a 'bee-yorn' (bjorn) to carry it in like her younger sister gets carried by mom.

On both, the bean-weighted bottom lets them sit nicely, and they have a nice heft to them. The cloth body allows for ease of moving the plastic limbs from sitting to lying down to cuddling, etc. My kid can play with this in a way the plastic-limbed or stiffer all-cloth-bodied babies wouldn't let her do.

* SMELL: They smell nice. They really do. My hubby often complains about smells on toys, but these he doesn't mind and the daughter loves the smell.

* QUALITY MATERIALS: The plastic is soft, yet durable. The cloth body is solid fabric also. Overall, very nicely made.

* STYLE/LOOK: Honestly, I find most baby-dolls a little creepy - even these are not immune to that. But they look baby-like enough that the girls in my life want to baby them (whereas, my old Cabbage Patch Dolls my daughter never wanted to baby them since they have more hair than she does), and yet they aren't SO life-like as to be uber-creepy or inappropriate (like with privates and all).

*PLAYTIME with DOLLY: Is good. My daughter has warmed to the doll the longer she's had it. She has cuddled it, told to she loves it - then gone and left it on the floor for days at a time. It wasn't her instant favorite, but when she feels like playing parent and going to the farmer's market with a baby in her plastic shopping cart, this is the doll she reaches for.


* PRICE: THIS would be my main 'meh' complaint about these dolls. They are not cheap. I got the Calin in an Amazon sale for $23 and the Classiques for $38. That seems a decent price for each. The default $40 and $60 retail is pretty steep, I think. Yes, they are nice dolls, but only if your kiddos are going to play with them a lot. For a 'oh, I ought to get the kids a good quality baby doll and maybe they'll use it' - look for a sale.

* CLOTHES: The quality of the clothes is okay, but they are hard to get on and off. Consequently, the kids stripped them off right away and the babies never wore anything ever again. My niece lost the Calin doll's hat within a matter of hours. My daughter immediately took off all the dolls clothes and carried her around naked. I gave some some newborn diapers that were left behind from her little sister's younger days, and those are what the baby wears. This means the baby's cloth body is always being seen. My daughter was a little annoyed by this, and wanted me to take off the "word shirt" (the body that has "Corolle" written all over it). Later, she wanted the clothes back ON, and, of course, she couldn't do it herself and needed help. Be prepared for mom/dad/caregiver to be putting the clothes on and off of this baby.


* CARING-NESS (a word?): Some of the reviews of this doll make it sound like it will instantly transform kids into little mothers and fathers. Umm.... Not so much. My little girl is half girly, half tomboy. She's just as likely to run over this doll in her balance bike as she is to cuddle it. But I guess that's a good place to start to learn to be gentle to babies.

* THE BINKY: Many reviews claim the binky is a choking hazard. Honestly, it looks too big to be a choking hazard, but then again, I won't swear to that and risk being sued. I keep an eye on it around baby sister, but it truly looks to big to choke on. And though my 2.5 year old tried to suck on it once or twice, I really don't think she's about to swallow it. Just my 2 cents on that issue.

OVERALL: This is a very nice baby doll, as is the smaller Calin. My daughter really likes to play with her 'baby' when she's into doing 'I'm the mom' play. However, the clothes make it hard to dress and it's not cheap. And then again, she's just as likely to pull out a set of trains as this doll for playtime.

I would say this is a solid toy investment if you're looking for 1 good baby doll for you child. But see if you can get a sale item. Doesn't matter what the clothes are, since they'll go missing right away. For full price, however, only get it if your kid is REALLY into baby dolls.


Almost 2 months after Christmas, the dolly is starting to really grown on my 2.5 year old. She's named it, moved it into her bed each night, and it's become a part of her 'family' - the dolls she most loves. A few notes:

* TAKES TIME: It took time for my daughter to warm to the dolly. Thus, I stand by my earlier rating of 4 stars. It's a great doll, but the full cost is a little prohibitive for just testing the waters with dollies.

* TAKES A LITTLE MODELLING: I've done a lot of 'teaching' in play with the baby - how to diaper the baby, how to burp, etc. Otherwise, poor Mary (as she's been named), just got sat on or tossed in a corner.

* NEED ANOTHER! Little sis (5 mo.) loves this doll and longs to chew on her soft, vinyl hands and feet. I'm sure they feel great on sore gums, but it does make this a 'keep it away from sis' toy. When little sis is older and out of the teething phase, I will definitely be getting her a Corole dolly of her own.
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on June 16, 2013
My two year old son's daycare teacher told me that he was always playing with the dolls at school so I decided to get him a cheap doll at a local discount toy- he loved it but within a month or two, it became nearly headless.. somehow the fabric around the neck ripped. So I came to Amazon and ordered this doll which he loves. It goes everywhere with him and has held up perfectly. He calls it his "Vanilla baby" because of the vanilla scent.

Great quality and like that it has a blue outfit. Our neighbor's son who is five years old and never asked for a doll, always wants to hold this one when he comes over to play so I am ordering one for him.

Do you want your son to grow up to be a nurturing man? Let him play with a doll if he wants to! My five year old son has never been interested in dolls but if they are, they should be encouraged to nurture a baby doll. I have gotten a lot of negative comments when out with my two year old boy and this doll, it breaks my heart.
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on October 16, 2012
Bought this doll for my 3-year-old daughter for Christmas- so she has not seen it, but my husband, MIL, mom, and myself have seen and held it.
This is a beautiful baby doll. The features are just wonderful. She smells wonderful, her "skin" is so soft, the weight of her is just perfect. Her skin is a beautiful color, not dark like the picture makes it look. Her pacifier and thumb fit perfectly in her mouth, so no frustrations with it falling out. Her eyes are a beautiful color with gorgeous eyelashes and open and close with no sticking whatsoever.
I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of dolls before deciding on this one (which I could not see in a store- unlike the American Girl bitty baby and smaller Corolle dolls I did see in store). This is by far the most beautiful and the best feeling (weight, feel of the skin, etc.) doll I have seen. It also has the best features (open mouth, pacifier that stays in, smooth open and closing eyes, etc).

I would recommend this doll to anyone!
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on June 25, 2013
My daughter really wanted a "baby with a paci" for her 2nd birthday. I purchased a few through amazon to compare and this was by far the nicest. It's a really sweet looking doll with a nice weight to it. We love that the doll can sit on her own. The paci is fairly easy to insert but stays in well. We did attach a longer string to put the paci around the dolls neck so it won't get lost. I've washed the clothes twice and they washed well and still look like new.
The clincher. This doll has gone everywhere (everywhere!) with us since my daughter received her. She is basically a member of our family now! Very well loved.

Updated August 2013:
My daughter is still in love with this doll. We haven't been anywhere without "Bonnie" in months. Unfortunately, the doll has not held up to the constant love as well as I might have hoped. The clothes are quite worn - no big deal since those are easily replaced. More concerning, one of her eyes is droopy and looks like it might fall out. While the doll is well loved, my daughter is generally quite gentle with her so I'm surprised this happened and it leads to concerns about the quality. I'm now researching doll hospitals in anticipation of a one-eyed doll surgery in the imminent future.

Also FYI - I ordered a replacement from amazon hoping to maybe get away with a switcheroo after bedtime... no dice. The replacement doll amazon sent has a different skin tone and texture. The newer doll had the same cute features but much lighter skin and a slightly different (less cute in my opinion) outfit.

Updated October 2013:
The defective eye has gotten progressively worse over the past few months. I researched doll hospitals - $100+ to fix it, usually with a long wait (several weeks). I contacted Corolle directly, they are willing to replace the doll but do not have one that looks exactly the same, and require me to send mine in before I'll get a replacement.
My daughter is so attached there's no way we're going weeks without the doll for repair or replacement. So, it looks like we'll be taking a 1-eyed doll with us everywhere we go for the foreseeable future....
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on June 17, 2013
We have been looking for the perfectly precious- and TRULY cute- baby doll for our just turned 3 year old daughter. After searching high and low at every toy store near us- we have only found obnoxious babies that need batteries or dolls that just are not sweet and cute. Also, most dolls are all vinyl or cannot sit up with a weighted bum. We wanted a doll that would grow with our daughter, and so sitting was a must. This doll is beautiful- like all Corolles.

In the end, we were stuck between the American Girl Bitty Baby or Corolle Suce Pouce- the determining factor for us was the weighted bum. Both dolls are cute- although Corolle is much more beautiful than Bitty Baby. Positive notes on the Corolle doll are: sitting up with a weighted bum, her thumb or paci can fit into her mouth (our paci is a little loose, but when we hold her with the paci in her mouth, it works just fine), she is lovely looking, has the sweet smell of Corolle babies (ours was NOT too strong, of course I'm not going to sleep with my face pressed into her), her eyes open and close, she is just the right size for my 3 year old to grow with.

I would recommend this doll to anyone who wants a beautiful baby that is well made.
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on September 20, 2011
Great baby doll! I considered getting the Bitty Baby, but I read somewhere that these were softer bodied, which I liked. I also looked into clothing, this doll is a little more expensive but the clothing is cheaper. I also read that it can wear standard preemie clothing. I didn't like the head/hair of the Bitty Baby, especially the brunette like I wanted. This one had brown eyes, which was hard to find also... but she is worth it! What a precious! The smell of the doll is absolutely intoxicating! It is vanilla, like the dolls I had as a child. Wonderful! Corolle will be getting more money from me! PS... The outfits are pretty cute, I got three of them with the doll... BUT.. beware to buy too many until you know your little one will use them.. My girl likes to keep the doll unclothed all the time! Drives me bonkers. Also, they are a little overpriced, they look thicker, better quality in PICS I think.... If you can find reasonable preemie clothing I would certainly go that money saving route! :) Hope that helps!!
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on July 9, 2011
I just received this doll for my child, and I am very pleased with my purchase. When I ordered the doll, I was not sure that it would be a big enough doll for my three-year-old to hold and cuddle, but it turns out that this is the perfect size doll. I can't imagine how unwieldy a bigger doll would be for a three-year-old.

The doll has a soft body and its head, arms, and legs are molded plastic. It's very huggable and durable at the same time. The eyes open and close, which my child finds to be very entertaining, and you can make the doll suck its thumb, a bottle (not included), or a pacifier (included). It can also be placed in a seated position and is scented. I am told that it is a vanilla scent, but there is an underlying spice to it that I can't identify. However, it's not an overwhelming or offensive smell and won't overtake your house.

The only issue I find with the doll is the small doll-sized pacifier included in the box. The Corolle website says that the doll is intended for children two years and up. The pacifier is small enough that it could be considered a choking hazard for a two-year-old child. That being said, the pacifier (on a ribbon) is not attached to the doll, so you could remove it from the box and hold it until your child is old enough.

When all is said and done, I think this is a great doll and well worth the purchase price. I love finding good toys that don't make noise or light up, because I think it helps my child develop an imagination. And there's nothing more classic than a really good baby doll.
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on January 11, 2016
My daughter loves this boy doll. It is so hard to find boy dolls in stores so I was glad to find this one online. He smells good and is the perfect size for my 4 year old. She's practicing at being a big sister to a new baby brother due in February.
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on December 19, 2013
Can't say much since we just got it, other than the eyes don't shut all the way when laying it flat. In fact, one eye stays open noticeably more than the other one. Our daughter's American Girl Bitty Baby's eyes close 100% completely and we expected the same here. We think this is more important than the somewhat higher level of detail of this doll v. the AG BB.
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on February 20, 2013
I love the feel, size, and smell of this doll. It's the perfect size for my 2 year old and I was so happy to see her treat it gently like a real baby. My daughter loves to play with it - feeding him, putting his paci in his mouth, and putting him to sleep. She got a kick out of the fact that his eyes close! Seems mostly really well made. The only reason I'm docking a star is that mine sadly has a wonky eye that doesn't open as much unless he's fully upright. My daughter doesn't seem to care though.
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