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on September 30, 2012
I was impressed by the first half of this series. The end of the first part was really powerful. The 2nd part starts off with Machina and Ouri trying to strengthen the tie of their contract. Machina has to resolve her feelings for the fallen Keisei, and Ouri has to hone his skills and prove his devotion to Machina. The Seven Stars play a huge part in the 2nd part of this series. They unleash their evil plan to change the world and Ouri and Machina have to stop them, but they are not alone. The chaos and passion hits the bursting point in the climax of this dark tale of loyalty and violence. It's a good finish to a great horror anime. If you like this series check out Shiki. I think it's better.
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on August 30, 2013
...the first half was good with a huge ending and this one didn't quite live up to it. I did like it a lot but I was expecting more of an ending then what we were given. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it and decide for yourself. Good purchase none the less!
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on December 23, 2012
on high def tvs there's a the two black bar problem needless to say its very good purchase and if buying used or like new you will encounter wear with the case i did but i love the anime too much to care good addition to collection.
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The second season shows us the aftermath of a tragic event that now forces a new contract to be made between a Shikabane Hime and a contractor due to these sad events. The season gives us more showing of the relationships between the Shikabane Hime's and their Monk partners and the feelings between the two as well as the different feelings and opinions in the Kogan monk sect about using the Shinkabane Hime's. Also we will learn a dark past of one the characters that was unknown to them and may cause more of an unfortunate calamity to occur as well as betrayer of a member of the Kogan sect but not out of personal gain but of a past tragedy. Again the ending will be a mix to most people you'll either except it or be annoyed by it which I was a little as it's a ending I see with other animes and really don't care for, but all in all the series is still entertaining enough to see past this. The series again is very bloody so it's not meant for young children viewing it, the series animation and voice cast for the subbed and dubbed are again done well especially as the voice cast did their character roles very well. So is it worth getting?, if you like the hardcore action animes with femme fatale fighters with an attitude and a decent storyline than that is a big yes but if the thought or dislike of r-rated blood and gore turn you off than all I can suggest and watch a few episodes online and decide for yourself either way this series at least deserves a look...
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on June 7, 2011
Ah yes, the undead. It seems like every other show that's come out recently has been about this very subject. A formula that is becoming as stale as the dead characters that permeate it. Here now comes Corpse Princess, another take on the lost souls trend that tries to rise above the rest and bring something special to the mix. The story of a Shikabane hime, a girl named Makina that has been saved by a religious sect from becoming a demon that would otherwise terrorize the living. This sect ties this dead girl to a warrior monk, Keisei, through a contract that allows Makina and Keisei to fight the soulless shikabane, basically dead humans that can't pass on to the afterlife because of regrets that still tie them to this world.

We soon find out that Makina's regret that kept her from moving on to heaven is her unrelenting hatred and revenge for the shikabane that killed her family and her many years ago. These specific shikabane, called the Seven Stars, are the real enemy and have ulterior motives much grander than what they first seem to be. This is the basic premise of the show. A revenge story of a dead girl trying to avenge the death of the ones she loved dearly while she was alive.

However, Shikabane Hime tries to include some very emotional threads into the plot, putting Keisei's brother in the thick of it all. Ouri, a fifteen year old high school student (aren't they all!), has started to suspect the strange happenings around his brother's comings and goings on the grounds of the orphanage that Ouri resides in. Keisei comes and goes, often times with wounds and injuries that seem out of place for a monk to have. Ouri's curiosity soon leads him into the fight between shikabane and the humans. But most of all, it's the realization that his brother fights alongside a dead girl, Makina, that really brings him knee deep into the conflict. It also doesn't help that Ouri doesn't seem to have a revulsion to the fact that Makina is really dead. The relationship between human and the undead should be one of a taboo, yet here they are getting along just fine, although how the monks and the sect see these shikabane hime's as is really the internal struggle that Ouri, Keisei and others have. Should they be considered as equals or as defiled ones? Should humans have any feelings towards these undead?

As much as this show tries to answer those questions, the sad truth is that it fails to deliver these answers in a compelling package. It's unfortunate, because this show had the makings of a great series. The biggest problem is that midway through the series, it sort of loses focus and the main characters become lost in the shuffling twists and turns that, sometimes are handled clumsily. Some plot points that should be incredibly important are delivered in a nonchalant manner, almost as an afterthought. It's disappointing because there were some real great elements that would have made this into a stand out anime of this nature. Instead it falters in the end and it becomes a rather mundane show in the second half.

Although, where it does excel in is its visual flair. The show is a beautiful thing to watch. Strong, fluid animation coupled with fantastic art makes for some of the best fighting sequences I've seen in an anime in a while. I think the first episode alone is one of the best things I've seen animated in any show. It doesn't sustain that level of style through out, but Gainax makes sure the quality doesn't dip that much. In truth, visually, this is top notch. If you're looking for action and stunning visuals, you can't go wrong with this show.

Overall, I think that the show isn't a complete waste or terrible by any means. The first half is good stuff, and really sets the tone for the series. The bonds between the main characters are there and you do care for the Shikabane Hime and their contract monks. It just doesn't sustain those bonds that well after a key plot point occurs and it sort of loses it's emotional impact. I think watching the first half will give you enough to move on forward to the end, but I wouldn't say this is something that would end on a high note after the end credits. It could have been great, but alas, Shikabane Hime didn't quite make it to heaven.
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on January 13, 2015
The Anime itself is pretty awesome. I had already seen it before purchasing this. I bought it just to have it pretty much but I bought a new one and the box is all kinds of messed up....
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on April 13, 2016
Wasn't even in the original case and the out side paper that tells what it is was slashed like it was cut with a knife
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on November 22, 2010
What I am about to write applies to both part one and part two of the anime....
I will try not to ruin much of the story but give points to support my views...

Story 3/5
Good undead chicks fight bad undead, some deep soul touching parts here and there but overall its pertty adverage.

Time and Time again Creepy love/lust towards the dead/undead here and there really took away from the anime...unless your into that kinda thing

The story of Ouri Kagami is the only real reason to watch this anime if your looking for a story.

Animation 4/5
Animation reminds me of a mix between FLCL and NinjaScroll, Fairly orginal, metric tons of blood/gore and well drawn for the most part. Only down side is at times the illusion is shattered by drawnings/animation that seem out of place...almost as if they forgot to take a scene out while editing.

Pros- Orginal looking anime, lots of gore, has touching parts to it, didn't lose interest the entire anime
Cons- Story was hit or miss for the most part, not enough closure at the end of part two, freeky undead/love vibe, only the story of Ouri peeked my interest

Would I buy it again, Yes but only after the price was around $29.99 for both seasons.
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