Customer Reviews: Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB Connector Dolby 7.1 Gaming Headset (CA-9011112-WW)
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on November 18, 2011
I writing this review after only a little bit of time with these but this is my first impression. The headset this is replacing is the Plantronics Gamecom style. Compared to those, these feel like a dream. Much lighter than you might expect which indicates that they have used a lot of plastic in the contsruction. Anyway, they look large but they don't feel heavy at all in my opinion. The memory foam cups feel really nice even with my glasses on. The one complaint I have in terms of comfort is that I prefer cloth to pleather and Corsair does not include the cloth ear cups in this like they used to in the HS1A. Mic seems fine but I have yet to try it in game. Cord and volume controller seem well constructed.

The articulation on the ear cups is a little odd. They will swing forward to almost flat but do not articular backwards barely at all. They seem comfortable on my head so there are no complaints about it. Just something I noticed.

As for the sound, I can tell that most people complaining about this have probably had audio experiences in the past where they simply plug a headset in and it works and sounds fine. When you throw some 50mm speakers in there, things get a little complicated because you need some juice from your audio source to get the things moving. I am using a Creative X-Fi Go! USB soundcard and I was able to achieve pretty good results. At first, I will admit, they sounded hollow and lacking in bass. However, with about 10 minutes fiddling with the equalizer software, I was able to achieve just as good sound quality as my JVC monitor headphones which are a nice set of headphones for music and movies. The point is this - don't expect plug and play. You will have to mess around a bit with these and I would highly suggest not using these with onboard sound chips. I haven't tried it yet but I would suspect that doing that would create mediocre results. For my part I had to boost the 62, 125, 1K, and 2K Hz levels to get this to have some kick and not have the voices sound hollow. As I am listening to music as I write this, I am noticing a much more precise sound reproduction than I am used to. Less inherent muddy/echo effect in the sound reproduction. I am hearing things in recordings I am very familiar with that I have not noticed before. That is a plus in my book.

My biggest issue with virtually every gaming headset I have owned is that they tend to break in under a year and sometimes within 6 months despite being wellcared for. If Corsair's 1300 holds up with regular use, they will have exceded my expectations in many ways.

In the end, it is so hard to know how to take reviews of audio equipment because it is so subjective and because in the age of MP3s and compressed audio files many people don't even know what "good sound" is any more...

EDIT 11/6/12: After a year of use I can easily say this is the best headset I have ever owned. I have tried Logitech and Plantronics headsets but none hold a candle to this one. After a year the memory foam is holding up like new and they are as comfortable was they ever were. The pleather grew on me quite a bit. I noticed that this material is MUCH easier to clean than cloth cup pads and this has made me a pleather convert. In terms of durability, these are as good as the day I bought them. They hold up really well. Best money I have ever spent on a set of gaming headphones. Heart to Corsair. They are definitely one of the best computer part and component manufacturers in the business.

Update 5/14/2013: After a year and a half of use the hinge for the right earcup finally cracked. It is still hanging together barely and I can use them but soon it will give away completely. This may have been from repeated trauma somehow but I would say that this was typical use. I am not hard on my equipment. That said, this is approximately 3 times the lifespan of my previous headsets. I liked this one so much I will be replacing it with the same product.

Update 3/26/2014: So this may be moot at this point as Corsair has released newer models of this product but I thought I would post it anyway. I got new pair of these after my last update and they performed as expected. I found that if you pull the cups apart from above the rotating joint, then they don't crack at that point. The only complaint I have of this entire series at this point is the boom mic design. The joint on my new pair as started to loosen and their really is no fix for it. It still stays where I put it but it is a little wobbly which is annoying when I have it up and I am moving my head around a lot. I also have started using this with a real soundcard that has a headphone amp and I can tell a big difference. Using these with some amp power behind it is where it really starts to shine.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 27, 2011
Back on September 16, Corsair introduced their new Vengeance line of gaming headsets and peripherals. The Vengeance 1500 headset is the follow up to the Corsair HS1, one of the best gaming headsets available, at any price. The new Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB gaming headset is based on the Corsair HS1 USB headset and now looks as good as it sounds.

- Great sound quality
- Very comfortable
- New aggressive appearance
- Replaceable earpads
- Large, accurate 50mm drivers

- None

When I reviewed the HS1 a few months back, I wrote that it was supremely comfortable, but that they were just a tad heavy and loose on my head. I'm happy to say that the 1500's fit better than the HS1 and stayed put during my testing. The 1500's still use the uber-comfy memory-foam earpads and have very good padding on the headband. I wore the 1500's for two to three hours at a time and experienced very little discomfort.

Like the HS1, the Vengeance 1500's sound crisp and accurate--just the way I like `em. For those who prefer a more custom sound, the 1500's respond well to EQ settings in the Corsair software.

I listened to a lot of FLAC-encoded music files and LAME-encoded VBR MP3s with the 1500's, spread over multiple genres like rock, classical, dance, rap, and trance. They all sounded great with the EQ flat, but responded pretty well when I switched EQ profiles in the software. Pumping up the bass was fun on certain songs, but it sacrificed some accuracy to allow for artificial bass. When I left the EQ flat, I felt the bass was nice and tight.

I put on my favorite test movies, Saving Private Ryan, Star Trek, and Tron: Legacy, and really enjoyed the Dolby Headphone setting. Positional cues were accurate and dialogs were easy to hear. The 5.1 surround effects worked well and enhanced my listening enjoyment.

Playing games on the 1500's was a lot of fun. I could hear every detail while playing F.E.A.R. 2 and the location of the sounds were spot on. Gunfire and explosions were satisfying too.

The mic worked fine in my Skype tests. I could hear the person on the other end perfectly and was told that they could hear me clearly as well.

The new control panel and drivers also work with the HS1, so if you're an HS1 owner, you should go download it. The control panel is easy to use and not overwhelming or complicated at all. If you want to fine tune the 5.1 or 7.1 settings, you can customize the sound to your heart's content. The EQ supports profiles and includes a few presets that work well out of the box. Also, I had no issues with the 1500's on a Windows 7 64-bit system. There were some HS1 owners who had problems with the old HS1 software running on Windows 7 64-bit.

The obvious difference between the HS1 and the Vengeance 1500 is the all new styling. The 1500 bares very little resemblance to the HS1, other than being a circumaural, closed back headset. The HS1 didn't look bad by any means, but I think to some, it looked bland for a gaming headset. The 1500's are anything but bland and I personally love the new styling. I'm also a sucker for accent stitching, which Corsair uses on the headband in their signature blue. The headband now has a textured appearance as well.

The ear cups have also been changed from a silver/gray matte plastic to a combination of matte black, glossy black with a strip of blue. The brushed chrome appearance of the lower section of the headband also give the 1500's a sleeker, stylish appearance.

The folding mic has been moved from the outside of the headband, to the inside. The move is not only a cosmetic improvement, but it moves the mic even closer to the user's mouth. The mic also doesn't make a cheap clickety sound when rotated, like the HS1 did.

The cable and wired remote on the 1500 is identical to the HS1. The long, tangle-proof headphone cable still controls the volume and mutes the mic. The individual volume up and volume down buttons light up blue during normal use and change to red when you press the mic mute button.

Corsair took an already great headset in the HS1, and made it even better with the Vengeance 1500. It's comfortable as hell, sounds great, and looks awesome. I'm not sure you'd find a better headset in its price range, or any other price range for that matter. If you're looking for a new gaming headset, the Vengeance 1500 needs to be at the top of your list.

* Review unit provided by Corsair
review image
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on January 26, 2012
So I was looking for some 3d Surround Sound headphones and being a fan of corsair, I decided to ignore some reviewers and go with the majority opinion which seems to be fairly favorable.

When I first got them, they sounded all right, and an EQ in the driver console really brought out some great sound. Not heavy booming bass at all...nice clean sound. I was also very pleased with the sound of the microphone which is crystal clear and appropriate volume.

1 problem I had was that...being a former Razer Barracuda owner, when I read surround sound headphones, I took this to mean there are multiple speakers in the cans. Unfortunately this is a "simulated" surround sound..not a true surround sound...and I was a little disappointed because the surround experience I found to be very very lacking compared to the barracudas. (Dont buy the barracudas though, they have their own problems like bass unless you have razers soundcard or an x-fi)

Anyway they were fairly comfortable day 1, and I played for a couple hours and I was fairly happy with them.

Fast forward 1 week.....

These things hurt my left ear... no matter what I left ear just is very irritated by these headphones...the cushions are nice memory foam but they evidently remembered to be more collapsed than at first and now they dont push out far enough to keep my ear from rubbing against the speaker grating inside and its most unpleasant. (My ears do not stick out at all)

Its something I can passively use for 30 minutes maybe...but extended gaming sessions were a painful experience.

Also when I first got these headphones they felt a bit tight on my head at any size adjustment..but they have since worn in or ive gotten used to them... perhaps if you have a large head..avoid them...this may also be why it bothers my ear.

At first I was really tolerant about it but overtime one BIG dealbreaker for me is the control box....its uselessly close to the headphones themselves and it cannot sit on a can only dangle...this adds so much weight its obnoxious and pulls to one side of my head. When will headphone companies learn that we actually need to use these things and want them to be practical for extended gaming sessions?

Also Im not fond of the way the headphones pivot in their design. If I have to answer my phone, they tend to snap awkwardly as i try to pull them off and have the tendancy to fall backwards off my head.... the way the pivots pull causes this and its just sort of obnoxious. Why did they do this? Did they test this stuff at all in a practical setting? strange.

For the money they are very disappointing. I made the mistake of "liking" them on day 1 and throwing away the I cannot return them...and by day 7 Im here shopping for a new headset.

So to sum it up...

Sound Quality 8 - sound clear but bass is lacking even when EQ'd heavily. Explosions sound crisp and not like explosions in games and movies. Id like more versatility here.

Comfort 4 - At first they are fine but a little tight...a week later they arent tight, they just hurt.... maybe your experience could be different but the memory foam seems to lose its bounce overtime and makes them uncomfortable overtime. after 1 week they are ok for 30 minutes but not ok for raiding.

Ease of setup 6.5 - Downloaded drivers from corsair and plugged them into my USB port and they didnt work... I had to restart my computer..then they worked but the corsair consol didnt show up...i reinstalled and restarted again and then it finally worked. bleh....

3D surround sound 5 - These try to emulate the effect but its dead obvious that adding different forms of reverb doesnt mean "directional" sound to even a semi-coherent listener.

Microphone 8 - no complaints from vent buddies...sounds clear and clean, very nice mic.

Value 4 - What can I say? if they are uncomfortable what gamer will actually ever use them?!

Personal Grade C- (may not be the average sum or total of each part or whatever...this is just honest and direct perception)
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on October 4, 2011
Vengeance 1500

Corsairs foray into the gaming headset is a good one. The biggest complaint other than the general lack of sound quality you get out of most gaming headsets is "bass rattling". For instance, someone throws a grenade... a tank drives by and your headphones rumble and grind like a maxed out cheap stereo in a cheap car. Needless to say the 50mm drivers on the Corsair 1500 negate that common complaint. Highs are very nice and lows are decent. Nothing booming but crisp and balanced with the highs, voices come through clearly. Corsair includes a software set that is very slick and minimalistic that lets you tweak your EQ. There are plenty of sliders and options as well as panels to turn on and off Dolby/7.1. Under this pane you can also tweak each virtual speaker and create a custom 7.1 soundscape. Remember the best kinds of headphones are the most flat in terms of sound. This being so that the user can control the headphones to their liking. The microphone is good... tested on Skype and Ventrilo which both came back with thumbs up.

The headphones are seemingly well constructed with my only complaint is the fake metal construction. It seems to be plastic, or at least the lightest metal known to man. However, it still feels sturdy and no creaking. The pads on the sides of headphones cups are soft and help keep the phones off your ears. The braided cable is super long - and when I say long, I mean longest headphones cable I have ever seen. Someone at Corsair knows I keep my computer several feet from my desk. The pads along the top are nicely done and the Vengeance 1500 has a nice overall has a clean look. The headphones fit firmly on your head so they don't flop around when you look down or from side to side. They are a closed set of headphones so outside noises don't permeate. I definitely wore them for a six hour gaming spree with no problems other than some sweaty ears sometimes and a bit of tension from the stiff band.

These headphones are plug in play... you plug them in, Windows installs them and bam... ready to go. The only thing you might have to do is set them to default in your control panel depending on your sound card/mobo set up. The 3D aspect works in games whenever you plug them in. Once plugged in the headphone attachment controller illuminates blue with a "+,-" for volume as well as a mute button. I have had them for about a week or so and got to play them with several different games and am so far impressed with the overall feel of these headphones. I got these as a demo unit from Corsair.
4.5 out of 5.

Good Sound - Closer to a audiophile headset.
No Bass rumbling!
Plug and Play
Comfortable with a long cable.

If you have a large head the tension on band may bother you.

Here you can see my youtube review. Please amazon make your vid. uploads bigger >.<.
Google Psylacus under youtube and Vengeance 1500
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on May 18, 2012
This review is for the Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB 7.1 Surround sound headset (not the 1100 or the 1300).
Corsair CA-9011112-WW Vengeance 1500 Dolby 7.1 USB Gaming Headset

This is an updated review after 2-3 weeks of continuous usage of the headset.

So you (the reader) can have a sense of reference for my review, let me start off by saying that I am a PC gamer and planned on using this headset primarily for that purpose alone.

As a gamer I am interested in the following:
1) Sound quality
2) Comfort
3) Directional sound
4) Design/construction of headset
5) Drivers/software

The games I wanted to use it for were: Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Portal 2, and others (as I purchased/played them). That being said, I can not and will not cover any movies or music usage aspects of this headset in my review, since I am not an expert at those two at all.

Exceptional. I did not think that a virtual 7.1 USB headset could sound so good, but it does. The 50mm drivers in each speaker do a heck of a job of pounding out deep explosions and light footsteps.

Let me make this clear: Corsair has done everything they can on the headset itself to make it comfortable (padded top bridge, large comfortable over-the-ear pads) however the headset does tend to continuously squeeze the wearer's head. I do not have an exceptionally large head; a "Large" fitted hat is still very loose for me. However, even after wearing the headset every single day for 2-3 weeks, the headset still seemed to put pressure on either my jaw-line or the area behind my ears to my temples. To give credit where credit is due, the ear pads themselves are very comfortable and covered my ears completely without any pinching (then again, I have regular sized ears).

If it weren't for this headset's issues with directional sound in some particular games, this grade would've been an "A". Basically the directional sound works, however in certain games (so far I have only experienced this in Battlefield 3) the directional/surround sound REVERSED on me! As in, when someone or something approached my on my left, I would hear it on the right.
Since BF3 was one of the main reasons I even bought this headset, this a huge negative for me.
Many other users have had the same exact issue with BF3 (you can go look on Corsair's forums).
To their credit, the Corsair forum folks have been responding to each query and collecting data to resolve the issue. Until resolved, this remains an issue with BF3 at least, to the best of my knowledge.

For the price, this is definitely one of the better headsets in terms of design and construction. From the metallic finish to the precise clicking of the adjustable headband, Corsair has really put out a top-notch item. It looks and feels much more solid than pretty much all of its counterparts that, in most cases, cost twice as much!
That being said, I wish the volume controls were either on the headset themselves or further down/up the wire. They are at a location where the control box just hangs in your lap awkwardly. Also, while the red/blue LEDs are nice to indicate the "Muting" of your mic, it would've been nice to have a cut-out in the "+" and "-" volume symbols (so the LED light shines through and it's easier to see which is plus and which is minus).

While you can download the driver/software and it does work accurately enough, it isn't terribly intuitive. However, it does give you enough control to be able to adjust and play with the sounds and surround sound enough to customize your experience with the Vengeance 1500. There is an EQ option for pretty much everything you'd like to use the headset for; I had it set to "FPS". The 3 surround sound modes of "Bypass", "D", "7.1 Virtual" are easy to set, however the choices themselves, when presented on-screen, don't tell you much about what the heck they mean. Of course, if you've done your homework on the headset, you may not even need any more clues.

>>CONCLUSION: Great headset with a few minor issues. If you do NOT play BF3 and have a smaller head, I would look no further - GET THIS HEADSET! For the price, you probably won't be able to find another that has all the above-mentioned features.
As for me, well it's not terribly comfortable on my head and I can't rely on it for BF3 (which I am currently playing), so I shall be returning it.
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on May 30, 2012
I don't think that I have large ears but the ear cups on the Corsair 1300 Headset are not big enough to fit around my ears comfortably. If you have an large head and have possibly above average ears then stay away as this will not be comfortable to wear.

I was wanting to replace my Sennheiser PC350 headset which is perfect for my head and earsize so I guess I'll go back to them. Sennheiser PC 350 Collapsible Gaming Headset with Vol Control & Microphone MuteFor those with larger ears check these out.

Edited 3/21/2013
Finally purchased Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 (Beautiful)
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on December 3, 2013

Comfy, not too tight (fits snugly but not enough to be uncomfortable)
Good directional sound (side to side is great, front to back is ok but not stellar)
Feel sturdy (metal band, good weight but not too heavy)
Long braided cord (feels durable and very flexible)
Volume and mic control (lights up blue when on and red when off/muted, blinks when they are not selected as sound device)
Fully adjustable mic
Excellent music sound quality


Not true 7.1 sound
Bass not very deep in games (its decent, and so far only one game tested though)

In all Im very happy with this headset. I played for about 6 hours this evening with a couple breaks and they never felt uncomfortable. I hear things I couldnt hear as well before in gaming; and I was using a 5.1 surround system. The music sounds outstanding (metal) and I was told the mic quality was for better than my previous mic. (it was a cheapo logitech though)

Very satisfied for the first night of use.

Edit: I had to uninstall the factory drivers and go to the Corsair site to download updated drivers. The stock ones were causing BSODs. Then I found that it comes with software including an EQ, which boosted the bass rather well. I had adjusted the bass with Windows a bit but I found it lacking. Im a bot of an Audiophile though; I have twin 800W 12s in a bandpass with a 1200w amp in my Suburban. I need my double bass to vibrate my organs :)
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on October 11, 2012
I purchased the Corsair Vengeance 1300 to be used primarily for gaming. I read some reviews that state this headset is either not bassy enough or it is uncomfortable or whatever. The fact is those reviews are totally false. I have been wearing them for 6 hours straight and continue to wear them now. I have never had a more comfortable headset in my years of computer gaming. Heck I left them on to watch YouTube videos because they are indeed that comfortable. As far as bass is concerned I am not seeing the problem. The sound is coming through clear and precise. I don't quite understand what people are using these for that the bass isn't loud enough, they aren't for pounding music and if thats what you want then get a sound system and put it in your car. The mic is working just as advertised, my friends hear me better then they hear themselves (they all use the same brand headset). Final thoughts are, if you want a high quality product for a very affordable and competitive price then look no further because Corsair has you covered.

Update: It has been months since receiving this headset. It is still working as advertised. Since then, however, I have built a new pc and now have a much higher quality on board sound over the laptop I was previously using and the sound is amazing now. Definitely still recommend these to anyone on a budget for peripherals.

Update #2: After 2 1/2 years the headset has bit the dust. The volume and mute part between the the headset and end of the the cable has developed a major fault. I assume the weight of it has pulled something loose inside of it. The left side has lost all audio and the right side's audio is low and only produces the background sounds from videos. It served me well but I'm going to be looking elsewhere from a brand standpoint.
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on September 18, 2013
I've had this headset for a few weeks now and decided to keep them. They are pretty comfortable and I wear glasses. They seem fairly sturdy though make now mistake, the headset frame is not metal, it's just silver plastic.

I've noticed some problems with them namely that there is no driver disk in the package. You can download it from Corsair's website but it's still pretty poor to sell a product like this without the software that it needs to work.

Another problem is the sound quality. It's mediocre at best. This "simulated" 7.1 surround sound is crap to say the least. It's not to say that they sound bad, but they just sound like any other number of cheaper headsets. They apparently have 50mm drivers but the bass is barely noticeable at times and I find myself putting it as high as I possibly can in the equalizer driver before it starts rattling and crackling. This is also a bit of an issue as the sliders are only marked on frequency and not don't show what part of the sound they alter to the non-audiophile out there.

The last big issue that I have is that the volume controls on this headset just control the volume for your system, not the headset alone. I dislike this quite a bit but am not sure if this is typical of USB headsets in general or not. The volume controls seem slow to react and don't even work with some applications, notably youtube (I have to use the youtube volume slider on the page to reduce/increase volume).

But overall they work and they are pretty cheap. Worth the price I'm sure. The comfort is the main thing for me and they do a good job of that, but if you're looking for amazing directional sound, being able to pinpoint exactly where sounds are coming from in games, I'd say look elsewhere. And for god's sake; if any Corsair representatives are reading this INCLUDE DRIVERS IN THE DAMN PACKAGE IN YOUR FUTURE PRODUCTS. I realize that we live in the digital age and you can download the drivers but what about people without the internet or capability of downloads? Selling a product without everything you need to use it is unacceptable.


Audio: Medicore, disappointing for the emphasis placed on surround sound with this product. Poor bass, especially for 50mm drivers.
Comfort: Great
Durability: seemingly pretty good, time will tell.
Company support: Bad, drivers not included, instructions in the box not included.
Cable Length: Good, can reach over the top of my desk and down into my tower. Approx 6ft.
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on December 5, 2011
Bottom line: This is an amazing headset with spot-on driver accuracy and can be configured to sound exactly as you want it to. I love this headset!

+ Stunning 7.1 positioning and distance accuracy
+ Sound reproduction is extremely accurate
+ Eagerly responds to EQ tweaks - your preference is its pleasure
+ Ability to tweak 7.1 speaker location (this functions perfectly, but the UI is silly)
+ Comfortable
+ Impressive build quality

- Slightly wide because of headband placement on outside of cones
- OOB EQ settings are painfully tinny
- Silly 7.1 tweaking UI has you hunting for pixels for best results

Make sure to download the Corsair drivers, open the app, set it in 7.1 and tweak the EQ/7.1 speaker positioning. Within an hour you'll have them sounding EXACTLY as you want. Games should be set to 7.1 output for optimal experience - actually *improved* my TF2 performance especially pyro/spy. Skyrim made me tear up, no joke! The mic is fine, better than average for sure and was told it sounded better on Ventrilo. Music is great after much EQ/7.1 configuration. 7.1 customization UI is a gimmick, needs to be easier to use because it affects the listening experience so much! If you like 'loudness', you need to move the speaker locations closer to the virtual head in this UI, but the sound positioning of the headset is so accurate that you can easily misalign the speakers in the UI and HEAR the difference! This also means that when you find your sweet spot, you will know immediately. Stick with this headset!
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