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on April 4, 2013
Ordered this drive from Amazon on Feb. 28th, 2013.

Worked wonderfully until today, May 4th 2013, when the computer that had just used it 5 hours earlier wouldn't recognize, it again!

Other computers / media centers / devices also refused to recognize the drive as well.

The computer shows it acknowledges a drive has been plugged in, but the data can't be accessed and there are no properties on the drive anymore.

Drive was always ejected from devices properly, never abused and rarely held over 3 GB's of data.

VERY DISAPPOINTING because this drive was working as advertised and I was happy with the product until now.


Edit: Got replacement drive from Amazon on April the 9th, worked flawlessly until today April the 19th!


Corsair forum has listings of people complaining that their drive also failed ...

I can see maybe one drive failing, but TWO in less than a month?

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on July 14, 2012
Inside the chunky plastic housing is a very speedy USB 3.0 flash drive. Although it has a detent to "lock" open, it relies entirely on friction to hold it closed.

I've been using it to transfer video files between computers and have been very impressed by the speed at which it loads and unloads data - this is my first USB 3.0 device.
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on March 28, 2013
4 stars because who knows how long this thing will last. I just got it yesterday. First-time Corsair USB drive-buyer here.

This is the Voyager Slider. The sheath slides back to reveal the metal USB tip. Once plugged into my pc it's about as tall a D battery and 1 cm thick. The ridged edges are somewhat rubbery-ish. A blue light flashes when a write is in progress.

Just wrote 12 Gigabytes to this drive in under 6 minutes. The Corsair Flash Voyager was plugged into a USB 3.0 port at the time. I guess that averages out to 33.33 MB/s. I was using Win 7 Pro's built-in backup utility to backup a hard drive image to the Voyager. FYI it compressed 30 gigs of data down to 12 gigs - which means a 16GB flash drive would have sufficed. Oh well.

The Voyager Slider comes formatted with a FAT32 file system, so I had to reformat to NTFS before backing up a drive image to it.

Side Note:: You may be wondering just how I got Windows 7's backup utility to save a DRIVE IMAGE to a USB flash drive, since ordinarily it won't let you. (argh! [file backups ... yes]) What I did was to share the Voyager as a network drive, then told Windows Backup to backup to a network drive. Kind of a hassle, but a legit workaround.

I should also add that not all versions of Windows include the network-backup option. As far as the Windows Backup & Restore utility goes, you have to be running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Enterprise to backup to a network drive.
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on December 19, 2012
Awesome value...huge capacity which is more than enough for me to keep full backup images of both my computers on this stick. It is a bit bulky (mostly in width) but also feels pretty sturdy, and the sliding mechanism works quite well - not too loose, not too resistant. A blue LED flashes during activity and it's bright as day.
(Personally, though, I prefer keeping the plug extended and putting a plastic USB cap on it - better dust protection than simply retracting it.)

Transfer speeds don't quite seem to reach advertised speeds - I got roughly 65MB/sec both writing and reading very large files using TeraCopy under Windows 7 32-bit (I formatted my stick to NTFS with a 32KB cluster size).
May improve a bit over time or it may not - but it comes close enough and I'm very happy with the speed. Sure beats the heck out of 11MB/sec on an older Verbatim USB2.0 stick. ;-)

The glossy plastic finish looks quite attractive too. Ohyeah, and fresh out of the box the Corsair has passed a full write-read-verify test with flying colors (google for 'USB flash tester' and go for the vconsole-dot-com link).

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on August 25, 2012
Got this key and tried it with a USB 2 port and write speeds reach about 25 MB per second. So this USB 3 key is fast. Still need to try it with a USB 3 port. The big issue is size. This key is way bigger than any key I have ever owned. The size is 2.5" long, by 7/8" wide by 7/16" deep. Basically, I own a Transcend 32 GB key and it's half the depth and shorter than this key. In short, I plan to keep this key, but I'm quite disappointing in the size.
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on September 21, 2012
I needed a larger capacity USB flash drive than my old 16GB, and was looking for something a bit faster as well. I started looking around and bought this one based on my experience with other Corsair products, and the fact that it supported USB 3.

The drive is slightly larger than I was expecting, which at first was a little disappointing. After a few days, my disappointment faded as I realized I NEVER lose it unlike the smaller drives I've bought in the past.

I use the drive with several computers, and end up ferrying files to and from colleagues' machines at work quite frequently. The drive is very fast. It's easily one of the fastest drives I've ever used with a USB 2 port. I don't have any other USB 3 flash drives to compare it to, but I can say that it's faster than some of my slower SATA or IDE (platter based) hard drives.

It's not unusual to hit 90+ MB/sec sustained transfer rates on large files, and I've gotten into the 40-50 MB/sec range on batches of lots of little ones.

The drive has been rock solid so far as well. I haven't submitted it to a lot of torture yet, but I use it pretty heavily and haven't run into any problems with data integrity or file system corruption (first thing I did was format the drive to NTFS).
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on December 31, 2012
For storage, backup, or recovery, this drive works great. Amazing speed. I like the size. It's not too small. I'm always afraid I'll lose my camera's SD cards. This is big enough to find, but small enough to put in your pocket.

There is no cap, so be careful where you store it to keep debris out of it. You can put it in a little bitty Ziploc bag and still carry it in your pocket. Oops, I just reached for it instead of my mouse, but I digress. It does have a small loophole for attaching to a chain.

Very pleased and recommend it. Just pick your command and plug it in.
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on October 31, 2012
Unofficially testing the flash drive using Windows 8, I have found that it writes at a sustained speed of approximately 40 MB/s and reads at about 80 MB/s. It is easily the fastest flash drive when operating using usb 2.0. It reads and writes at 30 MB/s. The drive itself is bigger then then most, but makes up for it in performance and reliability.
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on November 1, 2012
Corsair with quality feel
USB 3.0
Pretty fast
No cap to lose

Spotty will fail to transfer large files sometimes doesn't matter if its formatted ntfs or fat32
It will drop transfer, then go unrecognized! Then you have to plug then replug, but again only happens sometimes
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on January 14, 2013
that was busy serving me... (complete with melody, of course)

More seriously, though, I read most of the reviews complaining of the big size compared to other drives. I have not had the drive long enough to comment on the electrical and mechanical quality, but I have had the drive long enough to render an initial judgment.

This drive replaced a Patriot 32GB USB 2.0 thumb drive. I purchased the Patriot drive approximately end of the first quarter last year. Your next question should be why would I "replace" the drive.

Easy. (Mathematical equation follows:)

Patriot = Garbage, trash, rubbish, ...

I purchased last summer another Patriot drive, a 32GB micro HDHC card for my Sony, who refuses to upgrade to HDXC camera, but I am off topic there.

About mid December, the nice and slim Patriot drive decided that it would break. The mechanical retraction mechanism broke off. Nice and small, which lends itself to being lost easier, is not so nice. Thankfully for me, the retraction mechanism broke off in the extended position, so there was no data loss, just time and money. (I had to pay to send it back plus purchase a new drive. I do not trust Patriot thumb drives anymore.)

I still held onto the belief that Patriot was fine as a company, though.

I went on a trip to Las Vegas and took many videos and photos. I hardly ever go to Las Vegas, but that does not matter. I came back home, attempted to download the photos and the memory card died. I lost all the photos and videos. Gone. I should have downloaded every day on my trip to my laptop. That thought does not help me now. I was forced to send back just last week another defective Patriot memory card.

The corsair Flash Voyager seems quite rugged and well put together. I hope that the mechanical is an outwardly visible sign of the inside.

One should look for quality first, not size. Speed is okay, just I do not have a USB 3.0 port on my PC, so hard to judge speed. Just from a using point of view, I think that this drive is a bit faster than the Patriot, but have not done any scientific benchmarks.
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