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29 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2010
"Brilliant Design, Inside and Out" is the Corsair trademark. It`s plastered all over the shipping box of the 600T. Normally I would regard this as marketing hyperbole, but whoever engineered this computer case deserves a huge bonus.

The form, fit, function, and design of the 600T are incredible. It provides a great deal of nifty end user options as well. Don't like the stacked internal drive bays...change it! The same goes for the fans...remove them, add them, and relocate them for whatever suits your needs or taste.

Did I mention the quality workmanship? There is not one nasty sheet metal burr anywhere in this case.

Cable management A+
Roominess A+
Cooling fans A+
Built-in control panel (including a fan controller) A+
Modification ease A+
Documentation F
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on November 22, 2010
I am glad I trust all the reviews I found on the Internet about this case. It is not a aliens-vs-predator 1000 colors case but a very polished and elegant case. It is EXTREMELY SILENT (I am very sensitive in sounds and a loud PC case would be a deal breaker), it is very installation-friendly and it has a lot of space. I have a GTX 580 video card and Corsair AX850 power supply and I still have plenty of space (more than 35%) free so if in the future there are going to be a bigger video card (bigger than the already big GTX 580) this case will fit it without any problem. You can control the fan speed and it has a lot of USB connections, microphone and headphone. Oh and I has two open grills (upside and in the front) which are iluminated with a cool and elegant white light. This is not a boring PC case but it isn't neither a pimp-up over the top case. This case is to me like an elegant and refined BMW or Mercedes Benz sports car. This would be the case that Batman would have in the BatCase.... :)
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2011
I have always liked Corsair products and found them to be of excellent quality. That being said, when I heard they were going to begin production of mid-tower computer cases I was prepared to be thrilled. Normally, such high hopes will only let you down. However, Corsair is an industry leader for a reason. I like to believe the good folks at Corsair surveyed current cases on the market and said "We can do it better" and thus the 600t was born.


It's clearly designed for builders-

The case is roomy and easy to work inside. The metal is smooth and shaped with consideration. Making your cables neat and orderly is a cinch using the rubber-grommet covered tray cutouts. All your wiring will be discretely tucked away without any undue strain on your part. Adding drives, and components is easier than ever and truly tool-less. The drive bays can be moved, or completely removed for the best possible cable management and airflow. Building in this case is a joy.


The case is equipped with robust 200mm intake and exhaust fans with easy to remove dust filters along with the standard 120mm exhaust fan at the rear. You can, of course, add additional fans throughout the system. The 600t provides a built in fan controller to manage all of these fans via a convenient turn style knob on the front of the case. All the built-in cable management keeps the cables from obstructing the case airflow. This "pro" also has a "con" which I will discuss in further detail below.

Water Cooling-

Excellent built-in radiator locations and expandability for water cooling kits.


This case is well-built and has an appealing under-stated design.



If you are building a gaming PC, or are planning to overclock or SLI/Crossfire video cards, this case may disappoint you. If you search for comparison tests concerning airflow, you will find the 600t is out-performed in this category by several of its similarly-priced competitors. This seems largely due to the somewhat weak stock fans
included and the inability to have a side-case fan cooling your GPU. My older Antec 900 case outperforms this case in the thermal department by about 8C. You can replace the stock fans, reconfigure/remove the hard drive bays or modify your case to allow additional fans to alleviate this issue. However, these options cost more time and money. This case is on par with a lot of cases on the market in this area, but at this price range its beaten by its main rivals (Silverstone Raven R02, Antec Dark-Fleet, CoolerMaster Haf-X). However, this case has many appealing features that may trump its rivals (internal layout, cable management system, design, appearance).

WHERE THE 600t COULD IMPROVE (for some):

These are not "deal breakers" for me, but they may be for some of you.

No side window:

This case's interior is painted black. The cable management is excellent. So, if you like to show off a cool glowing water loop or spiffy colored fans this case would make them look AWESOME. However... there is no window. It's a little like having a great looking spouse that never comes out of the house to meet your friends. Now, windows aren't for everyone, and you may find them to be ostentation or gaudy- if that's you, you're going to love this case "as is". I know Corsair sells a windowed side panel for this case ($30+ shipping) but its not included, thus making this case quite pricey with the addition.

Wires hanging out the back-

This case has a USB 3.0 front panel access design. However, without tinkering with extra parts you are going to have a cable hanging out the back of the case plugging into the 3.0 header. Not the end of the world, but not neat and tidy either.


This is one of the most intelligently designed cases on the market. Despite the lack of a window and particularly powerful fans, its just plain GREAT. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment. I will respond as soon as I can.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2011
Cable management -Seems like all the power connections on my motherboard are on the wrong side but I was still able to make it look great.

Great case design - Little or no tools needed.

Cooling - I don't overclock but my computer used to overheat in my old case. It's a lot more stable in this case and hasn't overheated once.

Quiet - My computer is a lot quieter now that it's in this case.

Mid-tower? This case is larger than any full-tower case I've had! I have a Ikea desk with a bracket made to hold a full-tower case under the desk and this case is just too wide to fit. It's big! They might be losing some sales by labeling the case Mid-tower. I think people with lots of parts might just dismiss this case without looking at it thinking things will not fit.

Documentation - There is none. I like that they didn't waste the paper to print one but when I looked on-line they just don't have one! I had to figure a few things out by reading in the forums.

Fan lights: I like them, nice white color, but I wish there was an easy way to turn them on and off. If you sleep in the same room as your computer you might want to have the computer on but the lights off while you sleep or if you are just being anal about wasting power it would be nice to be able to turn them off. There could be an easy way but see above, no documentation.

I've had this case for three weeks now and I'm glad I bought it. I almost gave it 4 stars because of the documentation but my computer is running so much better in this case I couldn't do it. I finally have a case I can say I love.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 7, 2011
I have owned this case now for a little over a month. I waited this long to review it in order to give other potential buyers my experience over the course of the build as well as any issues that came up during the tweaking process. This build is a gaming / first time overclock build. I selected this case for several reasons:
1. Mid-tower design, roomy, large low RPM high volume fans with lots of internal space for large video cards since I would be using "at the moment" top-of-line parts.
2. Reviews by tech experts.
3. Corsair's reputaion for quality parts.

There is no question this case is a quality built case. It is heavy before you add your system parts. I like that fact. The fit and finish are excellent, nothing to cut your fingers on and so forth. During the build I had no issues with lack of room.

People have stated you cannot place this case on carpet. SURE YOU CAN! The Power Supply can be mounted drawing air from below the case or inside the case (For years ALL power supplys drew air from inside). I have a Corsair AX850 and mounted the PS to draw air from inside the case and have the case sitting on carpet with no issues.

My motherboard is the Gigabyte G1 Killer Series - Sniper. CPU - Intel Core i7 990X Extreme, I am currently using the stock heatsink. I mounted the heastsink and RAM prior to installing the MB. There appears to be enough room for me to remove the heatsink and install a water cooler at a later date w/o removing the MB.

I am running duel HIS HD 6950s and there is plenty of room inside without needing to remove the upper HD bay. I have 3 HDs spaced 1 bay apart. The HD 6990 would easily fit in this case.

As others have stated the fan controller on the front of the case does little with the fan speed due to the case fans being low RPM (less than 1000 RPM). I have all the fans connected to the MB with no issues. I intend to use the front fan controller for the side panel fans.

Cable management is very easy.

I am waiting to receive the windowed / mesh side panel from Corsair ($29.99) and 4 120MM fans from Amazon to increase direct air flow on the VGA cards and MB. X58 boards run hot in the PCI-e area, especially the number 1 slot.

I did a lot of research prior to puchasing this case and it has not dissapointed me in anyway.

I have NOT found any CONs where this case is concerned. Hope this helps.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2011
I had to down size my computer, case too big. I was able transfer my entire H2O cooled, 6 Harddrives, 2 DVD, ATI 5970 setup from a large Cosmos case to the Corsair 600T. It actually runs cooler in the 600T. All components, including the dual 120m fan radiator, are contained in the case. Wiring is easily run thru the numerous cut-outs to make a nice, clean setup for improved airflow. I've built in more cases than I can count, this is the best I've used.
The only downsides are, that it is a little bigger(wider)than I expected, but I'll gladly live that. And, I couldn't use the top 200mm fan in the pull setup I needed, radiator inside, fans outside. I switched to 2, Noiseblocker Multiframe M12-P fans. They work great with the case fan controller. Very quiet for most use and not bad when cranked for gaming.
Overall, and excellent case.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 10, 2011
I first fell in love with this case(yea, a case, I know....lay off) when I saw an ad for it in MaximumPC. It is a thing of beauty inside and out.

* Cable management in this thing is a dream. For the first time ever, my computer case isn't a rat's nest of wires and cables.
* The black finish inside is very attractive. I actually wouldn't normally mind lights on the fans if this weren't in a bedroom.

* The thing is pretty big. It stretches the limits of a "mid tower case". Then again, its girth is probably what really helps with the cable management.
* The top and front fans are not standard sized. Because of this, it's tough to find aftermarket fans for it. The top and front fans each have 4 LEDs on them that are quite bright. Because it's so hard to find replacement fans, I just ended up physically ripping the LEDs off the PCBs on the fans.
* It's slightly noisier than my Antec Three Hundred Gaming Case External 3 X 5.25; Internal 6 X 3.5 2*Usb2.0 this Corsair monolith replaced.

*I love this thing. For the first time, I'm not ashamed to open my case to see the cabling. Also, for the first time, I actually wouldn't mind lights inside the case to show off the cable management. I do wish i could repurpose the mic and speaker jacks on the top to be used on my aftermarket sound card, but alas.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2011
This thing is huge for a mid tower. Fit and finish is top notch. Comes with tons of extra screws. Cable management is the best. Tooless bays work well. Airflow is great, even with cheap fans. The fan control nob behaves like a switch which runs the fans on either high or low power, which is kinda lame. The white LEDs in the fans are really bright and can't be switched off, which sucks. The instructions that it comes with are not really instructions, it's just a bunch of useless catch phases. Good thing this is case is so easy to work with. The front and top are pretty much open, which allows for great airflow. It also allows the noise to escape easily, which makes this a loud case. It also makes it easy for dust to get in. The side panel latch that locks doesn't operate very smoothly, in fact I have to hit the panel hard with my hand to get it to latch. DON'T LET ANY OF THE FAULTS DETER YOU, THIS CASE IS AWESOME!! I wouldn't own any other case. It's a steal at $159. I got it even cheaper than that. Corsair is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies. I have the matching A50 cpu cooler and it works so awesome with this case. It blows the hot air from the cpu right out the back of the case. It lines right up with the exhaust fan perfectly. My OC'd cpu runs at 20c/40c. Any hot air that doesn't go straight out the back of the case gets sucked up and shot out the top.

The people who complain about the fans are nit picking. When they are run on low power you can't really hear them, and on high they are still pretty quiet, even with this open case. They don't move lots of air, and they don't need to, because the case is designed with airflow in mind. You could put a couple high flow fans in, but I think it would make the case really noisy.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 14, 2011
Its sturdy, spacious and well constructed. My ONLY complaint is the USB 3.0 port, there is no way to connect to on board USB 3.0 Headers, Instead, the wire ends with a standard USB 3.0 male plug - this is a flaw it should have been left out or the packaging should have included an adapter (As just a USB 3.0 plug at the end really wasn't foresighted enough to make the plug relevant).
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on July 13, 2011
You can get glowing positives elsewhere (the case is that good), but I'll focus on the few things keeping the 600T from a perfect enclosure for average enthusiasts.

-The front/top panel USB3 port is just a cord with USB ends, not header attachments. The only way to use the top port is to either connect it to your MB via a rear USB3 port (i.e. running a cord out the back and re-connecting) or sacrificing additional USB3 options elsewhere.

-prepare to get acquainted with dusting. The unit's mesh does its job, collecting grey filth but plenty still makes its way into the case. After a month I've already had to clean the PC inside and out with compressed air.

- Fan controller could have been implemented better. I trust corsair in guaranteeing spinning the knob actually does something to the case fan speeds because I can't verify it. If you listen reeeeeal close you can hear differences between all the way one way or the other. Software verification and BIOS/UEFI functions aren't an option because you're cutting them out of the loop with the controller knob. Adding to the confusion, there are no directions, except online, on the proper connection of the unit to your fans. Yes, it's very simple in the long run, but as I just leave my control knob on its highest settings all the time, it would be nice to get some reassurances that I've done everything right.

- Where's my side fans? I've searched for the optional side panel through Corsair and consistently come up short. My build feels incomplete without a mesh window.

So, that's the downside. Pretty paltry gripes, I know, but I feel they have merit. The case was still a dream to build in. It looks fantastically conservative even with the blue LED's shining through the mesh and the curving outside. The doors are easy to operate and hide cords behind too. You will be able to fit anything your MB supports inside. Buy with ease, this is a great case. A few kinks aside, I've no regrets in my purchase.
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