Customer Reviews: Corsair Vengeance K60 Performance FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (CH-9000004-NA)
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on January 14, 2012
After purchasing a Razer Blackwidow and finding that it was actually warped (wouldn't rest flat on my desk), I returned it and picked up a Corsair K60.

The K60 is an excellent keyboard. The only thing it doesn't have is a backlight.

Not all keys are mechanical but the important ones are. The included additional red and textured wasd123456 keys are nice. The single wrist pad is very nice which surprised me.

The keys press less noisy with a better tactile feel than the Razer Blackwidow. Not to dis Razer, I have the 2012 Mamba Elite wireless mouse and it's really nice.

The brushed aluminum of the K60 keyboard chassis is surpisingly much nicer than any picture you'll see. Drum roller and multi-media keys are good too.

USB Pass-through can make it handy to attach a peripheral on your desktop but I wouldn't consider this a strength.

Nice quality cord, laser etched keys, easy to clean, this is a great keyboard.


104 keys

Cherry® MX Red mechanical switches:
45g actuation force
2mm to actuation and 4mm to bottom
Rated for 50 million operations
Gold contacts
Full key matrix anti-ghosting
20-key rollover (20KRO) on USB

Media Keys
5 Media Keys and 1 solid metal, weighted Volume Up/Down "drum roller"

Response Time
Selectable Reporting Rate 1ms, 2ms, 4ms or 8 ms
(1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz, 125Hz)

Customizable Keys

10 user swappable keys
10 additional sculpted FPS keys (W, A, S, D and 1 to 6)

Other Features

Metal top plate
Adjustable feet tilt
Detachable soft-touch wrist rest
USB pass-through


USB 2.0
- Gold plated contacts
- USB pass-through connector giving easy access to a USB 2.0 port on the back of the keyboard

Cable Length
2m (76")

Dimensions (LxWxH)
438 x 163 x 24mm (17.2 x 6.4 x 0.94")

1240g (3.0 Lbs)
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on February 12, 2012
I got this keyboard for Christmas to replace my worn out Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard (Black). I loved my G15, but wanted to switch to a mechanical keyboard to have more consistent-feeling keys that would also last longer.

Great-looking, minimalist design: This keyboard is nothing but a bunch of keys mounted on a single, solid piece of brushed aluminium at first glance, and that's a great thing. The solid metal also has the added bonus of adding weight to the keyboard, which helps it stay exactly where you want it on your desk, unlike my G15 that slid all over my desk. The white LEDs for NumLock, ScrollLock, and CapsLock look classy, serve their intended purpose, and nothing more. The people at Corsair seem to be the only ones who understand that the word "gaming" does not mean the product has to look like some futuristic death machine.

Mechanical keys: The Cherry MX Red switches feel awesome, as do the keycaps. The switches are VERY sensitive and easy to press; this takes some getting used to and may not be to everyone's liking, so I recommend reading up on the types of Cherry switches and figuring out which you like the best before buying a mechanical keyboard. The textured spacebar is a nice touch.

Media Keys/lock key: The volume wheel is AWESOME! If you've ever used any of Logitech's recent gaming keyboards that have volume wheels, it is exactly like that except the wheel is a solid piece of textured metal rather than a rubberized plastic wheel. I was worried about the wheel not being sensitive enough and requiring too much movement to be practical, but it is just right, and no novelty at all. The transport control buttons work fine and don't get in the way of anything. The windows lock key is a nice feature that I also enjoyed on my G15.

20-key-rollover: This is a big deal for me, as almost no USB keyboards have very good key rollover. I play lots of rhythm games on my computer such as Stepmania and DJMAX Trilogy. I sometimes have to press 8-9 keys at once, and I need to be sure that any time the game registers a miss, it's because I screwed up and not because my keyboard couldn't tell what keys I was hitting.

Braided USB cable: It's always a nice touch when a company goes the extra mile to add a braided cable. It looks nice, feels nice, and makes the cable retain its shape a bit; making it easier to push up behind a desk. The USB port is nice to have because my wireless trackball gets a more reliable connection when the receiver is connected to the keyboard. People complain about the 2 USB plugs at the end of the cable, but I believe it is not just for the USB port, but also part of how Corsair got 20-key-rollover to work.

"Gaming" accessories: The wrist rest is useless, as it puts your wrist up too high for comfortable gaming, and is a nuisance when typing. The WASD and 1-6 keys are a cool idea and feel nice, but they get too much in the way for typing and ruin the aesthetic of the keyboard to me.

Rubber dome keys: Yes, the top row of F keys as well as the cluster of keys containing the delete key are not mechanical keys as lots of people have mentioned in their review. I was fully aware of that before buying the keyboard, and this is not a deal breaker to me. I hardly ever use the F keys, although I do wish Corsair would have at least made the Delete key mechanical and hope they consider doing so with their next model.

Overall, I think Corsair knocked it out of the park with this keyboard, especially with it being their first foray into the keyboard market. And it's really great knowing that there's finally a company out there that understands the value of a functional, consistent, dependable peripheral and that not all "gamers" need or want their desktop to look like a gathering of Decepticons.
For the next model Corsair should ditch the numpad all together. Hardly any modern games use it for anything, and it frees up space for mousing around.
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on January 1, 2012
(I'm typing this review with the K60 right now and I love using it. I look forward to typing things or playing games because it feels that good.)

-Looks great. Feels great. Not your typical looking "ricer"/"gamer" keyboard. Stays classy like San Diego.
-Easy to clean because of its "open" design. No more getting pieces of chips or something stuck under the keys.
-Comes with grippy red keycaps for the commonly used FPS game buttons.
-Sturdy build quality. You won't have to worry about breaking this keyboard.
-Cherry Red switches make double taps quick and easy. Might even make you a faster typer.
-Volume roller is easy to use and does not feel cheap.
-Media control buttons are a nice touch.

-Not all keys are mechanical, but it's really not that big of a deal. Like another reviewer said, it doesn't exactly detract from the typing experience.

-Claims to have laser etched keys but my keyboard came with keycaps that were printed on. Being a huge FPS player, my left shift, WASD, and other related keys have NOTICEABLY started to fade only after two days of use, and it's day 6 today with even more fading. (I'm only using all black keycaps--no reds.) I wonder how much longer before the rest of the keys start to fade.

I wouldn't mind if the keys started fading after a couple months of usage, but after two days[of heavy usage] some of my keys are already grey. Maybe I just got a bad keyboard so I'll be exchanging this one for another. If the problem still persists, even though it's a great keyboard, I like my keys to be of the non-fading type... I'll unfortunately have to return this one back to the store.
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on May 17, 2012
I had been searching for my new keyboard for awhile. I am a computer engineer and use my computer for everything from programming to typing reviews like this to gaming. I wanted a simple keyboard that wasn't over the top with bells and whistles. I came from a Logitech G15, which was a great keyboard but I'm not fan of an orange glow, and I never really used the G keys or the screen. I heard all the raving about mechanical keyboards but was a little skeptical, could it really be THAT much better? The answer is yes but I'll get to that. I have always used Logitech and love their quality and customer support but unfortunately they have not decided to make a mechanical keyboard but I still picked out a Logitech G110 to debate about, I liked it because it was simple and I missed my sound scroll wheel from my G11 and this one had one. The other one I looked at was the Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth Edition (long name right?). I read a ton of reviews about Razer varying in quality and their lack of customer support, but the ones that got a good keyboard loved them. I wanted the stealth edition so the keys were not really loud. I debated between these two for months, I did not want to spend my money on something that I would not like or replace down the road. I asked around on a couple forums for opinions. I looked at foreign keyboards, the Cooler Master ones (which I almost bought if it hadn't been for their textured logos on the keys), and then someone suggested I take a look at the Corsair K90. I said Corsair, the company that makes my RAM? I figured alright I'll look into it. The K90 seemed a little over the top to me, it had all those G keys I probably wouldn't use. Then I saw other items people viewed on amazon and saw the K60. I was perfect, the keys were mechanical and had quiet cherry red switches, it had the volume wheel!, and it was a simple elegant design. But then I realized the one thing it didn't have, backlit keys. This threw me around for awhile as I had wanted backlit keys (I was going to pay $50 more to Razer just for backlit on their Black Widows). So that night I decided to watch myself as I typed (kinda weird and hard to do) but I noticed, I don't look at my keys! If for some reason I forgot how to type my monitor was bright enough to illuminate my keys anyway. So I decided to order it and I could always return it to amazon if it didn't work out.

I received the keyboard and was very impressed at how great it looked. The brushed aluminum gave it a professional but cool look I hadn't seen before. The media keys were great especially the volume wheel. The lock keys have a white LED that signifies if they are on or off and look great with the brushed aluminum. The keyboard wasn't huge either, it was just the right size. The mechanical keys aren't embedded in the keyboard. So now time to see if mechanical makes a difference. At first I just opened a text document and started typing. I found out my pinky must be heavy because I was hitting ; and not meaning to. After a little bit I got used to it and wasn't accidentally hitting keys by using as much force as I used to have to (note: I think this varies greatly on what time of mechanical switch you have, some people don't like red but I do and am happy this keyboard uses it). It was amazing how much better and more efficient it seemed to make typing. When I typed on both keyboards side by side I think the mechanical was slightly louder but not annoyingly so, and now I don't really notice it. I then launched some games and everything just felt smoother with a mechanical keyboard.

I think it is important to note that there are regular keys that you can replace the red textured keys with. I think the red looks ugly and that's the main reason I don't use the textured keys. I tried them out and did not find them that helpful anyways but it is all preference.

The left wrist pad that it comes with was odd to me at first. Although the pictures don't show it, you do not have to have it attached. I debated about using it but then just threw it on anyways. Some reviews say that they didn't like it and that it was raised to high. I do like it, it feels great especially for gaming. I thought it might be a little weird for normal typing if I was using the rest on one side but it doesn't affect my typing. This is also a compartment for the textured keys and has a handy key remover tool to swap them out.

I am aware that the F keys and key area with insert and delete are not mechanical but this does not bother me at all. I do not use those keys frequently enough for it to affect me, but I don't see why they didn't just make it all mechanical.

Suggestions: Even though I said I could do without, backlit keys would be nice, especially if they were white like the lock keys had. The wrist pad is great during gaming and okay for normal typing, I wish that it did not lock onto the bottom of the keyboard for quicker and easier removal / putting it back on (maybe I'll break the little locks off).

I highly recommend this getting this keyboard if you are an everyday user, programmer, or gamer. I'd recommend taking a look at the K90 if you really want backlit keys or G keys, as it is the same keyboard just with a little more added onto it.

Update 2/28/2013: I am still using this keyboard and no problems. I have used it quite frequently if that attests to its build quality. I have since changed desks and took the wrist pad off since it didn't sit right on my new desk. I would still recommend this keyboard for its simple function and polished looks. It is worth noting that Logitech now has a mechanical keyboard. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Tactile High-Speed Keys - Black (920-003887) Right now it's on sale for $99 so an equivalent price to the Corsair. It's definitely worth the look for the backlit keys, G keys if you use them, and it has the scroll wheel.
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on April 19, 2012
I have absolutely fallen in love with this keyboard. I've had it for less than 24 hours, but I can hardly put into words what an absolute joy it is to type on this.

I've been an avid gamer for years, since the days of Quake III Arena and Counterstrike LAN parties, and even well before that. I'm also a college student majoring in computer programming. Needless to say, I spend a great deal of time on my computer, and always have. I have used rubber dome switch keyboards forever, but got turned onto mechanical keyboards about a year ago, and got my grubby mits on a Das Keyboard silent edition mechanical keyboard. That was a great keyboard to type on, and a HUGE difference from rubber dome switch keyboards, but the clackity-clack of the keys ended up wearing on my auditory sensors after long periods of use. It used the Cherry MX Brown switches, which are among the quieter of the Cherry switches, but it was noticeable enough that people would mention the clicking sound if I were on the phone at the same time as using my PC.

I admittedly like the feeling of typing on the Corsair K60 better than my Das Keyboard, if not for the simple fact that the Cherry MX Red switches lack the distinct actuation feeling in the keys when depressing them. The Cherry MX Red switches are butter smooth from top to bottom and back again, where as the Cherry Browns have a slight catch at the center point of key travel indicating that the key has been actuated. The keyboard's body is machined aluminum, giving it a clean and industrial look, and it feels sturdy and exceptionally well constructed. The left-hand wrist rest is a nice touch too, giving your left wrist a comfortable place to rest when gaming, and Corsair even went so far as to design it with a beveled section to allow for your thumb placement so the wrist rest doesn't get in the way of depressing the spacebar lefthanded.

As with many other reviews you'll read about this keyboard, my only real complaint is the fact that Corsair didn't make it entirely mechanical. The Escape key, function keys, prtscn, scroll lock, pause break, insert, home, page up, delete, end and pg down keys are all rubber dome switches. There is a noticeable difference between the feeling of the mechanical keys and the rubber dome switches. That aside, this is an amazing keyboard so far.

I bought this keyboard in conjunction with the Corsair M60 gaming mouse. I am EXTREMELY pleased with both purchases so far, and I plan to update this review several months from now to let you guys know if I still love it or not.

UPDATE: Jan 8, 2013

After having used this keyboard for more than 6 months I can honestly say I'm not as thrilled as I was after unboxing. I still like the feel of the Cherry MX Reds for gaming, but I would almost like to have a second keyboard with CherryMX Browns for typing. The keys require so little pressure that the weight of your fingers will sometimes toss an extra letter or two into your typing, and I don't exactly have big heavy hands. The fact that all of the keys aren't mechanical is also kind of a letdown. Not a deal breaker, but the rubber dome switches and mechanical key switches are two totally different experiences. It still throws me off from time to time moving from function keys to letters because of how different they feel.

The keyboard can also be a huge pain to keep clean since there is no bezel around the keys. You can actually see the bases under the keys as well as all of the dust and junk that collects under your keys after 6+ months of use. Regardless of how well you try to keep it clean, it's never truly clean. The best I've been able to do so far is pull most of the keys off, clean, then re-seat the keycaps. Like I said, it's a pain.

I've also been having an issue with certain keys sticking, mainly the backspace and spacebar. It's been going on for several months, I've contacted Corsair about it, they started the RMA process but I have yet to hear back from them in over a month. Not thrilled about the customer support.

Overall this is a solid entry-level mechanical keyboard if you plan on doing lots of gaming. If your time is primarily spent typing, get a keyboard with CherryMX Browns. I recommend Das Keyboard
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on October 22, 2015
I have gone through many keyboards. I am happy to say I will never again consider the logitech gamer series keyboards (All of mine have broken within a couple years - same with their mice for that matter).

I like the black aluminum better than the silver aluminum here (newer one is black). The holding tray is a functional way to not lose the keys. This tray is not included in the newer black one that I bought. I don't really use it for anything but storage of the unused parts. The key remover is a nice touch. I have removed keys for a long time without the tool, and it does allow for much faster removal of the keys. This wouldn't even be worth noting in my opinion if I was only changing out some red gamer keys once (what some gamers may do when initially purchasing the keyboard, never to use the tool again). But I like to clean up the keyboard at least once per year. That means removing ALL of the keys and deep cleaning. After that many keys being removed quickly for a cleaning, the value of the tool becomes much more apparent.

Quality aluminum construction. We have dropped it and it works like a charm. I like the volume dial. It allows quick access to the volume controls, and one of the nasties of windows 10 is allowing unmutable advertisements that pause if you click outside of the window. If I am doing something sound sensitive - like talking on a VoIP conference call on the computer, and I am playing a game to pass the time, I would just mute the application I didn't want intruding in my call. Good sound works, and bad sound doesn't. Sadly, my only option is to mute everything now (or just close the screen). This keyboard provides good access to the volume controls. Even if I am not avoiding sound, some commercials blast, and others are at a whisper. The dial lets me instantly respond to sound intrusions.

I like the keyboard so much, that I bought another one. The newer one definitely has some different controls though (and lit keys), but is the same sturdy aluminum construction. I am often using this in a temporary office (relatively mobile). The keyboard has been dropped numerous times from 3-4 feet off the ground. I have never had any damage or issues with the keyboard responding. The best part is that these keyboards are actually cheaper that logitech gamers. The keyboard also includes tactile response keys. They are bright red, and have a different textured surface. It would definitely help gamers (although not a primary reason for my purchase).

I fully recommend this keyboard.

BAD: Only one USB port on the keyboard. I would kind of like two. I know, nit-picky . . .

This is the keyboard I recommend. It is well-engineered and well-worth the price.
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on February 9, 2012
This was perfect for gaming. I play League of Legends and MW3 at the moment. When you swap out the default black WASD keys for the red textured keys, you'll be amazed. It just feels great when I'm playing those games. I love the brushed aluminum look. It makes me feel like it was worth every penny. And if you have never typed on a mechanical keyboard like this, you don't know what you're missing! I'm forced to use this mushy keyboard at work but when I go home to game, it's like night and day!
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on April 19, 2013
Great product. I've had this for 7 months now, and no big complaints.
I won't go into details, but will highlight features I personally like.

-Aluminum top feel and looks AMAZING
-Laser engraved keys are an underrated feature. No more fading keys.
-easy cleaning, keys can pop off easy.
-Typing feels great, but is not RIDICULOUSLY loud like some other mechanical keyboards.

-The left-hand addon is a smart idea, as a carrying case, but it is personally unusable for me. It is very uncomfortable and puts strain on my hand when I use it. The molding is not a comfortable shape, and it doesn't help that my hand does not fit it size-wise.
- NOT all keys are mechanical!!! F1-F12 and all the insert/home/pageup etc stuff are not mechanical. I guess I don't care too much, but I wish F1-F12 were mechanical.

Overall I would this product. The hand addon is not a deal breaker for me, so I just use it as a key case. If you are buying this product specifically because it has this hand addon, I would recommend visiting a local store and feeling it for yourself. The size/molding is very specific, definitely not for most people.
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on September 26, 2012
Many have already pointed out the pros and cons of this keyboard, so I don't want to repeat the same things that were already said. I will say that this is a much better keyboard than the Thermaltake Meka G1 that I had previously.

There are two things that make this keyboard better.

1) Dedicated Media keys - the Meka G1 has media keys that work like a laptop. You press Fn then an F-key to perform media functions. It was ok, but I like the dedicated keys better.

2) Cherry MX Reds - this is the really the biggest difference between the two keyboards for me. The Meka G1 has MX Black switches. They are ok for short gaming sessions, but I also do a lot of typing. My fingers would literally feel cramped after about 30 minutes of typing and I would have to take a break for a few minutes. No such problem with the K60. The reds also seem to be much quieter than the blacks, but that might have something to do with the design of the keyboard as well as the switches themselves.

Only cons I have found are that they keys are very easy to press, so its easy to miss type or double tap a key. However, I am adapting to that problem pretty quickly. Also, wrist rest is kinda useless for me. I like the idea behind it, but in use it doesn't work very well, especially when you are just typing. No biggie since it comes off pretty easily.

Overall, this is a great keyboard. Still getting used to it, but I liked it so much I got a second one for work.
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on January 24, 2014
At first, this keyboard was exactly what I was looking for. Worked great - keystrokes were well-defined and precise. Now - there are a bunch of keys that register multiple strokes on one actual stroke. For instance, the number 9 key on the 10-key side registers anywhere between 2 and 4 keystrokes on the screen. There are a handful of other keys that do the same thing. I have tried cleaning the thing, but it just doesn't make any improvement.

I am still using it, and still deal with the annoyance of four nines when all I need is one, but I didn't spend over $100 for this thing to be this inaccurate about 6 months in. And of course, Amazon's return window has shut on my fingers.
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