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VINE VOICEon January 6, 2012
I picked up Covert Affairs on a whim. I'm a long time La Femme Nikita, Nikita, Alias, Buffy fan, so the female spy with ninja skills and a heart of gold story line is one that I have enjoyed, but one that now has a pretty high standard to live up to. Piper Perabo is simply a pleasure to watch in this role, from start to finish. She pretty much had me twisted around her little pinky a few episodes in when I realized that she had the power to go from funny to heartbreaking in a few moments. I've really enjoyed Christopher Gorham since "Jake 2.0", and seeing him here is not unlike seeing him in that role again--a computer wise spy guy. The trick here is that he is blind, but every bit as deadly and capable as his sighted companions. The evolving relationship between Perabo and Gorham on screen kept me coming back in season 1, and in season 2 it just gets better. Annie and Auggie make perfect friends and foils, their banter and friendship are the secret to what makes this show great. The moment in episode 7 when we learn more about Auggie's blindness...well, I'll leave you hopefully wondering. Jump on the Covert Affairs train. It's a great ride and a lot of fun.
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on August 11, 2011
I resisted watching this show because I was a huge ALIAS fan, which is about the dumbest reason on the planet. I finally broke down when a friend of mine was telling me about how wonderful it was, and I bought the first season on Amazon. I then went on a marathon, watching it all twice, and then gathering up all the episodes of season two. The parallels with ALIAS end at it being about a female agent in the CIA. Covert Affairs doesn't suffer from the heady mythology that ALIAS did. Anyone can pop into this show at any point and enjoy the heck out of it. Annie Walker, Joan and Arthur Campbell are terrific characters. I never expected to like Jai Wilcox, but I do. My favorite character is Auggie Anderson who touched a spot in my heart. This show is brilliant, and if you like spies you should watch it.
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on April 28, 2012
Ever want to travel the world, but short on cash? Well then, just check out S2 of Covert Affairs. From the producers of The Bourne movies, brings you an epic tale of global espionage. Also it helps fill the void that Alias left when it was taken off the air. (Not that CA is ANYTHING like Alias, other than the fact that they're both spy shows). I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for a new fun show to watch!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 4, 2012
Boos and hisses on Amazon for not having the show's catchy title track (Power's "Can You Save Me") available as an MP3 download. And that may (or may not) be the only negative thing I say here, because COVERT AFFAIRS, one of USA Network's entries in the sub-genre of spy thriller lite, is must-see television in my household. Piper Perabo continues to be compelling as the CIA's latest recruit Annie Walker. As we learned in Season One's first episode, her director has no qualms in immediately plunging her in deep waters, one field assignment chased by another. I am madly in crush with Piper Perabo, and I figure her unusual and catchy name has something to do with it. But there's also that slightly offbeat vibe she's got going on. And I've said this elsewhere, but, man, her face is so expressive and she exudes smarts.

I dunno if this is fact or fiction, but it's established early in the show that the CIA's hiring freeze unfroze after 9/11, which has resulted in 50% of the agency now flaunting a mere 5 years of experience or less. Factor in that Annie placed tops in her spy training class, and maybe the director's decision to deploy Annie so soon is easier to comprehend. In Season 2 Chris Gorham demonstrates that he still flexes those ridiculous abs. Peter Gallagher still parades around with those two pet caterpillars he insists are eyebrows. Season 2 still has me singing along to the catchy theme song. And Season 2 finds Annie Walker less broken-hearted and more the seasoned spy, although she hasn't all the way shed her wide-eyed innocence; she's yet to develop that guarded, cynical shell. But her instincts have been on point from jump. She keeps getting the job done (well, mostly), even if she sometimes steps outside of proper agency protocol. Some may frown at her insubordination. But others may flip that around and call it "showing initiative" and "adapting to adverse situations."

We see what happens to her recently turned-up mystery man, that ex-boyfriend for whom she annoyingly pined for most of last season. That's not to say that her other admirers don't get spotlighted. In "Good Advices" Annie and Mossad agent Eyal Lavin (Oded Fehr, awesome) run into each other and butt heads over a prospective asset, and in "A Girl Like You" Lavin returns to Washington, D.C. on an unsanctioned (and personal) mission. And there are other dudes sniffing around.

Okay, the writing could be sharper, and, honestly, I'm not that into the shady internal politics that go on within the CIA. But the appealing cast and the breezy, upbeat tone help make the show very easy to swallow. Piper Perabo is never less than captivating. She anchors the show effortlessly. I hope this is her breakout role and that she gets more pub out of this, because I think she's talented and deserving. Meanwhile, I'm crossing my fingers for something to develop even more between Annie and her trusted pal Auggie (Chris Gorham). Perabo and Gorham together create serious sparks, but it's probably best that whatever it is they've got going on, it unfolds at a slow burn. By the way, Gorham's blind CIA tech wrangler just may be the best character in the show. Maybe my favorite Season 2 episodes is "Half a World Away," in which Auggie's jazz festival jaunt in Istanbul inadvertently turns into an espionage mission. In this ep, it's revealed how Auggie lost his eyesight.

And, as always, we note the dichotomy between Annie's CIA capers and her sometimes frazzled domestic life with her sister. Season 1 ended with Danielle (Anne Dudek) still believing Annie's Smithsonian cover. In Season 2, cue certain developments.

COVERT AFFAIRS isn't as nerve-jangling or action-packed as 24, isn't as plot-twisty as ALIAS, and our heroine doesn't boast the experience and jadedness of Michael Westen on BURN NOTICE. It tends to be episodic in nature, which results in our not caring that much about the caper of the week. But COVERT AFFAIRS finds a nice balance in showcasing the more glamorous, globe-trotting, adventurous side of Annie's missions with those other assignments in which she deals with the more mundane aspects of the job. I think of all the things that COVERT AFFAIRS isn't, and I'm even more amazed that this show steadily hooks in its share of the Nielsen pie. Piper Perabo is pitch perfect. And it's always neat to discover what other language Annie Walker has mastered. Just as with BONES and with CASTLE, it's not so much the cases as it is the interactions among the cast members that draw us in. And, finally, it's good to see Auggie's close combat sessions with Annie paying off huge. The Season 3 opener is just around the corner, on July 10th. I may fidget anxiously until then.

The COVERT AFFAIRS Season 2 set consists of all 16 episodes on four discs and the following special features: several deleted scenes, a gag reel, Piper's introduction of the series at Comic-Con 2011, and a behind-the-scenes featurette entitled "Covert Affairs On Location."
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on June 22, 2012
A lot of people have already given many reasons to love this show, so I'll list what's actually in the disk collection you're buying because let's be honest, that's the only real reason to buy the season DVDs anyhow.

Disk 1:
1. Begin the Begin
2. Good Advices
3. Bang and Blame
4. All the Right Friends
-Bonus: Deleted Scenes for Good Advices (1:19)

Disk 2:
5. Around the Sun
6. The Outsiders
7. Half a World Away
8. Welcome to the Occupation
-Bonus: Deleted Scenes for Around the Sun (1:07) and Half a World Away (1:18)

Disk 3:
9. Sad Professor
10. World Leader Pretend
11. The Wake-Up Bomb
12. Uberlin
-Bonus: Deleted Scenes for Sad Professor (1:03), World Leader Pretend (4:45), and Uberlin (0:51)

Disk 4:
13. A Girl Like You
14. Horse to Water
15. What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
16. Letter Never Sent
-Bonus: Deleted Scenes for What's the Frequency, Kenneth? (1:16) and Letter Never Sent (1:00)
*Gag Reel (short and funny!! Piper has a mouth on her, but it's all censored out.)
*Piper Perabo Comic-Con Intro (Kinda confusing, I thought that this would be an interview or something but it's a funny gag with Annie going off task at Comic Con following "intel". Eh, short and a little pointless.)
*Covert Affairs on Location: Istanbul, Venice, Berlin, and Stockholm (Probably the best bonus feature of this box set, it follows Chris Gorham who plays Auggie Anderson as he goes on location and shoots little video diaries and behind the scene snippets of his costars. Interesting and personal, I felt a part of the Covert Affairs family by watching it. Roughly 16 minutes with all of them.)

Unfortunately, the one thing that this box set is missing is the cast and creator commentaries on certain episodes. I love those best, because I love to hear what little nuggets of wisdom the actors have and reminisce on. It's odd that this set offers nothing of the sort this time around, especially when practically every other TV show I have encountered has at least one episode like that, but the COVERT AFFAIRS ON LOCATION definitely helped my bummed feeling on the matter.

Worth it, especially if it's for a good price. I got mine for around $20, so I am very happy with the set overall.
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on February 28, 2016
Good entertainment and good stories that keeps your attention until the end of the episode. The soap opera running plots are not intrusive and just a side thought to keep in mind as a curiosity of the episodes that mostly stand on their own. The main character strains credibility as a spy who wins almost all fights with big bad-guys. It is thoughtfully played out with her mostly unarmed and relying on her brains and language abilities to cope in the dangerous situations the plots take her. I find the series a reliable watch when I need to catch something that is a pleasure to watch but does not require concentration to stay with the story. A three star is an OK watch for me and a five star is almost never given. This is four star because I appreciate a series that leaves me feeling my time was a pleasurably spent and glad I experienced it.
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on April 20, 2016
I really enjoy this show. I never heard about it before looking at what Prime has to offer for streaming. Sometimes I watch 2 or 3 episodes because I so caught up with the action. There is an undercurrent running through for Annie Walker (CIA covert agent) and Augie who is blind due to his service in Afghanistan and her closest friend at the bureau. He is no longer a field agent, but he always has her back when she is in danger. He has amazing digital spy equipment that monitors throughout the world and especially if Annie is involved. I know the CIA gets a bad rap sometimes, but they do some amazing stunts to get their agents out of harm's way.
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on July 19, 2016
The fist season was a fun season as he show was trying to develop an identity. It had enough intrigue to keep me interested and high hopes for the second season. So I was a little disappointed as the show seemed to continue trying to find an first. As the season progressed the last 6 episodes showed that an identity was starting to develop. Now I am hooked. The show was becoming less of a feel good not too developed character show into a more serious drama with more defined characters!
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on May 6, 2016
Covert Affairs is an entertaining and occasionally even nuanced look at spy craft and spies in the post-911 world. Some of the scenarios seem a bit contrived, and the politics of relations between CIA and Congress are over-simplified. But the heroine and her immediate colleagues ring true in an off-beat quirky sense, even if the motivations of her higher management remain murky and unrealistically complex. You can briefly suspend your disbelief and enjoy the show.
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on July 2, 2016
The relationship between Ben Mercer and Annie Walker was the best thing about this show. Their love was touching and almost epic. Then the show ruined it. The cruel way Annie dismissed Ben in episode "Welcome to the occupation" was a slap in the face of not only Ben but to all the fans of the show. It was a complete disregard of what they'd been through. And the show lost its most complex and charismatic character. What a waste.
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