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on August 7, 2013
I think the show has moved a step up this season. Annie has matured, as most people do once they are four years into a job. The show is darker, however. Some of the comic relief has disappeared, and the witty banter has decreased.

The loss of the graphic laden, and somewhat cheesy, intro is a positive (though we miss the shots of Piper Perabo). However, the loss of the theme song is lamented. The song had little application (for those who could make out the words) to the early Annie. Now, as she moves into a mature, and more compromising, phase of her career, the song makes sense.

But the show still moves, and is even more engaging. Hopefully, the Annie character will not lose the charm, but simply temper it as appropriate. A great deal of her charm lies in her not diving down the rabbit hole as a person, but learning to compartmentalize. She needs her sister back to provide the bungie that pulls her back out of the hole as needed.
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on August 22, 2013
Personally one of the best written shows that I've seen in years. Plot lines leave you hanging after each episode in a most aggravating way - which only leaves you certain to set a reminder in your smart phone for next week. The suspense is built on solid acting & great writing, rather than on the all too frequent skin, liqour and foul language used by most shows these days. Finally, a show that demands attention for the right reasons. Would love a little less of Henry Wilcox and a few more mission adventures for Annie like in season 3. But I've seen the entire series thus far to know that the writers won't let me down. A truly must watch - and hope to never end show!
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on August 29, 2013
I think this episode refutes all lackluster comments about the chemistry between Annie and Auggie. Their "chemistry" has been building all 3 seasons and given us a true story of how their relationship was formed. There is the utmost importance to trust, but this show provides grey lines so as to protect everyone and the country they serve. The name of the episode was so fitting, as the choice Annie and Auggie are making is putting "cracks" into the solid foundation they thought they could have with each other, i.e., being spies and going the distance. As Helen said, the wrong choice for Annie would cause her to lose both Auggie and the downfall of Henry. She listened to Helen's advice and followed it as well. I thought this was a brilliant episode, but I won't lie. I cried at the end because I felt their pain through my computer! If Piper's tears and Chris' pain were just acting, then they both deserve Emmy nominations! We saw what was probably the last scene to a cliffhanger, hopefully, in this season's first episode, so I will be going through Annie and Auggie withdrawals until then. Annie can't be dead. They will always be, IMO, each other's #1 priority.
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on August 11, 2013
I am paying more attention to Covert Affairs this season than any before. I will be going back and watching the previous episodes as soon as I can.
I like the characters and am trying to put the puzzle pieces together that have been shown so far as to what will happen in the next few episodes. Showing the "end" in the first scene was interesting.
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on August 1, 2013
I LOVED LOVED LOVED the first 3 seasons of this show. I'm so disappointed by the first 3 episodes of season 4. I fear the show is now lost "it" and is spiraling into soup opera like plotlines and lacklustre acting (all Annie does now is look unconvincingly stern or distressed and the confrontations between Arthur and Auggie are ridiculous.) The downfall started with the last episode of season 3. While there was chemistry between Annie and Auggie early in the series it has fizzled away and there was really no realistic build up to them getting together and the chemistry now is sorely lacking. Bring back Eyal and add some variety to the missions (not all related to Arthur's son/Henry Wilcox) to save the show!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 19, 2013
This show has evolved from a good show to a great one the last two seasons. I can't wait to see how they are going to end this one.
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on August 1, 2013
The writers for this show are so good and Piper Perabo brings it. The show is all about getting to know Annie Walker played by Piper. Season one was all about a young girl brought into the CIA and as time progress you follow her growth in the field of spying. Her morals and her beliefs that there is good in all allows her to side step many of the faults of her superiors and go for another solution that does not involve killing and in the end a better solution. If there were more people like Perabo what a better world this would be.
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on September 21, 2013
Great combination. I love spy shows. I like the characters. But I was rooting for Eyal and Annie. Even though Auggie has been my favorite character, I like the chemistry between Annie and Eyal. Ben too, for that matter. I love seeing all the European cities when Annie goes abroad.
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on September 18, 2013
This show just keeps getting better and better. I wish they would fix the intro. The intro music is great, but the part where Annie is dancing is SUPER awkward. That said... The show is GREAT.
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on March 3, 2014
I had to buy the whole season to instantly view because I just could not wait to watch the season that I missed this year. This season was freaking awesome! *Spoiler stuff below.* I missed the theme song a bit, but I can see now that Annie is evolving more into an edgier agent who is killing people and stealing things for her survival, I think she outgrew the old song and dance. The show started to shock me a bit more, so the surprises are still coming.

I think this season showed a bit more realistic take on what a clandestine CIA agent really has to do/deal with. Her long off book assignment out of the country is more in line with what I think a real mission would be like. Not always being able to phone home, and have your boss hold your hand throughout the process, like in the last 3 seasons. How hot was that guy who was renting her an apt? Too bad she didn't hit that in light of what Auggie did later with Miss Cankles. Tisk tisk Auggie!
There was definitely more isolation and Annie relying on herself this season. She did not do it perfectly, which made you relate. But the only thing that really bugs me is they always have her looking around suspiciously. OKAY, if you're in the CIA, you have to play it cool. Use reflective surfaces and all that. Don't be so obvious, Annie!

I loved her & Auggie together in the beginning of the season, but you know shows aren't happy leaving happy couples as they are, so they threw a wrench between the two. Of course he still cares about her safety and whatever, but if I were Annie, I don't know if I would forgive him next season. If you saw, you know what I'm talking about. How about Joan and Arthur and that whole scandal! I hope Arthur somehow gets back into the CIA. I miss him not being in every episode.

I gotta say, I wasn't exactly sure how they were going to write Annie back from the dead/"going dark," but I'm glad they did. Regarding Miss Cankles (Auggie's ex) - I felt so bad for her that Henry did her so dirty. Geeze, that was cold! I'm glad Annie+Auggie's new boss ended up being on their side. He really knows his shizz.

I LOVE Eyal! I was so glad he has a little role this season. He is awesome, and I loved the chemistry he and Annie had before. In the previous season when he asked her to go with him and sail away, I was like, "Go Annie Go! He is gorgeous. Get on that!" Maybe, just maybe he will be back and take Auggie's place later as Annie's main man, who knows? :)

Dying to see what's in store next season!
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