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Style: 501 boom arm|Change
Price:$29.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on February 5, 2013
Pros: reasonable cost, comes with a sandbag and attachment carabiner, has a quick release for the strobe/modifier.

Cons: clamp is plastic (although good plastic), collapsed size is still 4', sandbag not very practical

The clamp has four different sized holes you can put a pole though. The smallest diameter hole it will accommodate is about 20mm and the largest is about 30mm. Use the largest hole that will still allow you to clamp it down on your light stand. This boom/clamp will not work with the cheap 7' light stands that are widely available, the top section of the stand is too small to fit the clamp at 16.5mm, and the combined weight of the boom system is far too great.

With the pole extended, you will need a counter balance weight in the 10-20lb range bringing the weight of the system (boom, clamp, strobe, modifier, counter balance weight) into the 20-30lb range. I have tested it successfully on the 9' and 12' Cowboy studio stands, as well as the Revelli 10' stand. You will need to sandbag your stand as it won't be stable with the boom.

Even though the clamp appears to be the same on both sides, it isn't. One side is for the light stand and one is for the boom. See my pictures to get the setup done correctly. I highly suggest marking the clamp to save yourself time down the road if you will not be leaving it setup permanently. I marked where the boom goes, as well the where the light stand pole goes for the diameters I will likely use.

The pole is in two sections, it collapses down to 4' and extends to about 6.5'. The base section is 30mm in diameter. The strobe end uses a standard 5/8" attachment point with the far end 1/4 threaded similar to most light stands. It also has a quick release which is handy. You may need to adjust the tension on the release levers using a small hex socket or needle nose pliers. On mine one was not tight enough and using it as is would have risked my equipment and the safety of those in the area.

The sandbag is like those seen advertised on amazon from various sellers for use in photography. Although the sandbag is okay, I won't be using with the boom because it's too hard to adjust. As you change modifiers and the length of the boom, you need to constantly be adjusting the counter balance. Trying to put in and take out sand (or other ballast material) with every adjustment just isn't practical. Instead, I'm using several weights from a barbell set, each one with cord attached and it's own small carabiner. This makes it easy to add or take away a couple pounds at a time. One could also use filled bottles of water or any other ballast that can be attached to the ring bolt. If you are using this in a more or less permanent configuration (same strobe, modifier, boom length) then the sandbag may work fine for you. I'll instead use the sandbag to hold down the light stand which is a requirement with this setup.

I hope this review was useful to you.
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on January 22, 2013
I figured for the price I paid for this, it would end up being a bit on the thin and light side. I wasn't expecting a boom that seems to be of the same heavy and sturdy build of boom arms costing twice as much. This thing means business. In fact, I'm now going to have to buy a heavy duty light stand with which to use it, because my regular ones will definitely groan under this thing's weight and reach. That's not a bad thing at all, mind you.

Also, the picture and description didn't seem to indicate that it comes with a counterweight bag, but it did. That was a very nice surprise, as I was dreading having to order one separately, since they only seem to come in costly sets of three or more.

I'm very impressed with this thing already, and I haven't even used it yet. But, I've been in this business long enough to know a good thing when I get my hands on it, and this is a very good thing, especially for the price.
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on October 18, 2013
Note that my 5 stars take into consideration that I didn't have to pay $150 for this - I give it 5 stars because it is a great bargain, a very useful piece of equipment and even better than I expected considering the price. It is mostly metal except for the mounting bracket, which is of a high strength plastic. I don't worry about the plastic piece breaking - they used the plastic in the best way on this boom, anyplace else and it might cheapen it too much. There are 4 sizes on the mounting bracket for each side (one side goes on the stand, and one on the boom arm), so it should fit most any size stand. Somebody commented that you need to mark which side of the bracket goes where - I don't know why you would, the sides of the mount are interchangeable and the mounting bracket can be rotated so that it doesn't matter which side goes on the stand, and visa versa. There is an eye on the end for the sand bag - the whole arrangement seems to work well. Sure, you can spend more money and get those multiple size weights that clamp onto the boom arm, but that costs more money than I need to spend on this. The clamps for extending are all metal and look like they will last. The tip on the end can be detached - a nice feature to have. I had to adjust the tension on one of the clamps, but that isn't a big hassle. One nice addition would be a carrying case. It's not high-end studio gear for big lights, but that should be obvious. Overall - I'd highly recommend this boom!
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on April 19, 2015
The plastic grip that holds this to the lightstand makes this boom super hard to maneuver if you need to move it. The boom is good quality but the attachment is junk. I guess its okay for plastic because it has not broke but I also done use it because practicing with it I found it way too hard to get it where i needed it and if I needed to make and adjustment it took a long time and I had to loosen and support the whole weight of the boom and light while tightening the plastic clamp. keep looking
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on July 6, 2015
Was exactly what I was looking for in a boom arm. The only bad point was I had hoped to use it for a light job on one of my smaller light stands (Paul C. Buff 3050) and found my stand is too skinny to use it so needed to use one of my heavy duty ones (Paul C. Buff 3900). I didn't have any sand so in a pinch I used rice for the counter weight bag. Works for now as I said I was using it for a light duty LED light. I'm pretty sure this will work in my studio for my heavier Alien Bee Strobes as well.
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on March 30, 2016
I bought this to point the 32" soft box downward, since it could not do this being on a standard light stand. This short boom made it work a lot better and I am very pleased with all the angles it can now go in.... For my kind of product photography, I think this boom is made very well made and locks into place very nicely... The saddle bag - sand bags it comes with, (empty) will hold 2 sandwich bags of dry sand, rated at about ten pounds. This holds the soft box with the light source up very good (as counter weight). It was a great purchase for me - Rated five stars..... Thanks guys for being so prompt with the shipping. I love it .... The price is nice too...
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on January 21, 2013
I bought this for holding a beauty dish. It has plastic hardware and the thumbscrew that holds it to the light stand broke as I was setting up for my shoot. Not thrilled, even for the $30 range it's not worth the money.
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on February 25, 2015
Good item, havnt tried it yet hut feels good in the hands.

Update: 04/15/2015 the joint spins when there is weight on it.. I couldnt get it to stay where i wanted it. A good fix to the spinning/slipping is super glueing fine sand paper on the inside of the joint.
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on October 16, 2015
I was aware this arm wont hold heavy items. I purchased this one for a speedlight and small softbox mounted on S-bracket. Even that turned to be way too heavy for this arm. Not only it bowed itself but also looked like it will break my stand. I would say it might work fine if all you wanna mount on it is a speedlight or speedlight with a snoot, but even this set up seems to put a stress on one part of this arm. The critical point here is a plastic mount which goes on the tip of your light stand. It seems very gentle. I decided to return this item before that mount breakes, which I am sure would happen any moment.
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on February 12, 2015
It appears OK until one point......
The most important part in a Boom Arm is the Clamp . Talking about this clamp , plastic , I don't think will accept any light more then 2.3 lb and a light Softbox as 24 x 36 inch on a fully extended arm and leaving behind 18 inch for the weight .
I tested and I will not suggest for more weight .
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