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on February 14, 2015
Since I am a left-handed long gun operator, the review is on the left hand version; however, the review would also be applicable to the right hand version.

Made of rugged synthetic material No-Slip padded cheek rest Zippered utility pouch holds an extra 7 hidden rounds 2 strips with elastic loops for ammo storage and quick reloads with hook & loop attachment Holds a total of 14 extra rounds Zippered pouch has removable ammo pad so the pouch can be used for other gear. Measures 8 x 4 ¾

Cartridge Carrier Panels:
As stated, each panel consists of a hook & loop material that allow quick attachment to the cartridge carrier side of the cheek piece, which contains and abundance of mounting material. Each loop is well-stitched and can hold ammunition from .223/5.56x45 caliber and upward of rifle ammunition. For pistol caliber long guns, the pouch can accommodate from .38 special upward to 45-70. I have used these panels for 7.62x54R, 7.62x39, and .357 magnum ammunition with zero problems.

Cartridge Pouch Interior:
The interior of the unit contains a substantial amount of material to hold the second cartridge panel. The outside of the interior is lined with what seems to be a rubberized material to help prevent moisture from creeping in, although the entire interior is not water-proofed.

The interior is secured by a heavy zipper. To open the interior pouch, pull the zipper from the rear to the front. Personally, I prefer that the zipper was pulled from front to rear; this would expose the rounds that would be extracted from the carrier for use. If loose ammunition was being stored, opening from the rear of the pouch may cause loose rounds (or other stored items) to fall from the pouch. However, the zipper does not extend to the very bottom of the pouch; loosing items may not be a concern.

The zipper pull is substantial and opening and closing the pouch is easy even when wearing gloves.

Mounting Straps:
There are four mounting straps; a rear strap for the butt of the rifle and three bottom straps for the stock of the rifle.

A nylon loop for each bottom strap provides a secure mount. Beneath each loop resides a double-looped section of material that prevents the nylon loop from contacting the stock of the rifle.

Each lower mountingstrap is 9.5-inches in length, which provides ample length to secure the pouch to even the largest of rifle stocks. Each strap contains a full-length of hook & loop material, which is fully-stitched to the strap.

The butt stock strap can be adjusted to accommodate slip-on or fixed recoil pads. The ‘butt strap’ is 10-inches long and has hook & loop material for attaching to the inside of the pouch.

Cheek piece:
The cheek piece is a nicely-padded vinyl material surrounded by a double-stitched border; it provides a nice cushion for your chubby cheeks or beard. The rise of the rifle stock’s comb is only affected by the thickness of the pouches material. Since the pouch is fully adjustable; however, additional material could be placed between the pouch and the stock to alter the rise of the comb, if desired.

Mounting the Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest can be somewhat of a chore, but the results (in my opinion) are worth the effort.

Note: If a slip-on recoil pad is normally mounted for operating the firearm, install the slip-on pad before attempting to mount the pad to the rifle stock.

Have on hand wooden tongue depressors or other blunt tools; you can use this to tuck the end of the mounting straps into pouch.

The pouch is best mounted with the rifle upside down. If you have a scoped-rifle, provide a means to protect the scope from damage; a rifle rest that allows the rifle to be mounted upside down is recommended but not required. Obviously, care should be taken to protect the sights or any optical device from damage.

The pouch can be mounted with or without the cartridge panels installed. However, the zippered pouch should be closed.

I have found that adjusting one strap at a time is the most effective way to mount the Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest.

1. Position the Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest so that the rearmost mounting strap (not the butt strap) is position just behind the rear sling mount.

2. Center the pouch on the rifle stock as closely as possible.

3. Adjust the mounting strap to provide the best fit. Push the strap through the nylon loop, fold it back on itself, and press the hook & loop material to secure the strap to the stock. I like to position the end of the strap just so there is just enough material at the end of the strap to tuck into the bottom of the pouch, which negates loose strap ends. If the strap is too long, or too short, lift the strap from the inside hook & loop fastener of the pouch and reposition, as necessary, to provide the desired tension.

4. Once the desired tension is achieved with the rearmost strap, undo the strap and repeat with the middle strap. The middle strap should be located just in front of the rear sling mount. You will have some excess strap, but I simply leave the excess, as it is inside of the pouch and bothers nothing.

5. When the middle strap is adjusted to the desired tension, undo the strap and repeat the mounting procedure with the front strap. As before, there will be an excess of strap.

6. Tighten all straps and adjust, as necessary, to achieve the final fit.

7. When satisfied, undo the rearmost strap until you can separate the end of the unit from the rifle stock.

Note: If you are not going to use the butt stock strap, you can eliminate this step and steps 8 through 12.

8. Center the butt stock strap against the butt of the rifle. Note that one end of the butt stock strap has two pieces of hook & loop material; this end should be placed on the ammunition pouch side, as it is used to secure the rearmost mounting strap.

9. If there is excess rear mounting strap length, simple lift the excess from the butt stock mounting hook & loop material (it is still firmly held in place by the cheek piece hook & loop material).

10. Fasten the cartridge side butt strap first. Fasten any rear mounting strap excess to the butt strap hook & loop mounting material.

11. Push the butt strap forward and press the cheek piece into the butt strap; this secures the butt strap.

12. Push the rearmost mounting strap through the loop, fold it back onto itself, and secure the strap.

13. Using a tongue depressor or other tool, push the excess mounting strap material into the bottom of the unit (about ½-inch material is more than adequate to secure the end of the straps under the pouch).

14. The Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest should now be fully mounted and secured to the rifle stock. You can make minor adjustments, if need be, by loosening the mounting straps, sliding the unit rearward off of the rifle, and then adjusting each strap, as necessary, to provide the final fit.

There you go! Add you favorite ammunition to the ammunition panels, zip the pouch, and the pouch is ready for action.

To remove the pouch while the rifle is stored, simply loosen the three bottom mounting straps enough to slide the unit from the stock. When you need to reattach the pouch for use, simply slide the pouch onto the rifle stock and adjust the straps.

I usually keep the pouch in a ‘possible bag’ while the rifle is stored. If need be, I can simply grab the rifle, the possible bag, and mount the pouch as needed.

The Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest is intended for use on full-stock hunting and tactical rifles. It can be mounted; however, on an adjustable stock as long is its mounting does not interfere with the stocks operation (the stock release lever). The

Note that the Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest may not fit on smaller stocked rifles, as it may be too large. However, spacer material can be used in between the unit and the stock to achieve a good fit. Ensure that the ‘spacer’ material will not harm your stock. Note; however, that adding spacer material will affect the rise of the stock. On one occasion, I had some silicon-treated gun socks that were not being used anymore (I had replaced the gun socks with Bore Stores). A little cutting with a pair of scissors resulted in a “saddle blanket’ of sorts for the pouch and it mounted just fine. The Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest also fits nicely on a standard "M16-style" stock.

I use the Fox Tactical Rifle Butt Stock Cheek Rest for the SKS and Mosin-Nagant rifles and they are very handy for hunting rifles that allow ‘top-feeding.’ With a little ingenuity and some hook & loop fastening material, you can also devise a magazine holder to attach to the ammunition panel side.
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on April 2, 2014
This is a very nice rest for Leftys like me... if you're a lefty you know that its hard to find a good cheek rest on amazon. It took some fitting to get it to sit right before I tightened it up, but it works great now. There is a second row of bungee bullet holders inside the zip pouch which is where I keep mine stored, not on the outside.

I would have given it 5 stars, but I only give 5 star ratings for products that exceed my expectations, this product met my expectations just fine though.
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on February 17, 2014
This product is good, not great. It does the job. The velcro straps are fully adjustable to get a tight fit. I put this cheek rest on my Ruger American 7mm-08. The shell holders are a bit loose to hold the 7mm-08 round tightly. They will stay, but I am sure if you were walking or hiking they would work loose. Would but again.
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on November 14, 2013
Nice to find a cheek rest for the lefties out there. So far the quality seems nice. Only complaint would be there is too much velcro strapping, but that is good as each person can tailor it to their firearm and needs.
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on November 13, 2015
Ordered Nov. 5, received Nov. 12th. Packaged well, new and unused. Seems to fit well on my Rem700 Lefty with a little adjustment of the straps. Straps are not stitched into place, secure to underside of pad with velcro, meaning they are 100% adjustable. Right out of the box, fit very loose, but after adjustment of said velcro straps, it feels pretty secure.

Right now, it gets 4 stars for MEETING expectations. I am going hunting next weekend, and will put it through it's paces. If it does well, and excedes my expectations, will edit and change to 5 stars.

It's March 2016 now, four months's still holding snug on my stock, the non-slip pad is still non-slip, but a couple of the elastic round holders have loosened up enough to let rounds slip out (.308). Still, not bad. The rest are still good to go. Still 4 stars due to the elastic getting a little loose.

I like the idea of the removable cartridge holders. Nice touch. The material feels fairly durable, and the black non-slip material so far feels rather comfortable. Again, I've only had it one day.
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on March 7, 2016
I want to start this with saying i really, REALLY wanted to like this product.
For the price, the stitching was decent, the fit and finish were nice, It affords a great cheek weld and the zipper pocket was exactly what I wanted. The velcro on the outside was a nice touch, as it offered a nice place to stick moral patches and the like. The three bottom and single rear straps affix this rest tightly to the stock of your rifle. Regrettably, this is where the problem lies.
You see, the faux leather they use on the section you put your face against - it's not backed with anything. What i mean by that is, the very second you cinch one of the straps, even moderately snug, it rips the faux leather at the seam it was stitched to. If they had backed the leather with the canvas they used to make the rest of the product with and sewed it together, This would be a legitimate 5 star, even rivaling the top of the line products that cost 4x as much as this.
I can't help but feel that if one were to very lightly cinch the straps, even under light use, it would still fail in short order. It really is unfortunate, as I love everything else about it.
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on February 18, 2013
Excellent stock pack, comes with 2 sizes of ammunition holders that velcro to the side. Looks good on my Remington 700 sps tactical and help me raise the height of my eye level to match that of my scope. Great buy.
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on April 14, 2014
I have two 10/22's and I put one of these on each. They work well for what they are. They do not have a cheek riser though, so don't expect that if you order one of these. That is a problem easily fixed with a piece of wood and a dermal tool though.They are nice for the 10/22's, because you can fit 50-100 rounds in the pouch, or (such is the case with my 10/22 takedown) you can fit spare batteries for the red dot, and tools to take it apart and clean it in the field. If I were looking for something of this sort for a precision rifle such as an FN A3G, I would look to spend some more money. But as I said earlier, for the 22 rifle, or something like that, this will do fine.
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on May 2, 2015
This is my 3 Fox Buttstock Pouch and they all work great. I put this FG one on my Savage 10PC 308 (Digital Camo Accustock) and it matched beautifully. These are the best for the money, highly recommended!
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on March 23, 2016
Fit on my marlin model 60 .22. Took some head scratching and a bit of adjusting to get it to fit perfect. But worth well the money. I took the shell holders off and a box of 50 22 lr fits in the pouch perfect. One down side is the velcro catches burs in the woods but for the money i can live with it.
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