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on July 12, 2011
I don't understand the animosity in some of the reviews.

Overall I like the app a lot. There is functionality that I wish it had, however, I have found I can do most things, including adding google calendars and more to it very easily from the website. For those complaining about functionality there is actually a lot of what you are complaining about available it just has to be set-up on the site instead of your phone.

Here is what I like:
- Pre-made lists for emergency preparedness, Flylady zones, recipes, etc that can be imported into my calendar, to-do list, or shopping list with just a few clicks and then edited to fit my needs.
- The ease with which my husband and I can add appointments for our family and keep track of them.
- The family journal and ability to share is fun and has encouraged us to keep track of some family moments more.

What I don't like:
- The site is a bit glitchy, although this may be due to Amazon traffic.
- I wish there was one widget that shows each aspect of the organizer as a tab or page you can scroll too.

As a whole this is exactly what it says it is an app that helps families get more organized.
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on March 11, 2012
I just needed a basic calendar app for my Kindle Fire to keep track of appointments and upcoming events, so I tried out the Cozi Family Organizer. At first it seemed to meet needs just fine. It seemed to try to steer me a little too much to the Cozi website, which was a little annoying, but it did what I needed, letting me track the schedule of various meetings and events. However, I frequently take my Kindle Fire with me on trips or to church or other locations without WiFi. I soon discovered that if I hadn't connected to the app while connected to WiFi, it would start up with a "Cozi App Tip" screen, but would time out due to the lack of a connection. Then it wouldn't let me access my calendar or do anything more.

I assume this occurs because they are trying to force downloads of their adds, but it makes the product totally unusable in situations where you may need to access your calendar, but don't have wifi.
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on May 13, 2012
Cozi was the organizer I selected to make my Fire my full time planner. I spent a large part of my day transferring schedules. I work full time, go to graduate school part time, and have a boyfriend that travels frequently. The first few days this app worked out great. I enjoyed the color schemes on he calendar to coordinate all these various facets of my life. However after a few days, I went online, updated the picture, then logged off. All the information on the kindle completely wiped. The online calendar doesn't "sync" it simply overwrites all the material. This is totally worthless to me now.
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on December 12, 2012
I appreciate how this helps my family to maintain one calendar. However I am often away from my computer and would like to use the app on my Kindle Fire for those times. This works okay as long I have wi-fi (though even then it can be very slow at times). If I do not have wi-fi it often can not even bring up this months events let alone 6 months from now. Additionally the app is very limited in options for making a recurring appointment or for editing an existing appointment. I contacted the company to see if they might be able to make upgrades that would allow my Kindle to store 6 months and then sync the calensdars when wi-fi was available (much like my Palm always did). Their reply was that they did not have any plans for such upgrades. I would also note that even the online version can be very slow at times and cumbersome in entering appointments. If it weren't free I'd ask for my money back.
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on July 12, 2011
The Cozi calendar works as billed. I thought it would be great for our family, but ditched it within a week in favor of Google. My main complaint is that you can only get reminders via email or text. I get so much email that my phone would never stop ringing if I had it set up with a tone; ditto for texts. With Google calendar, I can use the phone tone of my choice so I have that physical reminder, without adding to my overstuffed in-box. And adding family members was as easy as entering their email addresses. Cozi just isn't the calendar for us.
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on May 10, 2016
Love Cozi....3 of my daughters and I use one Cozi account to keep track of all of the goings on in our busy families. At a glance we can tell if it's a good day/time to plan a get together, or when someone might need help with little ones. Soo grateful for color coding, the ability to enter repeating events, etc. It's a lifesaver for us!! 😊
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on March 20, 2013
I recently signed up for the web version of Cozi. When prompted, I checked the box for 'FlyLady,' describing how I had heard about Cozi. ...and without telling me that it would do so, I was automatically signed up for FlyLady's "Partner" version of Cozi. In general, this seems to mean that my non-personal data is shared between both companies, even though I deleted my official account on FlyLady long ago. I didn't want the emails anymore, and I saw no purpose in providing any data to FlyLady or its advertising/product partners. ...and now here I am, again.

So, I tried to change my "Partner" version of Cozi to a regular version, but that option wasn't available in the Settings menu. Then, I tried to delete my account, so that I could open a new, non-partnered version...only to find out that I couldn't do that either. After hunting through the FAQs, I learned that the only way that I could delete my account was to send a request to customer service. This is inefficient at best, and it raises a lot of security and administrative control issues at worst. The automated customer service response provides a ticket number for each request, and the notice that it would take a minimum of 2-3 days for my concern to be addressed. ...too long for my email address or any other information to be floating around in their system --and FlyLady's site-- when I had never been informed that I would be opting into a Partner version of Cozi in the first place.

So, I complained...loudly. I posted my concerns on both Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to learn the whole story. This is the response that I received on Facebook:

Me: Ugh. Please give users the ability to delete accounts and alter partner versions manually. Even gigantic social networking sites provide the ability to delete or change your own account information without contacting customer service, first. Smart move for advertisers and the bottom line, Cozi. It comes across as a little shady for everyone else.

Cozi: Hi Erin, You're right that we should offer auto-deletion, and we're about to release that option. It should be live within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you want to delete your account, I'd be glad to help. If you'd like to send a message to us at [...], I could take care of it right away. Regarding partner versions, we can also change partner versions via customer support. We don't have a way to do so manually. I'm sorry if that causes frustration for you, and I'd be glad to forward the request that we consider adding that option in the future. If I can help further, please let me know. ^marian

I told Marian that I had already submitted my customer service request, and that the sooner they deleted my account, the sooner I would shut up about the issue. ...and then I said that I would be interested in trying their product if they decided to add the above features and improve their transparency when dealing with customer service issues and the sign-up for Cozi. (Marian finally did delete my account...but read onward.)

I would copy and paste my follow-up comment too, but...oh wait...I can't. Cozi's customer service (Marian, presumably) decided to hide/remove my post and comments from Cozi's Facebook wall and have prevented me from voicing any other concerns about transparency or product flaws in that very public forum. ...because that inspires confidence from your consumers! I'm sure that you have our best interests at heart and are working hard to improve your services while safeguarding and giving two craps about privacy! </sarcasm>

If you're looking for a product to help you organize your home and your family's schedules, may I suggest ANYTHING else. The company is clearly more interested in its marketing partnerships, advertising revenue, and national media exposure than it is about YOU. It is possible to do both, folks. I just wish that Cozi would realize that you don't have to be sneaky to be successful, financially or otherwise.
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on July 12, 2011
Update 8/12/11 -- now after the latest update there are even more and larger ads, both on PC and SmartPhone. Cozi now wants $2.99/month.

Amazon should not allow this bait and switch, and in my opinion the app should be banned forever!


Downloaded the "free app of the day" which is supposed to be the "premium" version (supposed to have no ads); however it has ads.

Also, the PC site only seems to come in an ad version.

Could earn a couple more stars if it was ad-free as it is supposed to be.
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on February 11, 2013
In addition to the kids schedules I added our vehicles so we can keep track of service appointments and review them as is sometimes needed. Each child has access to the calendar and can refer to their chore list. We enter notes in the journal and it allows you to keep a picture with it. I take my tablet with me and can enter new appointments instantly. When I have Wi-Fi access again it automatically pops into the schedule for all to see. When at home I access the very same schedule on my laptop. Color-coded for each person, can sort by color. I bought the Gold version so I can keep track of everyone's birthday. (I got it on sale.) It's helped us stay more organized. Oh, you can also have reminders sent as a text to your cell. I was just as happy with the free one as I am with the paid version.
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on August 12, 2011
I paid $6 for this app and now it has ads in it! Why did I pay for the premium version if it's going to have ads anyway! They want you to pay $6\/month in addition to the $6 for the app to remove the ads. If that's the case I want my $6 back for the app! I hope they come to their senses and remove the ads for *paying* customers.
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