Customer Reviews: Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 2.3 Gallon output per day
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 18, 2015
This is my second Crane Drop humidifier. The first one lasted me 4 years with NIGHTLY use. Since we bought our first one, they've changed the design a tiny bit, but it works the same. I use regular tap water in ours and just run vinegar through it to clean it once in a while. After a few nights, it will get a pink film in it from our water - I just use Lysol wipes to wipe it down & disinfect it. I usually get a wet washcloth to wipe off any Lysol residue after, and then let it air dry before using it again. If you use vinegar, you only need one to two tablespoons of WHITE vinegar. White vinegar is a natural disinfectant, and once dry, has no odor. So you can either run some through it, or soak the parts in diluted water for a quick clean.

Our first one was literally used every night - so considering that, it lasted a good while. What happened to it was the fan went 'bad.' It started getting noisy and was just plain loud. I disassembled it by removing the four philips-head screws from the bottom. It just seemed the fan was working too hard and was rubbing it's casing (making a loud sound.) I intended to fix it, or to try to... but I was too rough and snapped the casing. Oops! Had I not messed with it, I believe it would have gone for another year, but with some noise. Lesson learned...

In our old one, we did put essential oils right into the water - though, this voids any warranty and is not recommended. It actually didn’t do anything bad to our unit, but did leave a residue/line in the tank... I could never get that out no matter what I did. I liked doing this because it's a cool-mist humidifier, it put out no heat. You retain the essential oil properties by NOT heating the oils. Since I bought a new one, I probably won't put oils in it anymore - but for anyone who cares, it worked fine for me for a few years that way. I've since purchased this hand-made organic oil diffuser on Amazon: Magnificent Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy By Organic Aromas - Dark-colored Wood Base and Glass Reservoir.

The other thing I'll note, is this thing really cranks! Meaning, it puts out a good bit of humidity on full blast. I've never had it make a mess, leave water on the dresser or anything like that, but it did help our dry air. We have a large bedroom, probably 200 sq feet... this one unit did more than enough. I have since bought a hygrometer (like a thermostat, but it tracks the humidity in the room.) This helps me know if I need to crank it up or down... I bought this one on Amazon: Exo Terra Hygrometer. I like this one because it's cheap, and it has adhesive backing - I just stick it to the back of the unit. It's intended for reptile habitats, but works for me too. I try to keep it between 50-60. I have to adjust the output (the knob on the front that looks like a volume control) depending on the weather, and how much I've used the humidifier lately. This hygrometer helps me to make sure it's not too dry (hurts my sinuses and airways, which aren't good for my asthma or allergies), and not too moist (which can breed mold).

Generally, I can get just under two nights out of a full tank on low to moderate 'power.' I really love this unit and highly recommend it for anyone - adults or children. I hope this review helps anyone considering this humidifier. It's great!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon March 5, 2015
 In my video review, I show exactly what to expect when this humidifier is working and how loud it is and how the mist sprays. It is incredibly quiet and it's very cool to see it working. The stylish design is just very good looking and complements any room and I don't know if you can really measure the humidity level, but I can sense it's working, feels wetter at least. If this video review was helpful, please click on 'yes' below and happy shopping!
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on November 11, 2013
I absolutely love reading the reviews from people on here who so clearly did not read the instructions on these units. I do feel bad that you wasted your money when a little reading and a little effort could have saved you money AND helped you feel better.

I have 3-year old and 1-year old sons. While I have owned the machines now since my oldest was an infant, I recently took them out of "storgage" and fired them up, one in each room, to help mitigate their ear infection symptoms. Most importantly, the results were immediate. I did nothing special to store them other than maintain them according to the instructions in the first place. I followed the cleaning instructions before putting them back into use and they work as if they were right out of the box.

The boys rooms are about 12' x 15' and using the adjustment knob (you really must read about this) after a little experimentation, I set the indicator to a little under 50% whenever they are sleeping. The coughing and restlessness/sleeplessness ceased upon the first operation. My 1-year now even sleeps through the night for the first time! Coincidence?

Given that I put a little (stress little) effort into maintaining the units, they continue to operate flawlessy and virtually silent. The instructions recommend regular cleaning and the use of distilled water if you have hard water. Check and check. Ok, some water pools in the top of the unit subsequent to each use so you know what I do? I walk it over to the sink and dump that water into the sink before I fill it each time.

Another benefit of using distilled water is that it makes the unit so easy to clean since a lot the build up you read about in other reviews is from using hard tap water. I run the machines over night every night (@ 12 hrs), during naps and now one of them is brought down stairs to the living room (15' x 20') during the day so it runs almost around the clock. The machines are spotless and I only clean them once a week following the bleach method to the letter.

Distilled water will cost under a dollar a gallon if you purchase from a large discout retailer. I cannot begin to stress that it is worth the cost in both time saved cleaning but more importantly the overall benefit to the health and well being of my children. I came back to this site to check prices and locate any updates because I want to buy a 3rd unit for the master bedroom. I highly recommend this product. I cannot give it any less than 5-stars simply because I occasionally forget to empty the pooled water in the top after use. If you use hard tap water, leave it on full blast, set it on a nice piece of furniture, aim it at the wall then don't clean it as instructed, well, I have news for you .. .. ..
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on October 18, 2012
My husband and I moved from the SF Bay area (nice and HUMID) to Reno, NV. Nice and DRY. And it's Fall. I have had the roughest time getting use to the dryness - especially at night. My asthma was getting bad enough I needed an inhaler for the first time in my life. My friend recommended I try a humidifier. Then my Mom did. So, off to the store I went and got my first one. It sucked! It made the room so hot and wet, but couldn't be adjusted. It went back. This time got a cool air one. (Some things you just learn the hard way...). This one sounded like a freight truck was driving past our house (in horse country...). It was LOUD and would vibrate intermittently all night. That one went back. Got smart, hopped on here, and tried the Crane because it was the top recommendation on my Baby Registry.

On the size - I was worried it would be too small. It holds just less than a gallon. However, at a medium setting it lasts all night long which is when I need it. Some reviews suggest it doesn't turn off when empty. Just because the water tank on top is empty does not mean the basin below is empty and so it keeps running. When the machine is out of water the green indicator light turns red and the thing does stop running.

Sound - totally quiet. The occasional gurgle, but not enough to wake you up. And mine is right next to my head at night! However, my husband is about as mature as our 7 year old son and asks me EVERY single time it gurgles if that was "me." :)

Haven't had any issues with leaking but I do admit you need to be diligent about putting the thing together completely each time and making sure nothing is even slightly tilted. I could see it leaking if this isn't done right each time.

Easy to clean if you swirl some HOT bleach water through it once a week.

Use filtered water. I use water from our Brtta. It's in the instructions. As some reviewers have said - read the instructions! It smells better and doesn't create a mineral dust on your things.

Set the level to match your room. If it gets damp near the machine - it's up too high. Also in the instructions. On medium in my 300 sq ft bedroom I notice a big difference in breathing and my skin feels better, but no water collects around the machine.

Overall, just what I needed and I will order a second one for my kids' to use.
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on November 18, 2012
[November 18, 2012]

I did like this Drop humidifier a lot "IF" it has not been broken now. I purchased this DROP humidifier on February 2012 and used it during Spring, then kept in the box during Summer. I used it again this Fall because my doctor suggested me this solution for my seasonal allergy problem. After using it a month ago around 15 hours a day (according to doctor's recommendation), today it stopped working, there's no vapor emitted from it.

I did following checking and troubleshooting:
- I checked the bobble as I know it is the main problem that may cause the machine lead to misinterpret of water level. but the light is green, not red.
- I discomposed the bobble and put it back well, also made sure the round-shape foam is floating.
- I am so sure that the machine is cleaned weekly with vinegar and also followed all its instruction. There's no white dust anywhere on the water base.
- There's very soft wind blow from the fan (much softer than normal), and there's no vapor

By those above symptoms, I guess it's now broken.

I could not return/replace it to Amazon because my order was older than one month. I already asked Crane for help in additional troubleshooting. If I do not receive any response from Crane, I will leave my review as do not recommend buying this product.

[November 19, 2012]

I've just got contacted from Crane representative (within 24 hrs). I told them in my previous email all troubleshooting I did. They analyzed that it was the nebulizer is not working properly. The representative told me that Crane "do offer a one year warranty replacement with proof of purchase". I am in process of replacement. If they can replace my humidifier successfully, I will upgrade rating for this review.

[November 20, 2012]

I am now in replacement process under 1-Year Warranty with Proof of Purchase. The Crane representative provides good support and is very active. I have adjusted rating my review from 2 stars to 4 stars.
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on March 22, 2015
After purchasing this humidifier, we put it on our baby's dresser (out of his reach) and used it a few times when he was sick. The rest of the time it sat unused. The last time we went to use it I discovered that the insulation on the electrical cord had pulled away from the humidifier end of the cord exposing both copper wires. We are so lucky it didn't short out, cause a fire or electrocute someone. I went to return it and the webpage informed me it was ineligible for return.

Only after extreme abuse have I ever seen an electrical cord separate in this manner. Given the purpose of this humidifier and where it will be used the most (in baby rooms), it's cord should have been robust enough to never fail in this manner except under the most extreme abuse. This humidifier had not been subject to anything that could remotely be considered abuse and was barely used, its cord failing is inexcusable.
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on March 9, 2014
Summary: Used it exactly once. Found it entirely lacking. Switched to a much, much better model. Returning this one.

Advantages: Inexpensive price. Roomy tank. Cute appearance.

Drawbacks: Awkward tank handling, loud unpleasant fan noise, strong chemical smell, inconsistent output, difficult to clean, bright LED (cannot turn off), and various other issues.

I bought a brand-new Crane and gave a 24-hour test run. I was frankly surprised at how poorly it performed.
My recommendation would be to spend some extra money, and go with something higher in quality.

We are using the Air-O-Swiss U200 now. It's $99, but so far it has been very much worth the extra expense.
I'll write a separate review for that model; but in short, it addresses every single issue that I had with the Crane.

Although the complete unit has a streamlined shape, the removable tank is all sharp edges when you need to lift it.
There's no handle, other than a small one at the top (under the cone) with a very thin edge that digs into your hand.
Very hard to grab when its full. What's more, there is no way to set it down flat; It's going to wobble around on the base.

I found the tank very inconvenient to fill, due to the large diameter and conical shape.
The filler opening is just far enough away from the edge to make this difficult with my refrigerator's water spigot.
I made a mess maneuvering it under the tap, and ended up having to use a cup to ferry water from the fridge.

Further, the tank opening is too small to get your hand (or much else) into. You just can't get in there.
With all the acute angles inside, I don't think there's a good way to physically clean the tank for model.
I can certainly imagine maintenance becoming very tiresome. It took forever to dry it out for return.

When I first plugged it in, the fan roared to life with a loud vaccuum-cleaner type noise this never subsided.
I tried power-cycling it a few times (as read in other reviews), but this made no difference. It's. Loud.

It's far too loud for me to sleep with the unit turned on -- and I can sleep through quite a lot.
It's not a pleasant whooshing sound, either -- more of a grinding sort of sound, like it's laboring.

The smell - although I rinsed out the tank with filtered water before filling, the air coming out of the unit had a very strong chemical smell, like hot plastic. To be clear, nothing was hot -- it just smells this way, right out of the box.

The smell never abated after 24 hours. The harsh, chemical odor is entirely unacceptable for a product such as this.
I have a pretty sensitive sense of smell, but others who came into the room found it equally unpleasant. What am I breathing?

As with the tank, the basin has a conplex shape, and is more difficult than necessary to dry and clean.

Inconsistent performance - during the first night, I heard the fan cycling up and down a bit. I got up and found that I could not get this humidifier to put out any mist, despite the fact it was dialed up to full.

It seemed to be operating; the fan was grinding along as before, but very little (or no) moisture came out. That was the last straw.

Other minor issues:

I would have been happier if this model had a detachable power cord, so that I didn't have to reach behind and unplug it from the wall, just to empty out the basin.

The top cone merely sits on the tank, and is somewhat easy to dislodge.

I'm not certain how the Drop Shape model achieves a 4+ average customer rating.
I'm not at all certain how the Drop Shape received design awards. They must not have actually used it.
I feel that it is rather poorly thought-out, unnecessarily complex and inconvenient to handle.

I've never returned anything to Amazon before, both because I'm a careful shopper, and I've never bought anything with a 4+ star rating that was so poor in quality. This is the first time something was bad enough that it simply had to go back.

If other people like this model, that's fine with me; but I'm rather surprised at the high ratings it receives.
I should note that the return process went very smoothly, kudos to Amazon for making that easy.

Perhaps there's some reasonable explanation -- maybe it was a refurbished unit, sold as new (there were a few water spots in the basin when I opened it), or maybe I was unlucky. I saw one in a store before buying, and it was quieter.

Spring for the AOS U200, you'll be far happier. Thank you for reading.
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on April 15, 2012
After relocating to Arizona for a work assignment, I promptly realized a humidifier was needed for my respritory health, nose bleeds, cracked lips, and dried out eyes. The Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier was on the top of my list. Its good reviews and affordable price, paired with Amazon's 2 day shipping, made it a no brainer. The Humidifier was shipped out the same day and arrived exactly 2 days later.

Upon first inspection, Crane seemed to have a great design. I read the instruction manual fully, as noted by many other reviewers, rinsed the base and filled the Crane with distilled water. After plugging it in, the cool mist started shooting right out of the cone top, which gives the option to point the mist in any 360 degree direction. I was very impressed with the quietness of the humidifier, it was almost dead silent if you kept the knob under 75%

I turned down the humidifier to a little less than 50% and after a few hours of enjoying the fresh humid air I went to bed. When I woke up the humidifier was still humming away with its light on, but no mist was emmiting from the top of the cone. I consulted the manual Troubleshooting section and followed its suggestions with no success.

While very eye pleasing, the Drop Shape humidifier also was very effective in creating the humidity I needed in the bedroom while I slept. Its design is great and low noise is perfect for the bedroom. It would definitely have 5/5 Stars but UNFORTUNATELY, IT CEASED TO WORK AFTER LESS THAN 12 HOURS. I read that this has happened to other reviewers but still took a chance...I am sorry that I did. I would be very cautious in ordering this humidifier. If you are up for a gamble try it, but if you need reliable results I WOULD STAY AWAY.

Ordered - April 11, 2012
Delivered - April 13, 2012
DIED - April 14, 2012
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on December 6, 2012
This humidifier is by far the best one we have yet to own. We have used many in the past, and they never last. We do have yet to see if this lasts, but I don't see why it wouldn't. We have used the cheap ones that use filters which ends up just being an expense and the filters are gross. We have also used the Germ Guardian table top, which doesn't use a filter. This one lasted only two seasons. The silver disk started to flake and the motor started to overheat and would make a grinding noise, and then stopped working (very disappointing). This Crane is very quiet. It does get "louder" when the water level is low (but not that loud) so keeping the water level above halfway will solve this. It is soooo easy to clean, and stays clean if you follow the cleaning instructions. When we want to infuse an essential oil in the humidity it is as simple as placing a piece of cheesecloth with the EO on it under the white cap, about the size of the circle, and works beautifully. We are very pleased with our humidifiers (we have two) and hope they will last for years.
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on October 22, 2014
This is a 1 winter humidifier. Purchased 2 so far over the last 2 years, and both have lasted one winter each.
Both had the same issue - whiny loud motor after 4 months of use. It started low, and then progressively got worse over 1 week. So loud now that it will keep you awake.

This seems to be a recurring theme with these Crane humidifiers - and other U/S humidifiers.

I loved it when it worked - it is silent, made the room comfortable, removed the dryness in the air, but can't afford to give it any better than 1 star if it only lasts 4 months.
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