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on December 18, 2009
I received this humidifier 2 weeks ago after searching for a decent humidifier to replace the one i owned that was famous for robbing me in replacements filter, etc. fees. This thing fits the bill. The design is great, it's super quiet, and gets the job done. In choosing this product i read all the reviews. The reviews that made me hesitant to purchase this were the complaints that said: a)that the furniture on and around the humidifier got wet all the time, b)that the machine did not cut off if empty, as advertised, c)that the machine is hard to clean, and d) that it makes a lot of noise.

With hesitation, I purchased the product in good faith.

I was immediately pleased by the design. I read the owner's manual even though i thought it all was a "no brainer". The manual actually explained a)how to adjust the mist as to not wet the furniture around it, and b)that the machine will turn off when empty, but the light on the device will remain lite...obviously the part those that said the machine did not turn off failed to read, and c)how the machine is easy to clean with a vinegar or chlorine solution.

Cleaning is easy. I recommend using the bleach solution as bleach will kill anything..not to mention it also gets rid of the discoloration.

Lastly, the sound the comes from the machine is very subtle, but when u hear it, it is exactly like the soothing sounds of a filter running on a fish tank. It actually helped me sleep... having this white, very subtle noise.

I like this thing. My skin and nose are happy.

I hope this clarifies some of the ambiguity i found in the other reviews....
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on December 30, 2010
I purchased the Crane cool mist humidifier in Dec'10 and have used it, with great success, for many months. With all the negative reviews (about 20%) I almost didn't purchase this machine. But I'm glad I did, because it works really well for what it is: a mid size/capacity humidifier.

First of all: ***this humidifier has a 2.3 gallon per day maximum output, with a .9 gallon tank.*** Amazon's initial title for this (and many other humidifiers) mentions daily output capacity rather than tank size... this may be confusing, although the correct specs are prominently listed on the Amazon page - fifth bullet point in the "product features" section. As for Crane (the manufacturer), their package clearly states a 2.3 gallon daily output, and .9 gallon tank size... The reviewers complaining about the "misleading name" should try emailing Amazon suggesting a title change on their website... instead of writing a 1 or 2 star review of the product. That would be more helpful and more fair.

As for the product itself:

A few buyers obviously received defective machines; this has to be expected on some level with any manufacturer.

But having read over the negative reviews, I realized that most of the complaints were due to improper use of the machine.

It is essential to read the instruction manual and use the machine as intended by design. Doing so will avoid the pitfalls described by most of these 1-2 star review writers. For reference, I have addressed their most common complaints below:

1) White dust buildup in the room: use filtered or distilled water. This is important if you have hard tap water. (85% of American homes do.) I run my tap water through a Brita filter; the exchange ion resin lowers the concentration of calcium carbonates, accordingly softening tap water. It also helps keep the humidifier cleaner by removing organic impurities, and I have had no white dust buildup. ***If your water is particularly high in mineral content, you should use distilled water, or else opt for a vaporizer-type (humidifying) machine, which creates water vapor free of white dust.***

2) Limited effectiveness: you are trying to humidify too large a room. In my 500 square foot living room level the machine helps a little; in my 150 square foot bedroom the machine is more than adequate.

3) Height of machine: the manual directs you to put the humidifier *at least* a few feet off the ground; there's no reason you can't place it even higher up if you wish. Doing so will disperse the mist more effectively.

4) Machine runs out of water: try turning it down to about 2/3 power instead of full power. The machine is practically noiseless at this setting and the water tank if actually filled to the rim will last at least 8-10 hours.

5) Machine makes bubbling noise on high: see #4 above.

6) Wet area forms immediately around humidifier: you have the machine turned up too high for the conditions in your room. This is explained in the instruction manual: you need to make sure the mist isn't falling down onto the surfaces around the machine; otherwise moisture will accumulate on those surfaces. Turn the power dial down until the vapor stream is fully evaporating in the air.

7) Machine leaks: Take care that the water tank fits snugly into place, with no gaps. Also, make sure you have the clear rubber ring that fits inside the tank cap. During my initial setup, this little (1 1/2" diameter) ring came loose and rolled away, and I almost didn't notice. The ring ensures a tight seal on your water tank cap; without it, I'm pretty sure the machine would leak.

8) Machine gets moldy: you are not following the correct cleaning routine, as described in the manual. You need to empty and rinse out the tank daily, and empty the bottom part of the unit too. Once a week you should use a white vinegar/warm water mixture in the tank and bottom of unit (see manual).

I hope this was helpful. If my humidifier breaks down I will certainly update this review.
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on January 15, 2013
Summary from this review: Get the blue one...its better than the color or white ones. Also, the light is annoying but can be turned off.

I have an EE-5301 Blue Crane Drop Humidifier with a Date Code from 2010. The humidifier was quiet and effective. The only drawback was the bright green light that is on when the unit is running. I use this in a bedroom while sleeping. The green light changes to red when the water is out. I bought a new White Crane Drop Humidifier and modified both at the same time to turn off the "night light" and just have the red light functional. The details of the modification are below. By taking both apart, I found some important differences between the blue and the white humidifiers.

Differences between the colored humidifiers and the blue humidifier:

The Blue Crane Humidifier has better output and components: I just bought another Drop humidifier to replace what I thought was the same model I previously had. The difference is my old one is blue and the new one is white. My old EE-5301 has a date code of 8/20/10 printed on the bottom. The white one for sale on Amazon now is the same model number (with the addition of a "w" at the end) but it has some important differences inside and out.

I took both units apart at the same time to turn off the green running light. However, you do not need to take the units apart to see the difference. The old blue EE-5301 has a ribbed dial on the front instead of one with just an indentation for your finger.

The opening in the bottom of the blue humidifier tank (the hole that vapor passes through is 1/4" larger than the color/white humidifiers). I suspect the next change was done to compensate for the noticeably less vapor output. Crane changed the size of the opening in the cone-shaped cap that goes on top of the tank on the white model. The old cap on my blue device is 1/4" larger in diameter. This gives the appearance of more vapor coming out of a smaller hole. When you put the old cap from the blue device from 2010 on the new white device, the difference in vapor output is more obvious. The vapor is less and does not go as far on the newer white one (see pic in comment section).

On the inside, the old blue EE-5301 has a much larger fan and a more robust transformer. There are some structural differences to the molded plastic too. The tank and top caps remain interchangeable on both units. The new fan on the white unit is much less substantial and looks like something off of a video card. The vapor output on the old blue device is noticeably more robust on the highest setting.

The bottom line is that the model numbers are the same but blue one is better. It appears from the picture on Amazon, that the blue humidifier being sold still has the ribbed dial and is probably the same one as mine from 2010. It has better components.

The other point of this review is that the green running light is bright and annoying. I would think most would use this in a bedroom. I'm too old for a night light. I modified my drop humidifiers to never have the green light come on and just have the red light functional.

The modification to turn off the green running light:

There are 4 screws on the bottom that need to be removed to get to the LED. Once inside, the LED for the green and red light (there is only one LED that can change color) is found behind the clear plastic directly above the dial.

There is one screw that holds down the small LED circuit board. There are 3 small wires that are soldered to the circuit board for the LED. The wire that has small red "x's" was the power for the green LED on my units. When holding the small circuit board with the screw hole up and the LED bulb on the far side off the circuit board, it was the far right-hand wire.

I de-soldered the far right wire (one with the "x's" printed on it) from the circuit board but cutting it would have worked too. I put a piece of electrical tape around the end and put everything back together. Mission accomplished. Problem solved. This took 10 minutes after figured out which wire to cut with a volt meter.

I cannot post any links on reviews but I posted a picture of the wire I removed from the LED circuit board. In any case, now the green light never comes on but the red light comes on when the water is out.

The typical caveats apply: I do not recommend to anyone to take their humidifier apart. You could cut the wrong wire, damage your humidifier or blow up the universe. Never take anything apart with the power on. Just because this worked for me, it may not work for you.

Update 10/2014: It appears now even the blue humidifier on Amazon has an finger indentation on the knob (instead of a ribbed knob) which indicates to me that all the Crane humidifiers likely have the same configuration as the white one I ordered. If you can find a blue one with the ribbed knob, it has better components. However without a direct side-by-side comparison, I doubt anyone would be heartbroken over the differences.
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on December 5, 2011
**December 2012** Several months ago, my humidifier broke. Getting ready for bed one evening, I turned the knob and there was no tell-tale click. The humidifier would no longer turn on. Absolutely nothing. No hum, no whine, no lights...nothing. Since it was still within warranty, I contacted the company. I was fully prepared to do battle to get myself a new humidifier.

Imagine my shock when I received an email in less than 24 hours telling me exactly what to do to get the product replaced. All I had to do was to send the product ID, receipt, as well as a portion of the electrical cord (including the plug) to them. It made perfect sense to me; that means they can verify that your product really is broken but you do not have to mail the entire humidifier. I was very impressed with the communications and the replacement humidifier arrived within five days of me mailing out the required articles.

So I not only recommend the humidifier, I am very happy with the customer service I received as well.

**Original Review**
Let me start off by saying that I went through probably six different humidifiers before I purchased this. Like C.Patterson, I read all the reviews and was hesitant but optimistic. I am the kind of person that cannot stand even the smallest noise, especially when trying to sleep. So I was a little worried about the noise.

I was very pleasantly surprised! Super easy to set up, the carrying handle is very convenient, and the machine is not hard to clean at all. The noise that it makes is a low steady hum; if it is the only noise in the room it bothers me (but I am super sensitive to noise; it does not bother my husband in the least) but when I have a fan running, or one of my sleep playlists, I cannot hear the humidifier at all. In fact I have on multiple occasions left my room leaving it on because I cannot hear it. Still, even leaving it running nearly a full day the water level, while low was still there.

I preferred the machine run at about 75% power. Anything more it actually fills the room with Mist. Yes it can leave a wet residue, but never so much that it has been a problem, or ruined anything.

I also like the fact that with its size, and a small apartment, it is no trouble whatsoever to move it from room to room as needed

I consider myself an extremely picky person, especially when it comes to my sleep, and I recommend this without hesitation. I have been using it since August and have not experienced any problem with it whatsoever.

My husband commented when the machine was turned on it looked like an angry Hershey's kiss. He got a laugh out of me drawing the angry face on it! I am posting a picture, hope it makes you smile
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on October 30, 2011
We couldn't be happier with this humidifier. Living in a dry climate, this product has helped my family tremendously. Check out the photo I posted in "customer images" showing how I hacked the Crane so I could administer Vicks vapor rub to my infant son during his first cold.
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on May 31, 2013
I've had this humidifier for 1.5 years and use it mainly in the summer when it's hot and dry in California and also sometimes when I'm sick.

After about 5 months, I noticed a brown film of algae forming on the bottom of the blue tank. Since the bottom doesn't screw off, it's near impossible to clean. I tried using a toothbrush, pipe cleaners, and clorox wipes, but the opening in the bottom is way too small. After a half hour of work, I managed to get a bit of the algae off, but there's still a considerable amount left.
I also tried the vinegar+chlorine solution, as the manual suggests, but CLEANER/BLEACH/VINEGAR ALONE WILL NOT REMOVE GRIME THAT IS PHYSICALLY STICKING TO A SURFACE. You need scrubbing to do that.

See my picture here:

It's gross to think that the moisture this outputs into the air might have bacteria growing in it. Perhaps this could be prevented by using sterile/boiled water--I'm going to try that and see if it grows back again. In the end, it's disappointing because this problem could have been avoided by including a few screws on the bottom of the tank.
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on December 16, 2010
The good stuff:

1. QUIET! I can't hear it over my computer fans and my computer is not very loud at all. You can definitely sleep with this thing on no prob.

2. Pretty easy to set up. The instructions tell you that you should rinse it out a bit before you use it.

3. Not too big. It's 13-14 inches at the top where the mist comes out. 9 inches wide/deep. Remember it's round.

4. Reasonably priced for what you get. Some of the humidifiers may very well be better than this, but they also cost $200 or more. For the modest price this is wonderful.

5. It doesn't look too 'medical'. A lot of the other ones have that hypochondriac/invalid look to them. This teardrop shape is kinda cool, but not childish.

The not so good stuff:

1. You will need to clean it once a week. They tell you to use white vinegar or bleach. NOT soaps or detergents. So anyway, you will be sloshing in the sink/tub at least once a week.

2. The add the convenient little note: 'It is recommended you use distilled or filtered water'. A lot of tap water is 'hard' and there are minerals and things in it. So it will eventually clog up the nebulizer inside this and it won't work right. There will also be a lot of white dust that will result from the minerals as well.

3. Because of #2 I got the optional filter to use. They say to use the filter for 30-40 refills - and you refill it every day. Filter life is approximately 1 month. And it was $12.


5. The title of this should be changed to ONE GALLON humidifier. The output is 2.3 gallons since it's a mist/vapor. This is definitely misleading to put 2.3 in the title. I did my homework and I knew it was only 1 gallon, but still it's not cool to have that there to make people think this is bigger than it is.

6. THIS IS FOR A SMALL ROOM. Bedroom or office size. Don't get this if you think it will do the living room or kitchen or some bigger room in the house.

7. You have to be careful that you adjust the moisture right. If it is too high then it will get on things and make them wet. If there is wooden furniture around it could ruin their finish. I have mine sitting on a big plastic cutting board.

8. It needs to be on a level surface. You can't sit it on a towel or carpet. There is a vent on the bottom and that would block it.

9. Keep kids and pets away from it. If you have curious kids or critters there could be potential messy disasters in your future.

Even though I listed more in the not so good column I think this is a great buy. I just wanted to list the stuff to consider and that isn't mentioned/listed here in the description - or in the promo video. My big concern was noise. We have a Holmes humidifier which is really big and works great, but it's like being next to an airplane. Not even close to reasonable for sleeping. With the dryness of the winter I asked my Doc about sinus stuff. She said that a humidifier is essential and some saline nasal spray. So I needed one that could run while I was sleeping. This one is ideal for me.

Just remember to consider the stuff you need to do to MAINTAIN a humidifier. Some of the reviews here were complaining about white dust and that things got too wet - both of these things are clearly explained in the instructions. If you want one that will be sitting there and you don't have to do anything then this ain't it. But for one of the super duper ones you will need to drop some serious dough. If you don't maintain the humidifier it will not last.
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on February 7, 2010
This holds 1 gallon of tap water ("2.3 gallons" is the output amount) and lasts about 10 hours at the highest setting. I thought of buying a one with a bigger water tank, but it's more expensive and also like the idea of using fresh water so often, so decided to go with this one. As little this guy is, it keeps my room very comfortable, my skin feels better and sinus is very happy too!

Mist comes out from this unit is very fine and smells really fresh (creates a lot of ozone). There is a small orange light (refer to the photo I posted) but it's not bright enough to be bothered at night. It is very quiet but if you carefully listen, it sounds like a motor from fish tank.

Not having a filter is a great feature. Not like you are drinking water from this unit, so why spend extra money on it? It is well designed that you have places to hold while filling up water and put it back on the main unit. Some of the reviewers said water leaked, but mine is working perfectly without any leakage.

I loved this unit so much, I purchased a penguin shaped one (made by the same company) for my home office. Output is a little less (0.2 gallons), but runs a lot longer (over 16 hours!!!) and have to admit it is very cute! I also posted a review on penguin's page if anyone is interested in finding out the difference in between these units.

At last, according to my humidity meter, both units have added 10-20% humidity to the room. Running them at the highest setting, it makes to mid 50% (was mid 40% before using it) and I can get it up to mid 60% if I don't run a room heater and the door completely closed. Both are great products.
review image review image review image
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on January 10, 2009
We bought the Vicks cool mist humidifier first. it was so noisy in the nursery that we didn't use it when our daughter was sleeping. We bought this one hoping that it would be a little more quite. We can't even hear it! It also takes up very little space and is easy to fill in the shallow bathroom sink. Awesome purchase. worth the extra $.
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on December 6, 2008
This humidifier is the perfect size for a bedroom. The tank empties in about a day, so the water doesn't sit around too long to get mildew or mold. The humidifier puts out lots of moisture, and is absolutely whisper-quiet! We have the penguin-shaped one for our son's room, and this one for ours. Both are great.
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