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on February 14, 2013
My grandson Lance loves it. this was one of his christmas gifts .i took a chance on this one, grandma's don't always get it right, but this time I did..
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on December 12, 2010
The title Crazy Chicken - Star Karts sounds like a prety good game right? Well your wrong. The game has pretty sloppy controls, and the kart always goes out of control until you get far enough into the game to get stabalizer upgrades. The game is just like all the other cartoon racing games, you get weapons from some box on the racetrack. I have to admit, the weapon part of the game is a little different than others, but theres only three weapons. Another thing is that there is only four racetracks, so the game gets repetitive after about two hours. The custumization portion is about the only really cool and fun part. You can change the looks and controls of your kart. The graphics are OK for an $8 game. If your looking for a cheap Christmas present, you might want this game, but if your looking for a really good racing game. Go with Mario Kart DS, or Sonic Racing for the DS.
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on January 30, 2013
It kept my grandson entertained and anything that does is always welcome. I bought it because it looked cute! Love it!
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on December 23, 2012
He likes this.....he loves racing games. Of course he is mad when he looses. He has Mario Cart and enjoys it also.
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on May 4, 2013
This game was bought for my son as a gift. He seems to enjoy it, and its easy for him to understand.
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on March 11, 2015
granddaughters love this one
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on May 26, 2010
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on January 29, 2011
I have no kids, so I can't tell you what they thought of this game, nor their comparisons to Mario Kart... I can however give you a review of the game from actually have played it, so it's not a second hand review from someone else that is irritatingly filling up the review spaces of this site.

As you can already guess just by looking at the screen shots, it's very much a wanna-be "Mario Kart" style racing game. However, it simply does not compare or come close to being as good in any way, shape or form. I think the game designers here may have been going for a more Mario Kart in Space, with a tiny little bit of the old "F-Zero" game included.

This game has some uninteresting story about some chicken in space who wants to save a planet or something by winning races... not much of a story line at all, but that's not why people would want to play something like this. Your two choices of game-play are a championship, and regular exhibition modes. In order to unlock all the exhibition tracks and the 1 hidden vehicle, you need to complete championship mode first by unlocking them there. You simply just win the first race in 3rd position or higher, and it's unlocked... unless a challenge from a rival awaits you.

In your first race you will notice right away that compared to much better racing titles on the DS, your karts handling is pretty much all over the place, the controls are somewhat responsive, but not responsive enough to keep you from crashing into walls all the time. You compete against 3 other computer opponents. During a few of the races after you win, you will be asked to repeat that same track, only against 1 other racer who is challenging you. It appears on the track selection with a blinking "Rival" text indicating that a challenge has been set. Once you beat that person, you are granted access to the next race.

Also after a few of the races, you will also be awarded things to upgrade your Kart with. However, this seems to be a bit of a useless objective, as it does increase your speed a little and your controls, but even with the top upgrades, you will still be in the walls and not able to just build up a good speed to just cruise through... for a racing game, I think most of us want fast paced race with the feel of speed, which is something this game lacks. You can easily get out in front and win with ease, but at the same time, you will still crash into things, and the objects in your way slowing you down just become annoying after a short while.

Once you have completed the first 4, or it might be 5 tracks, you are then granted the B side tracks, which are identical for most, and makes you feel the lack of tracks available are not very replay value worthy. I think they might just be the same tracks in reverse. I didn't pay much attention to it to be honest.

Unlocking the last kart is done by winning the last challenge (rival) option and its not much use to you after you have easily won all the races, and now you just repeat everything over and over again.

Once you have played it once and unlocked everything, which took me probably 30 to 60 mins, you wont feel much like playing it ever again. For the price of it, it's not that bad, but even if it was a free game, you still wouldn't return to it very often to say the least. It's controls are a little sloppy, the power-ups aren't much and the speed is a real issue that bores you, or frustrates you that you just cant go fast enough for the type of racing game this should have been (namely annoying objects slowing you down) There is not even any slide/drift buttons to get around corners, and some of the weapons are a pain as they hit you more then they hit your opponents if you are not close enough.

The weapons you can get are shot gun like torpedoes, rockets, land mines and a couple of other things... and also a few speed power ups that don't last long enough... had there been a cheat to find to have infinite boost, or nitro, or whatever it is, it might have seemed a bit better being able to build up some speed instead of coming to a slow speed all the time.

Overall; try if you must, but you wont kick yourself for never playing this. Take a look at the cover, and what you get is pretty much your reaction to what you see. I'm not even sure that kids aged 10 and under would get much out of this game either. If they love chickens racing against aliens in small little flying karts, then this game will probably amuse them for hours, but even for the pocket change it costs to purchase this... as, i said, even as a freebie it wouldn't be played much. Some things are a bit challenging for a child, but they will probably complete the game eventually, and find that the lack of tracks, lack of characters/vehicles/karts, lack of all that much fun, lack of weapons that do what they are supposed to when you want, will result in a lack of replay value, and they will just keep nagging you for "Mario Kart" which is the one to go for... if they, or you, already have it, and are just looking for another great racing game, then I can't recommend this game here at all. It's not the worst racing game, but it just lacks everything you want in a racing game. Go for something like "Sideswiped" instead, and I can 99.9% guarantee you that you will be satisfied with that racing game for the DS!
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on August 11, 2015
Great game
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