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on February 7, 2012
... as the title states i really wanted to save some money and not like these... i stared at these and the wp-300's and finally took the jump... unfortunately (or fortunately?) i am hooked.

at first opening box i was like, ok definitely don't like these. cups are WAAAY too small... put them on me and was like, ok they are going back... i look like im wearing a girls headband since they are so small. but then i turned them on... and i convinced myself i don't care how i look... and they dont look so bad after all.

now some background... i have had S9's and S9hd.. didn't like those since they hurt my ears, the mic never picked up my voice and had to yell, and using them at work people would sneak up on me since i couldnt hear them. so i went with S805's... they were massive, though sounded good they didnt get loud enough for nyc subways, and annoying blue light. then i went to the previous winners, which were motorola s305's... though didnt get loud enough for the subway, i just used em for work, were the right size, though they hurt my ears after extended use... i liked them.

so enough about NOT this product. this wins in all categories. i read over and over to see if anyone says they get loud and nobody says it... so i will say it first, they get loud. blast your music in these, and they are louder than the sound isolating s9hd's. sound is clear too, better than i can expect from bluetooth especially at this volume level. good bass, and clear highs. slight muddiness when full blast and if theres a lot going on in the music, but for non audiophiles, this won't be noticed.

in comparison to wired headsets, i have shure srh440's, shure SE215, shure SCL4's, beats solo... and they sound better than the beats solo, and close to the srh440's... and almost on par with IED's. not to mention again that these are bluetooth wireless... really?

fit they are great, super light that i barely notice them on.... the cups are super soft so i doubt id feel annoyed by them even after long periods even if they are sitting on my ears. only downside is the blue light again, but its small and ill probably cover them easily. man im blasting multiple music genres while typing this and it is amazing me.

well thanks amazon for taking my money again on a great product (and in reality i should've got these tomorrow, but they came a day early than the 2 day prime!) well, i guess to convince myself that i saved money on this purchase is the fact that i am no longer looking blowing a wad of cash at the bowers & wilkins p5's... since finally theres a wireless set that hits all the notes i want in a headset.
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on January 27, 2014
This wireless headphone is described as having two functions: stereo audio and mic.

As far as the audio goes, it is perfectly suitable for my needs; read any of the reviews here and you can see that the audio is generally not an issue. Accept that you are buying $50 wireless headphones and there is ceiling on how good the audio quality can be compared to something wired and more expensive and you will be good to go.

However, the mic and sound recording qualities are absolutely terrible. I tested Skype Echo service using this mic, the mic on my laptop, the mic on my tablet, and the mic on my Microsoft LifeCam and this mic was by far the worst one. Sound quality has a lot of noise (even when the background is silent) and lacking in clarity. If I had to describe it, I'd say that when it's played back, it's like those old PA systems.

Otherwise, the construction quality is high, the audio quality is great (may need to fiddle around with your BT settings to get it right), it's light, and very portable. One complaint is that it really could have used some more buttons to make operation more intuitive (like a dedicated power and BT button).

So only 2.5 stars because you really can't use the mic at all.

If anyone has suggestions on the mic recording quality, I'd love to hear it in the comments.
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on October 9, 2013
received these yesterday, i CANNOT speak to reliability, and it would be nice if amazon allowed a rating system that distinguishes reliability from product performance, but i digress....i read a LOT of reviews here and on headfi regarding wireless phones, and concluded that i just wanted to dip my toe in the wireless pool, but i didn't want to commit a lot of money to it just i bought these 350's.....and, i have to conclude that they surprised me...the sound is warm, and is V-shaped, and a bit boosted is very apparent and in stark contrast to my regular wired phones, which are beyer dynamics portable dt1350 with their tesla drivers, those phones have endless CORRECT bass, NOT boomy and come close to being to so clean that they sound a bit clinical, these 350's are much warmer and more forgiving, which can be a good thing in certain circumstances. these actually sound above average, certainly not outstanding but for bt phones, i am really surprised at them. i find the volume can get decently loud, if you need it louder than this, you are risking hearing loss in later life, they are plenty to the fit, since i just happened to have used my dt1350's for so long, i am used to this style of headphone - the on-ears - i have to laugh at the people here who say that these pinch and are uncomfortable....because the sound on my regular phones, the dt1350's is so astonishing, i put up the vice like grip of those 1350's and compared to those, these feel like fluffy pillows, no pain at all for me, one could use these for training wheels for the 1350's lol, in regard to getting used to the feel of this type of sum up, as long as these remain working and reliable, i have to say creative hit a home run with, i am using FLAC encoded songs on my galaxy 8 note and on my windows mobile phone, i have not, as of yet, set up the apt x on my laptops, but plan to do that shortly. i am also using a FIIO amp and Gone Mad Music Player to play my FLAC files, I am really happy with these, fairly light, easy to pair, pretty decent V shaped sound sig, warm and forgiving, controls work well...only knock is that the sound is not outstanding compared to my 1350's or senn 580s, but those are wired phones and in a different league than these. i have no other bt phones to compare these to, in case someone is going to tell me it's not fair to compare bt phones to wired....and to that end, i am prolly on my way to getting the senny RS wireless phones soon, as the freedom from wires is truly truly wonderful
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on November 8, 2012
I had read positive reviews on these headphones and decided to purchase them. I had considered the Bose and Dr. Dre competitors, but was concerned about their unjustifiably high prices. The Creative phones were competitively priced. Though I was concerned that the sound quality might be lacking, for the price I felt they were worth the risk. I could not have been more pleased to find that the sound quality rivals or even exceeds that of the Bose and Dr. Dre phones. The setup was very simple and we had them paired and in use within 1 minute. The range is excellent, exceeding 30 ft. The control buttons are thoughtfully (and ergonomically) placed and offer all the controls one would need with this type device. The phones are very comfortable and lightweight and no sounds bleed beyond the ear pads (which Mommy appreciates). I purchased these as a gift for my daughter's birthday. Now, I think I'll ask Santa for a pair for myself!
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on October 7, 2013
I expected not to like these as much as I do. Bluetooth is notorious for compressing the crap out of music but The Creative WP-350 does an admirable job of breathing some life into music.

They're a bit on the warm side, meaning it's tuned toward bass heavy music. Bass impact and depth are impressive for such a small headphone.

However, treble is where these headphones fall short. There's a lack of detail in the upper registers and some songs exhibit clipping, meaning the sound becomes static-y and harsh. Mids are good, though not the most revealing either. Don't expect clarity from the WP-350.

Battery-life is as advertised, allowing for around 8 hours of listening. If you crank the music up, your battery life will go down, obviously. The good thing is that the battery charges very quickly. From dead to full took about an hour and a half.

Answering calls with the headphones yielded various results. The mic is very far away from your mouth so you really have to shout to get the other party to hear you. I actually move the side with the mic off my ear and move it forward to be closer to my mouth, which seems to work OK, though the other party has complained about hearing me.

Overall, I like these headphones a lot. They're on-the-ear so they get a little sweaty and clamp tightly if you wear glasses like me. Still, there's little to dislike about them and the sound quality is solid.
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on February 1, 2012
I bought this looking for an all around cell phone headset and stereo music device set. Creative does a great job on the music end, that's their real forte, and there are no problems with listening to my tablet even when in other rooms.

My only gripe is that as a bluetooth headset, it is rather bulky to drive in. They must be draped around your neck. Im very active while driving so Im turning and looking around a lot more than the typical driver. Under these conditions, it literally becomes a pain. Ive spent a whole day walking in a mall and had no such discomfort.

But my main reason for not giving this device five stars is the call quality. To a man, my callers can tell me everything the person next to me in line at the coffee shop is saying, it actually over amplifies the surrounding noise. It carries my voice through loud and clear when I speak but when Im silent, and the caller is trying to talk, they all tell me its annoying to hear the people or noise around me. Creative need to build in some form of filter system and this would be seriously rocking piece of electronics. I hope someone from Creative reads this.

I have since gone back to a separate bluetooth cell device (Etymotic) and only use the Creative now to listen to music through my tablet or cell phone when I'm at home or on the road and writing or doing chores. Also great for exercising. Hope this helps.
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on July 15, 2014
Love these. Use them all the time. You must remember to shut them off with the button on the side or you'll have a dead battery every time you go to use them. Fantastic. The only negative I can mention is for some reason, as soon as you go to use these as a chat headset...the quality of the headset goes to telephone quality. You stop chatting and go to use them as regular headphones and they're back to amazing sound. It must be a bandwidth thing. Get them for headphone purposes. If you want them for chat purposes, get a separate mic or you're going to have conversations online like you're in the 1940's (and I don't even know if they had phones back then)
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on July 20, 2015
I would love to give these headphones a better review. If I didn't wear glasses, I would love them. For the price, the sound is fantastic. Unfortunately, even though I have a pretty average hat size (most baseball caps fit with the sizing straps at 1:1) the pressure on my ears with glasses causes pain and discomfort after wearing for about 45 minutes. These were purchased to wear at the office with the hope of all day comfort.

While I will be returning this model, I am hoping the over the ear version delivers the same sound quality.
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on July 8, 2015
Great Bluetooth headphone. Material is good; is light weight. The bluetooth connection is a easy to pair. I walked all over my big apartment and I can listen to my music anywhere.The sound is great...breathtaking. It has good bass and the mids and highs sound crystal clear. For $59.99 is a steal! !00% recommended.
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on March 12, 2012
These headphones are just OK. If you are looking for a decent pair of headphones that are wireless than these are for you. If you are looking for that WITH high sound quality, I would recommend looking elsewhere. The treble, mids and bass are of average quality. They are not super crisp, yet aren't muddy. The bass alone is not prevalent at all when used with bluetooth.

- Lightweight
- Easy to set up
- Bluetooth works flawlessly with my PC and while walking with my cell phone.

- Sound quality is very average, for the price you are mostly paying for the Bluetooh capability.
- Build: average plastic quality and barely covers my ears.
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