Customer Reviews: Cree Xm-l T6 1200l Led Bicycle Bike Head Light Lamp Red
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on April 13, 2012
I am a Freeride mountain biker and go on night rides on downhill single track trails mostly and use both NitePro and NightRider lights. The NightRider Torch HID throws a lot of light, but I put it up against one of these and the difference is amazing. I bought two of these and an extra lens to disperse the light to a wider beam and it is the perfect setup. The spot beam penetrates far and bright, the wide beam opens up the area ahead with a nice flood pattern, but not as bright and far as the spot. The casings are beautiful and high quality.

My only issue is with the o-ring mount. The lights do not stay in perfect place while mounted and hitting bumpy terrain. They will slightly move down as I ride. However, a little double stick tape, duct tape, or zips ties will solve this. Also, there are people all over the internet who fabricate some mounts easily, so look around.

Overall I am extremely impressed with these lights. Instead of spending $400-$700 on a light system, you will be very happy with $100 for two of these. Battery time is still untested though I use them for an hour to an hour and a half and have no degradation in brightness. Batteries are small and easy to mount with the bag and strap, they easy tuck away under the seat and have enough cable to run to the handlebars. I mount mine on the neck and they are totally out of the way.
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on May 8, 2012
This light is awesome. I bought it for my bikes. I will probably get two because I'm too lazy to switch between my road and mountain bike. I was skeptical because of the price but decided that at that price I could afford to test it out. Charged it up and tested it, it amazed me and blinded me (not necessarily in that order). It's almost as bright as my motorcycles headlight (I need to do a side by side comparison). I paired this with the Wide Angle Lens and it spreads the light perfectly. the mount does slip as a previous review stated but I'm going to try skateboard grip tape and athletic tape. it shouldn't take much to get it to stay. besides most of the lights I've had would not stay very well. on the road bike it doesn't really move. its only on the mountain bike on rough terrain that it moves down.

The quality looks good. its nice and solid, it comes with a little head strap that looks retarded but is actually rather comfortable. I'm skeptical of the battery but we shall see. if the battery proves to be inadequate I can always build my own crazy battery pack. the pouch for the battery is OK. There's nothing wrong with it but it flops around a bit. I plan on sticking the battery in a sport bottle to go in the bottle holder with some padding to keep it from rattling around in there.

Overall for the price, this thing is great. I would recommend it and as I stated plan on getting another one. One last thing. the gasket on the bezel is a glow in the dark ring (YAY! go silly pointless feature, you make us smile).
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on July 1, 2012
The light itself is 5 stars. It's incredibly bright, feels very durable and the switch works well.

The battery pack however only lasts about 40 minutes on a full charge, not the 3-4 hours it claims.

I use this as a headlight on my bicycle. The light throw is very good and the strobe function is definitely going to wake up any distracted drivers on the road.

I am a little iffy on the rubber o-ring that holds the light on the bike, but so far it works just fine. If the o-ring does break at some point I'll just use plastic zip-ties. And if the performance of the battery pack gets worse I'll figure out another battery option.

Overall this is a great setup, so if the battery pack worked as advertised I would have given it 5 stars.

*update 7/27/12*
Battery pack life is down to 15 minutes.
I am almost done building my own 9 volt battery pack using these:
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on May 15, 2012
I thought my old Fenix flashlights with the Cree Q5 emitters were bright, the XM-L T6 is unbelievable! Received it 2 days earlier than estimated from Crazy Cart packaged in a plain carton with no instructions, receipt, description, nada. The box contained the black metal housing with a red bezel, rechargeable battery pack, nylon battery case, two different sized rubber O-rings, and head harness with no female mannequin head as illustrated above, but that's alright it's kinda creepy looking.

I have nothing to compare this unit with but from my perspective the quality looks very good. Nothing appears to be overly cheap about it, the housing and bezel is machined well, the reflector and lens look clean and the emitter is aligned and centered. There is plenty of cable that is of decent thickness and the connecter has a very positive click when snapped together. There are no rough molding tabs, seams, or edges in any of the plastic parts. The wall charger looks good with a red indicator light when charging turning green when full.

I'm coming back to road cycling after 20+ years and wanted to ride at night first so I wouldn't embarrass myself during the day among traffic. The light is very simple to attach and position to the bars, I mounted the battery pack under the top tube at the angle of the seat tube with no problem, it's completely out of the way.

I just got back from my first ride and it works great! The whole setup is solid and secure, easy to adjust and doesn't move or bounce out of place, although I am road cycling on relatively smooth surfaces. Half of the power button flashes blue when plugged to the battery so it shouldn't drain as much energy as the ones that are constantly on. I'm guessing the other half will flash red when the battery is low.

The 3-modes of operation are in a logical order of intensity, any more cycles are not necessary. Press the button and the 1st mode is an incredible beam of white light with amazing throw and good side illumination that seems near comparable to a motorcycle headlight. The 2nd press is low, perfect for when vehicles or people are approaching, just like switching to the low beams of a car. The 3rd is a strobe if you want people to notice you or want to annoy and disorient them. The 4th press will turn the unit off so there will be a moment of darkness before it cycles back to high again.

This affordable light allows working people like myself to ride like the wealthy, at least in respect to the amount of night illumination, just don't look at my cheap road bike.
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on October 11, 2013
Wow this is bright. I just used it on night hikes in the grand Canyon, awesome. Good battery life, easily recharges. I now have it mounted to my mountain bike for night rides. Was testing it on the bike last night and was riding next to a car and this light was brighter than the cars headlights!

Update I've used this for night bike rides. I bought the wide angle lens, also on Amazon, and that helps spread the light beam a lot, so much in fact that I get 'high beam' flashed from on-coming drivers now.

There have been complaints of batteries not charging, but mine has charged without issue, three or fours times now.

So good, in fact that I'm trying to figure out the voltage and wiring requirement to add these to my motorcycle as fog lamps/running lights.
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on February 26, 2016
Great light if you use it often and charge it every week. I wanted a light that I could use once or twice a month and re-charge after 5-6 uses. This light will lose its charge after 1 week, without being used. If you remember to disconnect the battery pack after each time you use it then it should last a lot longer but I'm sure I'll forget eventually and then it won't work when I need it to. I returned it.
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on July 4, 2014
This review is from the standpoint of purchasing the light to make myself visible to cars while riding a bicycle in Chicago. I will update after more usage, but after daily use for a month, I am so confused by the few negative reviews. This thing lasts for 3-4 hours in my experience. I use strobe mode exclusively whenever I ride whether it's day or night, and I can make reflective traffic signs flash from 300 yards if not further. Cars slow down in the opposite oncoming lane of traffic out of respect for this uber bright light. It makes me feel safe on the streets of chicago from the fear of getting hit by an opening car door because this thing is as bright as a police siren. I think I'm going to dye the elastic bands black and rap the red part in electric tape, as it has a spelunking vibe, aesthetically. There is a lesser known solo album by Bono of the same name.
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on July 11, 2014
This is a really powerful light! There's a couple minor attributes that need to be noted. One, if you wear it on your head with the head band the cord falls straight down the front in front of your face! And there is no evident way to have the cord go behind your head, which is weird. I tried to find a way to make it go out the back of the headband but haven't found a good way. Another thing is, it gets quite hot! If using on a bike, which I was going to do, you have to find a way to put the cord so it doesn't interfere with riding your bike. Overall, a very powerful light, and seems well made.
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on April 24, 2014
The battery is starting to fade, but still holds up on bright for more than an hour. Need to order something else as I can't find a way to replace the battery. I ride exercise paths at night, in the dark, with no fear of seeing where I am going. It's a FANTASTIC light.
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on February 8, 2013
I purposely chose this unit (Cree Xm-l T6 1200l Led Bicycle Bike Head Light Lamp Red) because of the description specifications listing this unit as an 8.4Vdc unit. This lamp was going to be an addition to an existing lighting system on my bike which is 8.4Vdc. If I had not payed close attention to this discrepancy and plugged the new lamp into my existing system, I am sure that damage to components would have occurred.

I received the device in a timely fashion and in good shape (no evidence of damage, etc.). It does appear to be fully functional, and it does contain all the appropriate accessories listed. The description says there is three modes of operation (I.E. = high, low, strobe) the unit provided has four modes of operation (I.E. = high, medium, low, strobe)this is a nice added feature.

The provided description states the unit is an 8.4Vdc model, the unit that arrived is 4.2Vdc model. The description also states there is three modes of operation (I.E. = high, low, strobe) the unit provided actually has four modes of operation (I.E. = high, medium, low, strobe)this is a nice added feature, but is further proof that the item supplied by the vendor does not match the description listed on the Amazon website and is the reason for the three star rating.
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