Customer Reviews: Crest Pro-Health Clinical Deep Clean Mint Mouthwash 473 Ml
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on July 15, 2012
This is a good product as it's one of the only hydrogen peroxide washes that also has another active ingredient, CPC. This means you don't need a whitening rinse and a mouthwash. It's quite a bit better tasting/feeling than most whitening washes and seems to have less hydrogen peroxide than they do.

There is an issue with the labeling though.

Leaving hydrogen peroxide in your mouth afterwards isn't a good idea. As other reviewers have stated, it can cause sores or burns and loss of taste. The worse health your gums are in (bleeding etc) the worse this can be.

The issue is that because they are marketing it as a once after brushing mouthwash they don't tell you to rinse with water afterwards. That obviously reduces it's ability to last long. Personally I don't want mouthwash lasting a long time but marketing wants it to.

I would rinse with water for any wash containing peroxide, and I think it's OK to rinse out CPC/CHX based washes as the time in your mouth is sufficient. Also both CPC/CHX can stain your teeth as well depending on makeup/dental health. If it makes you feel better a 15-30 seconds longer wash can help make up for rinsing with water.

I also feel It's not a good idea to swallow much CPC anyways so a rinse with water helps that.

Regular Fluoride based mouthwash should be left without rinsing or eating for at least 10-15 minutes for it to have it's effect and regular listerine formula is also ok without rinsing.

I have had no issues with this product when rinsing with water afterwards and it is helping to keep my teeth white and kill bacteria without a second product/rinse. As I use with a fluoride/recaldent toothpaste I have remineralization and enamel building products and then antiseptic and whitening with the rinse so I am getting 4 active dental ingredients daily with 2 products.

It could certainly taste better and not leave a film, but that's not possible with any peroxide wash.
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on January 23, 2014
After using Crest Pro-Health Clinical three times in the past two days, I am completely disgusted and in a BUNCH of pain. The tip of my tongue has developed painful blisters with a numb/tingling sensation, along with swelling. I have sores all over my gums, on the insides of my cheeks, and swollen lips with cankers sores. After using the product I also noticed a white substance (which I was told was dead gum tissue) coming off of my gums. I believe that I have received a chemical burn from this mouthwash. From my research of this product, I see that the common census of this product is that it is worthless, as these sort of symptoms have happened to an uncountable number of people. How horrible of P&G to keep something on the shelves that is known for its miserable side effects!! I know that I will stay away from any P&G products from now on. The amount of unnecessary pain that this company has brought on to its customers with this product is not excusable. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!
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on June 8, 2012
After using this for a couple of days, the underside of my tongue became very sore and the inside of my mouth developed a persistent burned, slightly raw feeling. A fever blister also popped up on my lip, which may be a coincidence, but I don't think it is.

I've used several of the other Pro-Health mouthwashes with no problems, but this one is almost as harsh as Listerine, despite not having the immediate alcohol burn.
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on October 6, 2012
I bought Crest Pro-Health Clinical Mouthwash so I could prepare for an upcoming dental visit and ease some of the symptoms of gingivitis. The first day after I used it I noticed my tongue felt like I'd burned it by drinking a scalding hot liquid. I tried to remember what I had consumed that would have caused the burn but couldn't think of anything. I also started experiencing an extremely dry mouth.

By the third day of using the mouthwash I had developed small red spots on three of my taste buds, further proving they were being burned. It was then that I realized the only thing I'd been doing differently in my daily routine was incorporating the new mouthwash.

Crest Pro-Health Clinical Mouthwash is absolutely toxic. I haven't used the mouthwash in over 24 hours and my tongue still feels burned with a slightly numb, tingling feeling. Eating has been uncomfortable and the first inch of my tongue has lost the ability to sense hot or cold. That mouthwash is going straight down the drain (along with the money I paid for it).

Want to know the scary part? What if a child were rinsing with this product? Or what if someone accidentally swallowed a mouth full? If this stuff is capable of burning a person's tongue after just three uses, I'd hate to see what it could do to a person's stomach.

It should also be noted that product review submissions on the Crest website are "unavailable." This is why I came to review the product on Amazon. Something seems fishy. Don't use this product. It's not worth it.
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on June 20, 2012
I used this product and at first thought it was really cleaning my mouth. After several weeks my tongue felt like I'd severely burned it. It was extremely sensitive and foods ranging from sweet to salty caused major flare ups. I googled this product and realized it was the cause. The overall reviews are extremely consistent and confirm the defective product and the pain it brings. I hope this review will cause multiple people to not buy the product. I have stopped using the mouthwash for several days now and have barely gotten any relief. I wish I had stopped using it sooner.
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on December 18, 2012
LIke many, I initially had a very adverse reaction to this product. It literally burned the tastebuds off my tongue and nothing tasted right for days. I also got the weird jelly-like glob in my mouth while using it.

I had read the directions, but I assumed it was like every other mouthwash product, right? The directions looked similar: brush teeth, rinse, use mouthwash.

Not quite. It's very explicit about the fact you need to wash all the toothpaste out first. That's the important step, because this stuff reacts chemically with the toothpaste and if you don't rinse it all out of your mouth, then you'll get all the bad side effects.

I changed my routine, using the mouthwash first, and I'm no longer having any issues. This mouthwash is stronger and works better than anything I've ever tried. Perfectly happy and will buy again.
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on February 5, 2014
I have had tooth infections in gum pockets in the past, so after my last tooth infection, I decided to up my mouthwash game to try to help. I usually use natural products from the health food store, but I wanted something stronger to really keep my oral bacteria in check. So I got this stuff because it looked the strongest and I thought it would really help. After using this product 3 times over 1.5 days my cheeks swelled up and became red and painful and my whole mouth was raw. Not realizing it was the mouthwash and thinking maybe it was an infection of some kind, I used it once more.....BIIIIGGGG MISTAKE. My glands around my jaw swelled up till I looked like a chipmunk. Completely Panicked, I looked online to see what it could be as I was on the verge of an emergency room visit, and lo and behold, hundreds of accounts of the same thing happening to people, and there's not even a warning label on it! It's taken 3 days for the swelling to subside and my salivary glands still don't feel quite right. I will never use another crest product again. Crest has lost my trust and i'll add them to the growing list of companies that care more about profits from pushing poison toxic products then the welfare of the consumers they are supposedly trying to help.
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on July 7, 2012
Zero stars! I saw the advertisement for this product and thought I would try it, since it claims to keep plaque from forming for two months after cleaning. I used it for the first time at night after flossing and brushing, carefully rinsing the toothpaste from my mouth. Despite having no alcohol, I felt a burning sensation while using it...the same as with mouthwash products containing alcohol. When I woke up in the morning, I had a terrible taste in my mouth. It was pretty much the same "morning taste" I used to have years ago before I quit smoking. I had some breakfast, which tasted a little "off", but I didn't attribute the taste to the rinse. I then brushed my teeth after eating and used the rinse again. When I ate lunch, I noticed that it didn't have much taste at all. I ate a couple of Hershey's Kisses for dessert, and all I could taste was salt and a little bit of chocolate. They didn't have any sweet taste at all. That's when I realized that this must be the result of using the rinse. I even tried brushing my tongue to get rid of the effect of the rinse. After reading many reviews of this product, I only hope my sense of taste comes back. The product needs a strong warning that loss of taste can be a side effect. Better yet, it should be pulled from the market. I WILL be contacting the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding this product.
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on September 13, 2012
This stuff left what i think is a chemical burn on my tongue to the point where i could barely taste food for 2 days, and caused really bad intense burning in my cheek. NOT GOOD....
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on February 23, 2013
I bought this on Monday. I couldn't figure out why my tongue was sore after using this product 3 times. My tongue has a cut in it, my lips are swollen, and even under my tongue hurts. The last time I used it was Wednesday night and here it is Saturday and my tongue is still hurting. The taste was really off when I went out to dinner with friends on Wednesday night. Now I know why. I too have pretty much only used Crest toothpaste my whole life but picking up this bottle was a HUGE mistake. It looked like it would be so good for me...WRONG! Do not buy this!!!
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