Customer Reviews: Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects - Teeth Whitening Kit 20 Treatments (Packaging May Vary)
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on December 3, 2015
This is my third time buying this. First off, great product! I usually use 10 treatments every 4 months (because Crest states the max is 40 treatments in 12 months). Spacing it out has done wonders. It usually take me 5 treatments before I start seeing immediate results. I used to be so embarrassed to wear a white shirt or I would wear one but not smile as much to avoid the huge contrast. I also figured out ways to combat sensitivity.

First, realized I shouldnt brush my teeth at least 3 hours before using the whitestrips. It's actually best to use (IMO) if you don't brush your teeth at all in the evening/night. So the nights I used it, I only brushed my teeth at breakfast and sometimes lunch. Second, I gargled with hydrogen peroxide routinely and this helped with sensitivity and increased whiteness. Third. I noticed the height of my bottom row is short in comparison to the top. When the strips laid on my gums, it would cause a negative reaction... almost like a dull aching pain/soreness. So before I put on the strips, I used scissors to carefully trim the top of the strip off. This allowed the strip to stay ONLY on my teeth and not rest on my gums.

It's amazing how many people positively comment on my teeth. I think everyone's so used to dingy white and/or yellow teeth that white teeth truly stands out! I have gone to cosmic bowling, glow in the dark golf facilities, as well as other low/special lit events and I've had strangers comment on how white or "nice" my teeth look. Mind you, my teeth have shifted from not using my retainers much so I knew they mustve been talking about the whiteness of my teeth. It's great to stand out this way. It definitely boosted my confidence and now I'm hooked to these strips!

I have at least two youtube videos (look up Naturallyjoli) describing my day by day experience with my first treatment as well as a detailed teeth hygiene regimen for those that want more details before committing. I rarely drink colorful drinks (from time to time I may sip wine or juice). The drinks never stained my teeth longer than a minute or so. Actually, my lipstick stains my teeth more than drinks and it's not a permanent stain (I'll lick it off and it's gone). I was so hesitant to use this product before (I kept reading reviews and it scared me). But I am happy I finally gave in. Now it's been a full 12 months since I started and I felt this was the perfect time to give a review. I look forward to seeing how much more white my teeth can look!
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on January 10, 2014
First off let me tell you that this product was recommended to me by a friend who’s teeth were already pretty white. It sounds like a weird distinction, but I think it matters a lot if you’re trying to figure out if your teeth are really going to get whiter or not. The product itself was one of the easy to use, simply open the strips and put them around your teeth. There was some slight sensitivity in using it, but the convenience factor made me pretty happy with for the first few days.

But I noticed after a few times using the whitestrips that there were parts of my teeth that the strip did not cover, when I smiled you could still see yellow in the crevices of your teeth. Its funny other reviews mentioned the same thing, but I didn’t listen because the product was so popular. I think this is the main difference from using a strip-type whitening product, and actually going to the dentist to have it done: the whitestrips do not form to your teeth 100%, so they can not whiten 100% of the teeth’s surface!

I looked into getting my own dentist to whiten my teeth, but it ended up that it was going to cost a couple hundred bucks, so I researched a little more on it. Turns out there’s a few different products out there that you can buy for home use, that have the same strength as the ones dentists use and also use molded-trays that cover the parts of your teeth that strips can not.

This teeth whitening kit worked a lot better. The good thing about this product is it has heat-molded trays that literally wrap around your teeth 100%, and if you use a q-tip to apply the solution to your teeth, there is no sensitivity when using this product.

I liked this because that gel can sting your gums if you get it on them, so the heat-molded trays and qtip technique are really the most important part of buying a whitening kit - and this is something you can't control with whitest rips. I prefer this type of system way more than the strips, because it really does whiten your teeth more than the crest strips would ever do. The bad thing about trays is it takes a few minutes in the beginning to get the right fit around your teeth, but it’s well worth that setup time for perfect fitting mouth pieces, and is something crest can’t offer.

Overall I’d give Crest White Strips a 3 out of 5. It’s convenient enough to use daily, but it really did not cover my teeth as well as products with heat trays.
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on February 27, 2014
I cant believe i was discouraged to buy this product after reading these reviews. In the end I'm so glad I did. This product has AMAZING effects for an at-home whitener hands down.

I think a lot of the grievances in these reviews come with inexperience in teeth care and teeth whiteners in general. For example, DO NOT use toothpaste before applying the white strips, for it effects with the whitening process.

A few things i'd like to note:

1) To the people saying "This product doesn't whiten all of my teeth" You do realize, that you cannot just put the white strip OVER the teeth? Teeth aren't bricks. You have to fold the strip into the teeth. For example, I start in the middle of the whitestip, put my finger on it, and smooth it out over my teeth towards the ends MAKING SURE it forms to my teeth. Besides, Even if it does not touch every part of your teeth, the gooey whitening agent, once reacted, will cover all of those spots and form to your teeth. (especially if the strip is able to cover the backside of your teeth too, if not it's sstill fine.)

2) To the people saying "It hurts my gums/teeth/" Well, with the gum thing, do not under ANY circumstance put this on your gums!! You're supposed to get it close, but not actually have the strip cover the gums! I did this one time and my gums HURT. From then on I didn't have it touch my gums and discomfort disappeared.

3) To the people saying "not good for sensitive teeth" This one was a big deal breaker for me at first. My teeth are incredibly sensitive; eating ice cream hurts. I find it odd that I found no sensitivity as all with this product. Food for thought.

Regardless, I achieved great results, my teeth are shades whiter, but not that nasty florescent white. It looks natural.
For anyone interested in my routine:

1. 30 min after eating dinner I quickly run my wet toothbrush across my teeth (No toothpaste! This is important! The toothpaste can react with the whitening process)
2. I apply the whitestrip bottom first, starting in the center of my teeth and smoothing it out as far many teeth it reaches and fold it over the back of my teeth.
3. Same with the top
4. Press the strips in again, making sure they are activating and are on correctly (sometimes on the bottom teeth, saliva can make them move around, gotta go fast!)
5. Set an alarm for 30min since I am forgetful
6. After 30min, remove bottom, then top and brush teeth as normal.

After the 20 day regimen, I now use Activated Charcoal to keep my teeth this shade of white. It's inexpensive and is a natural teeth cleaner/whitener. Look into it!
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on July 26, 2015
I've been buying items on Amazon for 10 years and have never given a review. I was compelled to because of the great results. I just wish I would have used this item years ago. I smoked and drank coffee for years and the strips still worked for me.
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on January 10, 2016
This is after ONE application! I am amazed. No sensitivity thus far. Will be using once per day and will write a new review after box is completely used.
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on September 25, 2015
Really works! I wasn't sure if it was going to, but I'm glad I bought it. I noticed my teeth were a little brighter after 4 treatments/days. The photo shows before and my current status. I still have 8 treatments left!

The strips did give me a headache the first few times I used it but I got used to it. My teeth became sensitive as well, but it's bound to happen with using a strong product. Buy toothpaste for sensitive teeth! If it does feel too strong, then just skip a day or two. I skip 1-2 days every week.
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VINE VOICEon April 22, 2010
Size: 20 Treatments|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The package claims that you can see visible whitening after only 3 days. This claim is true. I've never whitened my teeth before but they weren't too yellow to begin with and I noticed the difference after 3 days exactly. However, I also have sensitive teeth and by the third day, the strips had increased their sensitivity. The instructions say that if your teeth are sensitive, start using the strips every other day (instead of every day), so that's what I did. The sensitivity stopped immediately after skipping a day. I used the rest of the package in a similar manner: using the strips every other day, sometimes using them two days in a row. The whitening continued just fine using this method. My teeth are extremely clean looking now, but not that fluorescent look some people get with over-whitening. They just look pretty and clean.

A few notes on usage. The strips are easy to apply, especially if you follow the instructions and put the bottom one on first. I definitely recommend, as the package says, to use them BEFORE you brush your teeth. The instructions say it will reduce tooth sensitivity but there's also another benefit: if you use them daily before you brush your teeth, you won't forget to do it AND you can brush off the gooey stuff that the strips leave behind on your teeth. Also, the strips are EXTREMELY sticky. They won't come off accidentally; they stay on securely. They are comfortable to wear. When you pull them off, make sure your fingers are dry so you can get a good grip to pull off the strip.
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on January 22, 2016
My before and after crest 3D white strips professional use. The results speak for themselves.
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on May 26, 2016
I am ABSOLUTELY pleased with Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects! Unfortunately I broke my tooth and before getting it repaired I wanted to whiten my teeth. My dentist sells a kit for $135, I got this product for $46! You can see the progression to my BRAND NEW 3D SMILE in my photo colleague.Sensentivity? It was my concern but I just followed the instructions and had no discomfort but thought it wise to skip a day twice within the 15 days, I actually did 13 treatments and have 7 treatments for both upper and lower for later. I also used the 3D toothpaste in the morning and used my normal Melaleuca Toothpaste for Sensentive Teeth at night. All I have to say is that I AM THRILLED!
I used this simple whitening system for 30 minutes a day to prep for my new smile and I got EXACTLY what I wanted! Purchase with confidence! I recommend only the PROFESSIONAL! Now go get your 3D Smile!! *Ting*
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on June 20, 2014
After only 3 days i noticed a improvement. My teeth weren't bad, but they could be whiter.(coffee and years of smoking till i quit this year. These are relatively simple to use and after a few times, becomes second nature to put them on, sit for a half hour and then pull them off. I'm a fan. Some people have sensitive teeth, so far i have not noticed anything. Also, don't brush your teeth right before using, just swish your mouth out with a bit of water.

#####Update. After halfway through the treatment, my teeth are MUCH whiter. I've uploaded before and after photos as well.

I've noticed a bit of cold liquid sensitivity. Not too bad. I brush morning and night, and after each meal, flossing each time. I use the crest 3d white toothpaste and also the 3d white mouthwash. It is all making a huge difference. I got these based on a recommendation from my dentist, she said if i wanted whiter teeth, try the strips, they work. I concur.
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