Customer Reviews: Crimson Trace DS-121 Defender Series Accu-Guard Laser Attachment, Black Matte Finish
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on February 21, 2014
Contrary to the opinions of the GUN BAN people, the vast majority of Americans holding concealed weapons permits only have guns for life threatening or extremely dangerous situations. We are not the aggressors or the attackers, but if that situation does ever occur and you are outnumbered, the Defender by Crimson Trace will certainly even the odds in your favor. We all know that it's not about the gun or the rounds, it's the shot placement. Which would you rather have in a life threatening situation, a miss by a .45 or a fast direct hit by a lesser round -- we all know the answer. The Defender takes seconds to install and once on becomes a part of the gun itself. It is easy & quick to turn on and off and is easily adjusted (never loses it's adjustment when set). It is the BEST pistol laser for the money and a huge bargain. It uses a double battery and does not drain the battery once turned off unlike some of the cheaper Chinese lasers. My Glock 32c and Glock 19 both have the DEFENDER in place and it made a huge difference at the gun range with tighter groups at longer range. Need I say more?
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on June 25, 2013
I bought it for a gift. He liked it immensely. It was a perfect fit. With contact on the rail and covering the whole front of the trigger housing, it is very stable. He hasn't tried it, but it is very unlikely to get out of adjustment. The light is very bright at the 50 ft. factory adjustment. When ordering extra batteries, I found that button batteries can be gotten in different mah ratings. The included ones weren't rated. They were probably 850mah. I ordered 1050mah batteries. This would account for the huge discrepency that everyone is reporting in run time.
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on April 16, 2015
this was a nice addition to my sporting device... visually, appears factory/like it could have come that way.
functionially: for the most part, great... easily activated from either right or left side, and was very easy to dial in, and remains accurate after many rounds.
Where the problem could present itself however, if when you holster the device... on the good side, many manufacturers have custom IWB and external holsters customized for this, but almost all of them activate the laser upon insertion... which, I anticipate can lead to a significant decrease in battery life.
otherwise, solid unit and recommended.
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on May 25, 2016
Great laser pointer for handguns. Bought this product because alien gear holsters makes a specific holster for glock with this laser. Oh wow !the cool thing is that you turn your laser on, then slide pistol into holster and laser shuts off. Laser comes back on when you extract pistol from holster. Unfortunately it works the same vice versa. So I can't place pistol in my alien gear holster with laser off. No big deal.
Remember, no laser is fool proof. Rely on training and practice without laser. Winners seldom win by accident and in a fight for your life it pays to be a winner.
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on December 19, 2013
Upon installation and first use the laser was about 2" high at 30'. After a few adjustments I had it zeroed in with little effort. Then I found during use the laser kept turning off. I had not noticed I had to turn it back on again after each of my initial adjustments. Each time I turned it on the laser would turn off after a round or two out of my .45 GLOCK 21, then I realized all it took was to drop the slide and the laser would turn off. Not reliable enough for me to keep.
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on January 13, 2014
Installation on my G-17 was straightforward. The only problem was that a teeny-tiny phillips head screwdriver is not included, so I had to search around the house for an eyeglass screwdriver (flat-head), that fortunately I was able to find. They do include a small allen wrench for adjusting for windage and elevation; the inclusion of a screwdriver would have resulted in an extra star.

The fit on my G-17 is perfect, and adjusting the laser with the included wrench is easy. Once installed, I found I had to stretch my index finger a little to activate the laser, but then again I have small hands.

Once at the range, my wife took a few shots, and we noticed immediately from watching the laser that she was twisting her wrists downward with each shot. Without the laser we likely would not have been able to diagnose her problem.

Finally, I wondered why this product costs nearly $100, while my cat's laser mouse emits the same beam but costs only about $3. I'm sure the manufacture of the DS is significantly more complicated than the mouse, but by that much? A more reasonable price, say $50, would have earned an extra star.

Bottom line: If you can't seem to hit what you're aiming at, and you can't tell why from watching videos of yourself, and you have an extra $100, get this product and have a friend watch the dot while you shoot. It helped my wife right away, and it could probably help you too.
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on March 1, 2016
Worked better than any other railmount on my Glock, looks nice and solid. Would prefer easier battery change access and a slightly thicker guard around activation switch, but it really does the job as-is.
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on June 16, 2014
I am an ex-military guy. Have been around guns all my life...from age 8. I target shoot with buddies twice a month, but shooting at a still target gives you "false" confidence. Most crime, attacks...what-ever, take place in a matter of seconds. At the range, I am deadly. Never miss, and all 100 rds. are in the kill zone. But....what would I do in real time, with only seconds to react. So...enter the laser. It allows me to point and shoot. You at least know you will have a "hit". Point at the "body mass" and the laser beam will guarantee a hit. It will also scare the "bejeesus" out of an intruder. Who wants the dancing "red dot" on their body. They "know" what's coming. Good price for this item. Crimson Trace is the "top of the line" product. Just a little tricky to install. Got it wrong the first time. Didn't read the instruction. Yeah, I'm the type that knows it all. Not this time, but it installed well after reading. Hooah, to my brothers-in-arms!
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on September 7, 2013
The description says that it fits all Full Size and Compact Glocks. That is not true, if fits a few, make sure you check with Crimson Trace before ordering. It is a nice lazer, but I bought it for a Gen 4 Glock 30 and it does not fit. I had to return the item.
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on September 9, 2013
The only reason I originally got this laser is because the Old Faithful brand of Kydex inside the waistband holster I was ordering had an option for it to be molded for my Glock 17 with this exact model of laser attached. So I went for it. Got the laser, installed the 2 batteries it came with (it can also take a single 1/3N lithium) and mounted it to the rail of my Glock 17. The directions say it comes pre-sighted for 50 feet, but for me that was way too long (most encounters happen in less than 10 yards, often much closer), and the dot hit far to the left anyway. So I re-sighted it for 10 yards by aligning the red dot to the very tip of a perfect sight picture via my Glock factory sights. Bingo - took it out and I was shooting steel cans at 10 yards without even having to aim. Just put the red dot on what you want to destroy and pull the trigger smoothly, taking care not to jerk at the last moment. Great. Held its zero through the 5 magazines I shot and appears it will keep holding without any problems.

The red laser dot is very easy to see indoors, but outdoors it was difficult for me to see at anything past 10 yards, even in the shade. Yes, I could see it at longer distances, but not easily enough that I would be confident taking a fast aim to actually hit a threat, unless of course it was dark outside. But at 10 yards or less, this will help you make every single shot count.
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