Customer Reviews: crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog
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on August 21, 2011
Sizing: I know there has been a lot of confusion over the sizing of this particular shoe, and for good reason. The Crocs website only recommends ordering a half size down if you wear a half size (since they only offer whole sizes in this style). However, this shoe definitely runs big. I ordered a size 8, even though I usually wear a size 9. (I was wearing a size 8 Men's in the Bistro Croc). They almost seemed too big when I got them, but after a couple of days they adjusted to my feet and I didn't have to wear the heel strap anymore. This shoe is also a lot narrower than others, which partly contributes to the sizing difference. I would suggest choosing another style if you have wide feet.

Design: These shoes are definitely designed a lot better than the older styles. They still offer the non-slip soles and the same type of nubby interior material. They look a lot better (a little less like clown shoes) than previous versions. Also, the soles come up higher on the shoe and seem to be a bit stronger (good news for me because the last pair were done in by a small hole in the toe). Like most Crocs designed for work, they are enclosed so they are spill-proof and easy to clean. These are not your typical flat Crocs though, you can see they have a raised arch.

Fit/Comfort: Upon first trying these on, I found they definitely don't fit like the Bistro or more classic styles that were wide and roomy. As said before, they are narrower and more conforming to the foot, and have taken me a little while to get used to. I wore them during 10 hour shifts three days in a row, and I did have blisters on my little toes by the third day. With only a day's break however, I have been able to go back to wearing them without this problem. My feet were also kind of sore the first few days, but this happens with most new shoes. Because of the new design, you really have to break these in, and they will conform to your feet to cause less pain and rubbing (although a lot of the older styles didn't really have a break-in period).

Overall, if you are looking to combine a more desirable look with comfort, these are great shoes to buy. If you really don't care about the look, however, I might suggest one of the more classic Crocs styles, as they may be just a little bit more comfortable.
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on March 14, 2012
I am a pharmacy tech and I am on my feet from 8-10 hours a day. My old favorite shoe were the sketchers sports until I read the reviews on the mercy clog crocs. Now the original crocs with the holes would never be allowed in the pharmacy. Defintely not professional enough and to casual looking. But these new mercy crocs are PERFECT. They are the right color (black), they have a new and improved raised back (required in pharmacy) they are slip resistant (also required) and they are narrower which gives them a more sleek professional appeal. At first I was concerned because they don't come in half sizes but according to the size chart they recommend you go one size down to get a good fit. Now I wear ladies 7 1/2 so I bought a size 7w (w stands for women) (c for children's) etc and they fit just right. if buying from amazon the size will say 7B(M) which is the way they word "medium". Just worry about getting the right number size -- not letter.

I have plenty of room to move and they still feel secure. Now some people wear the shoe with the strap above the foot and some with the strap on the back of the foot. I prefer it in the back so when I'm moving very quickly my shoe feels secure. At home and just around town I wear the strap on top for a more casual feel, like a sandal.

The shoes design is just right. Not to flashy and not to plain. I just wish they had more colors other than blue, black, and white. But I will never wear another shoe to work again and here is why:

My feet used to be just fine in the morning in my sketchers but after about 3 hours my feet would begin to swell and my legs began to ache. But after wearing the crocs, my leg craps and aching are practically gone and my foot numbness is very rare now. I do suggest that you wear socks only because these crocs have no holes, and nowhere for the air to go. So when you walk it may start to make a very embarrassing sound like (farting) if your not careful. I had it happen one time at home and said well I'll never wear those without socks to work.

The shoe itself is so comfortable for being a harder shoe which is surprising. I like wearing them because they are light and almost don't feel like your wearing a shoe. The massaging nubs in the shoe are supposed to help your feet feel better but in order for those nubs to work you have to wear the shoe without socks. Your body heat helps soften the inner sole and starts to massage pressure points on your feet. Now I have over 100 pairs of shoes and ever since I bought these shoes I haven't even worn any other shoe except my house slippers, which I wish I could wear to work. BUMMER. But the crocs do come in first place for a work approved shoe. I highly recommend these shoes to all those who are on their feet for hours and hours. By the way the prices here are better than in the store, because I had to pay tax and pay for the gas to get to the store (I live out of town). and with the sizing chart if you wear an 8 get an 8 if you wear a 1/2 size go down to the closest whole size (ex. 7 & 1/2 would be 7w) (6&1/2 get a 6w) etc.

One last note: these shoes are a breeze to clean. Warm wet cloth and presto shoe is clean. No cleaners, no brushes and no special sprays and protectants to buy. And yes these shoes can get wet if you were to wear them out to the beach or pool which is also a plus. thank you for reading. Hope this helped.

*******UPDATE:******* I wore these to work for a full 8 hour shift without socks just to see what would happen. Should have kept with my first instinct. having the socks off only made my feet sweaty and made an even worse squishing sound than with the nylon socks. The best sock to wear is a regular cotton sock so you do not get that funny sound when you walk. nylons or nylon socks still make a faint sound but not as bad as with no socks at all. I still do like these shoes better than any other shoe I own and they do feel more comfortable if you are WALKING constantly and not STANDING constantly. Definitely a great work,mall shopping, amusement park, or swap meet shoe for walking all day. I will be buying a back up because I wear them ALL the time.

********Second update****** it is now 6 months later and I have just got to say, WOW!! What a difference a shoe makes. I forgot how bad it was before my crocs, until recently when I had corporate people showing up to work and I wanted to make sure I was TOTALLY in dress code so I wore my black sketcher tennis shoes. And boy was that a mistake. I was in pain after only one hour. I couldn't change shoes because my crocs were at home. After that horrific day I decided to sell my BRAND NEW SKETCHERS for $1.00. I figured how can I charge more for someone else to be in pain. I will never wear any other shoe to work again. Corporate or no corporate I am adamant about this subject. Now I even have the ladies at the bank wearing crocs and they are thrilled as well. They also got them from amazon. Amazon is the Best buy. Hope your feet are Happy. Remember HAPPY FEET-- CAN'T BE BEAT.
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on July 1, 2011
I'm a nurse, working 12+ hour shifts in a hospital setting. I have always loved crocs but I felt they were sort of 'boat' like on my feet and looked kinda weird. These solve both those problems, being much narrower then all my previous crocs and much more stylish. They look very similar to danskins in person, but they are so lightweight and much cooler (less sweaty) on my feet. They are all the things you expect from Croc's- easy to clean and disinfect, and odor free. I am really happy that I took a chance on croc's again.
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on August 9, 2011
They are narrower than the regular Croc clog. They look like Dansko's when you wear them with scrubs. They have a higher arch which is nice. My feet are wide and my pinkie toes rub a bit. I would recommend them for work or home.
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on December 10, 2011
I have wide feet but these are so pretty (for crocs) I had to try them anyway. They're too tight to wear for more than a few hours.
I read the reviews, and saw that they run narrow, but a coworker has them and said they fit her wide feet fine. She's at a desk a bit more; I'm on my feet all day.
5 stars for looks, -1 for fit.
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on May 9, 2012
If you spend many hours on your feet, these shoes will be great to wear. However, you must be warned, that without the holes in these Crocs your feet will get sweaty and slightly uncomfortable, so do wear socks with them like you would with normal shoes w/o holes or breathability. If you have wide feet, the shoes will seem like a slim fit, but it will mold with your feet as you wear them (if that makes any sense?). Sometimes it feels tight, but I guess the shoes will stretch and adjust itself to fit more comfortably. The soles of these shoes are much thicker than the usual Kadee style, so you'll be able to last for hours in these shoes without ever feeling the soreness of being on your feet all the time. Despite how you have to wear socks so the sweat can absorb into the sock, I rather have these shoes than put up with the aches and pain of standing on my feet for long periods of time. If you love your feet, you will put up with the cons. Do your feet a favor and get these Crocs, your feet will thank you.

I have to agree with the other customer that mentioned about the noise that the shoes make when you wear it without socks, its like suction noises, it's not exactly fart noises..more like suction noises? So definitely wear socks for 2 reasons: 1) For the sweat to absorb into the sock and not make you feel it in the shoes 2) Prevent the noise. Even without these reasons, I still choose to buy these shoes because my feet cannot take standing for hours w/o feeling the pain. So weighing the pros and cons, the pros won me over.
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on April 22, 2012
God Bless the folks at Crocs for designing this shoe! After a 12 hour plus shift as a nurse, my feet felt great! Gone is the plantar fascitis pain! I was getting truly worried I'd have to retire early. I'd tried so many different pairs of shoes ranging from $20-$120 with no relief in sight. These Crocs are a big improvement over the old ones. There is more arch support, and the heels have enough cush to absorb the shock of even the hardest floors. At the end of my shift, I'm no longer limping around and they have even helped my lower back pain. They named the shoes so well...Women's Mercy. They are a merciful relief! I think I'll make it to retirement age now! Thank you Crocs!!!
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on December 16, 2010
I have worn and loved crocs for years. The Mercy Work crocs are hard and rigid, unlike other crocs. They run big and have unusually high arch support for crocs. They fit and feel like Dansko's...which I did not want. If you want a shoe like Dansko's you'll probably love these.
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on February 8, 2012
I picked these shoes since I thought it would not be wide. But I was sent a wide shoe when I had ordered Medium. I would send them back but I wil try again with a different seller. Sizing was important to me since I have skinny feet. I will keep them and since I hate to do the returns. The only good think I have to say is that they are black and they came quickly. Even if it was the wrong size. Next time I will just order a smaller size.
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on March 16, 2013
These crocs are perfect for my slip-on outdoor needs. I love being able to just wash or hose them off if needed. They definitely fit big. I had ordered my normal size (8) and had to return it for 1 size smaller. Amazon was great and shipped my replacement right away - I received them within 1 1/2 days of sending the originals back. The smaller size was perfect. I would definitely order these again!
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