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on November 6, 2011
Very exited to get this gun because of the good reviews. When I received this rifle it was only in the gun box and no outer packaging which I thought was a little odd from everything else I have ever ordered from Amazon, It looked like the box was re-taped and a little beat up.I pulled the rifle out of the box and noticed some blotchy spots on the receiver and barrel that would not come off, but is not really a big deal because it has no effect on rifles performance. I also noticed there was no shipping oil on the rifle that most other reviewers mentioned was pretty excessive, and had to be wiped off. Rifle is very powerful and is fun to shoot. Trigger pull is a little tough, and accuracy is alright but that probably depends on the pellet quality. One big problem I had with this rifle is the barrel droop that it has, its not a problem if you use the sites because the front and rear sights are both on the barrel, but if you want to use a scope you soon see the problem with barrel droop. I had to use all of the UP adjustment on my scope to sight this thing in so I got lucky there, but some may not. Was going to return to Amazon but with some research online I saw that barrel droop is common with air rifles some are just worst than others so I figured why send it back just to get another one that may be worst than the one I have. By the way in case you don't know what barrel droop is it is when your brake barrel rifle in its locked ready to fire position the barrel does not line up perfectly parallel with the receiver and the barrel slightly points down. But for the price its a pretty good deal you could spend more for a supposedly better gun, but is it really better? This is my first brake barrel rifle I just think my expectations were to high due to only using real rifles for so long. But for a critter getter its perfect. Hope this helps
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on June 14, 2011
The sights on this rifle can be dialed in to allow hitting where you are aiming at 150 plus feet and the pellets hit the target with tremendous force. The .177 pellets will actually dent a wrought iron fence so one needs to take aim very carefully. This is a heavy and well made rifle. It does exhibit a fair amount of recoil and does make a loud noise so it is better used in remote areas and definately should never be left within reach of children. Also, it is indistinguishable from a real firearm and consequently, it should be handled in the same careful manner.
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on September 6, 2011
I had no problem ordering the pellet gun. But because I am not familiar with these items I had a great deal of difficulty in buying a laser scope for this rifle.
I suggest that Crosman Company should suggest scopes and scope mounts that will fit this gun. This will greatly help a person buy these items online even though they may know very little about the items. It took me several weeks to find out the proper mount for my gun as the scope I ordered was for a Weaver scope mount and the Phantom break barrel has a Dovetail mount. Also, I ordered an oil (Pelgun oil) which was for a pellet gun and found when it came it was not for a break barrel pellet gun. Crosman could also recommend a suitable oil in the review of the gun. I suggest a drop down menu with links to proper scopes, scope mounts if necessary, and any additional items compatible with this gun including the proper oil. Just as when buying a book there could be some reference to what is compatible with the item.
The Crossman Company was cooperative in trying to help but the representative who answered my e-mail could not recommend a scope mount conversion. (She did help in that she stated the Phantom 1000 had a dovetail mounting configuration. I found one on my own and didn't know if it would work until it came in the mail.
Unless these suggestions are properly addressed, I will not buy any other items online which I am not already thoroughly familiar.
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on June 24, 2010
This is one power house of a gun. I would not recomend using it in an urban area though. I shot it once in my back yard and it sounded like a real gun. It scare the crap out of me. the only reason i am rating this 4 stars if because of how loud it is. I would highly recomend it though
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on May 9, 2011
I haven't owned a pellet gun for ages but decided to buy one in an attempt to rid my roof of pigeons. Upon receiving the rifle, I was very surprised to see how heavy and well constructed this thing was. As for how it performs, it is very accurate and was as good or better than I expected it to be.

The only issue I had was when I went out and bought a scope. After installing the scope I found that the mounting grooves on the air chamber/spring chamber section of the gun, were not aligned. So, with the scope mounted it is visibly crooked. This had me down since I was so happy with the gun up to that point. I tried for several hours and in any way I could, to mount it straight with no success.

Regardless of this issue, the gun is excellent for the price. The scope is a bit overkill anyway for my needs. The rifle is very accurate for my needs (shooting pigeons) and has been effective.

I have tried three types of ammo to kill the pigeons and hands down, the Crosman "Destroyer" pellets are the best. They drop the pigeons instantly, where as the hollow point pellets from Crosman resulted in the pigeons flying away mortally wounded.

If I would have paid more for this gun or required a scope, I would be returning it. But for any shooting without the need of a scope, this thing is dead on accurate and very powerful. And if you happen to have one or buy one that has straight mounting grooves, this rifle with a scope would be that much better.
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on July 16, 2013
This is really a nice rifle.The price is low and its a powerful adult gun.It has super nice set of sights on it for the price.The big problem with it is if you use it outdoors at 15 to 20 yards or more it never shoots in the same place twice.I tried shooting black birds with it and after about 75 to 100 times I have never hit one yet.I tried buying a couple of scopes for it and the problem stayed about the same or maybe a little worse.I have a automatic pistol and it is much more accurate than this rifle.If you shoot really close targets like in your basement it is OK.I think I might buy a better brand.
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on April 25, 2011
I bought this rifle for small game hunting. It is just what I needed. This rifle is super powerful. It is a bit heavy, but great. You can easily kill anything up to a coyote with this. I will have to warn you that it is LOUD!!!! It sounds like a real .22 firearm. Because of this you should not use it in urban area. I live in a rural area so it doesent matter. I heard it does quiet down after a while though. This is a five star gun.
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on July 24, 2011
I replaced a pump action pellet gun with this brake barrel version and there is no comparison. At 1000 fps, this rifle drills varmits. I dialed in the sights and this thing is now a tack driver. I'm using hollow point pellets and they have gone through everything I've shot so far. I wouldn't hesitate to use this on coyote size game. With one pump, this has more power than my old pump action having pumped it twenty times. This rifle definitely has some heft. It feels like a real rifle. At $100 from Amazon, this is a great value. I would expect to pay $3-400 for a rifle like this. The first few shots were really loud. After about 20 rounds, it is getting quieter. Good thing, I live in the burbs.
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on November 1, 2011
IMPORTANT: this gun has a 100 shot break-in period, and will be innaccurate at this time!
so if you are thinking about getting this, just do it, look at reviews!! most accurate gun etc. I can take out a squirrel easy, iron sights very easy to adjust etc. zeroing my iron sights, I was shooting cardboard in my basement, only to examine the cement wall behind and see the pellets had shot chunks out of the wall. put up a >600 page phone book, and shot further than 2/3 the way through the entire book, left dents in paper up to 4/5 way through. overall, very happy
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on January 10, 2012
Phantom is a terrific gun overall.

* Accurate, using .177 pointed pellets now. Inch groups at 50 feet.
* Powerful, sinks pellets about 1/4 inch into hard pine 2x4 at 50 feet.
* Solid construction.
* Great style.
* Relatively easy to cock and load, 30 pound pull on the barrel.
* Fixed sights easy to set up and use on close targets.
* Great not having to pump many times as only one cock loads the air supply.
* Easy to load pellets when the barrel is bent over.
* Recoil pad is effective.
* Trigger seems smooth without much pulling of the barrel to the right.

* Recoil reminds me of 4.10 shotgun. Necessary for recoil to move mass of the pellet at 1000 FPS.
* Instantaneous volume of air released to drive the pellet is noisy, like a .22 short.
* Recoil jarred my Walther 4x32 scope off it's mounts then after using the stop pin hole on the barrel to keep the scope on the gun, tore the scope internals loose. Got a Barska 4X32, so far so good.
* Barrel open sight post ball a little large and covers over half inch targets at 50 feet. Need to reset aim for the ball to be under the target bulls eye to see it when aiming. Quite accurate as the open sights are on the break barrel and align no matter the amount of barrel droop.
* Gun is a little heavy but is solid built.
* Was not sure where to obtain oil that won't diesel for the compression chamber. Finally went to Paslode "Duo-Fast Lubricating oil" from Lowe's figuring if it's good for nail guns, should work fine. So far so good after a year's use. Just my experience, use your own judgement.

All in all this is a super gun with good accuracy . Don't think you can beat the value because the specs on break over barrel air guns seem to have about the same power levels. Just the styles seem to be the difference. Might be worthwhile to pay a little more and get the scope equipped Phantom. Maybe their scope is more rugged.
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