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on October 9, 2010
i was a bit spectical about this air rifle but when i finally decided to purchase it i cant say i have regreted,,,its extremely accurate and this .22 rifle leaves every rodent running for cover or dead on the spot depending on the shot ...breaking the barrel is simple and the this rifle is not as heavy as the other air rifle i have owned such as the benjamin super streak..its easy to carry around if u are doing some small game hunting......i definitely recommend only reason i didnt give it a 5 star was because my gun was missing a screw near the trigger...
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on May 18, 2012
Having had good experiences with other Crosman pellet rifles and hearing good reports about this one, decided to go for it. I was not in the least disappointed. Came in a sturdy packing box that was well engineered to hold and protect the rifle and it's accessories. Pulled it out of the box and immediately removed the stock to check for any flaws. FLAWLESS! Put the stock back on and mounted the included scope - a very nice CenterPoint 3-9X40AO (chose to use UTG 2 piece mounts because they are much sturdier and lighter weight and had a much better scope stop pin built in than the included mount). Ran a Hoppe's bore snake through the barrel to get the manufacturing gunk and oil out of it and it was as shiny as a mirror. Cocked the rifle and put a 14.5gr Crosman pointed pellet into it and fired a trial round. Everything OK! Time to sight it in.

Set up a half inch dot target at 10 yards and zeroed the rifle and scope with 8 rounds. Shifted to another half inch dot and tried 5 rounds for grouping accuracy and was very pleasantly surprised to get all 5 rounds within a half inch. For a brand new break barrel pellet rifle, this is fantastic.

Will continue to break this girl in but so far, I am extremely pleased with it's performance. Only time will tell. If anything changes, I will immediately update this review with the results.

FYI, Amazon's great price and free shipping alone make this one of the most outstanding buys I have made in
an air rifle. Thank you Amazon!

PS. This rifle is absolutely gorgeous and fits like a custom made glove!!!

Update: May 22, 2012
Well, this rifle continues to impress me. Had it less than a week and it is already giving me quarter inch 5 shot groups at 20 yards. Don't know if the rifle is getting better or I am. Probably a little of both but I'm really a happy shooter and happy with this rifle.

Update: June 11, 2012
Have discovered that contrary to my previous update, this rifle, once cocked, CAN be uncocked. Simply break the barrel as if you were cocking it, pull the barrel into full cocking position and while carefully holding the barrel in this position, release the safety, pull the trigger and hold it and SLOWLY let the barrel go back to the full extended position. Be extra careful NOT to let the barrel go until it is fully closed again because a wild barrel being thrown back into the firing position on it's own will be bent and unusable for any accuracy whatever. Don't know why this didn't work previously; must have needed a little break-in to get loosened up.
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on October 11, 2011
I read all of the reviews and honestly had reservations about buying this rifle. I wanted a rifle with a wood stock, a decent adjustable objective lens scope 3X9 40mm at a minimum and quality rings. Accuracy and reliability depend on a reliable scope and rings. This combo from Remington has it. The rings and bar mount are easy to set up. (Make sure to have every screw securely tightened.) The scope is clear although the mil dots could be more prominent. The scope was easy to adjust to dead on After initially mounting the scope, five shots at 15 yds grouped to 1/4 inch missing my aim point 1 inch high and left right out of the box! Immediately I like this gun!

I was very pleased with the overall look of the rifle. The stock is very nice, the price of the rifle is less than you would pay for a walnut stock alone. The scope is clear and the rings and mount are good and easy to assemble. I used Daisy premium grade .22 cal hollow point lead pellets (500 pellets for $8.06). I suggest cleaning the pellets by placing them in alcohol and swishing them around and then drying them in a paper towel. Your barrel will thank you and your fingers will remain lead free.

I must tell you there were many reviews that I read which said accuracy of these type air rifles was questionable. This was not the case with my new Crosman Remington .22 cal with a 3x9 40mm AO combo. This rifle is impressively accurate!

The trigger definitely is the worst part of this rifle. Although I adjusted the trigger as provided in material it still was a heavier than desirable and the travel feels endless. Quickly I realized this was not the trigger on my Weatherby 7mm mag!

To get the best accuracy pull the trigger back to where you think it should fire, then start your breath control and start squeezing slowly again until it fires. Learning to breath properly and relaxing to control heart beat is key to accurate shooting at high scope magnifications.

I adjusted the scope parallax to correct distance (adjustment at front of scope) and then set the magnification power to 7. After having the scope zeroed dead on at 15 yds. I grouped 5 shots all touching and within 1/4 inch. This was all accomplished while resting my elbow on an ice chest, sitting on a lawn chair using the left hand as a rest for the rifle (instead of holding it like you have a snake in your hand). To ensure accuracy make sure to consistently place your cheek snugly on the stock looking thru the scope with the same head position.

I bought 12 Birchwood Casey targets from Academy. The reason I point this out is that these targets have a 1 inch center bullseye, 1/2 inch red dots located in the four corners of the target located 8 inches apart and then there are 4 more dots each 1/4 inch located in four corners 4 inches apart. By aiming at these dots you can see if you are grouping your shots within an inch, half inch or 1/4 inch.

One half inch groups were easy at 15 yds with the scope set to 7 power. I needed to go to 9 power to consistently group hitting the 1/4 dot with 3 shots. I must tell you with this high of a magnification it is difficult to hold steady on the target. It takes breath control and reducing heart beat to steady the target.
You will see your heart beat while looking thru your scope (your cross hairs will move from side to side across the target). Start squeezing when the movement is close to being inside or at the edges of the target. Be careful to not tug the rifle into your shoulder. Let the rifle rest on your shoulder rather than having it dig into your shoulder. This will help reduce target movement as a result of heartbeat. (This commentary is not for the experienced shooter)

Your initial accuracy will depend on how quickly you get used to the trigger. It feels like you squeeze this trigger forever when you first try to shot it. A good trigger would make this a phenomenal rifle. Once you get a feel for how far the trigger travels, you can shoot with accuracy by squeezing the trigger in two steps. The first step: squeeze the trigger so that it moves about 3/4inch and let go. Step 2 breath in release the breath slowly and squeeze until it fires. Master this and your accuracy will improve.

In conclusion, I am extremely pleased with this product. All screws were snug, the barrel break was as it should be, the stock was very nice and the barrel bluing is very nice and the scope was good for this price point ($169.). I highly recommend this air rifle.

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on January 24, 2012
The gun was very inaccurate when I first got it. I was using pellets made by Daisy

which had irregular skirts. I switch to crossman premium hollow points, cleaned

the barrel and that fixed it. I was able to stay inside of a dime at 30 yards. Great Gun.
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on March 12, 2012
Dead on accuracy this thing could take the wing of a fly at 50 yards, it is heavy but lighter guns are harder to keep steady, easy to load, and it looks awesome unlike the synthetic stock guns, variable zoom scope is awesome
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on June 30, 2012
I have had this air rifle about three weeks now and have been very impressed with it. First, let me say I was quite happy with the way it was packaged. It was in a box that did NOT emphasize that it might be a weapon which made the shipment less likely to be pilfered (in my opinion). The scope was easy to mount on the air rifle and was very easy to sight in. The air rifle itself has worked perfectly. It requires some effort to cock, but not as much as I had expected for a weapon with nearly 1000 fps capability. It shoots very smoothly. The only thing that would make it even better would be a somewhat shorter trigger pull. The trigger pull is a bit longer than normal, but is very easy to get used to. Highly recommend this air rifle to any semi-serious shooter.
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on September 26, 2011
I love the design. It matches my Remington 700. I love only having to cock it one time vs my Benjamin that has to be cocked 8-10 times. But I am a little disappointed with the grouping of the shots not being as consistant as it should be. And the bluing on the barrel should be thicker so as not to rust so quickly with all of the handling that is required to cock it. Or only offer it in a mat finish.
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on June 23, 2011
I bought this air rifle having done some research on the web. Some people loved it and some hated it but that is typical of web reviews. When it arrived I found that it was a nicely finished weapon. As reported by some people various fitting were loose and required tightening, which I did.
When I test fired ( supported, prone) the rifle I found that it lacked consistency, you could sight it in to the center of the target and the next shot would be 4" high and to the left!
Anyway , it is adequate for my rodent killing needs - it's just disappointing that when you expect each shot to go to the same place, this rifle wont do it
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on June 27, 2012
There are no sights on this gun. The only Way to shoot it Accurately is with the scope, Which is Fairly Decent. Other than that Your screwed, so take good care of the scope. I know its pretty accurate for an air rifle considering ive Killed So many starlings with it its almost unreal. This is the closest ive owned to a real gun due to I dont believe its fair to the animal to kill it from a distance and I like to Give the animal the advantage so therefore i present myself a challenge and use a Slingshot for most of my pest control needs. For deers i Prefer a Bow, And until recently, i prefferred a slingshot for starlings. But when i sighted this Killing machine in, Wow! Down they would fall over and over again, and it makes me proud that im Killing north americas biggest Foreign pest. Starlings Bully Good birds like robins and Cardinals, and Sparrows. So i try to eliminate them from my property. this Gun ISnt very accurate past 33 yds so getting close is Vital. Adjusting the scope for each and every shot is just frustrating, many a bird flew away before i could take aim. Also This Gun is Really Heavy!

So Heavy in fact, toting it for very long gets Tiresome. All in all you get what you paid for.
A Big Hollowed out piece of wood with Steel and a scope. You simply put lead in it and Bam, Dead starlings, and Happy Robins!
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on June 20, 2012
This is a very nice .22 cal pellet gun. After sighting it in, I shot a 10 shot group about the size of a quarter at 30 yards (it was very windy). After more break-in time it got more accurate. My son and I can consistently hit a pop can at 70 yards with it using crosman premium round-nose pellets. The break barrel was hard to break at first, but with a squirt of rem-oil and a little usage it performed great. The wooden stock is finished nicely, it is not walnut but it looks and performs great. The trigger pull is a little on the heavy side, not terrible, but I may get the TRG-III trigger replacement down the road. I would recommend this gun to anyone who likes performance and is on a budget. I have a crosman 2200 pump pellet gun that I got about 20 years ago and it still works great, I expect this new one will last just as long.
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