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174 of 181 people found the following review helpful
on August 19, 2010
What can i say, this is the best co2 pistol i've owned, and i've had some expensive ones. Not even considering the ridiculously low price, its a great gun to have with you just for the fun of it. It's deadly accurate although i had to set the sights up myself as it didn't come set perfectly. It fires about 30 shots at full power and the FPS starts going down after that but not much at all. Goes through aluminum cans so fast that the cans barely realize what happened and just twitch a tiny bit. Havent used the accessory railing cus i think revolvers arent meant to be used with scopes and such although the laser does tempt me because i go fishing at night alot and usually take this gun with me for a distraction while i'm sitting waiting for a bite. The one thing i didn't like is that the handle covers aren't completely flush with the metal when you put them on and rattle a little but a little minor work and got that fixed up pretty nice. Have recommended this gun to all my buddies and we all own them now. Very Very good gun.
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226 of 238 people found the following review helpful
on December 20, 2010
This gun is so much better then the reviews said. I was just looking for a cheap gun and settled on this but it is amazing. Some of the reviews said that it wasn't accurate but i guess they have no aim because I hit a target from 50ish yards 7 out of 10 times. Some also asked what it shoots and its .177 pellets and i bought gammo ammo and it works great. one review also said that the handle falls off but i think that they just broke it because mine fits perfectly. This is a great gun and i recommended it for any one.
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173 of 188 people found the following review helpful
on August 16, 2011
bear with me for a lengthy review here,
This being my first pellet gun i was unsure what to expect when it arrived, that mixed with the low price made me doubtful over the quality of this product id be getting, well i was wrong. despite coming in a plastic clamshell packaging it's an incredible plinker with a great weight a nice feel to it, but like everything it is not without it faults. having put about 150 pellets through it i can list the following
great weight (roughly 2 pounds)

good fps (about420)

good range

can hold 10 pellets(and more clips can be purchased if its reloading is not fast enough)

adjustable sights

rifling in barrel (accurate)

feels strong, durable

easy learning curve for new shooters, in one day i was able to constantly hit a small pill bottle from 30 ft away

loud, a nice bang per shot

mounting rail for sights,lights & etc

duel action or single action

easy to tell when it needs new co2, makes a pop rather than a loud bang and pellets curve

and of course price at a retail $40


it's break barrel, however the button to press to get it to break is incredibly stiff on mine at first, which slows down shooting, and people with smaller hand might have trouble getting it to do so, no biggie, just takes time to break it in when its new.

co2 seeps out if not used for some time, even with pelgun oil, meaning if i don't use all of the co2 in one day and let in sit overnight the next day it's empty

the handle which comes apart to load the co2 is faulty, in that the clips that keep it on the gun are thin strips of plastic, but that is only an issue when taking them off, otherwise they feel solid

the tightening screw for the co2 has a small metal flap, allowing for a better grip when its tightened, however it is loose so when it is in the handle it rattles when ever the the gun is moved

All things considered its a pleasure to shoot, and very easy to pick up and use even for beginners like me.
with this though you'll need
Pelgun oil
.177 pellets (i use crossman wadcutters)
co2 cartridges
and maybe invest in extra clips so that reloading is a quicker process
hope this helps your decision on whether or not to purchase.
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148 of 170 people found the following review helpful
on November 3, 2008
Best gun I have ever owned I have many other bb/C02 guns and this is the best of them so far. I got mine here on amazon because i could not find this item in the stores. This revolver shoots very fast and Strong. IT CAN GO OVER 425FPS AND UP TO 400YARDS (4 football fields!) It has a little kick to it. I would recommend buying the extra ammo clips for it because this gun just comes with one. and it will run out quick as you pull the trigger ;) It shoots about 60-90 bb's/pellets per C02 cartage [ brand crosman C02] I would not want to be hit within 250yards of this thing... it would hurt very bad!
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58 of 65 people found the following review helpful
on July 2, 2011
Ended up getting the Crosman 357W for plinking and general fun. Overall VERY impressed with this gun, especially for the price!

Things I liked:

Accuracy: OUTSTANDING! This is really where this gun shines in my opinion. I can consistently place all my shots into the area less than the size of a quarter @ 20 feet. This thing does not shoot like a $50 gun to be sure... in fact it shoots so accurately that I somehow wonder if I didn't get a factory ringer.

Adjustable rear sight: Very nice touch!

Ergonomics: Gun has a good feel to it. Light compared to a real Colt Python obviously, but still feels substantial in hand. Does have slight kick to it... not much, but enough to let you know it's there.

Accessories: The rib on the top of the barrel actually does have 3/8" dovetail grooves machined into it, so it is possible to mount something like a Daisy Electronic Point Sight on it... which I did incidentally!

Fast changing of clips: Despite a tight barrel release (See below), the design does allow for a fast changing of clips. Definitely recommend picking up a couple of extra!

Things I didn't like:

Grips: Something about the way they snap into place around the CO2 powerlet feels a little cheap. This is just a personal preference thing and in no other way affects how this gun performs.

Barrel release: If there is one thing I really don't care for is the barrel release. It's very tight especially when new, and is supported by a small rubber block in the action. My main concern here is that over time the rubber will deteriorate which will have a negative effect on accuracy as this catch is the only thing holding the barrel to the rest of the gun. Would definite;y recommend a drop of silicon oil from time to time to keep this block lubricated and prevent wear.

Trigger: A little on the heavy side, but not bad at all. No creep or roughness. I tested it at a 6 1/4 lb pull. Personally prefer to keep my trigger pulls @ 5 lbs or under, but considering the results I am getting from this gun, I can't knock it too hard.


Noise is about what can be expected out of a CO2 pistol. Would like to run mine through a chronograph sometime, but other figures I have seen posted corroborate the factory velocity claims of ~435 FPS.


Not perfect, but a $50 gun that shoots this well and with the power it has definitely deserves a 5 star rating. A real bargain in my opinion!
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60 of 72 people found the following review helpful
on January 7, 2012
The story I am about to tell you is not an example of how to care for an air gun - be warned.

I got this gun as a gift in 1984, when I was a teen. I shot the *&#@ out of it and never really maintained it - I mean many thousands of shots. It trekked with me through woods and creeks, up rocky hills and down (sometimes the latter was much faster). It hung diligently from my hip in an old holster for a real 357. It always fired. It never jammed, not once. It was always accurate. It made me the Dirty Harry of the back forty for a few years - always ready for some punk tree to 'make my day'. Trees can be obnoxious, like when you climb into one but it fails to tell you it is filled with giant, brain-sucking, pinchy ants and you have to dive from that tree like you are on fire. I hate the smart-ass variety of trees.

My gun's big flaw? It was so much fun to shoot that I went through CO2 like I produced it myself.

Then I went to college and then grad school and this little gun (not so little actually) was left in a box in the shed. It was not covered, but tossed in the box with all sorts of crap. It got moved many times, but never used. It spend years in spaces that would reach 125 degrees in summer and -10 in winter, without mercy. It was a cycle of violence against this gun that should make every sportsman hate me as a man. It is unforgivable.

A few days ago I found it again - or perhaps we found each other. It was dusty, scratched and beaten. It had been stored with a CO2 cylinder in place and thus it would not hold CO2. The top latch would not hold the barrel in place any more, as though it had given up on its purpose in life. I cleaned it up and oiled it. To repair the CO2 seal, I cut a little circle from an old inner-tube (and drilled a little hole for the piercing needle). Then I put some rubber cement on one side and used this as a seal. I clamped it in place over night with an empty co2 cylinder in place. Then I used a another little piece of the inner tube to fix the 'springiness' of the barrel clasp, placed just under the latch.

VIOLA!!! Gun works like a champ!!! It is still accurate. It holds its gas perfectly (better than I do). It operates flawlessly, though it looks a little misused. For that matter, so do I. If I had treated a real .357 this way, it would have been USELESS, rusty and destroyed! It is the most reliable and toughest air gun I have ever used with the possible exception of my grandfather's OLD Benjamins - or it is a tie.

I have examined a new 3576, which also greatly offended my gun. To me they appear to be identical with the exception of the grips. I could be wrong. But in reality, mine is filled with memories. Maybe we are bigger around the middle (at least one of us is), but we shared many a mauled sappling. You have to get those trees while they are young, before they grow up to be such evil pranksters.

I have begged forgiveness from my old gun. It still won't talk to me, but it can't resist playing in the back yard.

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20 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on July 23, 2011
This gun is amazingly fun for just about anything. With the right pellets and CO2 it can be used for light target shooting, but I really love it for plinking in the backyard with a few pals. The single or double action option makes this gun great for a variety of different shooters with different tastes. I don't think anyone who has handled this gun has disliked it.

Here's a quick overview:

With the right equipment it can be very accurate.
Heavy, comes with good grips even though they are plastic. Comfortable.
Gun is mostly metal except exterior of the barrel and a few other parts.
Aesthetically pleasing! The gun is beautiful.
Stores CO2 well - next to no CO2 leaked out over a weeklong period, great seal.
The clips are easy to remove and reload, which make the entire experience more enjoyable.
NEVER jams... ever. Considering it's a revolver power by CO2 this is amazing.

Not wholly metal. (Not a big deal to me)
Already showing a bit of body rust despite having never been out in the rain or significant moisture! Still not too big of a deal but very strange.
Sighting screw was amazingly cheap. A few turns and the screw was stripped completely... as though it were made of the softest metal on earth. Nearly made me return it as soon as it was received.

The only con that concerns me is the screw, which I'd like to address because I was quite upset when this happened. Now, I may be a strong man but I am not a child and I certainly know when I am putting too much effort into turning a screw, and I was treating this gun like it was royalty when it first arrived. I did NOT turn this screw with great force. The screwdriver somehow ate into the metal as I was turning it, and it stripped the screw! I have NEVER seen this happen before and I was extremely shocked. This screwdriver can't be at fault either because it's been used on every door and fan in the house, as well as most of the screws in my vehicle. It was like the sighting screw was made out of lead... or butter. Funnily enough, the windage screw worked just fine... with the same screwdriver, might I add, and the same pressure I had applied to the other screw. It may have been a manufacturing defect, and because of this I looked to Crosman's website. I decided in the end the gun wasn't really worth a warrant return, and since I got it almost perfectly sighted in before the screw was wrecked I decided to keep the gun anyways. When considering the price, the sighting screw being the only problem is probably a good sign, but still a bit disappointing.

Despite these difficulties, the gun is amazingly fun, and the fact I decided to keep it despite the trouble I had with it really is a testament to this fact. I sincerely hope these issues were limited to the one I purchased, but I feel I should post this review as a warning. If it happened to me, there is a possibility it could happen to you.

OVERALL: I recommend this gun, but with a little caution. It is very fun, even when it comes with difficulty. If yours has no problems it may be one of the most enjoyable pellet guns you have ever owned. The pros outweigh the cons, just make sure you inspect it before you give it away as a gift or begin using it. :) happy plinking.
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
I purchased Crosman 3576 Semi-Auto CO2 Powered Pellet Revolver with 6-Inch Barrel here on Amazon wanting to defend myself and my dog on neighborhood walks from aggressive coyotes. It was recommended by WildLife Services agent to help get coyotes afraid of humans again; both coyotes and humans are safer when coyotes are afraid of humans and run away from us instead of trying to take our pets that are on leash or under our chair or at our feet. From reading all the glowing Amazon reviews, I was expecting this pistol would get those coyotes afraid of humans again and look for food somewhere else! I am happy to say that this revolver more than meets my expectations. It is also fun to shoot. You will definitely want to purchase extra clips Crosman 0407T Rotary Clips, Fits 357 Pistols, 3pk so that after you have shot ten rounds, you can just pop in another clip that has already been loaded with pellets. Wally carries the Crosman pellets at great prices; I like the DESTROYER pellets Crosman Destroyer .177 Cal, 7.9 Grains, Pointed, 250ct. Check out video at airgunstyle dot com demonstrating this revolver. BSA Laser Sight With MTS attaches fine and with plenty of room to operate both the site and pellet revolver perfectly. I am also shopping for something to carry it concealed so my neighbors don't freak out because it definitely looks like the real thing. When I find what works for me, I will post the links here.

Here are some links to the right CO2 for this Crosman 3576 pellet revolver which is what powers it!
Crosman 5 Count 12g Powerlet CO2 cartridges
Crosman 12 Gram CO2 (15 Cartridges)
Crosman 12 Gram CO2 (25 Cartridges)
Crosman 12 Gram CO2 (40 Cartridges)
According to the online Owner's Manual each CO2 container should provide around 60 shots at 70 degrees.

Other reviewers said loose grips, but both my grips and barrel release were so tight they were difficult to work at first and I had to break them in. Nice quality equipment. More fun to shoot than Smith & Wesson 357! I am really pleased with this semi-auto pellet revolver.
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on October 3, 2012
I've purchased two of these guns over the past 2-3 years, for the sole purpose of scaring away roaming dogs. I can count on two hands the number of times I used each gun. With the first one, the barrel latch wore down to the point that the barrel wouldn't stay up. That was after 20 or less reloads of cartridges. I bought another one as replacement in February 2011, and have been extra careful to avoid wear on the barrel latch. Now the problem is leaking CO2. Once a new cartridge is put in, it's empty in several hours just laying on a table. I'd say I've used this gun maybe 7-8 times in a year and a half; fewer times than the first pellet gun. I've never dropped it or abused it in any way; it stays in a drawer when not in use.

Having such issues with such little use, tells me these are cheaply made. I won't be buying another Crosman.
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18 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2009
I've owned so many pellet guns but none of em' shoots like this bad boy. Six inch rifled steel barrel, 10 shot rotary clip, 415+ fps,, what more do you expect from a pistol. This gun is totally awesome for its price ($50) and quality. This aint chinese crap, This gun is an american made revolver. Uses .177 cal pellets. I've used both gamo and crosman pointed pellets and its so far so good. I think you could use bb's aswell (please refer the crosman web site -[...] for more information.), but i dont think it will give you good accuracy.Extremely accurate within 40-50 feet with pellets.Comes with only 1 rotary clip but you could order a 3 pack set from amazon for 10 bucks includes shipping i beleive. Just type in crosman 357 magazine in the search bar and you'll get the results.
Overall good gun for an awesome price. If your hobby is air guns, this is a must have.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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