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The beauty of the Pilates DVD workouts is that you can workout for 10-40 minutes or pick any section or sequence. I recommend doing the entire 40 minutes. This workout goes by so quickly. For some reason, time seems to fly by extra fast. I could not believe how fast each section went by.

There are four 10 minute workouts on this DVD, not just three. There is a Bonus 10-Minutes Total Body Pilates Workout which finally includes moves like the teaser and roll-ups which are essentials.

10 minutes Belly
10 minutes Butt
10 minutes Thighs
10 minutes Challenge

I like that this is 40 minutes, but I wish they would have included a longer warm-up and cool-down section. This routine needs some stretching moves at the end. I guess that is not the focus but I felt like I wanted to do stretching at the end.

The frog move was interesting and I've not see this in other videos. There is a nice flow to most of the movements although if you are used to doing the "side series" all at once, it is broken up between the Butt and Thigh workouts.

There is an exercise at the end of the challenge section that you can do more easily if you have a couch behind you for support. I discovered that today! I've never been able to do one of the exercises and finally did it today!!

I would not recommend this DVD for anyone with lower back problems. The exercises are done much faster than in Winsor Pilates or even Pilates on the Go. There is a great advantage in having a wide variety of workouts because then you can modify some of the exercises to suit your individual needs. Like, her version of the bicycle was much faster than I'm used to, so I just did my own thing and did less.

If you are new to Pilates, I'd recommend the Winsor Pilates and Pilates on the Go before you start this DVD because they don't really cover all the basics.

A fun edition to your routine as Ellen has some variations to regular Pilates moves you might enjoy.

~The Rebecca Review
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on November 25, 2002
I was in a video store and saw this and noticed that the workouts were 10 minutes a piece, which is good for someone who is really time crunched like me. I also noticed the bonus 10 minute total body work out and you may be thinking "There is no way I can get a total body work out in 10 minutes" but that is SO untrue. I've been doing this for a few days and I'm surprised at how different my body feels, just from a few days of doing the workout. My abs feel tighter, my thighs hurt in all the right places. It's an excellent workout for someone who can't spend a lot of time working out like they want, but wants to do something that will target the buns, thighs and abs. You'll be looking great in a bikini in no time if you stick to this. The production on this DVD is much better than the previous Crunch videos that I've purchased. The cueing is perfect this time around, the instructor has a soft, gentle voice and she gives excellent instructions and clear directions, but isn't really chatty or anything. And I'm glad theres someone doing the modifed verisons of some of the excerises for whenever I get a little lazy. But don't be fooled. They still get the job done. This DVD is great!
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on April 7, 2003
I wasn't surprised that I liked this workout, because I really liked Crunch's Perfect Yoga Workout too. This DVD is awesome. There are 4 10-min workouts on it. One concentrates on Abs, one on Butt, one on Thighs, and there is one for Total Body.
The Ab workout is pretty tough, but there is a person doing modifications. I read that someone complained that you can't see that person, but you shouldn't be looking at the screen while you are doing it anyway. The instructor tells you "For this one, Betsy will be keeping her knees bent" So you know if you are having trouble, just do whatever she suggested. You should watch any workout before you do it, and they do show Betsy doing the modification at first, but they switch the camera back to the instructor.
The Butt workout is good too. I also felt it in my sides!
The Thigh workout is awesome! You feel feel it in the insides and outsides of your thighs, but it's a good kind of burn. I've done tapes like Buns of Steel that work the thighs, and some have made me literally cry they hurt so bad. But this does not hurt. It is challenging but not painful.
The total Body Workout is good for a day when you only have a little time. (I like to do Pilates after some cardio, so my muscles are warm, and it's sometimes difficult to fit enough time to do both.) BE warned, there are some pushups, which are hard! Ouch! But there are modifications suggested (wish I had done them and avoided the soreness the next day!)
All, in all, you will not be disappointed in this DVD. Four great sequences, that can be done together or alone. The instructor is fresh and friendly (even though her cueing is not perfect in places, but it doesn't mess up the workout). The music is good too. Also, you can't beat this price! Buy it now!!
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on July 14, 2003
I love this tape...special bonus is that there are three sections, each only 10 minutes long, something that I find a real plus. If I want to do all 3 10 minute sections, I get a good (but not too difficult) Pilates workout for my belly, buns and thighs. That's how the sections are divided. If you only have time for one 10 minute section, you can choose which body part you want to concentrate on. Naturally, as in all Pilates the core (the belly and back strengthening core) is worked out all the time so even when you do Buns or Thighs the stomach is always getting strengthened.
There is also a COMPLETE 10 minute workout, focusing on all Pilates moves for the entire body, for those who want a super-quick all-around Pilates workout. REALLY GREAT for time-crunched Moms or working Mom's, whomever doesn't want to spend an entire hour of their day parked in front of a video that never seems to be over.
One down side is that there is no upper body work, so if you're looking to sculpt or strengthen the upper body this is not for you. Being a woman, I'm most interested in my lower body, but for upper body I need to use other tapes.
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on May 1, 2003
This is one of my first videos and I absolutely love it. I use it every single day! I always had slightly heavier lower body. After using this tape for about a month i can really see muscles definition in my thighs, buns and definitely abs. After seeing the results it motivates me to exercise even more.
The timing of the tape is perfect for my busy life - 30 minutes.
I would say this tape is perfect for beginner / intermediate. I have been using this tape for about 2 month and it is getting a little boring and the exercises are not as difficult. To make it harder I am now using the ankle weights - it's like using the whole new tape.
The instructor is very good. She does all the counting and helps you with breathing. There is also a modification for each exercise - if the exercise is too difficult, you can always "follow Betsy" for an easier version.
Plus, the DVD included a bonus 10-minute total body work out.
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on July 3, 2003
The only disappointment you'll read in this review is that I couldn't give it more than 5 stars. I'm a Pilates beginner and this was my first Pilates DVD. I feel like I've hit the Pilates lottery. I LOVE IT!! Its very upbeat and keeps you interested. It even had my husband on the floor working his "powerhouse".
Pick your spot covers three areas....abs, butt, and thighs lasting 10 minutes each. All offer a great work out in this short time too. That's what I like the best. Not only can I pick the area I want to work on (all which I need by the way), but I can work out as long as I have time to spend. I come out of it feeling like I actually did something. I'm seeing results too..YEAH.
The instructor..Ellen is very encouraging and motivating. If you feel challenged following her lead there's another person, Betsy that offers a slight variation to the same move.
The DVD version also offers an additional 10 minutes of Total Body Pilates. The name says it work everything.
If you're interested in starting Pilates or want to add to your collection this one is a must have.
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on June 9, 2003
I work out to a workout dvd everyday, since I live very far from any gym. This one, Crunch: Pick Your Spot Pilates, is truly my favorite. The routine is very clear and the transitions are smooth. I like the breakdown of's spot toning. You work your abs for ten minutes, then your butt and thighs, THEN the total body challenge is the "sprint" to the finish. I've bought the dvd for my sister and she loves it too. The instructor is motivating and sincere. If you liked the Windsor pilates videos, you're going to LOVE this one.
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on January 24, 2003
I have never done pilates before. Being a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, I am surprised to see that the techniques in this video are so similar to the range of motion exercises done in physical therapy. And I hate physical therapy. It was important for me to do a video that gave me a good workout but didn't have me jumping around and lifting weights as my joints are rather fragile. This did the trick. Its physical therapy with a more trendy edge. And the sections don't take long to complete at all. Just when you think you can't take anymore, its all over with. There were a couple of exercises in both the butt and thigh sections that there was no way I could do in my condition, so I took off a star for those. But other than that, I'm relieved and excited to have a video that even I can do and feel good about. If you're a healthy and fairly strong person, you'll find that some of its a little too easy. Even I chose to do the abs section twice the very first time I used the video. But if you're out of shape and would like a relaxing, easy going workout that you won't dread having to do, This video is an excellent start. Go ahead and do the section you like best 2 times. My abs got a great work out!
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on February 6, 2003
This is the second Pilates workout I've purchased and I really enjoyed it. I liked the idea of four 10-minute segments I could mix and match to create my own workout. I am still a Pilates beginner, so this workout challenged me. The abs, thighs, and buns section have left me sore in all the right places. The total body challenge is a bit more difficult than the individual segments. If you are a true beginner at Pilates, I would highly recommend this to you. As you progess, you can repeat the segments or add repititions.
However, if you are already at an intermediate Pilates level or are in-shape to begin with, I would look for something else. I had my roommate try this DVD (who is a moderate exerciser.) He said the only challenging part of the DVD was the total body segment, and he had never done Pilates before, so I believe this is truly a beginner's workout.
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on May 18, 2003
I am totally amazed. I have been "trying" excercise programs for the last five years, tapes and live instructor's, and I have not lost an inch or pound. I quit looking at a scale two years ago because it was stuck on 185 since I had my second child in '98. (50lb weight gain)
I started this program this April three to four times a week. I still have not looked at a scale but my clothes and a tape measure are just giving me an adrenaline rush! I have lost 4 inches in the waist (love handles are almost gone!) and 4 inches around the hips! That is in the four weeks I have been doing this program! Wow!
I will say I have given up fast food completely though I still have my ice cream two or three times a week.
But I have to credit this program for my weight loss AND my flexablity is back. I could not touch my toes without the sound effects. Now I can place my hands flat on the ground without bent knees.
I know this program is not for everybody but I will swear by it. I am a lazy person (thus my weight problem) and this program is all mat work so no hopping around. I actually look forward to doing the program, especially when I know next Friday there may be one inch less of me!
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