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4.0 out of 5 stars I LOVE the Crysis Series but.....
The Crysis Game series is a GREAT concept overall but the original and warhead were much better games. More in depth, more tense and definitely tougher to beat. Crysis 2 is still a fun game. Great maps, challenges, aliens and weapons. Overall I cannot slam this like others as I enjoyed it and am playing it a second time around. Graphics are solid, bug free from my view...
Published on June 1, 2011 by B. V. Dam

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1.0 out of 5 stars An absolute disaster and a mark of shame for a once great series
I will just come right out and say it: Crysis 2 is terrible and typifies everything wrong with PC gaming today. I say this as a huge fan of the original Crysis and Crysis Warhead, which were two of my favorite games. In fact, I just played them both over the weekend on Delta difficulty in preparation for Crysis 2. Despite selling over three million units of the original...
Published on March 22, 2011 by PC Gaming Fan

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663 of 808 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars An absolute disaster and a mark of shame for a once great series, March 22, 2011
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
I will just come right out and say it: Crysis 2 is terrible and typifies everything wrong with PC gaming today. I say this as a huge fan of the original Crysis and Crysis Warhead, which were two of my favorite games. In fact, I just played them both over the weekend on Delta difficulty in preparation for Crysis 2. Despite selling over three million units of the original Crysis on PC, Crysis 2 was clearly developed for consoles first and PC second. This review assumes that you played and enjoyed the original Crysis, and may not be as useful to someone unfamiliar with the series.

The review system here includes two GTX 480 in SLI, a i7 920 @ 4.1 ghz, and a 2560x1600 monitor.

The graphics were one of the main strengths of the original game, and Crysis 2 has turned them into a weakness. There are NO configuration options, just preset settings, and you can only choose from "High," "Very High," and "Extreme." Unfortunately, Extreme looks significantly worse than Crysis and Warhead. Protip for Crytek: calling your graphics "extreme" doesn't make them look any better. As far as I can tell there is no way to force Anti-Aliasing on, and instead Crysis 2 uses its own form of edge blurring that looks terrible compared to true AA. The edge AA was fine in Crysis because the vegetation benefited from it more than traditional AA and it provided a performance boost, but Crysis 2 consists of mostly buildings and straight edges that require traditional AA to look their best.

There are three main pillars to the graphical failings.

----The textures are a major downgrade. It's true that the original Crysis had the occasional blurry rock texture, but most of them were flat out amazing. Crysis 2 throws all that away and replaces them with textures that are very flat and low resolution, failing to make effective use of ambient occlusion like the original game did. The textures now look closer to what you'll find in the very dated looking Call of Duty games than the original Crysis.

----The visual effects are a major downgrade. Crysis 2 shipped as a DirectX9 game, whereas the original Crysis was built in DirectX 10 and it shows. The explosions, motion blur, and particle effects were of amazing quality in Crysis and judiciously used, but on the other hand Crysis 2 tries to obscure the lower quality effects by using them excessively. The motion blur and bloom lighting in Crysis 2 are absolutely out of control. In Crysis, the motion blur was used to good effect by making a demanding game run a bit smoother and also making flying objects look great when they passed in front of you. Crysis 2 is not a demanding game, and rather than using high quality blur on objects for the wow factor, it slathers low quality blur over every inch of the screen when you turn to distract you from the rest of the graphics. I could go down the list point by point listing things like water effects, SSAO, lower godrays count, etc and explaining how they are downgraded in Crysis 2, but that would make the review run too long.

----The environments are a major downgrade. Crysis featured complex, wide open jungle environment with a lot of destructibility and interactivity, and amazing shadows casted by all of the plants. When you blew something up, the explosions would ripple through the tree leaves, shaking them. Crysis 2 throws all of that away in favor of a city environment that features a much lower draw distance, much lower polygon count, and far fewer shadows. The environments of Crysis 2 are very small and restrictive, with minimal opportunities to explore or deviate from the set path.

Aside from the three key complaints above, the config files are locked which will come as a huge dissapointment to Crysis fans. The config culture of the original Crysis was a blast, with the different looks you could give the game providing reason to revisit it. In short, Crysis 2 looks worse than the aging Crysis, and roughly in line with the average recent PC release. It does look nice in screenshots, but play it on a large monitor and you'll see that many assets are of shockingly low quality.

I will not say much about the story of Crysis 2 because I do not want to spoil it (***original Crysis spoilers incoming***). However, know that while Crysis 1 featured an epic cliffhanger ending with NOMAD and Prophet returning to the nuked island to continue the fight, Crysis 2 throws all of that away to go with a different main character and different setting. This was a huge mistake and a slap in the face to Crysis fans, and was probably done because Crytek wanted to cater to the console gamers who did not play Crysis by giving them a fresh start and rebooted plot.

The gameplay also features huge concessions caused by the console-centric development. Almost immediately, you will notice that game-saves have been removed in favor of a console-style checkpoint system. This is bad because Crytek doesn't do a good job of spacing its checkpoints. There have been times where I have cleared an area of enemies, received a radio transmission and new objective, then moved on to a new area only to die and be put back at the *very* start of all that. Most games would put a checkpoint after you've completed an objective, but Crysis 2 often doesn't, which is quite annoying in a game that has more than its fair share of cheap deaths.

The levels have been vastly decreased in size as well as enemy count, taking away the sandbox feel. Crysis 2 now plays like your typical on-rails, scripted, Call of Duty game. The enemy soldiers you fight are now generic and *ultra-serious*, a far cry from the humor of stalking the hapless and hilarious North Koreans of the original Crysis through the jungle. Vehicles also fall by the wayside and are used much less even though the strategic options they offered were a strength of the original Crysis. Think you're going to hop in an APC and mow enemies down with the turret like you did with Crysis 1 jeeps? Think again, you'll be ripped to shreds by enemies in a matter of seconds because they are extremely accurate even over long distances.

The opening of the game is hugely consolized to the point that it's an embarrassment. You watch video cutscene after video cutscene and then are thrown into an on-rails tutorial level where the nanosuit stops you every 3 seconds to troll for its various features. When I finally got to control my character and saw that SLI wasn't working, exiting out of the game to fix it and then restarting made me rewatch the unskippable cutscenes. By contrast, in Crysis you jump out of a plane and get to start playing, and it is a real level rather than the obligatory "tutorial level" common to console games.

The nanosuit has also seen some huge downgrades to make it easier to use with an Xbox 360 controller. Speed mode and strength mode are no longer selectable. Instead, they automatically kick in when you run or jump. This is a huge design flaw, because there will be many occasions where you want to run without draining your suit power and you can no longer do that. Even worse, the "speed" running in Crysis 2 is barely faster than normal running in Crysis 1. Any time you want to move faster than a walk, you are draining your armor. The armor mode is no longer the default suit mode when you run out of energy and need to replenish. Instead, all suit modes are turned off, and in fact when armor mode is turned on it drains your energy even if you aren't taking damage. This makes the main character of Crysis 2 much weaker than NOMAD and Psycho, and that combined with the tiny environments means even someone who mastered Crysis will get mauled in this game on the harder difficulties. The enemies have solid AI, but they are prone to glitches and can sometimes see you through walls and cover when they should not have line of sight. The only real improvement in Crysis 2 is that you can now pull yourself up on to ledges, which is a welcome addition. Another new feature is that holding the right mouse button when near the edge of a wall or crouched behind a barrier will allow you to peek out and shoot. For some reason it does not work with the vast majority of the environment though, so it can't be relied on and you'll quickly learn to ignore it.

To "compensate" for the many downgrades, Crysis features the timeless console trope of Collectible Dogtags! Because collectable dogtags were what we all wanted and not DX11, tweakable graphics, sandbox gameplay, and a true sequel to Crysis.

I saved the multiplayer for last because I did not play it in the original Crysis and have only played it in the demo of Crysis 2. There is not much to say about it though. It features small maps, low player counts, Call of Duty style killstreaks, an annoying lobby system, and rampant hacking. You already know if that type of game interests you or not. Assuming you aren't in the target audience for this, I would suggest the excellent Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Crysis 2 is not a broken game, but there are many embarrassing bugs that should have never passed QA. With moderate frequency, dying and reloading a checkpoint will disable your melee attacks entirely, causing nothing to happen when you press the melee button. The only way to fix this is quitting the game and restarting. I have also seen this bug reported by several others. Several times, the crosshairs of my gun scope have disappeared entirely, possibly caused by reloading checkpoints or alt-tabbing. Again, this can only be fixed by restarting the game as far as I know. Lastly, my gun disappeared entirely once, although switching weapons restored it.

If Crysis 2 had been marketed under a different name or was a totally new IP, I might have been able to give it two stars. It is at its core a below average and utterly forgettable FPS. However, Crysis 2 is not a random game, it is the sequel to Crysis, and must be judged in comparison to the original. As a sequel to Crysis, it fails spectacularly, offering massive downgrades and concessions to cater to consoles rather than improvements to the original. In short, Crysis fans now have their Command & Conquer 4. Amazon describes the criteria for one star reviews as "I hate it," and boy do I hate both this game and everything it represents to dedicated PC gaming.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Great Mostly Linear Shooter... Bad Crysis, April 17, 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
This is a single player only review... I couldn't care less about multi-player.

I am going to try to rate this as a stand-alone game because comparing it to the others is like comparing "The Godfather" to "The Godfather 3" There is no comparison. The first ones were better in every way, save for maybe the musical score.

I am a fan of the first two games in the series, Crysis and Crysis:Warhead, the amount of vehicles and a totally open world and all manner of community support and mod development, not forgetting to mention that the first game was, in my opinion, EPIC. It took me a full week worth of time to beat them and I loved them... Still do. It was quite fun with the amount of things you could do. Nothing beat getting to jump out of the water in stealth mode and then go into maximum power mode and punch bad guys, literally LAUNCHING them off cliffs or 80 feet into the air or against a fully destructible seaside shack building... Or shooting out the front tire of a hummer full of bad guys bearing down on you and causing it to flip and roll throwing everyone out of it... Head shots were so very satisfying... If I shot a guy in the leg, he would limp. The A.I. was amazing. The graphics are amazing, still, and the first two games are STILL used as benchmarks for high-end PCs. It was what a PC game should be, hardcore mouse and keyboard WITH optional, and flawless support for a PC Xbox-360 controller for the more laid back gamers... Made for the PC and THEN ported to the lesser console systems.

Before I rant here... I'll say this is a surprisingly good shooter among the offers up around the same time of its release. I cannot say much anything bad if rating it as a stand-alone game with no previous entries.... So it is all kinds of awesome....


That is not the case here... Whenever a company makes a series of games, they should ALWAYS out-do the game that came before... Bigger and better... That is what sells and brings back customers in a game series... This is not the case here. In fact.... I have to say WTF??? Did EA fire the original development crew and designers again or something? Is Crytek still on cruise control off the first two games and think that nobody would notice a bunch of things missing?

First off... Compared to the previous games open world environments, this game is more of a corridor shooter, though there is the illusion of lots of space, this game is what I would call Bi-Level Linear, as in, it pretty much gives you only two major options to approaching most situations... Go in the front door, or sneak around back. You cannot backtrack like the previous games as this one loads level by level and you really are just nudged forward and rarely ever revisit any place.

The A.I. characters are now dumb as bricks, instead of going on high alert when one of their own drops dead in front of them, they just keep walking around like nothing happened. Whereas in the original games the A.I. would even notice the visual distortion your cloaking made if you got too close, or would go on high alert if they found a body. Though on higher difficulties they become a bit less forgiving. Also... I have a problem with the more arcade-like feel of the bad guys in this game, you literally have to empty a full clip into each one to drop them and they don't seem to act as "wounded" like in the first games... On harder difficulty settings, each enemy acts like they are wearing the same super suit as you.

Vehicles... VERY disappointing... Because of this games linear, corridor type set up, you probably won't even use them if you see them sitting around... All TWO of them, an unarmed Hummer thing and a standard FPS APC thing. Where as the first games, you got to control the vehicles from the cockpit, seeing the steering wheel and gauges and everything, sort of like far cry 2, so it didn't break the immersion of the game when in vehicles. In Crysis 2 it just goes to a standard 3rd person, outside the vehicle view and just feels too arcade like. And when you DO need to drive a vehicle, it is in only a straight line because there often isn't even enough room to turn around and everything behind you "conveniently" collapses and such.

Weapons... Surprisingly similar to the first two games... In fact, I was quite happy with the selection and the ability to hot-swap mods on the weapons like laser sights and scopes and silencers. One of the things they kept from the first games. Though the fact I had to unload tons of ammo into every bad guy, made the guns feel more like I was trying to take down a mugger with a BB gun.

Keyboard and mouse Vs. Controller... This game is not like the first two where they were made for PC first and THEN ported to console. Nope... This one is pretty much only good with an Xbox-360 controller, though I cannot be too critical about that since I actually like having controller support on PC and prefer the analog controls and more laid back playing with a controller over being stooped over the keyboard and getting carpal tunnel. So I give it a great rating with the controller integration.

Graphics... Well... Um... Ouch... It actually DOWNGRADES to Direct X9! The first two games were some of the first to fully utilize DX10. Now with DX11 out, I would have expected a game with this kind of PC following would try to push the envelope again... But nope... It is pretty much a direct port from the consoles, where most the consoles can only run DX9, and it shows. Though the graphics are pretty damn good for a twice outdated engine, I guess it is the best that can be done with DX9 and there are "rumors" of a patch coming to add DX10 and DX11 support for the PC eventually...

Story... While the story isn't as epic as the first two games, it is quite good compared to the other FPS offerings around the time of this games release. It gave me quite a few, "WOW!" and "DUDE LOOK AT THAT!" Moments, and it felt quite satisfying by the end. Though I do wish the single player campaign was a few hours longer... I'm getting rather tired of games constantly getting shorter and shorter.

Music... ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING!!! But that is mainly because they tapped Hans Zimmer for the main theme and score that is heard throughout the game... The opening movie and the theme are quite memorable after you see it.

But damn... I just cannot get over the fact that I can no longer punch the bad guys across the room anymore, or jump down from a height and pretty much squish a baddy. Or drive a massive army truck up to an enemy camp, run into 3 guys, getting them stuck on the front with the awesome physics of the first two games, jump out of the truck while it is still rolling and then watch it and the baddies plummet off a cliff to a nice fiery crash at the bottom of the cliff. That is what made the first two games so much fun, because if you had the imagination for it, you could do all kinds of fun things.

Replay value.... Next to none... It just feels too scripted.

The bottom line... And I wouldn't admit this about most EA games lately... I did not feel like I got too ripped off... Though it might just be the Hans Zimmer soundtrack that got me hooked... It creates such a great environment in the game that I'm willing to not be overly nit-picky about all the things this game lacks compared to the original two.

It IS linear... But not to the point where you can't explore a little. I think game companies need to understand this... That people like getting rewarded for exploring off the beaten path instead of being herded like cattle down a one way street.

Now for the honesty from a fan of the original Crysis games... STOP MAKING GAMES THAT ARE CALL OF DUTY or HALO CLONES!!!!!!! One is enough... Just because Call Of Duty made more money than James Cameron's Avatar movie does not mean ALL gamers want to only ever play games like that one in the future.
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2.0 out of 5 stars a step back for PC gaming and the original Crysis, March 23, 2011
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
A Disappointment and a step back for PC gaming and the original Crysis. All hemmed in like Darksiders, no more free roaming, no more Gamesaves anywhere, it is now a console game by EA.

My beef is not on the graphics but the gameplay.

What is wrong with 'Consolitis'?
The linearity. This game now runs on Rails.
You might as well rename it Time-Crysis. Shoot off-screen or aim to screen-edges to reload. What next EA? Insert quarters for time extensions?

There are also convenient Ammo Dumps for you. Gone are when the Artificial Intelligence has enemies ganging up to flush you out. Their grenade tosses? LOL. Every obstacle shielding you is blast-proof.

They have watered down the A-Grade Crysis, peeled off the brand and slapped it on another bottle. An inferior product.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Not what it used to be..., March 24, 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
In my humble opinion, the original Crysis to this day remains one of the best FPS of all time for so many reasons that I couldn't possibly list them all. There are some obvious ones, graphics, realistic game-play, enemy A.I., lush environments, non-linearity, destructible environments, etc. But one of the things that's not so obvious is the following: Most video games that I can think of start one off at the very bottom; little to no items, weapons, upgrades, abilities, etc., etc. You basically have to build your character from the ground up and near the end of the game you become this real bad @ss. The original Crysis completely shattered this formula. In that game, you started off with everything on the nano suit unlocked, fully powered, and ready for immediate use. In other words, you were a complete bad @ss right from the beginning.

In the first couple of levels no one has a real chance against you. You really are completely superior to anything the game throws your way; and this makes total sense because that's what the nano suit is for, to make you superior in every way to your enemies. And this is not to say the game was easy, because it wasn't. It just meant that if you used your brain and all of the resources at your disposal, you were virtually invincible because again, that's what the nano suit is all about. I recall climbing into the back of a jeep and taking control of a chain gun and attempting to mow down some enemies when all of a sudden a tall palm tree realistically falls down and instantly kills some of the enemies I had missed. I soon realized that I HAD unintentionally caused this to happen because my gun fire caused the tree to fall, and as a gamer, this was a MIND BLOWING moment that cannot be replicated in Crysis 2. In the original Crysis, if you were in a vehicle and an enemy shot at your tires, the tires actaully went flat and the vehicle was disabled. I mean, you cannot find gameplay as simple and realistic as this is any generic shooter the current day.

So this is why I had to buy Crysis 2 on day one, because I have so many fond memories of the original Crysis. But I have to admit I've made a grave mistake. You see, Crysis 2 is INFERIOR in every way to the original Crysis. Others reviewers have already mentioned it but it begs repeating, making Crysis 2 for PC a console port was a mistake of EPIC proportions. Crysis 2 doesn't feel like Crysis, it doesn't taste like Crysis, it doesn't smell like Crysis. The graphics are worse than the original. There are NO detailed settings adjustments to be made. Every time your aim changes, there this horrifying, choppy blur on the screen. The weapons are very inaccurate. Helicopter's spot and shoot you even when you're cloaked. I walked into this new area cloaked, and about a dozen enemy soldiers showed up near my position stating that I had been "seen" in the area. Really? I'm cloaked remember. This would have been impossible in the original Crysis because being cloaked meant something in that game. There are about six ammo dumps in every area, not to mention that enemy ammo drops, making it impossible to run out of ammo, or even a need to conserve and that gives this game a tremendous "arcade-like" and unrealistic feel. The nano suit is a terrible downgrade from the original and actually makes you a much weaker character. One example is when you use max armor. In this game, you actually lose suit energy even if you're not taking damage. In the original, the energy decreased ONLY when you took on enemy fire, which again, makes much more sense and offered greater realism.

You want to know what is the worst thing of all, the nano suit actually TELLS you what to do. It treats you like the dumbest person on the planet that is incapable of thinking for yourself. As a gamer, this is insulting beyond description. Personally, I want to be able to use my brain in order to assess the situation, come up with an effective strategy, and implement that strategy as a spec ops soilder would in real combat. In the words of Clint Eastwood (Heartbreak Ridge), I want to IMPROVISE, ADAPT, and OVERCOME. I'm a grown man, I don't need my hand held especially in a game like this where you're supposed to man-up, after all, you're the savior and hero remember?

The more I write this review, the more disgusted I'm getting with this game, seriously. ANYONE who thinks this is even a decent game has never played the original. No more Call of Duty clone garbage for me, it's over. With the exception of Uncharted 3 and Battlefield 3, I'm done with all of other shooters.
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2.0 out of 5 stars No Editor. Linearity. Cliche. Disaponted, March 27, 2011
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
I am greatly disappointed in Crysis 2. While the game is not worse than most other available first person shooter games, it has lost most of the appeal that original Crysis series have, namely:
1. NO EDITOR INCLUDED! and apparently the company has no plans to release one - that means that most of the replay value for the game is lost. Forget about downloadable levels, forget about custom terrains, forget about all the fun and tweaking you could do with the editor. Once you go over couple of hours worth of run-of-the-mill game-play and saturate yourself with run-of-the-mill multiplayer, you are done. Is it worth $60.00? NO WAY!
2. All open environment of Crysis 2 is gone - you play just another fancy corridor shooter with most actions scripted and unchangeable and all your movement restricted by closed doors, road blocks, fences and such. The fact that the stage for the game is Manhattan makes no excuse - many other games, notably Prototype that take place in precisely the same location are incomparably more open than Crysis 2.
3. Boring, stale, non-original story. You are bad ass marine with big machine gun fighting the usual suspects: army of corporate troops and squid-like aliens. With each level you get bigger gun to fight proportionately bigger aliens... yawn...

Go to corporate hell, Crytek, with all your thirst for profit you became just another Call of Duty clone.
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4.0 out of 5 stars I LOVE the Crysis Series but....., June 1, 2011
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
The Crysis Game series is a GREAT concept overall but the original and warhead were much better games. More in depth, more tense and definitely tougher to beat. Crysis 2 is still a fun game. Great maps, challenges, aliens and weapons. Overall I cannot slam this like others as I enjoyed it and am playing it a second time around. Graphics are solid, bug free from my view and the best parts are still the best, cloaking, armor, upgrades, weapon specialization, etc. My only complaint is that it was WAY too short, the end was anticlimactic, the story somewhat weak. It makes more sense playing second time. Not worth the sticker price as it feels like more of an extended expansion pack. A great game at $39.99 or lower on sale.
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3.0 out of 5 stars It's a good game!, January 14, 2012
A pretty decent game. The nanosuit has less options now(it will auto-use energy when you charge-hit things, when you run and when you jump), you can only use the cloak and armor modes now. You've also got 4 modules which you can upgrade during the game.

-Longer campaign than in crysis 1 and warhead
-Easier suit use
-Better environment use
-Awesome graphics
-Challenging enemies
-You won't get bored playing this game

-The bugs are definitely the biggest let-down (My game used to crash when I was loading ANY save, so if I died once, I had to start a new campaign. I was forced to use a fix-crack, because crytek didn't fix a thing, even after the latest patch 1.9. Another bug, my weapon used to fire for no reason and that's a pain in the a** when you're in cloak mode circled by enemies)
-More linear then crysis 1, also no more radar map
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5.0 out of 5 stars Sequel to a Game, not to a benchmark utility!!!!!, March 25, 2011
Interesting. If you throw a search at amazon for Crysis 2, what you probably first notice is its high ratings in every single version, but not for its PC version.

After I clicked on the Crysis 2 pc option, and started reading the posted reviews it hit me. Every single one of the reviewers here -PC USERS- are extremely dissapointed with Crytek new offering...

Because Crysis 2 is no longer a benchmarking utility to show off the power of a PC.

3 years ago, I was one of the PC users that spent every dollar I could so to build a Powerhouse of a PC. Back then, I had a 8800 GTX SLI, and a dual or quad core AMD CPU, I'm not sure anymore for this last one spec.
Anyhow, Crysis 1 arrived at my doorstep and I of course was ready to play and enjoy the game.

Now, if I remember correctly, I spent more time trying to squeeze every single bit of power from my hardware with Crysis than actually playing the game!!!
Of course, like any advanced PC gamer, this is always part of the fun. BUT THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALL THE FUN.

Today, I finally started playing Crysis 2. And oh boy, what a game!!!

In just a few minutes of gameplay, it reminded me where the fun with games really is. In its GAMEPLAY.

My current system is an Intel i7 920, geforce gtx 480 AMP SLI. 3d vision, and an Acer 23inches, 120mhz monitor. A config very similar to one of a previous unsatisfied user. So, I could say I'm running the game in a not so bad PC.

Now I will try to take apart all the elements that involve the game...

I too, played Crysis a week before trying Crysis 2. So it's easy for me to compare both. True Crysis was indeed a DirectX 10 capable game. It was designed to showcase the potential and capabilities of the new hardware back then. If you had the system powerful enough you would be one of the lucky ones to get astonished by Crysis beauty. Even today, there are few games that can match Crysis for its visual fest. But this came with a price. Not everybody had the chance to run Crysis at its full potential. Not without investing a lot of money for the GPUs capable to handled this demanding gaming engine. The solution? A lot of customizable graphical options so the user was capable of choosing what features to turn on or off. For Crysis to be truly playable at decent framerates, the user was forced to configure the game in such a way that in the end there were few if not any noticiable differences with the DirectX 9 version.
So, from this standpoint of view, the sequel, Crysis 2, now offers only DirectX 9 graphics, and the user just have to choose between High, Very High , and Extreme as predetermined configurations. Which for me at least, makes not a big of a difference. When you have the processing power, just like with Crysis back then, you probably first try to crank the graphics settings all to its highest values, and then going downwards to very high, high, medium and minimum. Once you kinda found your baseline, you begin to finetune the graphics options. This "tunning" usually done by highend users can still be achieved through console commands. So no real loose here.

!!!!WOW!!! Even when Crysis 2 sports just DirectX9 graphics, the image quality is AMAZING!!! The detail, Color palette, framerate, level design. Just beautiful!!! Crytek has promised to deliver DirectX11 compatibility with a later patch.


It's been a while since the last time a game gets me excited about whom I playing in the game!!! Although you no longer play as any of the characters from the first game, which from a certain point of view it could be something of a dissapointment, but man!!!, the way it's handled in this sequel, well, lets just say that you are now more involved with the "super abilities" you just now have with the nano suit. All this sequence is very reminiscence of a certain movie about some guy that will receive his powers from a hero in his twilight and must fit the shoes of the previous wearer and save the day, hehe....


Here, I will say, it is true that controls and gameplay has been toned down so the game now is more console friendly. I really miss my Qs and Es so I was able to lean left or right. Now, this keys are assigned to activate the nanosuit armor and stealth powers. If you want to lean at corners, you have to do something very similar to what you do in games like Gears of War or Ghost Recon, where you got close to an edge and press the respective movement button. There where a lot of times that I accidentally deactivated the cloaking ability trying to lean, and so I got exposed to enemy fire!!
But you get acostumed to the new mapping very quickly. And this system has, for some, its advantages too. It was kind of a pain trying to switch between speed, strength, stealth and armor using the infamous wheel in Crysis. I practically finished the game just switching from stealth to armor, because it was so hard and confusing trying to use the other abilities and not to be killed in the proccess.


Another plus for CRYSIS 2. The music for this games is OUTSTANDING. I truly feel as if I'm the protagonist from a movie. Thanks to Hans Zimmer. The orchestrated music is so good, I jumped and purchased the full soundtrack from amazon.

So, I'm very satisfied with Crysis 2. Of course, I'll be happier when the DirectX11 patch arrives! But the graphics are sooo amazing now, that I'm not dissapointed with the current version.

This is Crysis 2, the game. Not a benchmarking app. For that go and install 3Dmark11 or something like that.
Enjoy the game..
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2.0 out of 5 stars Crysis 1 was a 2007 game; Crysis 2 belongs in 2004, March 28, 2011
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
Crysis 2 is a big budget, big name sequel released in 2011; there should be something new and interesting here to justify the $59 price tag. There isn't. It is merely a competent console shooter that will be forgotten in a few months.

The reason PC gamers are upset is because crysis 1 was new and innovative and high end; and the CEO of crytek boasted that the Crysis 2 would have the best AI in gaming history, and called it a "revolutionary masterpiece". Customers have a right to be more than a little angry at being mislead.

The gaming philosophy behind C2 is different than C1. Linearity and caged fighting has replaced the multiple approach multiple strategy of C1. Occasionally there is a bit of choice, but it pretty much always boils down to "Maximum armour & shoot furiously while ducking behind the hundreds of conveniently overturned cars" or, "Stealth along obvious path around everyone". The suit functions are highly automated, reducing strategic choices further. Needless to say, the skill needed to master this game is minimal, and the replay factor is zero.

So why did Crytek make Crysis 2 on PC a mediocre console game and nothing more? The reason is the console limited amount of high speed random access memory and memory bandwidth available for the devs to work with.

PS3 and Xbox360 have a max of 512 mb available for video and cpu, and the bandwidth is low by today's standards. HD Textures (well, kinda HD cause it gonna be at 720p or less) ect can be streamed by that old tech OK, but that means gameplay is linear and restricted. As caching is extremely limited the game has to know where you are going and what the possibilities are. Variables, player input, etc all add size to the needed cache (ram). And without the needed ram, there would be a loading screen every 2 minutes.

So the number of variables and size of loaded environments have to be mercilessly limited. You are not part of a world that you can freely explore; rather you are an actor in a predefined script, a rat in a maze. That's just the way it is. Moreover, if you start adding kicking AI and realistic physics (not physX, but physics), the memory requirements go up. Crysis 1 pretty much needed 2 gig (total video + cpu ram) as a minimum, Crysis 2 runs on 512 mb.

Right now, because all pubs are chasing the maximum dollar, all games are going to be coded for 720p with an online multiplayer component with' 512 mb and 6 year old memory bandwidth limits--which means all fps gameplay will follow the same rules. Moreover, because online play is so important in the xbox revenue model, further bandwidth restrictions are imposed on game devs.

But why should that matter to a PC gamer? Well, when a dev creates a console game PC port, all of the above restrictions will remain in place because changing them would require a near entire re-write of the code, pretty much doubling dev costs and that just aint gonna happen. Which makes PC port fps as derivative and predictable as their console progenitors. And that is fine, just don't tell the world that your game is revolutionary and has the best of anything.

I hope this console generation ends soon, so devs can bring some new ideas to games that only more powerful hardware can allow. Unfortunately, it looks like that won't be until 2015, and even then I don't think any of those future consoles will be cutting edge in anyway. Everyone learned from Sony's including expensive tech in the PS3 in 06.

Edit: there was an interview with Tiago Sousa one of the lead programmers for crytek yesterday which you can google. He said ""My finger-pointing at Microsoft/Sony would really be on the memory side. It's way too low, and the biggest crippling factor from a visual perspective. I would really like to see next-gen console platforms with a minimum of 8GB."
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great game overall, but don't expect to be blown away like the first time., June 4, 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Crysis 2 - PC (Video Game)
Crysis 2 is a very good game--it improves on the original Crysis in many ways while regressing in a few other areas. In this review I will try to highlight the various improvements Crysis 2 has made over the original while also commenting on some of the negatives.

IMPROVEMENTS over original Crysis:
-Nanosuit 2 is customizable with interesting and useful abilities (e.g. can track enemy footprints, warning sounds when enemy nearby, reduce suit energy consumption in armor mode, mobility enhancements, and many others) that can be unlocked with the right amount of "nano-catalyst" currency dropped from Ceph that you kill.
-Stealth kills on enemies (knife to throat, snapping neck) are very fun and useful--definitely should have had this in the original.
-The ability to grab on ledges is very useful and makes navigating terrain much more comfortable.
-Even more weapons with more customization options (new additions include extended clips, assault rifles with shotgun mode, and more).
-Ability to detach vehicle machine guns (HMG) is very cool and always fun--makes you feel like a tank.
-No need to turn on strength/speed as separate suit functions actually streamlines gameplay. I like being able to jump higher and run faster (albeit, not much faster) by just pressing keys.
-Some really fun gunfights and action sequences starting midway through the campaign going pretty much to the end (I feel that the the original Crysis really dropped in quality during the last quarter when it became extremely linear with very straightforward running-and-gunning with the Ceph).

-Graphics: There are a lot of mixed opinions on graphics based on other reviews, but I feel that the graphics in Crysis 2 are at least on par with the original (assuming you download 1.7 GB high-res texture pack and download DX11 update). The quality of lighting in Crysis 2 is what struck me as an improvement--very beautiful volumetric lighting effects throughout the entire game.

REGRESSIONS from original Crysis:
-Still published by EA. Not cool.
-Checkpoint system is annoying (no saving) and clearly an unwelcome manifestation of consolitis.
-Environments are more constricted in Crysis 2. Everything feels more cramped, and although there are cool tactical options for each environment, it just doesn't have that sandbox feel that the original did.
-The cover system is kind of a joke, and I never used it to great effect--again another dreaded symptom of consolitis.
-Enemy AI was OK most of the time, but other times was very foolish. Also, there were times when enemy AI seemed to just "know" where I was (despite being cloaked and well out of sight), and followed me wherever I ran. This was very annoying; it took away from the experience, and this certainly never happened in Crysis.
-Grenades: only have option for frag grenades (no more flashbang or smoke), and they are clumsy to use (need to equip them, then throw). I liked being able to just throw grenades with one keyboard key without having to equip them, take them out (like a gun) and then throw. Crysis 2 makes throwing grenades surprisingly clumsy and uncomfortable.
-Vehicles: not nearly as fun as the original. Humvees are useless, and the APC is nothing special if you've ever played any given shooter with armored vehicles. The entire tank sequence in Crysis was so much fun, and definitely sorely missed...
-Story was convoluted and sequences could not be skipped. Some story sequences were too long (not Metal Gear Solid 2 long, but still pretty lengthy) and interrupted flow of gameplay.
-I prefer a real jungle to an "urban" jungle as the effects, combat, and general atmosphere of Crysis 2's city environment just aren't as awe-inspiring as in Crysis.
-No more Nomad, no more Psycho --> :(

-Graphics: while Crysis 2 looked roughly on par with original Crysis, it was just that (on par), and not a substantial improvement.

MULTIPLAYER: Can't help you here--didn't play it in the original and same goes for this one --> :D

OVERALL: You should definitely play this game, but the original Crysis is better. That being said I think that some of the criticisms of Crysis 2 are overly harsh--this is definitely a fun game with some really great shooting mechanics and top-notch action sequences. Its main shortcomings come from consolitis checkpoints, cover system, and cramped environments. However, there are certainly many great improvements like the customizable nanosuit (many great abilities), more weapons, stealth kills (very satisfying), tactical options in each area, nanosuit strength/speed streamlining, and downright fun shooting sequences. This game has a great replay value just like the original, but don't expect a full sandbox (you still have varied tactical options in each environment). Can't wait for Crysis 3!
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