Customer Reviews: Crysis 2 - Xbox 360 platinum hits
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on March 22, 2011
This review is coming from a guy who after playing the demo for 6 hours still wanted more

The good:

*Campaign is big, and took about 11 hours with a fair amount of graphics ogling and exploring (to put this into perspective, I beat modern warfare 2 in about 4.5-5)

*The levels that take place directly in the heart of the city have this sandbox feel to them that I haven't felt since metal gear solid 4, you really feel like you have freedom to approach the situations as you see fit.

*Just finished my play through on the hardest difficulty. You can get through 16 of the 19 levels without firing a bullet if you're stealthy enough, and the other 3 only have one required firefight in each. Very impressive for an fps.

*Slipping in and out of cloak for stealth kills on the humans is badass, especially when they are aware something is wrong

*TONS of weapon and suit customization, you wont get all of it in one play through.

*Graphics(HD tv, probably the best I've seen all year)

*The musical score is absolutely amazing, Hans Zimmer working on this project is just awesome

*Didn't know this, but apparently it supports 3d, for the 8 of you out there who that applies to

The Bad:

*Multiplayer matchmaking is still kind of wonky

*Complaints from the demo are still present(Stealth kill animations don't work right occasionally, host migration sometimes fails and ends the match, etc)

* As usual the writing suffers at a few points, but show me a game that doesn't

I would put it as a contender for game of the year, but with Skyrim, mass effect 3, Arkham ciy, uncharted, portal 2, La noire, witcher 2 and sooooo many other high profile games to come, crysis 2 sets the bar high, very high, for this years video game entertainment along with the likes of killzone 3 and dead space 2. 2011 is off to a great start but Crysis 2 is definitely leading the way.
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I got Homefront and Crysis 2 on the same day but I'll leave my Homefront review for another day because since Crysis 2 went into my 360 it hasn't left it.

Graphically really nothing comes close to Crysis 2. Now let me clarify that statement from the angle from a retired video game programmer : there are other games currently available such as Halo Reach or Mass Effect 2 which do seem to offer equivalent next gen visuals but they're fudging a lot of what you see. In many cases the lighting may not be dynamic or the reflections aren't really true, the game engine instead falls back on pre-rendered shadow maps and refmaps - to use the geeky jargon. The Crysis 3 engine does it all and seemingly for real. A good example would be at the beginning of the game I came across a blue flashlight just laying around. I thought it was important and picked it up thinking it would come in handy later. But no, it's just there to show off the realtime shadows that EVERYTHING in the environment casts. It was toy the devs put there for you to play around with. And your onscreen character also casts shadows everywhere not just where the programmers thought it would look cool in the level.

But graphically there's so much more - the water effects, the smoke, the mist, the ultra realistic fire, the in-game rendered cut scenes and of course the massive NY buildings are all a step above what any other game offers. I could ramble all day about the visuals but really you should download the multi-player demo to get a tiny taste of it.

Of course, visuals alone do not a good game make, and the gameplay has to be equally as good. Thankfully Crytek learned from their other 360 outing (FarCry) which was rather lacking in the things-to-do department, and with Crysis 2 they added a slew of entertaining ways and unique tools to approach any situation. Sure, what we have here is a glorified corridor shooter where your direction is preset due to the commands barked at you from a static intercom. But most of the action is in huge open areas with distinct hints depending on your choice of play - want to stealth it out and take out the bad guys silently? No problem. Want to go in guns blazing? Again that's no problem. Want to do a bit of both, heck that's covered too. I never felt rushed even on levels that were applying pressure to get to the end and I completed the missions at my own pace. The tension is real, caused by the intense on-screen action, and not because of some fake clock timing down in the corner of the screen. This game deserves to be savored at your leisure and let's you do so.

I really don't have anything negative to say about the single player campaign even though the game has a couple of my ultimate pet hates. One, you will lose all of your weapons and powers at some point and there's nothing you can do about it and two, boss battles. Boss battles can destroy a game for me turning what could be a fun experience into an exercise in repetitively learning the correct way to kill the boss - but not here. It all felt flowing and natural and not forced or repetitive.

I completed single player on the easiest setting in 9 hours and 45 minutes. It felt long and these days that's a good thing. I immediately started a new campaign from the beginning on the hardest setting. I want to get some of the collectibles that I missed but also relive the game's finer moments. You can tell it's a good game when despite needing sleep you decide to do one more mission.

Multiplayer is where I'm holding off. It can take weeks, months sometimes to get enough experience in an MP game such as this to decide just how really good it is. Frankly I consider MP to be a bonus and would easily have paid the full price for the SP alone.

If you read my other game reviews you'll see I'm quite harsh on games. It's rare, although not unprecedented, that I consider a game worthy of all stars. This is one and it should be in your game collection immediately.
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on June 23, 2011
Crysis 2 is in a tough spot. It's a beloved product that nerds everywhere spent thousands to play on PC (Does it run Crysis?) and now they went ahead and released a new version on consoles. The bad press and geek tantrums to follow have not been good for the game, but word of mouth (like my mouth) have popularized Crysis and will likely make new versions appear on consoles in the near future. So get over it, guys :)

So what do I have to say about this game? It is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Shooters are my favorite genre and I haven't had an experience this fresh in years, although I recognize there are bugs and rough spots that can sometimes be annoying. More on those later.

Crysis 2 is a game featuring an accidental supersoldier (you), who is a marine that has been resurrected from near death by a dude in a nanosuit named Prophet. Octopus aliens have invaded (you heard that right) and they've used biological weapons to infect most of the population of New York. Unfortunately, Prophet was not immune, and his sacrifice means that you need to take on his role. Plus the suit holds all your leaking vital organs together.

Crysis takes every feature every first person shooter has ever had and throws it together in a delicious stew. There are upgradeable RPG elements (your skills and guns), tons of guns to pick up, customize, and play with, a cover mechanic, stamina, stealth combat, climbing, dashing, sliding, swimming, special abilities, remote mines, crazy swarm missile launchers, infared mode, detachable turrets, vehicles...

Although the cover mechanic is kind of wonky. It's not really necessary but it's there.

But with so much availability in gameplay, one would worry that the levels would be too linear to ever enjoy it. Or the AI would be too stupid to make any of it worth taking seriously. My friends, neither of these things is the case. Most of the levels are open and incredibly vertical, meaning that you can approach from a ton of different angles and do missions completely differently each time. Not to mention that they are absolutely beautiful.

The AI is the best I have ever seen (when it works). I have had aliens stalk me in a very convincing, clever, creepy way. Humans call for backup and work as a team to make your life miserable. Aliens have a completely different AI from humans and can... also make your life miserable. Just differently.

Unfortunately the AI is only a genius most of the time and can occasionally become tired and retarded. I've found that you have to completely quit and restart the game to resolve this, but with everything else that I love about the game I have forgiven Crytek for having a bug here and there.

The style of FPS gameplay is smarter than most you'll play. Instead of being an invincible supersoldier, you clearly have your limits and need to fight with hit and run tactics. A mistake on hard mode will mean that you're probably going to die, and I appreciate that. You can only hold two guns at a time and ammo can get sparse. And as I mentioned earlier, enemies call for backup, so if you're going to play rambo you'd better be prepared for reinforcements.

Your tactics generally involve your two main abilities: armor mode and stealth mode. Armor mode lets you take a beating until your energy runs out, so you can jump into a fight and try to slug it out before becoming vulnerable again. Stealth mode makes you mostly invisible, although enemies can hear your footsteps or if you bump into them, knock into something, etc. Everything drains energy so you have to really think about your escape route before trying to be a hero.

I admittedly have not tried multiplayer. The single-player campaign lasted me more than 12 hours because I played in hard and wanted to relish certain parts of the game. I started replaying in super-soldier difficulty as soon as I finished :)
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VINE VOICEon June 30, 2011
This game is awesome...truly, awesome. I've played a LOT of shooters, and this is one of my all-time favorites. The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is fluid and awesome, and (most importantly), it's just plain fun. Story is decent...way above average for a shooter, though shooters aren't known for their stories. The fact that this story is decent is actually saying a lot, then.

But it almost doesn't matter because the gameplay itself is so good. Just so well executed. Lots of upgrades that make you want to keep playing, and this is by no means a short of my pet peeves is all of these "marquee" games that have skimpy single player campaigns (I'm looking at you, COD games!). I'm a SP games...couldn't care less about online, multiplayer nonsense. Local multiplayer is one thing, but I'm not getting online with a bunch of teenyboppers who love to park themselves somewhere and snipe people at a spawn point. No thanks. Crysis 2 has one of the meatiest SP campaigns I've played (especially for a shooter)...and it's not just that it's got decent length; it's that it's all quality, fun stuff that you're doing throughout.

Overall, an absolute joy to play, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on April 14, 2011
I had been playing Halo Reach and Black Ops since release and got burned out on them so I switched over to Crysis 2. I have had the game for a couple weeks now and I have really enjoyed the game. In my Opinion the Campaign is much better than Black Ops and if there was an inclusion of Coop it would have been on Par with Reach. Multiplayer is also fun but for me is slightly behind both Reach and Black Ops for multiplayer.

Maybe as I progress through the multi more it will get better. And one thing it does MUCH better than Black Ops is pairing you up with opponents that are at an equal playing level to yourself. In Black Ops you were almost always completely over matched or completely dominating. There was no middle road in the matchmaking and Crysis does a GREAT job with this.

The Campaign has an AWESOME open fell to the levels and the aspect of the Nanosuit are great for gameplay. The storyline is also very well written and played out. The campaign also does a great job with the difficulty levels in the campaign allows new FPS players to get there feet wet but also making the very difficult for experienced FPS players.

The best part of the game in the GRAPHICS, they are INCREDIBLE!! The Cry Engine from game one (Far Cry) has been spectacular and the new CryEngine3 is the absolute best yet.

Matchmaking in Multiplayer

Multiplayer as whole not as good as COD or Reach
A few bugs in the game but will be fixed soon!
Lack of Coop in campaign (single person story line i know but inclusion of another twist with Coop would have been AWESOME!!!)
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on June 19, 2011
Crysis 2 is a extremely fun game. You fight as a man in a suit. Fighting battalions of men that think you're the enemy and then aliens who kill everything. Your nanosuit is your main weapon. Over time of the game, mostly by killing as many of this squid(aliens) as you can, you gain nanocatalysts. A Certain number of these unlock a new power of the suit.
You're main weapons at the beginning are cloak(disappear) or Maximum armour, which raises health.
The graphics are sick and the only reason I gave it a four was because the story was OK, not great. Definitely not a short game and definitely worth the price.
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on June 19, 2011
Crysis 2 is an amazing game. When I first saw the trailers for this game, I didn't think the graphics on console could look this good, but even running on the 5 year old Xbox 360, it looks unbelievable! Graphics aren't everything, though, and fortunately the gameplay is solid. Controls are very similar to CoD, but you can scan areas ahead for enemies and then create a plan of attack. Wether you prefer to attack head on or sneak around, the Nanosuit (that your character wears) has powers like invisibility and armor mode to accommodate your style of play. There is no time limit for completing levels, so you can take all the time you need to execute your plan, and if something goes wrong, you can go invisible and retreat so you can reevaluate the situation. This is a very welcome change of pace from most other shooters, and gives you a real sense of control on the battlefield.

The levels are huge, similar to Halo Reach's size, but this is not an open world game, and levels are linear. The developers left enough wiggle room so that you can choose how you want to proceed in each level, adding a lot of replay value. It's fun to play levels over again with different tactics and see how things play out. The AI is pretty smart, however there are some moments when enemies will walk into obstacles and get stuck instead of just walking around the obstacle. There also isn't a lot of variety of enemies. Mainly you'll fight "bad" humans who are all exactly the same, plus 3 types of aliens who are all almost exactly the same. A few battles against and/or in vehicles change things up from time to time, but mainly you fight on foot. By the game's end, it all starts to feel a little repetitive, but the game ends before it wears out it's welcome.

The sound design is well done, and weapons, vehicles, and aliens all sound appropriately lethal, with your Nanosuit's AI voice being a highlight of the game. The music is good, although it doesn't change based on your situation, but rather triggered by checkpoints in the levels. This leads to some moments where dramatic music plays while you're doing almost nothing. Voice acting is done well, and none of the characters come off as corny, although a lot of the curse words feel forced, both in the situation and by the actor.

As good as the graphic, gameplay, and sound are, the story is not. It's unfortunate that a game with this level of polish falls so flat in the story department. The setup for the plot is told in the first 10 minutes of the game, but the rest of the game is just other characters telling you to go here and there, and the story never goes anywhere. Questions like "Why are the bad guys trying to kill you" and "Why are these aliens invading" are answered with a lazy "because". For all your efforts over the course of a 15 hour campaign, hardly anything is accomplished aside from a pile of corpses in your wake.

The multiplayer is solid, featuring a level up system similar to CoD. The Nanosuit abilities change the pace of the matches, however, and that is where Crysis 2 sets itself apart. As for performance, the game runs smoothly without lag, and the graphics are just as amazing in multiplayer as offline single player. It should be noted, there is no spit screen mode of any kind, and the online multiplayer is competitive only, so no co-op missions or anything like that. On the plus side, this game does support 3D for those with 3D HDTVs.

Overall, the gameplay is solid enough to keep this game entertaining despite the writer's lack of imagination. The suit abilities put an interesting twist on a tried and true genre that's starting to homogenize, and if you're a sucker for graphics, you're not going to find a better looking game on consoles. Most importantly, this is a very fun game.
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on July 1, 2011
Wow, playing this game on the hardest difficulty with a fully upgraded Nano Suit is one of the funnest, most satisfying experiences I've had playing a game in recent memory. The difficulty necessitates changing my active nano-suit upgrades regularly to fit with the strategy I'm employing in each situation. I actually take the time to evaluate the situation and plan my route ahead of time; the order and manner in which I'll eliminate enemies, and places I'll take cover and recharge my suit's energy. The enemy AI may only be average, but they move around a lot once the gun fire starts, requiring constant re-evaluation of enemy positions. Most games, like CoD, Gears of War, and Halo require you to be fast and accurate on the harder difficulties as you charge through the small, close-quarters levels. Crysis 2 requires both of those things, but where it stands apart is that it requires you to be smart, to plan ahead, and use the space afforded you in the larger, more open environements.
Now, if you're a more casual gamer looking for a simple, fun romp, you're in luck, because on the lower difficulties you don't have to be quite so studious in your approach to the game. It may still require a little more tactical approach then, say, a Halo game on easy, but it's nothing you wouldn't be able to handle if you have any experience at all with first-person shooter games.
I haven't had much to say about multiplayer because, frankly, I didn't care much for it. This is probably a matter of personal taste more than anything else, but I just don't enjoy getting stabbed in the back constantly by cloaked enemies. Nor do I enjoy emptying an entire clip into an armored foe without them dying, only to get stabbed in the back by another cloaked enemy. Your experience may differ
So in conclusion, it is my opinion and experience that the strength of Crysis 2 lies in it's exceptional single player campaign. You should be able to get 10-12 hours of gameplay on your first playthrough, which is about 4 hours more than your average FPS. And with the best graphics consoles currently offer, Crysis 2 is a no-brainer; buy it!
p.s. I'll add that I wasn't in love with this game right from the start. It took a little time and a few annoying deaths before I started to get comfortable with using the nano-suit.
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on March 24, 2011
this was a day one buy for me. i was fairly confident from my research into this game and my time playing and watching the demo, that this was going to be something special...understatement...

since i had played the demo and no other previous crysis games, i decided to engulf myself in the campaign. i watched my buddy play multiplayer a bit. it looked like it had a few changes. otherwise i've only experimented with the customization a bit. so let me just get to the good stuff..

graphics-10/10 - this is the most beautiful game i've ever seen on the 360. it is amazing! installed on my old school jasper xbox it runs with no issues. fast, beautiful, nutts...and i don't own a flatscreen tv either. this game has 3d options, which i think would be even more gorgeous.

gameplay-9.7/10 - controls are very solid. one of the complaints that you might get is that you have to double tap y for grenades. but come on! this game utilizes the back button for multiple things!? yes, the back button. so the controls take some getting use to, but are very solid like i said. it more about honing your skill as this super ninja, then the controls...and when i mean honing your skills; it looks like the more you kill and through the different difficulties your suit abilities stack. not for sure but it looks like it. also i'd recommend trying out tactics in campaign, because most of the suit abilities that are in multiplayer. (also try all the guns..try all the guns while on the move..etc)

story(campaign)-9.5/10 - i promise, no spoilers.. i thought the story was pretty good. everything together with the story is awesome. but i can't compare to the other crysis games because i haven't played them. i watched all the cut scenes on my first playthrough and i thought it great.

music-10/10 - hanz zimmmer did an amazing job with his music for this game. i tried listening to my own music while playing, but it didn't feel the same. the zimmer music is amazing with the game. like i said, overall as one package its well done.

multiplayer- 9.0/10 - i believe theres 12 maps and 4 game modes. 6 vs 6. amazing and fast paced. to me it felt more like battlefield than cod. some halo. i felt i really needed to us this pimped out ninja suit to my advantage. situational classes. lol. (i'm a geek) controls are similar to campaign, same for abilities. you have 3 stats; strength, speed, stealth. by using those you can gain abilities from there tree of "perks". the customization is pretty indepth. not black ops, but doesn't fall too much short of that. from the abilities and guns that i've tried i really think they did a good job of balancing things. considering that everyone has a nanosuit... just like cod by using abilities they can get better and theres all these other "assessments" that are similar to cods challenges. multiplayer really take some insight into your strengths and weaknesses to figure out what your good at. like i said, use single player to figure that out.

overall this is well worth the 60 bucks. multiple playthroughs for sheer awesome-ness and collectibles, furious multiplayer, and an overall very well done and polished product. i said to my friends this was going to be my filler till BRINK came. well....i feel silly for calling something as amazing as this it. trust me on this one...
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on September 11, 2012
The campaign is a lot of fun. The plot is okay, but the gameplay is great. It plays like a mix between CoD and Halo. The graphics are top notch, no complaints there. Overall, the campign is lots of fun.

Multiplayer is really fun at first, because it looks and plays differently than your average FPS. Unfortunately, it isn't too deep. Too few maps, too few guns, no customization. Therefore, it starts out really fun, but gets old quickly. Also, games are only 6 v 6. Too little plays for this day and age. No online pass is required, so its okay to buy it used.

It's definitely worth the $15 that it costs these days. But don't expect it to be the new Battlefield or Halo.
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