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on August 31, 2011
I think you should try crystal stick body deodorant. Here's why.

1. I used to shave my armpits every day and also use standard chemically-questionable antiperspirant deodorants. As you can imagine, this led to a great deal of armpit skin/hair follicle aggravation. For those with similar experience, you know that it hardly "matters" (ie to society) if you've got hairless, unsmelly pits, but when you raise your arms, they're bumpy and red and not at all happy. Within a week of using salt crystal deodorant--and on pretty much my usual shaving habit--my armpits had healed tremendously. After an extended stint of not shaving my armpits at all and realizing that's not so bad, I now shave maybe a couple times a week or less. And now, my formerly irritated armpit skin looks just as healthy as the rest of my skin. It's a beautiful thing, and my armpits never itch or feel painful. Yay!

2. Crystal salt deodorant isn't gendered. I love this. The container is purple, and the logo is like, a dude and a lady applying deodorant. There's no marketing hype between the male and female products, like how guy's extra-strength crazy long-lasting you're-sweating-like-a-dirty-mule-but-you-still-smell-like-pineapple-and-musk often has JUST AS MUCH active ingredient in it as, say, Degree Little Black Dress-Approved Satin deodorant. Guess what salt deodorant smells like? NOTHING. It's amazing. I like not smelling of anything a LOT. I hate that, after a really hot day outside, my clothes and I reek of, like, melting baby powder awash over my natural body odor. The smell of the deodorant really is stronger than my natural smell, and it kind of grosses me out, and makes me assess my body and my clothes are more dirty than they actually are. Since salt crystal deodorant is not an antiperspirant--rather, it works by creating a barrier that neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor in the first place--there is a little bit of adjustment of sweating a bit more. I don't mind at all.

3.I love how kind salt deodorant is to my clothes. First of all, it doesn't rub off on clothes like white deodorant loves to, nor does it cause the yellow pit stains that result not from your sweat itself, but chemicals in most deodorants. Also, I've noticed that, even in clothes that have been freshly washed, they often will have an oily, fragranced deodorant residue around the pits. Not comfortable. No problems with this from salt deodorant.

4. The stuff lasts FOREVER. The original sticker price is a couple bucks more than your favorite mainstream deodorant, but in many cases, just one crystal is enough for an entire year. I love saving money, time, and packaging!

5. I've not needed to do this, but spray salt crystal deodorant can also be sprayed into shoes and such that need a bit of freshening up, as well as is safe to apply to other parts of your body as desired.

Here's what's not so great about salt crystal deodorant:

1. I first just bought the stick of crystal. And, since it is, you know, dry salt, it needs to be wet or applied to wet armpits to apply at all. It works well to just hop out of the shower and apply it directly to your wet pits then, but it's not great when you otherwise remember, woops, forgot to put it on today.

From reviews of the product, I have found a happy solution. There is also a bottled salt crystal spray. I spritz my pits with that first, and then apply the crystal deodorant. The two parts together seem significantly much more effective than just one or the other.

2. The deodorant really needs to be applied to clean skin. In my experience, it did not work as well if I applied it later in the day after forgetting about after my morning shower. For me, I didn't like applying regular deodorant mid-day after some sweating, too--it felt creamy, dirty, too aroma-d and not very effective, either. So alas, I think there is only so good you can get.

3.It's not the best if you are into sweating-ful activities. Once again, I am not sure what IS the best for keeping BO down in that, because I really don't like how regular deodorant reacts to intensive sweating, either. But! Yes, you won't smell like burning body-odor-laden acrid baby powder after a work-out. You just smell like you, if a little stinky around the pits. The crystal just feels cleaner, to me, too, even if I may smell a bit more.

So, dear reader, in summary: I think you should go for it. The days are getting just a bit cooler now, and it's a good time to get a feel of what it is like before you NEED a good deodorant in those really hot months. For everyday use, I strongly recommend salt crystal deodorant. Give it a shot! I think you'll love it.
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on March 21, 2014
(I'm going to keep saying deodorant...but I actually mean deodorant/antiperspirant)

So, I bought this as my last resort, can't take it anymore, it's either this or I'm done cure.

My underarms have been stained very dark for as far back as my teenage years. I have NEVER EVER been able to shave all the hair from under my arms. I'd get most...but not all. didn't matter if I shaved up, or down, or side to side, or with the assistance of a mirror, or a different razor (I could go on for days). Then about...3 years ago my underarms started itching horribly. I stopped shaving, figuring that they were irritated. Didn't help. I switched soaps. Nope. I changed laundry This went on for months while I tried removing one thing after the other to make this itch go away. Nothing was working. And now, it's getting worse because I can't help but to scratch it and I ended up ripping open my skin pretty badly. At this point, I'm starting to get abscesses forming under the skin of my underarms. They get pretty big, some of them about the size of a golf ball under the skin. Painful. I thought, maybe it was from the underwire on my bra rubbing that area. So, I bought unwired bras (another disaster!).
This went on for...a little more than a year. FINALLY I went to see my doctor. He says I have a fungal infection...which I honestly believed had to be the issue. In order to treat the 'fungal infection', I had to wash and dry the skin well and use an anti fungal cream. I was supposed to do this twice a day for 4-6 weeks and the infection would go away. I was also put on 2 weeks of antibiotics to help clear up the abscesses, which ended up taking more than 9 weeks on antibiotics to clear.
So, for 8 weeks I washed the skin under my arms, then applied the fungal cream twice a day. Since I couldn't wear deodorant during this time, there were days when I had to wash and apply the cream a few times because I would sweat and the sweat would cause the cream to kinda just 'slip' away. More than once I was in a public restroom with personal cleansing wipes trying to maintain my dignity while re-applying this cream. After 8 weeks of treatment, the itch was gone. The irritated skin was gone. The fungal infection was clear. YAY! I'd wait another week or two to ensure it wasn't coming back and then, as always before this fungal problem, I'd shower, and then put on my deodorant. And about 2-4 hours later, I was tearing at my underarms again...I couldn't help it.

This went on for a year. A whole year of going through treatment, and it would go away and then it would come back again pretty much right away after I resumed normal hygiene practices. I'd see the doctor, he'd say it must not have been cleared completely and extend the medication for the next round. I spent A LOT of money on meds and doctor's visits that year. Still itching. Still getting abscesses.

So, this left me scratching my head. I didn't want to keep paying $100 a month for the anti-fungal medication because there was no end in sight. I got desperate. I switched brands for a month, it didn't help. I switched to a different brand...didn't help. I switched from a stick to a spray, from a spray to a gel, hypoallergenic, no scent, no dye, no perfume, no change. In between every change I'd go through the anti-fungal medication regimen to ensure that I wasn't simply turning down another option due to carrying over the previous problem. At this point, I'm pretty close to desperation. Honestly...think about it. Do you want to be in your late 20's or early 30's, knowing you've still got AT LEAST 40 years left to go and you won't be able to wear deodorant at all? I was coming to the conclusion that I'd have to go the rest of my life without deodorant...and I didn't like that idea. My last talk with my doctor had him suggesting that my problem might be stemming from the antiperspirant because it's meant to keep moisture out and it does so...but from both sides. So, when you 'wash' your deodorant off (which I would do with a heavy bath sponge and then I'd rake my nails through my underarms to remove ALL of it) you're not really washing it ALL off and because it stays on the skin, it irritates the skin by clogging the pores which could cause itching and it was looking like this was the explanation of my problem because I'd been using deodorant for over 15 years at this point. But nowhere that I looked did I find deodorant without the antiperspirant, and without dyes, and perfumes, and hypoallergenic...blah blah blah. I had to get a prescription from my doctor to get it. Still no change. Non at all. I was so depressed. I was envisioning the rest of my life alone.

So, I was telling a co-worker about all of this. And she says to me, "Maybe you're allergic to something in the deodorant and it's not the antiperspirant." Hmm. I got home and checked my deodorant and saw the main ingredients included a heavy metal among other things. Finally, it occurs to me after all this time (funny how sometimes, we just don't think) to go online and do a search on allergy to deodorant. And there it after page after page of people with similar complaints as me, with similar stories as me, etc. I even found a page that someone documented what they were going through in pictures and I realized that it was just like what my underarms looked like. They all recommended buying a deodorant 'stone'.

I found several options for deodorant stones on Amazon. I kept looking for my own convenience because I knew that if I'd bought a crystal/stone that was just a would likely end up in my boy's aquarium tank with all the other 'odd' rocks he finds. I picked this one because it's packaged pretty much the same as the deodorant was. It didn't cost much...probably the equivalent of 2 sticks of my 'old' brand but those 2 sticks would last me 2-3 months. I've had and used the stone everyday for about 3 months now and it shows NO sign of use. This time though, I didn't transition between my 'old' brand to the new with medication in between to clear the infection. Nope. One day I used my deodorant, and the next I used this crystal brand. Within 2 weeks all my problems were gone. No more itching! After the final abscess drained about 3 weeks into using the crystal brand, there's been no more abscesses! After 2 months, I noticed that the dark 'stain' my skin had was lightening up considerably. I don't know if it will ever go completely away but from what it was to what it is now...I'm thrilled! Shaving is no longer skin is softer. I've noticed that my t-shirts no longer have that waxy layer to them under the arms. I'm SO happy with this product! Please don't ever stop selling it.
Now, this part is important:

This IS NOT an antiperspirant. Meaning, it WILL NOT prevent sweating. It will, however, neutralize the odor from the sweating so that, when you do sweat, it doesn't smell putrid. (I actually wonder how much that phenomenon is from the product or from the skin pores not being clogged/infected anymore).

This product HAS to be applied directly after your shower. Shower, get out, apply product then do everything else. If you shower, then go down in your basement to check the dryer for clean pants, then sit on your bed talking to your dog, then apply lotion to legs and feet and then comb your hair and brush your teeth after you've air dried and half dressed yourself and THEN try to put it on, it's not going to work. Because your skin in that short period of time is already producing fluid. Might not be sweat...just oily lubricating type fluid. This oily type fluid makes it so that this crystal can't be rubbed directly against the skin like it needs to be. If you wait, you'll have to wash under your arms again (or you could use personal cleansing wipes, or alcohol but really, it's just easier to do it right after you step out of the shower).

This product HAS to be used wet. I get out of the shower, and completely dry my underarms. I wet the stone and apply. Occasionally I have to re-wet the stone to complete one side, at the least I have to re-wet it to apply to the other arm. You should be able to tell when you need to wet it again. But if wet it again when it no longer simply slides across your skin. If it's dragging...wet it.

You have to apply this crystal generously. You may have only had to swipe the deodorant across a 2" X 4" patch. That's great. But this needs to go well beyond your deodorant borders to be truly effective. Hence the reason why you might need to wet it more than once to do each underarm.

Now, I'm not guaranteeing you fabulous results. I'm not telling you that this WILL solve all your problems and boost your earning potential while bringing back your receding hairline after making you the world's greatest lover. I'm sharing with you MY personal satisfaction with this product in terms of what this product has done FOR ME.

I'm a nurse. I'm not telling you that so you'll trust me medically. I'm telling you that because I want you to understand that I work, physically, pretty much everyday. Not only am I a nurse, but I am also in my final semester of nursing school for an advanced degree. All of this means that I pretty much every single day and/or night work or work in clinical for school. The units I've worked for clinical are kept at a balmy 76+ degrees with patient's room sometimes sitting in the upper 80's. Personally, I prefer cold climates. In these situations, I DO sweat. I DO NOT feel like it's excessive but I do sweat. I have not once since starting to use this product smelled the sweat the way I would when I was still using the 'regular' deodorant/antiperspirant. At my job, I bathe my client every day. That's everyday standing in an enclosure with him while the hot shower runs. Again, I DO sweat but I don't smell it. (And neither does anyone else). And I'd also like to tell you that there have been times that I was at home for a day or two in a row...maybe I didn't shower one day...maybe I showered but I didn't use my crystal...either way, no deodorant. If I'd done this prior to switching, I could smell myself and it had that putrid, acrid/infection smell. Since using the crystal...the sweat will have a slight odor (like...odor while still using old deodorant would be at an it's no more than a 2-3) but it's nowhere near as strong or noticeable as before.

I'm heading into my first summer after the switch. I'm hoping it goes well. I'm certainly going to put it through the paces. I have a lot of yard work to do this year as well as several trips planned. Hopefully I won't have to amend my review. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

I want to say one more thing, very quickly, before I'm done here. Mass produced deodorant/antiperspirants contain magnesium (a heavy metal) as well as a list of other questionable ingredients. Who knows what a lifetime of use exposes you to. For the women out there, they think there might be a link between deodorant use and breast cancer, as well as lymphatic cancer (think about how close those parts are to your underarm). That's scary. This crystal is literally all natural. It's a rock. They don't add anything to it. There's no fragrances. If you want fragrance, puff a little (TINY BIT) of scented powder near your underarm. There's no white staining on your clothes because it doesn't leave a residue. Your pores clear out. There's no more 'work' to completely wash away the product you applied yesterday morning. The ONLY problem that I've had is that it's a stone, so if you drop it, it might break. Also, it's a pretty dense stone...meaning it's a tad heavy for its size. Depending on your counter top/flooring, if you drop it, it might break your flooring or counter top (or your toe). Mine was dropped once from about 5.5' from the floor and all that did was break the little nubby on the plastic container that make it stay in position after you turned the dial. But that's no big stone is still WELL above the stop of the container. At this rate, I expect it to last me 1.5-2 years, if not longer.

If you're having issues (especially if you're like me, having issues in silence because they're embarrassing) then this is a cheap option to try. This cost WAY less than even a portion of a month's worth of the medications. It's cost WAY less than any of my 'normal' brands of mass produced deodorants. Before I ordered it, I told my husband that it was worth a shot. Thankfully it worked for all of my...'issues'...and I'm grateful that I tried it.
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on January 12, 2013
OK. First of all, let me say for new people who read these reviews. Make sure that you read reviews from people who had used this deodorant for at least some time, because everyone's first impression after using this product for a week or so is, "Oh, wow!" And that is when they may leave their overwhelmingly positive reviews. But unfortunately the effects of this deodorant diminish over time. Let me give you my experience:

I am a guy in my 30's. I bought mine about 6 months ago. In July. I got a roll-on type bottle that comes with this weird whitish rock in place of an expected roll-on ball. The application was also very unusual. One needs to apply a little water on your skin (I actually moisten the rock itself) and then spread it over your armpits area. The effects were amazing -- the first time I used it I had no smell for over 24 hrs! I could not believe it. I started regularly using it every day. (My routine is to take a shower before going to bed, then apply this deodorant. Then when I wake up before work, lightly clean my armpits with baby-wipes and apply it again.)

The euphoria of this product didn't last long though. In about couple months I started noticing some new odor coming from my armpits. And I mean seriously new odor. After about 4 months, its effect could hardly last for 6 hours. Now, it's about 3 PM and I feel completely disgusted with myself, I feel sticky in my armpits and I could feel the smell. So the bottom line is that I need to go back to a conventional, aluminum-laden deodorant :(

But before that I plan to give this rock one more chance and buy another (brand new) bottle to see if it's going to change the picture. What I noticed is that the rock I have kinda smells when I open it. I'm assuming that it accumulated bacteria from my countless applications over 6 months so that may contribute to its current poor performance. (Note that cleaning the rock has a short lasting effect. It smells clean but if you leave it overnight -- without applying it to your armpits -- the smell returns in the morning. And I'm talking about weird smell -- interestingly, not the same BO as I may get off my armpits.)

PS. For those who are curious about how this product works -- the rock contains this compound (the official description refers to it as "Mineral Salts") that kills (some) bacteria that live in your armpit area that in turn cause all that "wonderful" smell. Unfortunately by eliminating some bacteria, it gives room for others to spread. Plus some bacteria may evolve resistance (or if you don't like word "evolution," "produce resistance") to this "Mineral salts", so what we're doing over time is that we're changing the "bacterial family" that resides in our armpits, so over time this deodorant will lose its efficiency because bacteria will become immune to it. So here's biology 101 for you...

UPDATE: It's been awhile since I stopped using this product. My current alternatives (Aug. 2015), are actually two:

After I take a shower in the morning I use this "Aluminum Free Mom (Milk of Magnesia) Deodorant":

Then at lunch, I quickly clean up using wet baby wipes and spray on this "Crystal Rock Deodorant Body Spray":

It seems to last me through the (work) day, until about 6 PM.... but barely.
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on July 9, 2013
Just make sure you apply ample amounts (just keep rubbing it on until the stone isn't super wet anymore) and it will last you ALL day without fail! Really a nice product if you want an ACTUALLY scent-free deodorant.
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on January 7, 2016
Want to be able to use the last third of the crystal? Did it fall out and crack on your basin into a million pieces? Did you try using it after it fell out of its holder and then find it slipped from your fingers...and cracked on the floor into a million pieces? I've used this product for a decade and love it. I've also try to use the remnant piece without its holder. I always eventually let it slip from my fingers. When it is dampened for use, it is very slippery.

Well I discovered the solution. It is simplicity itself. Once it gets too loose in the container to easily use; just remove it. Around the base is a circular groove. Take a few rubber bands and wrap in the groove (see image). It will never slip from your fingers again.
review image
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on December 28, 2013
It totally works. The last one I ruined I think because I let water run down and sit in the base. This time around I have an ingenious idea... if I do say so myself. I filled a tiny spray bottle with water and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. I spray that directly on my skin first, which means I don't have to wet the actual crystal. This time, the crystal has stayed intact in the base.

Love this product and love that I'm no longer poisoning my body with topical deodorants.
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on June 24, 2014
This is the second brand of "pit-rock" I have tried while trying to aviod the usual aluminum-containing brands. It was the best "natural" deodorant I found, by a long margin, & I was extremely happy with it. Very sadly, with both brands I experienced the same thing. After using them daily for several weeks I developed a terrible undearm itch which takes a couple of weeks to go away after I stop using the crystal. If you do not have this reaction I am jealous of you & highly reccommend this product. I will have to continue my search.
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on November 8, 2015
In reviewing this item, I should have done my research before purchasing. There is a difference between ammonium alum and potassium alum. Ammonium alum is synthetic. This still contains aluminum.
Here is the link to the article I was reading.

Hope this helps.
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on November 24, 2014
Works for just around the house on say days off if your not doing anything/sleeping.
But... for work or gym or simply being dressed and out for several hours you will start stinking quick. Perhaps will work better for women but as a guy this is a flat failure. Even putting like 50 coats on it simply does not hold up
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on January 22, 2016
I have tried out something similar while living in Germany, bought in their local drugstore chain (I think DM drogerie is where I got it) and since back in the States, I switched back to "usual" antiperspirants. That is when I started itchy, irritated skin under armpits, tried several brands of "regular" antiperspirants but the reaction was basically all same. So luckilly found this one and gave it a try.
My first two days I Was very concious of my body odor, double checking on the smell of my armits (super awkward, trust me!!) but realized that this product is actually working and there is absolutely zero irritation when using this stuff.
I apply it just as the other crystal deodorant I owned before - apply little amount of water on the skin, slightly wet the crystal and rub the crystal thing on the skin just like the other deodorants, done.
It has no scent, leaves no scent, blocks the funky odor. Love it. Will buy again for sure once this thing is gone.

I paid full price.
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