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on November 24, 2012
I resolved before my daughter was born to make my own baby food for her when the time came. I read reviews for every other baby food maker I could find. So why did I end up buying a model that had not yet been reviewed, and was relatively expensive compared to the other, more common baby food makers?
First, I was looking for something superlatively efficient. I wanted consistent results from a compact machine. For the price I was willing to pay, the Cuisinart brand is a proven performer, and this machine lives up to the name. Admittedly, I've only had it a couple of weeks and used it a few times, but I'm very happy with the results so far. I've followed the directions exactly in terms of water amount and the size of the diced food I put in to be steamed, and the resulting puree has been perfectly consistent. I also love the efficiency of having all the steaming and pureeing in one bowl -- just turning a 3-position dial couldn't be easier.
I haven't used the bottle warming function on this or any comparable machine.
I like the size - it's about the size of a small coffee maker, like you might find in a hotel room. It has a small footprint and is unimposing on the countertop -- it doesn't scream 'baby appliance.' I'd love a model in black or stainless, but I'm not crazy enough about aesthetics to mind.
Now, this isn't essential to the review, but a tidbit for those who will otherwise spend (waste) time wondering about the measuring cup like I did -- as far as I can tell, the strange cylindrical indentation on the bottom serves a few purposes - allows for easier measurement of the small amount of water needed for the bottle warming function, displaces enough volume in the main chamber of the cup so that the markings don't overlay the rubber strip, and sits slightly off-center in the bottom of the measuring cup so that it will be easier to pour water out of it when you use it to measure water for bottle-warming. For the OCD geek types out there, you're welcome. ;)

The machine is still performing superbly. I've now made an assortment of veggies, fruits, and meat purees and have yet to find a complaint about the consistency or function of the appliance. It's so easy to throw the bowl, blade, lid (and occasionally, measuring cup) in the top rack of the dishwasher.
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on December 26, 2013
I am now convinced that all baby food makers (steaming and pureeing with one appliance) are a waste of money and may do more harm to your child then good. I researched baby food makers for months and read through at ton of Amazon reviews before deciding to purchase this baby food maker from Cuisinart. I loved using the first two times and felt like it would be very simple to use long haul. However, by the third use, the work bowl, blade, and spatula started to show stains from the food. I had followed all directions and transferred the purees to a glass container to clean the appliance quickly every time, but it still happened. As I tried cleaning the work bowl, I found upon deeper inspection what looked like hard water deposits/burnt in areas where the food was sitting on the sides of the bowl during steaming. I couldn't get them off and contacted Cuisinart to see what could have caused the marks. Thankfully they just sent me a new bowl free of charge, even though I still had no idea what first caused the stains. I continued to use the product for months and never let the purees sit again in the work bowl in case it was the heat...

Side note here: Why can't we just manufacture a glass bowl people? That would be the day!!

Anywho, a month ago I started to become paranoid as I heard more and more about mold growth in other baby food makers. I thought to myself, if they are growing mold, why wouldn't mine be too? I can't even open up the steaming chamber to check, but I took a flashlight and peeked into the slots at the bottom of the chamber... and, let me tell you, what I found... was disgusting...

To make a long story short, I encourage you all to do the same. Putting in a vinegar/water solution to "descale" isn't enough to clean what I saw and I no longer use this product. I have started steaming and baking all of my son's meals and pulsing them in our blender and to be honest, it's more convenient now then before! I wish I would have just invested in a food processor by Cuisinart and am hoping I can do something to get one instead, but since I purchased this is May and didn't start using it until September, I think I'm out of luck. I am only giving this 2 stars because Cuisinart as an overall brand is great and their customer service helped me out before so I'm hoping they can help me out again.

Please be safe people and check your units!!
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on January 13, 2014
Similar to previous reviews, I found mold while cleaning the steam compartment. I got this product as a baby shower gift and I've only used it to steam milk bottles and haven't even use it to steam and blend food yet since my baby is only three months old. I did the suggested decalcifying with vinegar and water and noticed specks of material coming out that I thought was mineral deposits. So I repeated the treatment, agitated the vinegar/water mixture by shaking the unit sideways, dispensing the solution, and then using water to rinse out the vinegar/water residue. Each time I poured the rinsing water out, I noticed specks and chunks coming out and after the THIRD shaking and rinsing, huge chunks of black floating gunk started coming out. Ive posted a couple of pictures of the gunk and mold that came out! Gross!!!

I am keeping this thing away from my baby and will try to return it to amazon. Amazon/Cuisinart should stop selling this product and it needs to be recalled!
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on February 24, 2014
with my first baby, i used a steamer and food processor to prepare all of her homemade food. when baby #2 came, i did not feel like i could do all that work. i'm a full time working mom and the thought of spending my evening hours doing everything else on top of preparing my baby's food made me want to just curl up and cry. then i saw my sister using a baby food maker and it was so easy, i decided to try this one. the price was a bit intimidating at first, but after using it for a few months, i knew it was the best investment i had ever made for my baby's diet. whenever i cooked food for my family, i would cut up extra veggies and meats, set aside some rice or oatmeal, then i would dump everything in here, fill the water to max and steam/puree. the baby food was that easy to make. and she always had healthy variety of meals always consisting of several veggies, protein and grains. i don't know if it's because of this but to this day (she's 14 mos), she is a great vegetable/meat eater.

obviously, i'm not knocking on anyone who buys baby food. i bought plenty for my first kid. and i probably would have with my #2. however, if you WANT to try making all of your baby's food, but the thought of it intimidates you, you don't want to have giant steamers and food processors out on your countertop and sink all the time (i've been there), definitely give this a try.

i loved :
this keeps all the vegetable steamer water in the mix so you don't lose the nutrients.
i don't have to cook each ingredient separately, but i could dump them all in this one container
it steams and purees in one container = less dishes!
i don't have to make HUGE batches of one ingredient but they can get more fresh food without freezer burn
in the end, saved me a ton of time and money

i didn't love:
the bottle warmer. never used it. the size didn't work and it was weird. it was much easier to just microwave water in a cup and do it that way.

with all baby food makers, you have to remember that the container you pour water into is an enclosed space so mold can grow in there if you don't clean and dry out properly. after each use, i would flip over the entire unit over the sink to drain out whatever water is left then keep the lid open to let everything air dry. almost every 3 days, i would put vinegar/water in and let it sit over night, then drain and rinse with water and then keep the unit flipped upside down on my sink. i think this helped.
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on December 2, 2012
I am incredibly happy to have run across this food maker. All I ever heard of were the brezza, beaba and baby bullet. I have friends who have each of them and they all had similar complaints.. The container was too small so they had to make several batches. When I saw the Cuisinart made 4 cups, I decided to give it a shot and I am so happy I did. Not only can I make larger batches but it is so easy and convenient.

You cut up the fruit or veggies, add some water to the steamer compartment (in accordance to what you are making..there is a chart in the instructions) and turn the knob to steam. After it is done steaming you simply turn it to chop and you are all set. It is perfectly puréed and ready for your baby. And cleanup is a breeze as well because you only have one bowl to clean.

I can't say enough amazing things about this food maker! Worth the money as it is a fabulous product.
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on April 2, 2014
I bought this baby food maker about a month ago, after reading quite a few reviews. It's great. It functions exactly as described, and it's easy to clean.

After reading the other reviews, I worry about mold. I wash all of the removable parts after each use, and I turn the machine upside down to get rid of excess water. I also leave the top door open when the machine isn't in use.

So far, so good.
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on May 7, 2013
My wife did extensive research and insisted on this one after seeing negative reviews and recalls on all other baby food processors. We have been using it weekly for the past 3 months and have not had one problem with it. Our son is now 9 months old and loves eating all types of fresh veggies and fruits. When she makes a batch of food she stores it in green sprouts Polypropylene Freezer Cubes, Green and fills up 6-8 cubes with one batch. It is so easy to use that even I can help out and make my sons meals. You flip the switch to steam and then when the light goes off you blend it to the desired consistency.

Positive: Super easy to use
Meals are ready in about 30 minutes
One container to deal with
Bottle warmer included but we rarely used this feature since we use glass bottles
Recipe book provided

Negative: Some water is transferred into the chamber where the food is being cooked. Apples seems to suffer this more than other fruit/veggie. My wife just added less water.
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on May 25, 2013
I would 100% recommend this baby food maker! It was the easiest way to make baby food. No steam basket. It cooks then purées in the same container. It is SO EASY to use, best for your baby, less money than baby food and you don't have to pray someone didn't take out nutritious vitamins from your store bought baby food. Also, it seems a lot of the baby food is mostly bananas and a tiny bit of veggies or a lot of one food, but little of all the other nutritious foods - mainly veggies. I started my baby at 6 months with just green organic veggies. She's almost 8 months and we're finally moving towards beets and cauliflower. She ate one by one with just funny faces at first, but then got used to them all. She was interested in eating at that point, she figured she had no choice, I suppose. Who knows. every baby is different, obviously, but making baby food with this made it so simple.

I also used it to grind up organic oatmeal that I then boiled like you would normally (wisk it fast so it doesn't clump!). No baby oatmeal box needed or rice cereal. The real stuff has the iron baby needs, not just fortified with iron. I didn't give rice because she ate the oatmeal from the get go alright. I figured rice has less health benefits/nutrition than oatmeal or barley so why even give it. I think they start babies on it because it's bland in taste so it may not get rejected for picky eaters.

Anyway, I almost bought the Beaba, but I then found this one and this yields a weeks worth of food (depending on age of child), was easier and has the bottle warmer.

I haven't used it for bottle warming since I already had the Dr Brown's one from the get go. It would have been perfect to have this on my baby registry so I could have had to only get on product.

Also bought 2 sets of the "Baby Fresh" trays for freezing the baby food. I ziploc them once frozen and thaw enough for each feeding in separate covered munchkin plastic dishes.
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on May 15, 2013
I love this machine!

I do already have a steamer, blender, and food processor at home but none of them are easy to use and clean. After deciding to buy the Beaba Babycook (pro) I found this and decided it was a better choice (based on reviews). I read that the Beaba grew mold, it was small, and overall many people had problems.

I loved the packaging, there were instructions on how to unwrap the machine from the packing materials and diagrams to make sure you didn't throw any parts away.

After reading the instruction booklet (which was short, simple, and to-the-point) I used the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker without any issues. Putting the water in, properly closing the lid(s), and turning the dial to steam was as easy as 1-2-3. Once the food was steamed it only took a few moments to puree the food. The bowl has a pour lip which was very helpful. I also loved that the blade remained attached to the bowl while pouring the food out. After removing all the food I did a quick rinse with water and put it all on the top rack of the dishwasher. So simple and easy.

Summary of PROS: (1) great instructions, (2) easy to use, (3) easy to clean, (4) blade remains in place while pouring, (5) the pour lip on the bowl, (6) the effectiveness of the blade, and (7) large enough capacity (I can make one ice cube tray full of food in each bowl).

CONS: (1) I don't particularly like that the "spatula" that comes with the machine is white and gets stained the first time you use it with carrots or sweet potatoes/yams. This is obviously only a minor annoyance. (2) I have to leave the machine lid open for a day or so after using to make sure that the water dries out.

Bottle Warmer: I have not used this as a bottle warmer (I have a separate one) because I don't keep this on the counter - so I am unaware how this function works.

Overall, I believe this was a great purchase and know I will use this long after I no longer need it for making baby food.
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on January 22, 2016
This product is a life saver. 3 in 1 is super convenient and is a space saver. Where do i start.... the bottle warmer is great. It can accommodate any bottle type. For narrow bottles, it has an attachment that you put over it in order to secure the bottle and trap the steam. I use a bottle that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. The attachment still works for this bottle type. The amount of water needed to heat the bottle is dependent on if the milk is cold or at room temperature. It always heats my bottles perfectly. The babyfood maker works great. Easy to use and clean.... be careful, the blade is super sharp. The user guide comes with a chart that indicates how much water you need for each particular fruit/veggie. The chart also indicates the age appropriate range. I found this very useful. I didn't have to constantly google when is it ok to give a baby X Y and Z. It also has a few easy recipes. To steam you simply put in the container, attach the blade, add the ingredients, place the cover, then add the suggested amount of water. There is no timer.... the amount of time is dependent on the amount of water that you add. The user guide provides the timing information. Once the steamer is done, you can now puree the food. The instructions will usually ask for you to pulse the food in order to break it down before you complete puree it. You have to hold the knob down while you puree, but it usually only takes 30 seconds to complete. You have to wait for the machine to cool down before you do your next batch, but the instructions indicate that you can speed the cooling time by adding cold water to the reservoir then dump it out after a few minutes. I do this all the time as I like to store my food in bulk. In order to clean the reservoir, you just add a vinegar and water solution as the instruction say and let it sit. Great product. Worth every penny. I suggest this machine to all of my expecting friends
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