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747 of 763 people found the following review helpful
on August 4, 2011
I bought a Juiceman Juicer over 16 years ago and it STILL works great! So, I needed a juicer that could top that. I decided to buy a juicer that was a bit easier to put together AND although I didn't think it was possible, something a little more quieter since I would make juice in the morning before my kids got up.

I researched and compared several mid priced juicers to the most expensive I could find. $150 was the most I wanted to spend because I recently bought a Vita-Mix blender ($500+). I finally decided on the Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE 95XL (850 watts). But Bed, Bath and Beyond, failed to have it it stock. I made it out there without calling to see if they had it in stock and again, they did not. Not wanting to leave empty handed, I started looking at some of the other juicers they had. That's when I came across the Cuisinart CJE-1000.

After reading the box, and looking up the reviews on my phone, I decided to take a chance.

Here's why:

The Cuisinart CJE-1000 was the SAME PRICE as the Breville Juice Fountain Plus BUT...

1. It has 1000 watts and the Breville only has 850 watts. There was another Breville in stock that was $50 more and it only has 900 watts.

2. It is stainless steel compared to the plastic Breville.

3. It has the same 3 inch feed.

4. It has 5 speed to the Breville's 1 speed.

5. AND... this one is a biggie, it claimed to have a "quiet" motor.

I've got to tell you, I didn't put much stock in the whole quiet feature because, quite frankly, I didn't believe it was possible. My Juiceman Juicer can be heard in the next town over!

Anyway, got it home and tried it out and YES, it IS VERY QUIET. I make juice in the morning and I don't even wake my husband and kids. It also juices quite well. Yes, the pulp could be a little drier but I am very pleased with the amount of juice that I get. My juice in the morning yields fills a tall glass full.

Although, the manufacturer does not recommend this, I juice pineapple slices with the peel on. I am just used to being able to do that with my Juiceman, so I thought I'd try it and it worked fabulously!

It is very easy to put together and super easy to clean which was extremely important to me.

So, for someone who has been juicing for 16+ years, I am VERY pleased with this juicer. Truthfully, I would have given it 4 1/2 stars for the pulp not being as dry but I couldn't get the stars to do a half. But I'm ok with the 5 stars because of the amount of juice that I get, and for that wonderfully quiet motor!!
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872 of 930 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2011
I bought this juicer partly on the reviews of others. The reviews are right. The machine is quiet, easy to use, easy to clean, the juice yield and pulp dryness are good for this type of machine.

I noticed that the filter vibrates up when I turned the motor off... every time. I ran the juicer 4 times and the the filter lifted a little more with each use. I contacted the manufacturer to ask if I had a defective machine. The response I got back was that they confirmed my problem to be an inherent design flaw... not a defect. They tested several units of this model and found that the filters lifted out of place on all of them. The manufacturer told me to take it back to the retailer and get a refund immediately. That is exactly what I did. I wish the manufacturer spent more time looking into design and functionality.

Some people may think a little lift when you turn off the machine is no be deal. Here is my thought. If it lifts progressively more now, when it is new, what will it do over time? If it lifts completely, it could damage the cover, it could cause bodily harm (the thing does spin at 13,000 rpms at the highest setting), or at the very least it could shorten the life of the machine. The manufacturer did not try to sell me on the plausibility of keeping the machine for further use, in fact, just the opposite. They told me to get rid of it IMMEDIATELY. To me, that speaks volumes about the worth of this machine.

I would not recommend this machine.

As a side note, I've seen a number of reviews that compare masticating juicers like tribest, omega, champion, etc. to centrifugal juicers like juiceman, jack lanlanne, cuisinart, etc. There really is no comparison... they are totally different. The masticating machines will always be more efficient, giving a higher juice yield with dryer pulp. They are also twice the price (or more), harder to use, and harder to clean. If you want convenience, choose a centrifugal system, but you will sacrifice juice yield and pulp dryness. If you want the absolute most you can get out of your produce and don't mind spending more time juicing and cleaning up afterwards, buy a masticating system. I've used both and see the benefits of both. Personally, convenience is what keeps me using a juicer. Happy juicing, whatever you decide.
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273 of 296 people found the following review helpful
on December 22, 2010
I just got this juicer yesterday,and tried it this morning. After reading some not so good reviews, I was impressed with this machine. I used carrots and apples to start. I tried to get the whole apple in the shoot, but it was to large. I don't know where all these juicer commercials are getting their produce, but mine were average size, and wouldn't fit. No problem. I cut them in half. To my supprise, one got stuck in the bottom of the shaft. I stopped the unit and removed the piece. I cut them in quarters and started again. It worked fine. I found the reason the half apple got stuck. The shaft has a pyramid V shape at the bottom to keep the feeder bar from spinning when the unit is on I guess. Not necessary in my opinion. This is a well built unit. Stainless Steel and black. The pulp was dry, although there was a substancial amount after 10 carrots and 3 apples. It made 3 cups of juice. The anti froth ring does what is supposed to. I like the adjustable knob for the juice spout. You can close it to keep the juice from dripping out. This is a quiet but powerful machine. When you push the on button, it kicks a little to the left, but after that it doesn't move like some reviewers have claimed. The 1000 watt motor and 5 speeds is great. Low RPM's for soft vegi's, and fast for carrots and apples beets etc. Cleaning is very easy, although there are a few places that are hard to dry. Under the lid mainly. I got this a Kohl's yesterday. It was half price at $99.00, but I had a 30% off coupon, and it was $69.00. Such a Deal! I am going to buy another one today for my daughter if I can find one for $69.00. Buy this juicer! You won't be disapointed.
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83 of 91 people found the following review helpful
on December 27, 2012
I've been juicing for years and I needed a second juicer for the cottage (I also own a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro -Stainless) so I bought the Cuisinart during Christmas shopping earlier this month (Dec). I read the other reviews indicating that the pulp is wet, the machine moves while in use, it's hard to clean, etc. However, I find this juicer to be extremely user friendly, quiet, stationary, easy to clean and produces good juice quantity. Based on my experience with this appliance, I assume the issues described are due to operator inexperience. Juicing IS an art and takes some time to "perfect". The key to a good juicing experience is to READ THE DIRECTIONS and follow some of the following tips: 1) Place a plastic bag (recycle the grocery store bags) in the pulp bin for EASY clean up (and, I empty the contents into a 1 gallon plastic icecream pail under the sink for my compost pile - when it's full - I empty it into the pile outside) 2) RINSE and use the brush to clean the juicer parts IMMEDIATELY after juicing - yes, before you enjoy your awesome juice! 3) FOLLOW the proper speed for the specific fruit/veggies - that way, you won't have a WET pulp (however, pulp will have some moisture due to the fact that it is a centrifugal juicer) [i.e. spinach should be run through the shoot on #1 or #2 followed by an apple or some other soft fruit/veggie to extract all of the spinach juice] - I juiced carrots, lemons and broccoli and never went over #3 - the pulp was not WET and I got alot of juice from the produce. 4) Make sure all the parts are assembled CORRECTLY before you begin juicing - that way the produce wont spray or the machine wont "move" while in use. Finally, this machine was a breeze to clean (even easier than my Jack LaLanne) and re-assembly was easy. If you're looking for a great juicer for the price, you WONT BE DISAPPOINTED by this juicer!! I LOVE IT!
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59 of 64 people found the following review helpful
on September 11, 2012
Years ago, I owned a Champion centrifugal juicer. It used disposable paper filters to help the cleanup, and was such a drag to use that I rarely used it and ended up selling it at a garage sale. This year, my husband and I decided to get back into juicing. I promised him a juicer for his birthday, and started doing lots and lots of research. Between asking people I knew and reading reviews here on Amazon, I had it narrowed it down to a couple of juicers that were both over $300. Assuming "you get what you pay for," I was prepared to spend that much for something that worked well (even though both juicers had pros AND cons).

I was still considering both of those juicers, when I happened to be in Macy's with a friend. I decided to ask if they sold juicers. There, I found this Cuisinart juicer. In all my research, I hadn't read anything about Cuisinart juicers. But every single Cuisinart product I've owned since 1988 has been a great, quality product that lasts and performs well. With that experience in mind, and the sale price at Macy's ($119.99), I decided to go for it.

The reason I am taking the time to write this review is because I am so completely blown away by how great this juicer is. Every single feature that I had read about in 'good' juicers? This Cuisinart has them. It's quiet (bad enough experiencing hearing loss from rock concerts---I don't want to lose my hearing from a kitchen appliance!), has five different speeds (for different types of veggies), has a wide mouth (so you don't have to spend time chopping veggies-- like beets-- into small pieces), is very well made, BPA free plastic, is easy to clean (I own a Ninja kitchen processor which literally requires toothpicks and tiny brushes to clean!), and makes GREAT juice. It even has extra helpful little things like a removable, vertical piece in the pitcher that we figured out is there to keep you from drinking a mouthful of foam.

In short, I LOVE this juicer. It was a great purchase, and we are now juicing every other day or more. Thank you, Cuisinart!
[Interesting story: the first time we juiced, we used carrots, beets, celery, kale, parsley, and possibly chard. Both hubby and I started getting burning in our throats that lasted for two days. I researched this and realized it was a reaction to one of the ingredients. By process of elimination, we realized it was the kale and/or chard. So we don't juice those anymore. Instead, I make kale chips in the oven: put fresh chopped kale on a cookie tray, spray with olive oil, add sea salt, and bake at 250F until they crisp. And voila! Kale chips.]
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92 of 103 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2011
I researched juicers for a month before buying this one and I was not disappointed. I wanted something that would be much better than a typical Walmart brand- not $500 either, but above average quality that worked well and would last. This was a steal!

I've read the other reviews here about mushy pulp and such...they are not completely accurate. It has to do with two fresh/crisp or old/mushy is your produce? And two, are you using the right speed? Softer items like oranges use speed 1, while hard crisp apples or pineapple use speed 5. (See the video) I noticed my pulp was literally bone dry except a time or two I had pretty much last day apples that were getting soft. I also changed the speed according to what I'm juicing. It's a snap to clean up too, I was weary of having to clean it constantly but it literally takes less than 5 minutes. I just rinse everything well and then dishwasher once a week. The hardest part to clean is the basket mesh (as with probably all juicers). The basket has to be done everytime and will take 2-3 of your 5 minutes.(the brush helps)

It easily takes whole oranges and most apples. Multiple whole carrots and celery stalks are not a problem. If I HAD to complain about something it would be the size of the pitcher. It's 32oz which is more than fine for most people. But I know some people like myself only want to have to clean this thing once a day and so like to make a few glasses at a time. I seal in a couple of Ball jars, stick in the fridge and drink over the next 24-48 hrs. This would only hinder someone drinking 5+ glasses of juice a day of course. Most people are only going to drink 12-20oz once or twice a day. My solution was to set the whole thing up a little higher on a block of wood and put a real pitcher under it. :)
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50 of 57 people found the following review helpful
on March 24, 2012
I was inspired to buy a juicer after watching the documentaries "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", "Forks Over Knives", "Food Inc.", and "Food Matters". I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a Breville and this has many of the same features. The 1000 watt motor is powerful enough to easily juice just about everything. I've used it with apples, kale, carrots, spinach, strawberries, peaches, pears, blueberries, grapes, starfruit, cranberries, and pineapple just to name a few. I've used it twice a day for almost 3 weeks (at the time of this review) and have noticed good and bad...

-Powerful 1000w motor comparable or better than any Breville at the same price range.

-5 different settings to adjust for softer/harder fruits and veggies

-Very Quiet

-Anti-Froth pitcher works great

-You have to clean the juicer immediately after you're done juicing (so I usually have to wait before I can even enjoy the juice I just made)The mesh screen can be a pain to clean. The included brush helps but you always have to get the teeth, the inside, the outside AND UNSCREW the teeth to get under the metal plate, then RESCREW it back together.

-The big plastic lid has some areas that are hard to reach when cleaning, even when using a dish washer.

-Pulp can be a little wet at times but I've noticed that it somewhat depends on what you're juicing (using more fruits is going to give you some wet pulp but a more veggie heavy juice isn't as wet)

-Always put an empty plastic bag (like the type you get from the grocery store) in the pulp catcher because it makes clean up so easy...lift the plastic bag out and throw it away (or use the pulp to make compost). The pulp catcher will never need more than maybe a rinse by using a plastic bag.

-I usually have a glass ready with ice in it to pour my juice over. I personally think all juices taste better over ice. You could also throw the juice into a blender with some bananas, nuts, or whatever you like! Endless possibilities! (smoothies, etc...)

RESPONSE TO COMPLAINTS: Some people on here complain about wet pulp or not enough juice but HELLO you're spending less than $150 on a juicer! If you want the top shelf then go spend the $300-$500 on higher end models!!! For what you're paying, THERE IS NO BETTER JUICER FOR UNDER $150! You get a lot for your money even with the minor flaws! I wouldn't go to a car dealership and expect to get a Cadillac or Mercedes Benz with all the bells and whistles if I only had $10,000!! If you want top shelf then go buy top shelf! Cuisinart was obviously going for something middle of the road that encompassed similar features to high end models but at a more affordable price (by using more plastic parts basically).

Be sure to read the entire manual to make sure you're doing everything correct. I even make sure to juice everything on the proper 1-5 setting since not everything needs to be on 5. Overall this is a great juicer that has all the features and power of a Breville but at half the cost. I would highly reccommend this if you're new to juicing. If you're looking for more of a high end, everyday juicer, then go shell out double the cost of this and be happy instead of buying this and complaining that it's not what you expected!
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39 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2011
I was concerned after reading some reviews that I wouldn't be able to find a good juicer for a reasonable price, this Cuisinart model is terrific. Juicing in general can be rather expensive; however, you can get bags of smaller fruit and make a great juice. The appliance extracts the juice and spins the seeds, pulp, etc into the side container for easy disposal. It also allows one to leave some of the pulp in the juice to add fiber simply by the rotation of the spout dial. The juicer does not leak; however, if one does not pay close attention you can easily push the small pitcher that collects the juice away from the spout and cause a mess. The pitcher is not secured to the outlet. An improvement on the design would be to secure the pitcher until the user is ready to release it or lift it.

After several months of use, I think the Cuisinart juicer extracts well and leaves the pulp fairly dry. I like to add ginger and lemon for a zing. I peel citrus and tough peels, but I put large chunks of fruit and/or veggies into the shoot and the juicer handles it well. Juicing is messy, so I make juice once a week or whenever I have leftover produce that needs to be used--vegetables or fruit, and the juice can be frozen if the amount is too much to use quickly. The stiff little brush included cleans up the screen in a snap with some hot soapy water. I keep the pieces of the juicer stored together and can put it together in less than a minute. Great, healthy buy!
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68 of 80 people found the following review helpful
on July 26, 2011
I bought this Juicer from Macy's a week ago and I haven't been able to stop juicing since I got it. I almost bought the Breville Juicer, but this one is rated at 1000 watts while the Breville was only rated at 850. So I got this one. Honestly, this one looked better with the stainless steel and the cool blue LED light.

The setup is really easy and relatively quick. It sets up in less than 2 minutes. I've juiced everything from beets to broccoli and kale and it works very well and the pulp comes out quite dry. The spout is not big enough to fit an entire apple. I don't know what kind of apples they use in the demo, but I wouldn't buy an apple that small anyway. I had to cut them in half to get them to fit, but that's no big deal. The multiple speed settings, along with the foam reducing tray, really help to cut back on the foam produced from juicing. And it is very quiet when in use. I doubt this would disturb the neighbors no matter how late you used it.

Cleanup is really a breeze especially if you have a garbage disposal and a dishwasher. I was concerned about the metal screen being a hassle to clean. But it comes with a brush clean it with. Scrub the screen with the brush under running water and it's clean in less than a minute. Dump the pulp collection cup in the trash and rinse the other pieces under running water. Run the garbage disposal to get rid of any pulp in the sink. Toss the pieces in the dishwasher and you're done. Here's a tip to make cleanup even faster: take a plastic grocery bag and use it as a lining for the pulp collection cup. That way the collection cup never gets dirty. Just grab the shopping bag out of the cup and toss it in the trash....pulp and all.

I don't know what the bad reviews are about but this juicer is great for the price. Thumbs up in my book. Go ahead a juice a glass and toast to your health. Cheers.
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78 of 93 people found the following review helpful
on March 31, 2011
I have purchased this juicer from Lowes in store. Since I have been juicing for over 15 years, I decided to use my favorite: Kale, ginger root, Lemon (UNPEELED),Celery, fuji apple, mint, spinach and cucumber. I loved how the lemon juiced. I turned the speed down to 2 or 3 and it juiced great; no huge peelings in the pulp container, just small micro DRIED shavings from the lemon. I turned it to a solid 2 speed for the Kale, mint and spinach, for the cucumber, ginger, carrot combo: I used the "4" setting which was perfect. From all of the the vegetables and herbs used, I reached into the pulp container and tried to squeeze any remaining juice from the pulp (As stated by some reviewers on Amazon); I could not render any more juice from squeezing the pulp. All of the PULP was DRY not wet not even soaking wet. The lemon was so finely shaved in the pulp container, I decided to keep it and use it in a desert.

I juiced a liter and a pint from all the ingredients above without a lot of froth; which was separated by the froth device inside the juice receptor.

Overall, I basically find this juicer to be a fine juicer and not just ok because I never had to put it on 5 setting to get any better result. The lower settings were actually calibrated higher so, you still get excellent results. If anything, I had to turn the speed settings down especially with the cucumber. I did not really have to use extreme pressure on the Tamper either for better results. I like this and I will buy another back up juicer Breville 1000 Watt to do some comparing.

Fyi it is a good idea to pre-wash your veggies before loading to the refrigerator. Or better yet, buy organic. Either way, the juice is healthy.
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