Cuisinart DLC-2014N PowerPrep Plus 14-Cup Capacity Food Processor, White
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Cuisinart DLC-2014N PowerPrep Plus 14-Cup Capacity Food Processor, White Can anyone tell me if you shred cabbage in this machine and how small you need to cut the pieces to fit the tube? I have the 11 cup processor and am disappointed in how small the opening is. Would the 14 cup machine help me?
asked by Virginia Karelitz on December 9, 2006
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I have no quarrel with the capacity of this machine, but shortly after I purchased mine the Cuisinart name was worn off from the front of the machine by light cleaning, much to my surprise. At first, only a few of the letters disppeared. Then, next time I wipred it with a dampened cloth, more letters disappeared. One of my friends who has the same machine reports that the bowl of her processor has broken. I am keeping my DLC-2014N, but have purchased a new 16-cup Elite model from Williams Sonoma (diecast), which is far superior. What is fortunate is that I paid the same price for both machines, although the 16-cup model, which is far superior in every way, is worth much more than the DLC-2014N in my opinion. I have had four Cuisinart food processors so far. My DLC7E was a workhorse, and I still use it now and then. I would say to buy the DLC-2014N with caution.
Lee C. Scott answered on August 24, 2009
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