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on April 3, 2011
This hand mixer is an upgraded version of the Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer, Stainless and White which is recommended by Cook's Illustrated. That version, however, does not have dough hooks, which I specifically wanted in a mixer, since there are increasingly more and more recipes out there that assume the baker has a stand mixer these day and it's not easy to configure all of them to hand kneading. I currently don't have the budget for a stand mixer so I thought this would be a good compromise.


- Quiet. On lower speeds (1 to 5), it makes merely a vibrating noise. Even when I work with particularly stiff doughs, it still doesn't make a whole lot of sound. This is a giant relief for someone who is upgrading from a Black and Decker model which shrieks horribly on the lowest speed.

- Powerful. I've made bread doughs with this machine, some of them quite dense. It always plows through them.

- Wide range of speed. The number 1 speed is significantly lower than number 5 which is significantly lower than number 9. This is good for when you just want to combine ingredients without overmixing or having flour splattering every where. Also, stand mixer recipes that call for, say, "put the mixer on medium-low speed" can be easily adapted to this mixer as opposed to my old one, where all the five speeds are kind of the same.

- Storage case. I appreciate the extra feature that helps me organize all the components.


- Dough hooks not very effective. Like I said, I bought this mixer specifically for the dough hooks, and they turned out disappointing. To make them work ideally, you would have to have two sets of hands, one to hold the bowl in place, and one to guide the mixer, imitating the actions of a stand mixer. I've managed to knead a number of dough with the hooks, but it does take understanding and knowledge of how the ingredients are combined to make it work. In lieu of fifteen minutes of hand kneading, you would have to run this hand mixer through the dough for fifteen minutes, so no improvement here. It might be helpful for a new baker intimidated by hand kneading, but it is no less difficult or laborious.

- Cord is a little difficult to fold into the storage case. This is a very minor agitation.

Overall, this hand mixer is okay. The Cuisinart HM-70, $20.00 cheaper, may have been a better purchase. If you are looking to buy this mixer for the dough hook feature, I would advise against it.
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on December 5, 2011
I got my hand mixer almost a year ago as a Christmas gift. I use it at least weekly and it is still going strong. Here is what I like
*9 speeds - makes any job possible
*Beaters - thin but strong and not placed too close together so that thicker batters can move their way through and things like bread dough are less likely to climb up.
*Motor is strong. It doesn't whine and powers right through tough things like cream cheese (even when you don't let it soften as long as your suppose to.)
*Nice storage area. This doesn't make or break the deal for me. It's been nice not to rummage through the drawers looking for both beaters though.
*The latch release - So glad I have to deliberately lift the leaver to release beaters. I don't accidently remove them by pressing the button like on other beaters I've had.
* Cord - It is a decent length and it swivels around. I have lots of little helpers in the Kitchen and the cord is long enough and rotates around so I can maneuver the mixer with all the extra hands helping me mix. I'm not saying the cord is long but not too short.
*The appliance is solid feeling. Nothing flimsy about it. That means that it isn't exactly light weight but it isn't cheaply made.
Wisk - I've used it to make whip cream and a meringue. It did a wonderful job.
Here are a couple observations/complaints I have.
* The kneader hooks - They don't work at all for me at all. When making bread I use the beaters until I have a nice soft dough then knead in my last cup or two of flour by hand.
* Slow start - not so much. It starts up at like a 3 speed then quickly goes back to a 1 speed. I still have to make sure my beaters are firmly planted in whatever I don't want to have fly around.
Why did this mixer still get a 5 star when I have complaints? I cook for 5 boys everyday, I make dinners for teachers at the school, I make treats for friends and neighbors...and this appliance has absolutely made doing that much easier. It is simply the best mixer I have ever used!

I've read a couple more reviews and just want to add a couple comments. I am almost always cooking with kids and don't feel it is dangerous at all. When using any mixer you have to watch those little fingers. Also about the beaters falling out...there is one hole that is fitted different. That is so the wisk fits in properly. You will notice on your beaters that their tops look slightly different. This determines which hole they go in. If you put the beaters in and they fall back did it wrong. Switch it around. I've done that and the beaters have fallen in the batter, bummer, but it just made me be more careful inserting them the next time. It wasn't a big deal at all. Also, I have never noticed the beaters not mixing at a consistant speed and I have had many awesome smooth batters (which made very delicious treats too!). Regarding one more review, I don't have any problem fitting everything in the plastic container. I do have to organize it somewhat not just cram it in but it all fits. That's it, the end, I'd still buy this mixer...infact right now I'm looking at it for my sister because I love mine so much!
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on July 24, 2010
This is my 3rd Cuisinart hand mixer in the past 5 years and you're probably wondering why I went back to this model after the problems with the first two. First, I liked the form and fit. Second, I had extra blades that would fit (after the first one broke). Third, I assumed the problem was a glitch (each time). On the first and last mixers, the motor just quit without any reason or problem that I can determine - it didn't happen because of "bogging-down" in heavy batter. On my second one, the soft tab speed button tore and water leaked in - it quit working. Also, I don't think the wire blades "do" mashed potatoes as well as flat blades that actually cut through and break potatoes up into a smoother, less lumpy mix. Another problem that no one else has mentioned is that even though it has a slow start setting, it takes a couple of seconds to kick in! So, initially it starts at a medium speed and flour is all over the counter before it slows down and behaves as advertised. I've finally learned to hold it out of the bowl until it gears down.
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on August 9, 2011
We have owned and used this Cuisinart mixer often during the last 4 months, but have become so aggravated with it that we will not use it again. The problem is that rather than having a "slow start" feature, it instead has just the opposite -- an annoying "fast start". The "slow start", which Cuisinart's older models (no longer sold) actually implemented very well, is supposed to let you begin mixing without your ingredients being thrown out of the bowl. However, this model (HM-90S) does exactly the opposite -- when you turn it on it instantly surges to a fast speed, and then slows down to speed #1 as you marvel at the mess that it has made of your kitchen.

Others have pointed out that you can avoid this problem if you turn it on before you put the beaters in the bowl. However, our frequent use has revealed the true source of the problem: It appears that Cuisinart has implemented a "cruise control" feature, attempting to keep the beaters spinning at the currently selected speed regardless of the load on the mixer. The consistent behavior of this mixer is that if the actual speed of the beaters is ever below the currently selected speed, the mixer automatically tries to compensate by strongly surging the beaters to try and catch up. This is why it surges when initially turned on. As well, the mixer will similarly surge (and surge again) throughout the mixing process if you attempt to mix anything that is unevenly thick (like mixing something thinner into something thicker) -- the mixer will instantly surge and throw your ingredients out of the bowl. While the mixer certainly has a strong motor, and the attachments and storage case are nice, its behavior is so aggravating that it is useless.

To see the supposed "slow start" feature for yourself (and to prove that our unit is not defective), watch the video on the product page here on Amazon for this mixer. The woman from Cuisinart demonstrating the mixer has the nerve to brag that it has a "smooth start" feature, as she turns the mixer on at it instantly surges to the fast speed and then slows down to speed #1.
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on December 23, 2011
I purchased this mixer to replace my old KitchenAid KHM9PWH 9-Speed Professional Hand Mixer that decided it will not work anymore. Before I purchased the Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer, I did a lot of research on hand mixers that might be suitable for my needs. I ultimately chose the HM-90S for several reasons:

1. Cuisinart seems to be a trusted brand for small kitchen appliances such as hand mixers and blenders. (in my opinion)
2. Extra attachment accessories that it comes with: flat beaters, chef's whisk, dough hooks, spatula, and storage case.
3. Slow start speeds

After viewing the product demo video available on Amazon, I noticed that speed 1 of the mixer starts out at a near medium speed for a second or so, but overlooked this minor detail. Compared to many other hand mixers out there that start at medium speed at speed 1 throughout the whole mixing process, it really isn't a big issue for me. Stand mixers are not perfect at it's lowest speed either, yet it costs twice or three times more than this particular mixer. This motor issue that some reviewers talked about seems to be the standard motor startup for newer cuisinart hand mixer models because I noticed that this is the case for the HM-70 model as well. When mixing dough, sometimes it helps to have that split second quick start to help break up lumps in fats and or sugars. I normally use this mixer mainly for baking. If I ever need to mix something that is hot like soup or mashed potatoes, I prefer an immersion blender.

Once I received my mixer, I was disappointed to find that the chef's whisk which came with my mixer is much smaller than the one that came with my old kitchenaid mixer. I also found out that the whisk that came with my HM-90S is also smaller than the replacement chef's whisk available on amazon for the cuisinart HM-70 model as well. (In theory HM-70, is not much different from the HM-90S model. The difference between the HM-90S and the HM-70 that I noticed is that the HM-90S has 9 speeds including storage case and the HM-70 has only 7 speeds. All other description of the two models are the same. The design of the two models are not too far off from each other, so why is the whisk for Cuisinart HM-70 - CHM-WSK Hand Mixer, bigger than the HM-90S model?)

I finally used the mixer to make cookie dough the other day and am very pleased with the results the mixer provided. It has a powerful motor and is fairly quiet. Much quieter than the cheaper hand mixers out there with fewer speed settings. It is quieter even than some stand mixers I have heard. The split-second higher startup speed #1 never was an issue for me. I found that it did help break up some of the clumps in my wet mixture. If I ever need to add dry ingredients into the wet mixture, I simply lower the mixing speed as I mix the wet ingredients. As the mixer is still on at speed 5 mixing the wet ingredients, I lower the speed to speed 1. I gradually add the dry ingredients to gently stir, then increase the speed if necessary. This prevents ingredients from flying everywhere. I have not used the dough hooks or whisk yet, but I am sure it will be just fine. My only fear is the balloon whisk. I am afraid that the size of this whisk will affect the length of time it will take to whip up delicate mixtures such as meringue or whipped cream. Overall, this mixer is a great replacement for my old one, especially around this time of year when I do my holiday baking.

****UPDATE 12/15/2012****

I have had this mixer for a year now, and it still works as well as it did when I first bought it. Although, I do find the Cuisinart CHM-WSK Hand Mixer Whisk attachment, which is meant for the cuisinart HM-70 model, works a lot better than the whisk that is included with the HM-90S model. My meringue and whipped cream seem to whip a lot faster and produce a more satisfying result for me when I use that whisk attachment. I use the flat beaters, whisk, and spatula more often than the dough hooks. I do not find the dough hooks to be much help for me as I had hoped. All in all, this is still a good mixer even after a year of heavy regular use.

*****UPDATE 5/29//2014*****

My mixer still works as well as it did when I first purchased it. The attachments and cord are still in tact. I still don't use the dough hooks as often as I use the beaters and whisk attachments. I use the spatula quite often. The storage case is still very convenient to hold all the mixer attachments and spatula including the extra whisk and beater attachments I bought. All in all, this is still a satisfactory purchase.
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on January 5, 2014
I got this as a gift, and initially liked the (plasticy) build and the carrying case. However I find it really a bother to use because of a poorly-implemented feature: a steady-speed that doesn't work. What actually happens is that when you turn it on it whirs really fast, and then slows down half a second later. Additionally, if you find yourself mixing things of inconsistent thickness (say, batter containing butter or chocolate that hasn't been completely melted) the mixer will constantly be revving up to full speed for a half second, and then slowing back down to what you want. The end result of this, predictably, is batter being flung all about the kitchen.

I saw the problem mentioned in the reviews before I opened the box, and thought it would be a small thing that just meant I shouldn't start the mixer when it's in the batter. No big deal. But actually it's a major problem you're constantly working against, and why put up with it when there's a million other hand mixers you can buy?

Edit: I returned this and paid $10 more to get the "KitchenAid 9 Speed Professional Mixer." I like the feel of it much more, it doesn't have the issue with speeding up and slowing down, and you don't feel like you're working against the machine.
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on February 4, 2011
This mixer is awesome! Based on one poor review I almost did not order it. Received the mixer on 1/5/11 and I am so glad I went with the good reviews instead. Beats all previously owned hand mixers we had and is as good as my KitchenAid for cakes, pancakes & crepes... Looks beautiful and it is nice to have all mixer items in the storage case - no hunting for parts. Three people use it at least once or twice a week in our home. Our crepes have never come out so fluffy. The mixer does all the work and you just stand there. Our last mixers had to be forced around the mixing bowl yet we did not get the same results. What a breeze!
Never wrote a review before but had to on this one! Best Cuisinart product by far!
Top result: Not only does my daughter now do her own mixing and baking, she loves preparing her own cakes, etc. This turned out to be quite a bonus at no extra charge. Love it.
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on April 30, 2010
These are the best beaters I ever owned. I like the "no splash" start on the number 1 setting and the digital display to advance in increments all the way up to a powerful number 9 setting. Pretty light weight to handle yet very powerful. Does a wonderful job and the self contained see-through storage case is extremely attractive and convenient for storing everything neatly in one place. I highly recommend purchaing this product.
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The power cord is very poorly attached to the rotator. After about 12 months of use the sleeve of the cord split, revealing the wiring. The warranty is a scam, because the company asked me not only to ship the unit to them, but also to pay for shipping and handling of a replacement unit. Total cost would be about 66% of a cost of the unit.

Don't buy - get a Kitchenaid. They offer a genuine warranty.
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on August 3, 2010
I received a KA hand mixer as a gift. I sold it and turned around and bought this Cuisinart model after reading many reviews here and elsewhere. KA doesn't seem to have the reputation they once had.
So I put my money on Cuisinart. I'm very happy with it so far. I've only had it for a few weeks, but I make thick batches of oatmeal cookies and this works extremely well.
All the accessories are great and the storage case is so handy - I have a small kitchen and not having to dig around for all the pieces is a real time saver. I can find everything in one place.
I intend to buy a Cuisinart Stand Mixer when my budget allows. The motor is much stronger than KA and some of the other features are very nice, including a timer.

So far, Cuisinart is a good buy for me.
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