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on August 1, 2010
I have relied on my Rival ice cream maker for many years, churning out many, many batches of good ice cream...but after so many years, i got tired of the rock salt and ice ordeal so i went for this model. GLAD I DID! I've made half a dozen batches so far and i'm pleased to say this works better than the salt/ice machine. A few comments:

First, it's easier to do, and doesnt take any guessing on how much ice to salt than the traditional ice/salt machine. THer'es no messy clean up of salt and/or ice off the counter/floor, either.

Second, it's quicker than advertised. While eveything says 20-25 minutes, i have yet to have a batch take longer than 15 minutes.

Third, I did not have to turn my freezer down to the lowest setting either (i was concerned about wasting energy just for this!). I have it on a "5" out of "9" settings, and it's fine. I stuck the canister in the back, on the bottom shelf--which I assume is the coldest place. Just make sure the recipe you use is VERY cold before you throw it into the machine. (i often put it in the freezer for 30 min before i make ice cream). ANother tip: put the exterior clear casing into the freezer for a while before making the ice cream--it just helps insulate the canister all the more when it's turning.)

Fourth, it's the quietest ice cream machine i've heard. No, you cant hear a pin drop in the other room, but i use it in the kitchen and can comfortably watch TV in my adjacent family room without having to adjust the volume at all. I can hear the machine churing, but it doesnt get in the way of hearing the TV.

Fifth, so why 4 stars instead of 5? Her'es the only downside of the frozen canister v. salt/ice machines. Scooping the finished ice cream out of the heavy and awkward-to-handle canister and into a container for freezing, is challenging. The canister, understandably, is VERY cold. It seems off balance as you try to do this, too. And if you wait more than a moment, the ice cream quickly starts to freeze hard to the canister, so a rubber spatula (never use metal or you'll scratch the canister!), cant scrape the hardened ice cream off the sides very easily.

Overall, GREAT ice cream maker. THe quality of the ice cream is good, with a nice, smooth texture.
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on April 5, 2015
To be honest one of my best purchases here. Love it and going to buy 2 more as gifts for my sister and friend!
First I consider my self and wifey are ice-cream lover and addict sometimes!
We did some flavors until now and we will try more

Some comments before you buy it:
Noisy? yes, but not to level that bothers me.
Small for big family? maybe! for two of us we make one bowl every week (depend on feel and desire). you can buy second bowl ( I have it but never use it)
Easy to use? yes, using it easy. The tricky part is what you put in it! ( more explain will come)

Useful tips we did and worked for us:
1- If you love ice-cream heavy, hard, and texture smooth (like I do), You need to use heavy cream with your regular milk. If you are ok with light soft serve, milk with half and half will do the trick.
2- Do not over load the bowl with a lot of addetive ingredients. Its going to be difficult to freeze and unit as one texture. like adding a lot of chocolate ships or a lot of shredded coconut, that is no no.
3- 20 -25 min is proper time, Slightly less than is ok if you put less total ice-cream mix. I don't recommend going more than 30min! why? because the frozen bowl will not stay cold all time and your ice-cream will probably melt down after long time keeping it in machine.
4- Make sure your bowl is totally frozen before you start, shake it to make sure! I usually store it in freezer until I use it again, wash it an back again to freezer.
5- Avoid filling the bowl to the top, ice-cream grow bigger when set and will over flow and will make a miss and hard to clean.
6- *** I noticed that I can increase the hardness of my ice-cream by manually spreading the ice-cream mix to touch all inside surfaces of the bowl while still on by using rubber spatula. I do that in the last 2-3min before I turn off the machine. The ice-cream when start to freeze tend to stop moving or just touch one area inside the bowl and by spreading it you make it set faster.
7- I put in fridge for at least 2 hours before I use it! my wife like it soft and eat it immediately! :(
8- Did I say this? put your ice-cream mix in fridge or freezer for 30-60 min. before you start! the colder your mix the faster and easy to set and freeze inside the bowl
9- Price of ingredients to make a nice ice-cream? will I say fair to ok. As I mentioned, I use heavy-cream for hard serve ice-cream and I buy 1 quart around $6 (and I use it 2 times or two bowls, 2 cups each). you also add the price of regular milk and other flavors and ingredients as preferred.
I hope I didn't miss things. I waited sometimes to review this and try to be helpful! all above mentioned for the ice-cream and still enjoying my ice-cream making for now. I will move to frozen yogurt and I will add more tips to my review. Thanks

my wife helped me with this and added some pictures!
our ice-cream getting better as you see from pictures lol
review image review image review image review image
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on December 3, 2013
I bought this because I could not find decent ginger ice cream. I found lots of complaints about ALL of the machines that use this technology, and, after making a few dozen batches I think I can review it and address some of those complaints.

The machine, it works. It makes ice cream, not cold goo, but like any machine, you have to use it right and put in the right materials. It also helps to have realistic and complete instruction, which seems to be lacking.

1. The freezing cylinder has to be really actually frozen. Jacking your freezer to 11 helps. Putting it where the freezy air blows right on it helps too. Flexible cold packs (already froze) seem to help when you roll them up and stick them inside, too, but that could be my wishful thinking, as I haven't yet timed it.
2. The mix needs to be cold. No, colder. Colder than that. Really, I mean it. Refrigeration is not enough. I stick mine in the freezer and check every half hour or so until it just begins to get gritty looking. Having a fast thermometer helps, too. I usually churn at about 26 degrees or below. Vanilla (and ginger) need churning to start at higher temperatures or it ends up crunchy, at least for me, but chocolate can get to 19 degrees before I see any appreciable crystal growth and so chocolate comes out almost perfectly tempered. YMMV.
3. The clear plastic cover doesn't do much, thermally, so cover it with a fluffy towel or some other insulating thing. Make sure you don't cover the base up as well, or you might overheat. This allows the cylinder to stay colder longer and give up more of its cold to the ice cream (I know that's thermoblasphemy, but this isn't a physics text), getting the final result colder and closer to actual ice cream. Makes less noise that way, too.
4. Cover the blowhole. I use a custard cup. Keeps cold in and stray dragon poop out.
5. Don't be afraid to stick a spatula in to help it out from time to time, but in general when the ice cream stops moving you've gone as far as the machine can take you. Check frequently after the first twenty minutes or so, especially if you use a thermometer - as soon as the decline stalls, you've run out of cold.
6. The bowl you chilled the mix in, keep it in the freezer. When the machine is finished put the paddle, laden with ice cream and impossible to scrape clean without a tongue (design flaw or cunning plan?) in the cold bowl, scrape the rest into the bowl, clean off the paddle and then take your cold bowl of still slightly soft but not runny ice cream and divide it up or devour it or smear it on the windows or whatever it is you do with it. I try not to judge. But a bit of freezer time will get you a firmer product.

Extra freezer inserts could be cheaper. I hope you are listening, Mr. Cuisinart.
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on July 20, 2010
I bought the new ICE-21 ice cream maker from Cuisinart and just made my first batch of strawberry ice cream. I was a little worried that it would not freeze well based on the reviews of the ICE-20, also sold on amazon, but in literally 10 minutes after pouring the chilled ingredients in, I had perfectly textured ice cream. The unit is very easy to clean, not terribly loud, and as long as if doesn't break on me after a few months (and I will update this if it does), I will say this is a great purchase. Now I can make whatever flavor ice cream I desire! Mwhahaha!
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I love ice cream. When I got married we were given an ice cream maker that used rock salt and ice to freeze the ice cream.

Unfortunately over time it quit working so we needed a replacement. I was attending a cooking class a couple years ago and this was the ice cream maker that was used in that class. I wanted to try out the recipes we were given so I purchased one of these machines.

I love that there is no ice or rock salt needed. It freezes fast and although this machine is "loud" it is much quieter than a traditional ice cream maker.

The downside is that the capacity in this machine is limited. It makes just enough ice cream to give each member of my large family a small serving. This would be ideal for smaller families.

I do love and make traditional ice cream recipes but we are trying to eat more healthy. Here is our favorite vegan "healthy" ice cream recipe that all 5 of my kids love.

Strawberry Ice Cream (
1 cup raw Cashews
1 cup pitted dates
2 cups water + more water if needed
1/2 cup white or pinto beans
1 tsp vanilla
12+ Large Frozen Strawberries

Soak nuts and dates in 2 cups of water for 4 hours or more to ease blending. Blend nuts, dates, beans, water & vanilla in high powered blender until smooth. Add more water if needed to thin and dilute to desired richness. Add frozen strawberries and more water if needed, blend until smooth. Freeze in an ice cream freezer.

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on July 17, 2010
As this product had not been reviewed yet, I read several reviews for the Cuisinart ICE-20 Ice Cream Maker before making my decision to purchase this product. Many comments about the ICE-20 mentioned that the ice cream is the consistency of soft serve; some reviewers said it was too soft. I did not find that issue with the ice cream I made with this ice cream maker. I turned my freezer to the coldest setting and froze the bowl for 7 hours. I could not hear any liquid moving in the bowl at that point, so I assumed it was solidly frozen. I made the Simple Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from the booklet that came with the machine. After about 20 minutes, the ice cream was nicely textured and creamy. It wasn't as hard as the packed ice cream you purchase at the store, so I guess you might say the consistency was somewhere between soft serve and store-bought: firmer than soft serve, but not as firm as hard pack. As reviewers of the ICE-20 pointed out, if the ice cream was frozen as solidly as hard pack in the machine, it would be difficult to remove it from the container.

The ice cream is simply wonderful. It has a fresh, pure taste that outshines anything I could purchase from the store. I bought it mainly because I wanted to have control of my ingredients. I want to use organic products as much as possible and I want to experiment with soy ice creams; I have thought I might want to get away from dairy products altogether.

This product was listed as the newest version of the ICE-20 and as an upgrade that improves upon the ICE-20 while still keeping its popular features. I don't know what the upgrade consists of, but I can say that in 20-25 minutes, I had really excellent ice cream that I thought was the perfect consistency. (Since I posted this review, a commenter here has noted that the upgrade consists of a new paddle design, reducing the processing time by 25%, according to the manufacturer.) After freezing it for a couple of hours it was firmer and I liked it at that consistency, too. I was thinking about how great this ice cream would be with warm apple pie, because tasting it really is like tasting fresh vanilla cream. But we're a couple of months away from apple pie season! This product couldn't be simpler to use, and I think it will pay for itself fairly quickly in savings over the cost of premium purchased ice cream. And it just tastes better.
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on January 8, 2011
In got this ice cream maker for christmas. It works great. The ice cream is very easy to make. I'm 11 and I make the ice cream all by myself. I freeze the bowl 6-9 hours and I get creamy and delicious ice cream. Now it's my job to make ice cream for the family every week. My dad loves the chocolate. If you had a contest between store brand ice cream and this kind, this kind would win by a landslide.
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on May 11, 2011
My wife used to love ice cream, but she could no longer really have normal ice cream once she developed diabetes. We also aren't big fans of splenda or aspartame. So, I bought the ice cream maker and made her quite happy by making ice cream with stevia instead of sugar. I myself don't want to consume all the sugar in normal ice cream, so I also love making sugar-free ice cream for myself. Without sugar, one can cut carbs by 2/3 or even more, depending on your other ingredients. This way, a person on a low-carb diet can still have ice cream that tastes great without resorting to artificial sweeteners. We won't be making normal ice cream with all its sugar ourselves, but I have no doubt the ice cream maker would work great for that as well. Ice cream lovers with lots of money and kitchen space might want to invest in a bigger, more commercial-grade ice cream maker, but most people will be very happy with this one and agree that this one is well worth its price.

For those wanting to make ice cream with stevia:

Just substituting a teaspoon of pure stevia for a cup of sugar in one of the recipes, the ice cream tastes great and has great texture coming right out of the machine. So, if you are making ice cream for an event and plan on using it all at once, there's no need to change the recipe other than making the stevia for sugar substitution. However, assuming you are going to save some or all of the ice cream for later, be aware that without sugar, it will freeze too hard unless your freezer is not very cold or unless you compensate for the lack of sugar by adding more of other ingredients that lower the freezing point and keep the ice cream softer and easier to scoop. Many web forums can give you good advice on things you can do to prevent ice cream from freezing too hard, so I won't go into it here.
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on August 25, 2014
VERY cheap components, even for a $49.99 product. Plastic gearing stripped after three uses and Cuisinart only agreed to replace month old unit if I paid $25.00 shipping/return shipping of defective product.

Cuisinart, stand by your product. I shouldn't have to pay for shipping/processing and return shipping due to your poor materials that were used.

I will look elsewhere for my future ice cream making needs.
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on September 11, 2010
As much as my husband hates buying me kitchen appliances as gifts, he finally caved and bought me the Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker for my birthday. It arrived in the mail yesterday and we immediately popped the mixing bowl into the freezer and hurried off to the store to buy whole milk and heavy whipping cream.

Just moments ago we finished our first batch of Peanut Butter ice cream.... and all I can say is... my waistline could be in deep trouble!!

First, the machine itself is so easy to use! There are four pieces and they all just go right together. No thinking about what part has to fit into where. We used a recipe in the provided instruction manual. Except for the candy we added in, the whole milk and the heavy whipping cream, everything else I already had on hand in the pantry! Easy Peasy!

I am glad I spent time reading the reviews and offer a couple of tips:

1) Freeze the mixing bowl completely. Do not attempt to use after only a couple hours of freezing. You will be disappointed.
2) Once you pull the frozen mixing bowl out of the freezer, use it immediately! Don't let it sit out on the counter while you turn your attention to other things.
3) Add anything with alcohol in the last couple of minutes, including any flavorings. The alcohol content can reduce the freezing point of the mixture and you will end up with a sloppy mess. Make sure to read the ingredients of everything you use, just in case!
4) Chill the ice cream mixture for several hours before pouring it into the mixer.

By doing all of the things above, we ended up with a creamy, rich, thick peanut butter ice cream. We are going to have to switch to frozen yogurt or fruit sorbets, 'cause my waistline will expand quickly if we eat too much of this stuff!! It is decadent!

Quick and easy clean up. In fact I already have the mixing bowl back in the freezer and a batch of ice cream mix chilling to make a dessert for a dinner party tomorrow night!

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