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on March 12, 2005
Cultural issues are not a new topic, but this book is so well written that it quickly becomes an interesting read and valuable learning tool for almost all of us, because of the world we live in, now and in the future. The author begins by explaining the importance of cultural intelligence for many of our business and personal interactions (with people from other ethnic groups at home and around the world), then listing what to expect (how the book is organized and why), and finally presenting a wealth of information about the topic (with vivid examples of how to apply it to our daily lives). Those examples are a clear indication that the author has accumulated his knowledge through wide reading, a variety of teaching contexts, and comprehensive practical experience in the field. The book identifies common cross-cultural dilemmas and offers practical solutions by outlining primary principles as a foundation for decision-making and describing how individual differences must be considered. The use of continuums throughout the book, and in the tool The Peterson Cultural Style Indicator, ensures that the reader understands and effectively uses the concept of Gray, versus Black and White, in human relationships. A good summary is the equation presented of Cultural Intelligence: Knowledge about Cultures + Awareness (of self and others) + Specific Skills (behaviors).
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Imagine a guidebook that helps you navigate the uncharted lands of strange cultures or, at least, cultures that seem strange to you. Author Brooks Peterson is less concerned with social advice than he is with explaining how to manage broad cultural differences and avoid cultural egocentrism. While he soundly reviews measures of cultural differences, such as cultural scales, he avoids delving into complex, abstract theories with little practical application. His clearly written book treats all cultures objectively, covering broad tendencies without venturing into cultural generalities. He alerts you to the nuances of other cultures and your own. We strongly recommend this book to anyone who interacts with the values of other cultures on a regular basis - and, these days, that's just about everybody.
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on March 17, 2011
I am a professor of cross-cultural communication and have used this book for two semesters. The reason why I use it is because it has nice pictures, very simple English and graphs to help explain the issues of culture and I teach in English to ESL students. I give it to them as a "break" from the other heavier readings that we cover. The very sad part about this book is that when one knows the field, it is difficult to read someone talking about ideas that come from others and to not cite anyone, not anyone. Peterson does not even include a bibliography. To me, this is a serious lack of respect to those that have come before him in the field.
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on May 25, 2009
Excellent book for expats. I am currently working in a international school and found the material relevant in my setting as well as helpful. The author gives ample illustrations to help the reader understand the subtle differences in each of our cultures. An easy and enjoyable read. Well done!
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on May 1, 2011
I have been working for over three decades and up until 2 years ago was blissfully ignorant of the joys and tribulations of working with people from another nation. I was sent to the UK for two weeks and returned home extremely frustrated as I felt that we had gotten nothing done. As long as I was there I was planning on getting done what I thought I had been sent to do. In typical fashion, when on a deadline (mine not theirs), I was expecting to work late and on the weekend. Well no, they left on time and definitely were not working the weekend. Hmmm. Really enjoyed working with them but my rush was definitely not their rush. But enough of this little gem would have helped to set the stage for that trip and I only wish I would have had it to prepare me somewhat for working with people who speak the same language but approach work with a different attitude. It is eye opening and I know it will help in the future as I am exposed to other cultures and nationalities.
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on May 6, 2014
Cultural Intelligence by Brooks Peterson is a very informative and interesting book about working with people from different cultures. It explains and goes into great detail of how to interact with different cultures in business and daily life. Having a strong cultural intelligence will help minimize the amount of issues and help build strong working relationships. Misunderstanding caused by a lack of cultural intelligence can permanently damage relationships and may result in loss of business, revenue, or partnerships.

Cultural Intelligence is a very easy read. The author, Brooks Peterson, does a great job of using real life examples and personal experiences to make points. The examples are understandable and relatable because they are written in great detail to give the reader a clear vision of the point that is being made. The author speaks with a sense of confidence and honesty, which makes the information seem reliable and trustworthy. Also, Brooks Peterson does a great job of using humor to keep your attention and when needed to make a point.

The only weakness about the book is that it seemingly repeats itself throughout the chapters; it doesn't provide a lot of unique information in each subsequent chapter.

We would absolutely recommend this book to others. It has a lot of good information that people doing business or traveling abroad could benefit from. Brooks Peterson points out a lot of things that you might not otherwise consider. There is great use of scales and questions for your personal use and to find out exactly where you fall into certain categories and to measure your own cultural intelligence. The use if imagines and cartoons help to illustrate certain thoughts and provide a better understanding.
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on May 10, 2014
This book is a wonderful read for anyone who is wanting or needs to learn more about working with people in other cultures. Brooks Peterson has a way of grabbing your attention and keeping you interested. He makes learning interesting and enjoyable. Instead of just stating facts, Peterson gets the reader involved by asking questions and making you come up with your own ideas. With his use of analogies, visual diagrams, and personal inventory questionnaires, he caters to a wide variety of learning styles to help drive his message home and promotes involvement. Cultural intelligence helps you discover yourself along with learning and understanding more about others in various settings, situations, groups, and individually. I appreciate the way Brooks Peterson conveys so many complex issues in a way that’s relatively easy to understand. The information is definitely translatable into real world circumstances and I recommend it for anyone that wants to improve their interpersonal communication skills. This book gives the reader just the confidence kick he or she needs to use the book’s content out in the “real world” and/or business environment. Reading this book won’t make you a professional right away, but it will give you the basic knowledge you will need to become one through experience!
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on November 1, 2008
Cultural intelligence is an excellent primer for students, business people, or those simply interested in other cultures. It provides an excellent introduction to interacting with foreign cultures and gives some great tips on how to do so successfully. It's written in simple, easy-to-follow language and is a quick read.
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on November 24, 2011
A book like this really should site the sources for this information. It obviously relies on a lot of other work.
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on April 28, 2014
This is the perfect combination of popularly presented information with enough scholarly backup to make it legitimate.
It was exactly what I needed to prepare a presentation at an international engineering conference where the interest was in more practical approaches rather than academic research.
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