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on June 22, 2015
This was once the best product of its kind out there by a mile and then some. Here's the thing though: Curad has moved manufacturing of these from Germany, where they were excellent, to the US. Along the way, they've made a few crucial changes:
- The moleskin covering isn't as thick or as plush, making it more difficult to pull small pieces off the plastic backing and providing less cusioning once on the skin
- The glue/acid layer is profoundly thinner in the new (US) version. That means it doesn't stick well, and doesn't work well.

How poorly do they work? My girlfriend though they were plain moleskin (as runners use to prevent chafing). She wore them for days without even blanching the skin.

This isn't just my one experience. I was convinced I had a bad batch, so I ordered three more times from 3 separate vendors, getting 3 different lot numbers (plus the original), all made in the US and they're all just as awful.

I've bought enough old German stock off Ebay that I can post this now. You should do the same.

Curad, I hope you read this and bring this product back to its former self - the current version is useless.
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on January 3, 2007
Mediplast 40% sal.acid plasters are the best for removing any unwanted skin... corns, callouses, warts etc. Have recommended only this product for my entire carreer as a pharmacist. Warning!--- this is strong medicine and must be custom fit to each application... a box of 25 is enough for several lifetimes. Buy single sheets at an INDEPENDENT pharmacy unless you have lots and lots of warts to treat.
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on January 3, 2007
I have tried so many products over the past few years, and this actually works. I was able to remove warts both my feet (plantar) and hands. I followed another reviewer's advice and used waterproof medical tape over the mediplast pads.
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on October 13, 2014
I am. I'm totally embarrassed about this review.

I actually used Mediplast LAST after using Compound W, having my Dermatologist treat the warts on my feet ringing up a $500 bill and the treatment made the warts come back BIGGER and multiply, then I tried Duo-Film which worked but plateaued after a while.

I had been reading treatment recommendations on the web because I am at my WITS END and read about Medi-plast. I had never heard of it. I purchased 2 sheets of it, and tried it the other day.

For a small common wart on the side of my hand, I placed a small dot of Medi-plast on it, and covered it with the sticky part of a band-aid. I took it off today, so it had 2 days to work. When I peeled off the band-aid and the Medi-plast dot, the wart was just "hanging there". I took a piece of tissue and the wart completely fell off!!! Nothing has been able to do that. This stuff is incredible.

So after spending over $600 on treatments to rid myself of the wart on the side of my hand, and 4-5 small warts on my big toe, and the little toe next to it - I have concluded that had I used Medi-plast to begin with, I would've saved time, money and pain. I applied the Medi-plast to my toes earlier and am looking forward to those warts just falling off in a few days!

PRO-TIP: I read a lot of negative reviews here about the Medi-plast not sticking.
Seriously people, do YOU have any creativity?! Of course it doesnt stick - it needs tape to hold it on! Get a band-aid, cut the sticky part off. Use the sticky part of the band-aid to place OVER the strip or dot of Medi-Plast. It took me about, I dont know.... 4 seconds of simply looking at the Medi-plast before I even applied it to figure that out.
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on March 8, 2013
You probably don't need 25 of these to take care of a single wart! I only used one pad for the wart on my hand (you have to cut it yourself). You can buy individual pads for $1-2 at your local drugstore, but you have to ask for them at the pharmacy counter. Just ask the pharmacist or the pharmacy tech for a Mediplast pad. I found them behind the counter at a national drugstore chain but not at the big box store pharmacy.

I had tried all kinds of things on the wart on my thumb. I tried crazy things (like banana peels, finger nail polish, and white iodine) and not-so-crazy things (like home freezing and Compound W). Nothing was working. I used this, and the wart went away quickly. I also used it on plantars warts on my feet that I had given up on (I was more embarrassed by the common wart on my thumb), and they also went away quickly.

Here's what I did. It's SO much simpler and easier than doing something every day (or twice a day like Compound W and its generics recommend). Aside from a few minutes every few days, it's just set it and forget it.
1) Cut the Mediplast to around the size of the wart, apply and cover with a Band-aid. People also use waterproof tape to make sure it can hold up in the shower, but this was on my thumb and I didn't want to look too dumb.
2) Leave it on for 2-3 days. The box says 48 hours. Some medical centers (more on that later) say to leave it on all week and then to take it off on the weekend. I wasn't very consistant, but my average was about 2 days, I think. I would take a shower with it on (along with the band-aid), and as long as it didn't fall off, I'd just put another band-aid on it.
3) When you take it off, use a disposable emery board (I used these from the drugstore, but any cheap ones would work) to gently file down the dead white skin. As far as I can tell, you don't need to do this too hard so you bleed. Just get as much dead skin as you can off without going too crazy. I think using disposable emory boards is important to not spread the virus further.
4) Reapply another patch
In a few weeks to a month, your wart will be gone.

For those of you who were thinking about or believe in the duct tape/occlusion method, using Mediplast incorporates this idea. This German-made product is sticky like duct tape and succeeds in occlusion. Plus, it has the strong aspirin concentration (that's what salicylic acid is) that will break down the top layers of skin, allowing the cells affected by the virus to be targeted and not just the few top layers of your skin. Somehow, this sets off your body's immune response that actually gets rid of the virus (salicylic acid can't kill the virus directly; it can only break down the skin cells where the virus is replicating).

I finally found out about the Mediplast method by searching only edu sites for wart removal information (restricting your search to edu sites is a good way to search for trusted health information on the internet). I don't think I can post links, but the most helpful sites were the site found by searching for McKinley wart treatment with Mediplast, the site found by searching for uwhealth use of mediplast for warts, and the pdf found by searching for sfsu plantar wart.
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on June 17, 2014
They are pricey (and you probably won't need all the pads in the box) but they do the trick. It was recommended by my Dermatologist. They stick by themselves but it helps to buy some waterproof tape if you're putting them on your feet.
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VINE VOICEon August 24, 2013
This product is very effective at reducing the size of common warts. I have been using it regularly for almost 2 months, but have only eliminated one of several small warts. The biggest problem is that the adhesive is not very strong. It works best when covered by a bandage to hold the pad in place.
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on December 15, 2013
I had a HUGE wart on the inside of my left hand for years. It honestly seemed like the more I medicated it with other products, that always promised the wart would go away, and the more I medicated it the bigger it got. Then one day the big wart gave birth to a baby wart and together the lived snug together above my palm. Several desperate times I took a straight blade to it and cut it down to the surface of my hand (not recommend) and of course this didn’t work and I put myself at risk of infection. I tried pulling it out of my skin with pliers when it’d start separating from other Salicylic Acid products. It was painful and stupid. I tried every trick… vinegar, crushed Vitamin C applied under a band aide, Crushed aspirin under a band aide, banana peels, duct tape, iodine. NOTHING WORKED. I came across the Curad pads one night while I was doing research for the next gimmick and I thought I would try it out after all the positive reviews. It took about 4 weeks of determined (sometimes off and back on again) effort and one day I was sitting by the pool and it literally scraped off my hand. It has been a couple of years since it came off and it has not returned.

If you are here reading reviews because you are as desperate as I was, let me share with you what finally worked for me.

I read a review that suggested water proof tape. This is great advice and almost a must. My wart was on my hand and I am obsessive about washing my hands. Water proof tape helped keep the pad securely in place. Other medical tapes did not.

Cut the pad to the size of your wart. Anywhere the pad touches you are going to lose skin that surrounds the wart so be prepared for that.

While I was at work it was harder to keep them on any longer than a full shift. So on my days off I would wear the same pad for as long as I could. It would bind itself to the wart like it had a job to do, and boy did it go to work. The wart will become tender and white and discolored and it would start to flake off some. It looked like a head of cauliflower.

Next.. on the nights I worked I started to give my wart a day or two off from the pad because it was harder to work with my hand taped up (and it was embarrassing). Also the wart area would become sensitive and sore if I kept the pad on for too long. I started to paint it with the same “Dr. Scholl's Wart Remover Fast-Acting Liquid” that I had left over but had never worked before. What this did was turned that soft soggy sensitive wart back into something hard and it would. The liquid wart remover would also turn it dark.

After a day or two of liquid remover and a stiff wart I was right back to the Curad wart pad and I would keep it applied again for days. I did this off and on through out the entire time it took to completely heal it. I would say that the ratio was about 4-5 days with the wart pad and 1 or 2 days a week with the liquid wart remover. I just kept at it. Finally it worked.

It seems Amazon won’t allow buyers to add photos anymore. I was going to share a photo journal clip of the progress of, bad-to-better-to-completely healed. I feel confident with my hands now. They are such a visible part of our communication and I used to hide my left hand in shame. I don't anymore. After spending hundreds of dollars on other products that failed, these pads finally worked.

One more note.. They last forever. I think I used less than 3 pads total after cutting them down to size. I hope this helps anyone who is on a desperate search. If you try these pads I truly hope you find the same success I was able to. Curad deserves more than 5 stars!
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on February 27, 2016
This product works well - it's the same ingredients as in the much pricier wart removal kits. I ordered this for my husband to use since we ran out of the Dr. Scholl's kit, happy that we would have TONS left on hand for future needs. He just cuts a little square off the sheet, puts it on his foot, then tapes in place with Nexcare waterproof tape.

Unfortunately, the product was already end-of-life when I received it, with an expiration date just a month away (received at end of Jan 2016, exp March 2016. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the pads will work for a while after the expiration date - I just expect that I'll get fresh inventory when I buy online, not something that's been sitting in a warehouse for a couple years.

I still recommend this product, just make sure you check the expiration date when you receive it, so you can return for your money back if there's a problem.

(This product was a personal purchase for myself at a price available to the public. I am under no obligation to leave a review, and am doing so solely because I want to share my experience with other potential customers. I have received no compensation for my review nor do I have any relationship with the seller or manufacturer of this product.)
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on June 3, 2012
My Warts:
I started off with a cluster of 20 small warts on my right thumb, 10 on my left thumb, a few on my right index, one on my left index, one on my right middle, one on my left middle, and one on my right ring. Also one especially small one near the top center of my palm on my right hand. Finally, a deep cluster on the palm of my foot and one on the underside of my big toe.

What I Did:
I got a freeze treatment at the dermatology office before starting the first treatment with these. It hurt badly, but I had to try hard this time. Light freeze treatments and a couple days of trying weaker, liquid salicylic-acids did not help months prior despite hard efforts.

By the second week of wearing the pads, the pain went down a bit, and I was able to peel a lot of dead skin off. I used a thick/wide pair of tweezers on my fingers since they didn't simply pull off with the pads. Keep your tweezers sanitized and make sure you're careful about how you touch them after using them, even while cleaning. I let spots heal during the third week. The pads applied to my thick foot skin weren't ready for any peeling at this time, but before the fourth week a thick layer came off with the pad from my foot, and a lot of warts came off with this, but there were still more underneath. I kept working on removing more skin layers containing warts on my foot as pain was not an issue, and at this time the one on my big toe was gone.

The fourth week I had seemingly gotten rid of a lot of the warts on my fingers. There still seemed to be some on my thumbs and my right index finger. I also simply wasn't sure about some spots so I retreated just in case. As the skin was much more worn away at this point, even after a week of healing, it began to hurt ridiculously. I don't think a lot of people could bare such a pain, but I wanted desperately to get rid of them.

To sum things up, it takes a lot of time when you have this many. At this time in my life I am wart-free and it is thanks to these pads. It takes a long time not only because of the slow-process, but because I needed to let my skin heal after so much damage was done each time. Sometimes warts would show up again months after it seemed like they were gone, but the last time I had some show up, it was one on the lower joint of my left-hand's finger and one on the palm of my left hand near my thumb. I treated the one on my finger alone once it was big enough to see a spot, and this was super easy, and by some miracle the other one disappeared on its own; this was the first time any of my warts did this. Basically, you should know this is a battle, a long battle, but if you keep up the fight I think you can be wart-free just like I am now, AGH! :D

Some recommendations:
I recommend buying latex gloves to wear when washing up things like your face. A waterproof tape will likely start to peel after a few traditional hand washes, so plan your schedule of bathing around the timing of the pad. I also used hand sanitizer and witch-hazel spray to keep my hands and foot clean during this process.
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