Customer Reviews: Currie Technologies eZip Men's Trailz Electric Bicycle
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on May 20, 2011

Great bike for the price. Improvements would be increased quality control on batteries and chargers, upgrading handlebar, and redesigning the battery terminals.

Buy it. It works fine for what it is.


- Great value for an electric assist bike. Paid for itself in commuting savings not to mention health benefits.
- Comfortable ride (thicker tires help)
- Surprisingly quiet motor
- Having both Pedal Assist and Twist features is nice


-Quality control issues combined with 90 day warranty:
-Battery replaced in two weeks (warranty replacement plus shipping charge) - $25
-Charger replaced in four months - $40
-Battery terminal 1 replaced in five months - $20 (part only)
-Battery terminal 2 replaced in 11 months - $20 (part only)
-Email customer service never replied to requests. Phone CS are helpful though.

Design Comments

-Basic handlebar design is generally uncomfortable, grips hurt hands without gloves
-Kind of slow with only 7 speeds
-Motor on another bike in the same line is 250 watt, not 450. Could this be marketing voodoo at work? Can't confirm this, though sounds iffy.

-Battery and Bike Weight

The SLA batteries work fine on this bike. These are most cost effective batteries on the market, not most advanced. If you want more of a performance feel to your bike, pony up 400 bucks for the Lithium battery.

Steel that is used in this bike frame is the most cost effective material and also the heaviest. Two other common bike frame materials, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber are much more expensive.
Currie offers the IZip line with improved components at a premium. Via Lento - Aluminum frame with SLA battery (extra $200), Via Rapido - aluminum frame with Lithium battery (extra $500).
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on May 14, 2011
I actually bought this bike from to save on shipping costs. I have had it for 2 months now. I have to say that for the price it is probably the best e-bike you can buy. My first real test for my bike was a sponsored event called 'Bike Around The Buttes'. A forty mile ride with a few hills but mostly flat. I had 2 batteries for this trip. I pedaled at a moderate pace (12-15 mph) in battery assist mode. I was very nervous because I did not think the batteries would last that long. Surprise, the first battery went twenty miles. good thing too because the batteries lasted a whole lot longer than my legs did (I am 65 and about 60 lbs over weight :-). The second battery went about 18 miles. I had forgot to charge it up the night before so it had a short trip to work and back on it. fortunately the first battery had partially come back to life and it brought me the rest of the way to the finish. I was still able to maintain about 12 mph.
The instructions tell you to discharge your battery 2 times completely to 'condition it', but I think this information is incorrect. Please read this article. [...] I just found it today, essential reading IMHO.
The quality of components on my bike are ok for a commuter. The tires are great for street riding, brakes work good, shifting gears is easy, the rims are aluminum alloy and look nice, brakes work great, seat adj. is easy.
I am planning on upgrading the front forks, and the rear derailleur to improve the looks and performance of my bike. I have recently changed out the pedals to sealed bearing units.
Out of the box my bike needed some tuning. the wheels needed truing (I tend to be a perfectionist :-), brakes needed adjusting, and motor chain needed adjusting after the first couple of hours.
If I had it to do all over I would buy it again.
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on August 1, 2011
I have owned my eZip Trailz for a year now. I put on about 500 miles on it. I have found that for me an electric bike is the best, environmentally-friendly mode of short range transportation for commuting and pleasure. I have found that many on the market are too expensive and don't come with a free test ride. There are even some upwards of $1,000 that come with SLA batteries.

+ affordable entry-level electric bicycle
+ reduction in carbon footprint
+ minimal sweat after a ride; longer distance achieved with same amount of effort as a non-electric bike. (This is the primary reason anyone would get an ebike, right?)
+ convenient battery lock and disconnection
+ free bicycle parking when commuting to work in the downtown zone
+ pedestrians and other bicyclists see you and whisper to each other "hey, that's an electric bike!"
+ torquey 450 watt motor
+ quiet operation
+ brakes and other components are more heavy duty in comparison to a non-electric bike
+ fat road tires are comfortable and has little rolling resisitance
+ 7-speed geared to allow a rider to pedal downhill up to 26 mph (but there is hardly any motor assist past 16 mph)
+ first electric bike; will not be the last. (I will never forget my "OMG!" feeling from the first ride.)

- bike not meant for trails (despite the name). Stay on roads and sidewalks to ensure the bike doesn't vibrate parts off.
- bike is rear-heavy
- rear rack support bars started rubbing away plastic battery casing leaving white powdery residue. Eventually lead to loud & annoying rubbing sounds when going over road bumps and cracks.
- rear rack bolts loosened themselves off over time. (should've used loctite on them at the beginning)
- left side terminal died after 300 miles. Right side died after 200 miles. Comes to find out, the positive wires connecting to the terminal blew off. Required new ring connectors and a little knowledge about cutting and crimping wires.
- SLA battery shows weakness after 30-40 charges.
- SLA battery drastically loses power after a few miles of riding. Battery didn't have the same amount of oomph as when new. Likely that the range suffers over time as well.(Tough to make it home if your ride ends at the top of a hill.)

After the breakdown at 500 miles, I removed the kit and rode the bike without the motor/battery for 100 miles without a problem. It felt just like a regular mountain bike. This year, I upgraded the bike with a brushless hub motor kit with a LiFEPO4 battery and have been riding for 600 miles now. The bike and all of its components has been holding itself well to the newly found power without a problem.
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on July 3, 2011
I have had this bike for approximately one month and love it. I used to ride a regular 21 speed bike to work which is about 5 miles. It used to take me about 35 minutes which I thought wasn't too bad since I'm 64 years old. After 3 years of doing this it got old, and I saw a man riding an electric bike so I decided to look into it. I saw this bike online, and it was much cheaper than most of the other ones, so I decided to give it a try. I love it, it gets me to work now in less than 15 minutes, and with no effort at all. It takes on the hills I encounter with no effort at all. I charge the battery while at work, and have plenty of power for the ride home plus running errands after work. The only negative I have so far is the weight of it.It's almost 60 pounds and with the battery, around 75 pounds. Otherwise, I have no problems with it. It's a nice solid bike. I would recommend it to anyone. I am well pleased with my eZip Trailz bike.
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on September 18, 2013
I use this bike for a 10 mile each way commute. Mostly uphill on the way out, mostly downhill on the way back. Average speed on the outbound trip is 20mph ... Coming back it is 10mph to 15mph since it is night riding and I am out of practice.

It is really a good feeling to twist the throttle and accelerate going up hills :D I only use the batteries for about 12 miles each roundtrip so the shorter effective range of the SLA is not a problem for my usage. (You can damage SLA batteries by draining them, so avoid that....This is not a problem with the LiFePo battery)

For longer range I advise the LiFePo battery pack. You should be able to use twin packs without the problems I had with twin SLAs as the LiFePo batteries are lighter in weight.

The bike handles well, which is really nice as this is my return to biking after a 16 year hiatus. About 300 miles on the bike now. It is a heavy bike, especially with twin SLA packs, but as long as you use the electric boost for uphill sections that is not an issue.

Putting 2 SLA batteries on the bike makes it really unwieldy when getting on/off or just moving the bike. If the bike leans at all it will try to knock you over, so using twin SLA packs is only advised if really needed.

Assembly goes quickly needing only the provided tools. The only extra tool needed is a Philips screwdriver to adjust the travel stops on the derailleur and attaching the (separately purchased) fenders and tail light.

There is an annoying delay in PAS mode when starting uphill in traffic, but setting it to TAG and twisting the throttle right after kicking off eliminates that problem ... practice this as the front wheel will lift if your foot is still on the ground when the motor kicks in.

Pure electric mode gives decent speed on flat ground or downhill, going uphill you will need to pedal. The assist is enough that you will be using 1st and 2nd only on steep hills.

Get fenders for this bike, you will appreciate the difference if you ride in the rain or wet roads :)
I purchased the Planet Bike ATB fenders B000RYBGKM
To mount these fenders you will need to buy a set of screws & washers to fasten the struts to the frame as the included ones are the wrong size for the Currie frame.

For a headlight I use an Ultrafire flashlight and velcro'd handlebar mounting. This gives adequate lighting for low speed riding, but I have ordered a pair of a cheaper flashlight and a 2d mount to try a twin headlight setup to see if it gives better light.
flashlight: B0092Q1N7W
mount: B00A46W77Y
Battery for the flashlight: B00CB8PGOE
Lion charger for the flashlight battery: B007S9P3BC

There is no good place to mount an aftermarket tail light on this bike. I bought the Blinky tail light and used a length of the strap from the shipping box and rubber insert from another part to pad the back rail of the mount so that there was enough bulk for the Blinky mount to clamp onto. Aside from having to figure out how to get it mounted solidly, this tail light works very well.
Blinky tail light B000RYAKHC

For speedometer I am using a Sunlite directly driven speedometer (1970 tech). The drive cable is just barely long enough & the drive gear needed to be modified by reaming or drilling the center hole to fit over the nut that retains the bearings as anything that acts as a spacer between the fork and the hub does not leave enough threaded axle to allow the axle nut to be put on correctly
Speedometer w/drive hardware: Speedometer Pyramid 26 Resettable Odometer
The drive included with this speedometer has a plastic hub so you can use a diagonal cutter as a reamer by sticking the closed cutter in the center hole and twisting so that the hole is 'drilled'. This is what I did to modify mine to work with the bike. (The replacement drive gear sold on Amazon has a metal hub that requires the same modification. A Dremel Tool with cone grinder would work nicely)
Speedometer only : Resettable MPH Dial Speedometer Head

The bike uses standard 26x2.0 mountain bike tires. Studded snow tires and other specialty tires are available from multiple sources
Snow tires:
Mountain Bike Tires:
Pay attention to sizes, the stock rims use 26x2.0 tires. 26x2.125 should also fit

LiFePo batteries
Cheap short range: Currie Technologies EZIP Lithium Battery
Expensive long range: Included Currie Ezip Izip Electric

Helpful youtube videos posted by the manufacturer
Rear wheel removal and reinstall
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on December 30, 2011
I ordered this to help me make a 14 mile commute. The bike came well packaged and mostly assembled. Just follow the good instructions and you'll be up and riding in about an hour. (without the battery as it needs 8 hours to charge.)

So far I've put on about 60 miles and here are my impressions:

1. The build quality is good, very strong frame. The rear brakes and derailleur came factory adjusted and I did not need to tweak them. Nice! The front brakes are adjusted during the assembly process, but it's easy.

2. I would recommend putting loctite on the pivot screw threads for the hand brakes. One of mine vibrated off (never to be found) within the first 3 hours of riding. And they are metric, just in case you have to go through the same thing. I also put loctite on the screws that secure the hand brakes to the handle bars as are similar.

3. The battery/motor combination seems well tuned. I set my expectations low and road the bike for awhile without the battery assist. Then on the hill up to our house I used the battery, what a difference it makes, wonderful!

4. Beware of the weight of the bike and battery when you dismount. I'm a bigger guy so it doesn't bother me too much, but you have to take care when you are off the bike if you lift the front tire and the bike is at an angle. The weight of the battery makes the bike want to fall over easier. It's best to grab the seat tube to maintain control when you are moving the bike around.

5. I thought the heavier bike and battery combination would make the bike difficult to move, but the low rolling resistance of the hybrid tires make the bike seem easier to move than my knobby tire mountain bike.

6. The brakes are good and wide to give extra stopping power.

7. I highly recommend the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX with Side Panniers. It fastens to the rack solidly and has plenty of room.

8. If you are going to be riding this for more than 30 minutes at a time, I highly recommend getting one of the wide saddle seats with the gel inserts. Unless you are gifted with an iron butt, you'll figure this out soon enough.

Cheers and good riding!
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on July 23, 2012
I was looking for more economical mode of commuting as I was spending more than $750 per month for rented car plus $150 for gas. I could not buy a car as my SSN got delayed for almost 3 months. I bought this for $429 plus another $50 for accessories.I was not sure whether this will work for commuting. First day it travelled 8 miles, without peddling (for full charge) and I had to peddle for 2 miles. Next day it travelled 8.5 miles. By the end of 1st week I did not have to peddle at all. Last 1.5 months I am using it every day to commute to my office, which is exactly 5 miles from my home, without a single problem. Currently it can travel 11 to 12 miles per charge without peddling. There is hardly any maintenance reqiured. Just clean it using wet cloth every weekend and do some oiling to the chain once a month. It has saved me more than $1200 in 1.5 months with hardly $2 for chrging (after charging for 45 times)! I also use it for some excercise for couple of miles after I come back from office. It has helped me in both commuting most economically and excercising whenever I wanted. It has reasonably good speed as well. It used to take 15 minutes to reach office using car (considering 16 traffic lights!), while now it takes 22 to 25 minutes using this bicycle. Now I have decided not to buy car at all as this electric bicycle solves my commute problem. One improtant thing I did was I did not drain the battery completely as was recommended by Currie and I thinkk it worked well for me. The battery is also in very good condition and I am sure it will go at least for 6 months. Getting new battery is just $120, i.e. $20 per month. So it costs $22 (including charging cost) per month compared to $900 if I go for car, which is huge saving for me. I strongly recomend this to everyone having commute less than 12 miles. One battery is good if the commute is less than 6 miles (one way) while you can use two batteries if you have to commute 10-12 miles one way.
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on June 9, 2011
Its about 3 weeks or so I have been using this bike. Easy to assemble - bit heavy as expected for acid base batteries. I use it for my commute to and from Train station. I always use in peddle assist mode to enjoy my exercise and not that tired. Rides about 18-20 miles / charge. I wish it would be little lighter otherwise I would give 5 stars.
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on September 27, 2012
This bike has its good points and bad points. It is very useful when it works - it can move much more quickly than a normal bike over longer distances or steep hills, despite its cumbersome weight. However, the problem lies in whether it works. Reliability and maintenance are key issues that make this bike not worth the headache. Within a few weeks, the connector on the included battery broke. I bought another battery so I could go further, but both suffer from constant problems such as turning on and off on their own accord, and the connectors wear out quickly. The tires go flat constantly (even though I don't go off-road) and the left crank arm fell off fairly quickly as well. I've had the bike repaired time and again, but the costs outweigh the benefit of having it. The customer service of the manufacturer is shoddy at best.
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on June 17, 2012
AKA DrkAngel - on ebike forums,,, (Owner of 4 eZips - 20,000 ezippin' miles)

For the price:
A good eBike (electric bike)
A great eaBike (electric assist bike)

Motor only acceleration is poor to fair.
Pedal only - heavy.
But ... combined ... acceleration is impressive.

Battery Tips:

The OEM battery pack is "adequate" as a "starter" pack.
Don't expect too much from it ... range or durability.
Advertised "Range" is based on PAS (Pedal Assist System) mode!
50% range in TAG (Twist And Go), motor only mode.
Always pedal assist getting started and on hills. (Hills greatly reduce estimated range)
NEVER deeply discharge battery!
NEVER leave battery discharged - recharge immediately after use.

Maximum range:

Inflate tires to maximum recommended inflation pressure.
Use Pedal Assist mode, or at minimum - pedal assist getting up to speed, and on hills.
Begin coasting well before you have to stop, Stop signs etc.


16T motor freewheel upgrade
ACS SouthPaw 16T Left Hand Drive Freewheel 1/8"
Increases top motor speed, from 16mph to 20mph!
And ... Above 10mph ... increases torque!
Requires shortening chain, adding a 3/8" washer, and possibly realigning drive sprockets. (Available service from most bike shops)

11-32T 7spd freewheel upgrade
DNP Epoch Freewheel 7spd 11-32 Nickel Plated
Increases pedal assist to 20mph@60rpm

Look for DrkAngel posts on
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