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on July 22, 2010
After having over 90% of my house tiled, I wanted to add protection and seal the grout. This was originally part of the contractors agreement that this be done, but after the installation they said it would cost an additional $800.00 (always get things in writing)! After doing some research, I found that this is not a terribly difficult thing to do yourself. I went to my local building store and they recommended the SurfaceGard Tile, Stone, and Grout Sealer. There are many brands that were cheaper, but none have the endorsements that SurfaceGard has received. Feedback included,"You can buy these cheaper brands, but I guarantee you will be back in three months to buy more to re-seal it again".

I have glazed tile, so I wanted only to seal the grout. I have a wife who spills everything, a dog who is getting up there in years, and a teenage daughter who... well a teenage daughter, that explains my dilemma. I purchased the sealer, a bottle with a small brush tip, and a set of knee pads (optional but recommended). Application of the sealer was easy, brush on a generous portion of sealer and move on. Make sure that the grout lines are clean and dry before applying. There was no odor that I noticed and the sealer dried in a couple of hours. I tried to do a second coat on high risk areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, but it just beaded up and did not penetrate. One coat is all you need, at least in my case. The biggest pain was moving the furniture around, so I recommend that you seal at least 48 hrs. after the installation, before you put everything back. Make sure the grout has cured.

I cannot describe the peace of mind that this product gives me. After a pretty hefty investment of tile and installation, you really want to protect this investment. Dirty mop water, coffee spills, dirt, and god knows what can discolor the grout and allow mold and mildew to grow. Replacing the grout is not something I want to worry about in the future. The protection, time, expense, and peace of mind made this a project well worth the effort.
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When I originally had my tile installed, I had some professionals come in to seal the grout. They used this product. That was 9 years ago.

Today, my grout is dirty, because it hasn't been scrubbed in forever. It's been mopped, not scrubbed. So, I scrub it with my Magic Eraser, all the surface dirt disappears and my grout is the original color! I have a lot of tile and there was only an occasional tiny stain, but for the most part, it is spotless.

I decided to reseal as I'm scrubbing, since it's been so long and I am using the same product as the professionals used.

On the label, it says it lasts 20 years under normal usage but to test it every 2 years just in case. My grout still resists water without the reapplication, but I am reapplying anyway.

It takes 2 coats, let it sit 5 to 10 minutes between applications. It's a lot of work but worth it.
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I used this product in our kitchen zone it did its job well. After 2 consecutive applications, 7 years later, we've never had a spill that we couldn't wipe off without stains left behind. Even though the product claims to be effective for 20 years (I don't believe it), we took the opportunity of resealing our tile floor while some other home improvement project was underway. A one-pint bottle was sufficient to seal about 400 sq. ft. worth floor tile. You may do better and it's easy to do a lot worse. We used a bottle brush that can be had for a couple of dollars to economize on sealer but it's possible to apply it with a cloth or even a spray bottle - the fluid has the consistency of water.

Here is what may be worth knowing about this product:

- Up to 400 sq. feet of floor per pint-size bottle if applied with a brush.
- Seals the grout for at least 6-7 years with a 20-year protection claimed on the label.
- Does NOT produce heavy fumes. I tend to be allergic to chemical stuff but I didn't have any adverse reactions when applying it other than a little bit of sneezing.
- Best applied the first time while the grout is in the process of drying itself - one day after laying the tiles is probably the best.
- Easy to apply with a bottle brush.
- Sealer dries up in a couple of hours.
- 2 initial applications are recommended the first time, especially on heavily-trafficked areas.
- On 400 sq. ft. (1 sq. ft. tiles) it took about 1.5 hours for the first application, less than on hour for the second.

I am very happy with this product.

P.S. - At the time I'm writing this review, the picture at the site keeps changing. The grout sealer is the bottle that has a green (not orange) cap and the picture of a coffee spill on the label.
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on October 27, 2012
I used this 5 yrs ago and again today, works pretty good. I don't think that I used enough the first time because water would soak into the grout after the first 6 months after sealing, this time I put down 2 coats and water is beading. It says to check for beading every two yrs, so I will update report then.
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on October 17, 2012
I am happy the floor is now sealed. I have used this product before on grout for a marble floor and was happy with the results - again I am happy. THis time I had unglazed floor so the tiles were equally important to cover. The floor had been unsealed for three years. The weeping grout was driving me crazy. I needed to first clean the floor. Then I used "Mr Clean like" magic erasers to remove a thin grout residue on each tile. Then I sealed the floor [half of the basement - a large job]. I made certain I cleared off any remaining sealer residue in the given 5 minute time span. It's a lot of work. THe visual improvement for the floor came from the Magic Erasers. THe future maintenance improvement comes from the sealer. I have confidence that I will no longer be driven crazy by weeping grout. THe first floor cleanup after applying the product was great.
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on March 19, 2015
This is a great sealer. It has a low odor and does not make you feel loopy or ill like some other low VOC sealers that I have also used in the past. This sealer lasts as long as 20 years. It is easy to apply. Just be sure to promptly wipe the residue from your tile.
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on October 5, 2015
This sealer may work well, but the smell and fumes are terrible. I'm surprised to see people saying fumes are not a problem. We're sealing grout in our en suite and will not be able to sleep in the bedroom tonight. We'll seek out another product for the floor.
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on March 14, 2016
love the floors after they were done
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on February 23, 2013
I read the instructions. I applied it twice when grout was dry, as supposed and waited to dry up.
Did not work at all: Immediately: dark moisture soaked the grout in the 1-2 inches above the bath tub. And pink mildew.
(It may work in Utah or Arizona, but not in Florida.)

Wrote a letter to the manufacturer and complained. No response.

Save your money: the most expensive and useless water you can buy.

In addition, the product claims to contain ESTERS OF FLOURO-PHOSPHORIC ACID!!!
(and some butyl-diethyleneglycol)
These esters are known for their extreme toxicity. Developed by the German Chemists in 1932.

Check for yourself:

What is the function of these esters: no idea. Manufacturer declined to answer.
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on August 15, 2007
I did order a this product---but I had to return the product because it was defective--it had a very bad smell to the product, I cannot describe the foul odor. I had purchased this product locally in the pint size and it DID NOT have an awful smell to it. So I know what I am talking about. At first there was a slight communication problem with BIC Superstore---but eventually I did get my money back. I will say that they did come through with my refund--I am thankful for that. I am sure that BIC Superstore is a great store it just happened that I had bad luck with this purchase.

But I did find the gallon size locally and I did apply it to my newly tiled floors and I am happy with the product. The tile sealer says that it should last 20 years!!!!!!
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