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on August 6, 2015
I can't help but believe most of the ratings on here aren't real. And I understand that this book is quite old now, but I wanted to save other people the time and money that they could spend elsewhere.

This book doesn't offer much for advice. In fact, most of the book is on on guy's interpretation of customer service and loyalty. What you'll find taking up space on almost every page of this book is 'Customer satisfaction is worthless". This is repeated well over 100 times in this book as filler. Large unnecessary bullet points and crazy fonts are used all over the book to take up space. There is so little content to this book it feels like I'm reading a children's book without pictures.

My biggest gripe with this book is not the nonsense that's in it. It's not the fact this book could have been trimmed to a 5 page list of things to do. It's not that it's written by one guy who thinks that he deserves the world when he travels. My biggest issue with this book is there are no facts. Every single thing is his opinion. There are no studies, there are no surveys. When percentages are given or solid numbers are given- there is no referenced material. It's all made up. This is what I have a problem with.
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on January 29, 2016
It's not that he's wrong. Yes, customer loyalty is priceless. However, as I reached the halfway mark I realized that Jeffrey Gitomer had no real advice or knowledge to give other than to "be nice". I read the book all the way through to give it a chance, but it is was the same repetitive drivel the whole way. This book lacks real content and could have EASILY been shortened into a short article or checklist.

If you're a complete jerk to everyone you meet and you work in customer service, then this copy-paste style of writing may be beneficial to you. For anyone else, however, I recommend you read the first few pages and then put it down.
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on May 15, 2014
Let me tell you about this book. There are like a few points in it that are nice and then he regurgitates those over and over and over. There are some pages that his font hits 300 point just to fill pages. Nice think you're going to get more meaningful information but then he hits you with crayola huge letters that emphasize his already established point once more to show you again, that you already knew EVERYTHING he was telling just needed to buy the book to reaffirm what you already knew.

Let me tell you what this book means - Be good to those who buy your products and if they need help do anything you can to help them. Done...there it is. BOOM...mind blown.
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on January 7, 2012
Despite the title, this IS about customer service, and nothing but customer service. Sure, it's about excellent customer service, but that's still...customer service.

It has virtual no original ideas, and the entire experience of reading the book was like going to a particularly sleazy self-motivation seminar. It feels like you're being sold a bill of goods, beginning to end--all slick sales flash and no substance. Some of the author's descriptions of excellent service make me cringe, as well.

Imagine the doorman of a hotel "screaming" (his word) your name as you enter the lobby to make everyone look at you. Imagine the hotel staff pulling up information about your books to put little notes of smarmy praise in your room while failing when it comes to things like air conditioning and a TV that turns on. He thinks it would be just great if the bellhop told some moronic story about alligators in the halls eating people--that's his idea of humor. And I can't imagine any thinking person who wouldn't secretly want to beat to death the coworker who embraced his artificial and obnoxious motivational behaviors.

Worse is the intensely condescending style of the book--from the actual words to the but-wait-there's-more layout. He embraces condescension wholeheartedly and loves to be treated the same way.

I'm off to read a book that has actual, you know, data and real strategy before I permanently lose 20 IQ points from exposure to this book.

If someone cited this as their most inspiring book, I'd be sure to NOT hire them.
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on July 30, 1998
This book provided almost nothing of substance. Content was full of platitudes and information available in dozens of other places (with almost none of the sources attributed). The author's insistance that most of customer loyalty is driven by customer service is also off base. Little attention is paid to staff loyalty, customer insight and information flow, corporate culture, organizational structure, cross-functional training and customer support, etc.
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on November 6, 2013
I'm sure there is some good content in this book, but I couldn't force myself to read it. While Gitomer says the book has "no fluff", I found it full of "duh"s, "get real"s, meaningless sentence fragments and worst of all, a horribly distracting mishmash of fonts, font sizes, text formatting and spacing. With all of the distractions, I found the effort to read the book too high. If a college graduate ever edits the book using a consistent font and organizes the book into paragraphs, I'd read it.
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on February 7, 2005
I can't even justify wasting time writing a review on a book that was, in my opinion, worthless. I spent precious time writing a review of another crappy Gitomer book, The Sales Bible. This book isn't even worth a one-minute review. This "author" takes common knowledge, puts it in layman's terms (read "idiot"), and there's your book. The point of the book? Treat other people as you would your grandmother and that's how you'll earn their loyalty. It's all about the Golden Rule. SAVE YOUR MONEY! You already know what's in this book.
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on December 15, 2011
This book is void of anything worthwhile. The transparent - nay, flagrant, attempts to fill pages are really the only redeeming quality. Dozens of of vapid rhetoric in 48 pt font (no exagerration); as though that point is so important that a 1/3rd of the page is required for proper emphasis. Perhaps. If my mother were to die tomorrow - I would want that information communicated to me in 48 pt font font (or proportionally loudly if I were informed in person). However - that is the only case I can think of. While, the author, in this book alone, manages to find 24 points equally valuable as a human life.

Quick example to get the point across:

Always get good


Don't buy --



All of his points are equally insightful as those above.

Don't buy this book - you will hate yourself for it - forever.
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on March 11, 1999
I bought the book to gain insight on giving good Customer Service and was really disappointed. The author completely says, even in the title, that customer satisfaction is worthless - which is completely untrue. No real plan given. Typical sales book - many pages with only a 8 word giant sentence printed on it (to fill space undoubtedly). Nice concept - no real content to run with and apply to a business. Sorry I spent the money (he did accomplish his purpose by getting me to buy his book!)
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on January 27, 2005
This book is simply a re-hash of books from good authors work. Nothing new except for the distracting and annoying font/spacing changes he makes to stretch this out to look like a book rather than the newletter it really is.

To all of you folks that that gave this good reviews: Did you actually learn anything here? You actually didn't know your customers paid your salary before dropping $20 on this book? You didn't know positive attitude was important?

Get Real: Gitomer is a salesmen. Good enough to get us to buy the book. He is not a business leader.

Just Try This: Read books from people who have actually trained or changed organizations to change rather than point out the obvious.
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